Dragon Marked War God - Volume 47 - Chapter 4522

Reveals only part of the truth, gives me show yourself!”

Jiang Chen lowers roars, sees only own front seven shadows but air-splitting , the leap, presses up to the Jiang Chen surface gate, surging forward, the imposing manner is billowing, like seven sharp swords, Jiang Chen is critical situation. Finally came out.” In the Jiang Chen hand the fist wind is sharp, the fist shadow again and again, displays Dragon Transformation instantaneously, grasps the nettle. But seven shadow direct connection, Jiang Chen do not dare to treat it lightly, was struck to drive back, seven shadows do not draw back instead enter, more than ten light shadow follows on somebody's heels in his behind, fills aura that gloomy and cold withered, solidly locks Jiang Chen. Is that leopard cat?” The Jiang Chen heart moves, about 20 leopard cats, all are star sovereign 9-layer Heaven, this strength is the relative great strength, even he does not dare to have neglects slightly. Simplicity that it seems like that this leopard cat have not imagined, actually also knows to assemble the friend, stages a comeback, moreover comes prepared, more than 20 star sovereign 9-layer Heaven leopard cats, are big to the pressure that Jiang Chen creates, moreover their speeds are quick, almost closed off oneself all escape routes, this leopard cat knows that own method, makes such big a weaponry. This time, you cannot escape.” The leopard cat enters Jiang Chen slowly, the step is lively, corner of the mouth turns upwards slightly, Jiang Chen determined that is the smile, strange, but gentle and reserved smile. To the destiny stone, compensate the lives of your so many leopard cats together, really?” Jiang Chen light say/way. „At death's door, is the mouth so hard? Kills you, takes something out of the pocket general. Suffers to death.”

That leopard cat holds up the head to stand, changes beguiles the person's shadow together, a red sleeve good dance, coquettish look like wave, actually hidden killing intent. Meanwhile, other 21 black leopard cats also changed, turned into the stance enchanting beautiful woman, including eyes, colorful, probably stepped into piece of sea of flowers general, white hands bewitched, but , a both beautiful leg mixed white Ruyu, smiling faces, Cang Feng like blade. Is the red sleeve leopard cat of head, a low roar, everyone closes, that scene lets person bloodlines Ben stretch/open absolutely, but at this moment, actually filled the crisis, Jiang Chen simply does not have to appreciate that scenery lines, once because has the mistake to get sucked into consigned to eternal damnation by oneself slightly. These leopard cats absolutely are the ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, the red light district, the heroic tomb! Jiang Chen raises the sword, Heavenly Dragon Sword roared the sheath, with lightning speed, powerful. Surrounding leopard cat form glittering, is unable to ascertain, the Jiang Chen only sword, cuts the broken expansive sky, cuts off this desire female prisoner's cage. inescapable net, monster fox phantom!” heavily pack of shades, actually making Jiang Chen unable to distinguish clearly these leopard cats to be where, impacts, brought the strength of big oppression to him. Jiang Chen retreats in order to advance, was stranded in inescapable net, seven colors the color rainbow practices greatly, sweeps across, Jiang Chen saw that is only left over the variegated long sleeve, waves the fresh posture, incurs the move to be killed violently. Jiang Chen just like is bound the plate silk hole to be the same, the ventilation that had no in all directions completely, totally was blocked to be one of them. The white hands again and again, hold the wind like the electricity, tearing in the sky, Jiang Chen's clothes was also torn into shreds one after another, what after all he faces is more than 20 star sovereign 9-layer Heaven, moreover in others domains, Jiang Chen must evade its point. Heavenly Dragon Sword such as thunderous ear-spitting, changes, sword potential like rainbow, but these leopard cats are also very tenacious, has to have with the Jiang Chen fight, depends to overwhelm with numerical strength, benefits monopoly, these leopard cats hardly give Jiang Chen any opportunity of backhand.

However Jiang Chen's Sword of No Realm is not cracks a joke, rides the wind the sword, roams through Changtian! Sword 28! Invisible Wu Ying (traceless), heavily advances, relies on the potential of sword, the storm happened repeatedly. Sword of No Realm, seizes every opportunity, finally tore all seven colors to practice greatly, Jiang Chen was the hand results in cloud open/start to see moon/month clear(ly). Meow-- These leopard cats advance uninterruptedly to/clashes, reckless, even wants with Jiang Chen fight of life and death, is not serious own body. Died, was not a pity, regressing that but they have no absolutely, puts to death Jiang Chen, looks like the missions in their heart to be the same. Jiang Chen sword sword to seal/confer throat, but these leopard cats the potentials of oppression also let the Jiang Chen headache more and more, massacres a person, actually needs to resist the remaining leopard cats with own shoulder, Jiang Chen consumed the enormous source air/Qi. However Sword of No Realm terrifying, making these leopard cats gradually lose the battle efficiency, the sword 28 went smoothly everywhere, making Jiang Chen kill to kill, did not have the flaw. Source air/Qi consumption quite a lot, Jiang Chen cut more than ten people continually, the sword 28 gave these leopard cat deathblows, showing tender affection that Jiang Chen had no, killing one was one, did not leave behind any promotion to them, if before he pledged to fight to the death the pursuit to be ruthless, will not have today's matter. On Jiang Chen's face sweat profusely, these fellows are sly very much, oneself display to ascend the consumption of tall ladder one after another, is nothing less than big, because only then this can catch up with them. However this time, Jiang Chen must achieve not one drop of water can leak out! Cannot escape!

Heavenly Dragon Sword braved all hardships, foot treads ascends the tall ladder, Jiang Chen meets no resistance, started crazy torture. Has saying that these leopard cats very sly, the strength is also strong, caused a big trouble to Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen does not have the least bit to idle, he cannot make any mistake, must strike to kill, cuts completely all, this can complete the counterattack. Oneself want to obtain the destiny stone, these leopard cats also want to obtain the destiny stone, moreover they became the most direct opponent. If initially you walked away, since also dares to come back, that died to me!” Jiang Chen attempts to break through in all directions, sword shades, cut in the sky, looks like beacon light general at night, leopard cat one after another gets down one after another but actually, Jiang Chen wipes the blood of corner of the mouth, bloodthirsty even more, kill without mercy, cuts completely all, he can be safe and sound. You, cannot escape!” Jiang Chen murderous aura soars to the heavens, to the enemy benevolently is to oneself cruel, he has long understood, therefore kills people are quick, he is not Sage, living, must think of oneself, I do not enter the hell, who enters the hell? Jiang Chen sneers, the sweat on face flows out unceasingly, the source air/Qi consumption even achieved 99%, when he cut the last leopard cat, oneself also tired sweat profusely, sat by the bamboo, breathing heavily in gulps, both hands leaned on the sword, the breath was dignified. On the leopard cat of dying, fell the more than 10 block destiny stone, Jiang Chen's corner of the mouth, curled upwards slightly, it seems like these fellows have not killed white/in vain, can the business of delivering, how not want? Jiang Chen just prepared to set out, actually discovered the surrounding invisible oppressions, the steamroll comes, making him be critical situation.