Dragon Marked War God - Volume 47 - Chapter 4572
Quickly! In a big hurry quickly! We could be saved.”

Finally can come out?” Careful six keel coiled dragons!” Countless person heart alarmed, trembling in fear, the whole body trembles, finally strikes, six keel coiled dragon flying, Divine Dragon swings the tail, pounded directly above Heavenly Astral Beidou governing demon, Jiang Chen and other people were raised fly to go, formation has broken, but they had also rushed to beside the water curtain mountain. Everyone is dragging the body of severe wound, left the water curtain mountain, but at this moment, that six keel coiled dragons do not seem to run out of the water curtain mountain to pursue their meanings. Roar-- roar roar roar-- Just like Heavenly Lightning general roaring, are tearing the eardrum of people, but six keel coiled dragons extremely unwilling turned around to depart, the water curtain mountain, as if looked like his prisoner's cage to be common, does not know that was he cannot leave the water curtain mountain, was because of what reason, in brief, this they were time are saved from death to be saved finally, but as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow of eye, mature many attacks, if not leave the water curtain mountain finally frequently, their formation, have been not enough to resist that peerless Great Monster completely. Came out finally.” Jiang Chen looks deathly pale, sweat profusely, the blood overflows, the whole person collapsed, pouring of heavily above land, in the eye has one to satisfy. Is saved from death, at a crucial moment, these was time too dangerously is too dangerous. Succeeded, we succeeded! Little Chen, Hahaha!” Big Yellow pats the Jiang Chen's shoulder saying that at this time they completed the counterattack finally, escaped the birth day, regarding anybody, was inconceivable, more than 400 people, were saved finally, this will be one relief operations that was inconceivable, the Jiang Chen's name, in this moment seal in the heart of everyone, because of without Jiang Chen, they were impossible to live is going out of the water curtain mountain, the death of Nie Commander, including six keel coiled dragons appearances, let their heart alarmed, trembling in fear, but finally Jiang Chen one's effort, changing the course of events, this was everyone looks in the eye. Thank the graciousness of river Commander help, we will feel the obligation forever, pledged to fight to the death to follow!”

An intermittent roar is roaring, several hundred people knee down, filled thinking gratefully to Jiang Chen, what having will be bigger than the graciousness of help? Nie Yunfeng is gone with Chen Wanshan, no matter how they die , there is nothing to do with oneself, but Jiang Chen actually saved their life sincerely, this is obvious to all, no one is possible to forget. A new promote knight, young people of Half Step star level, offered up one's life bravely, actually their these old knights, pulls back from the life and death edge, this was the meritorious service that anybody cannot cancel. Jiang Chen is feeling the enthusiasm and gratitude of numerous revelation knight, in the heart is quite gratified, the strength is the result, favored! Jiang Chen is their Savior, the name of this Jiang Chen, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears thoroughly, making their eternal life unforgettable. Without thinking of six keel coiled dragons cannot do to you, I also was really look down on you.” In hawk look the extraordinary splendor again and again, looks at Jiang Chen, in the eye such as was full of the gratified color, expert in this way, does not need any details, he is in ten thousand does not have peerless expert. Regarding the virgin spirit, Jiang Chen's is strong, has been unalarmed by strange sights, but Big Yellow and Jiang Chen fight shoulder to shoulder, manages formation, is to make her quite excited, the color of worship in the heart is hard to conceal, that admire, strong. Revelation knight rolls the internal disorder and foreign invasion, now when precisely chooses a person, we first go back. This time goes to battle, the buckle Chen Commander and Nie Commander, in my heart were quite sad.” A Jiang Chen being deeply grieved appearance, looked all revelation knights follow to sigh silently, it seems like river Commander also is really in a personality the person, feels emotion the righteousness, when their Commander, really had more than enough to spare, moreover his strength, is the ratio obviously compared with Nie Commander with Chen Commander, is more convincing. Respectfully follows the Commander instruction.” All revelation knights line up to stand, follow the Jiang Chen return revelation knight group. When Jiang Chen returns to the revelation knight group, odd/surplus Huandi for a while clashes, what makes him not think, this team is led by Jiang Chen unexpectedly, Nie Yunfeng?

Evidently your actually spring breeze complacent.” odd/surplus happy sneers was saying, stands with Jiang Chen looking straight ahead, to oppose each other with equal harshness, unrestrained/no trace of politeness, in his heart even some not good premonitions, Nie Yunfeng should, what mishap not encounter? Is this Jiang Chen does the ghost? „It is not at all, Chen Wanshan and Nie Yunfeng two Commander died in the water curtain mountain, in my heart was very filled with grief, how dare to have the feeling of spring breeze complacent.” Jiang Chen coldly said, facing happy this defeated, he may not have point caring, his goal was to find the opportunity now killed odd/surplus Huan. What? You said that Chen Wanshan with Nie Yunfeng, all did die?” odd/surplus happy looks angrily at Jiang Chen to say. Indeed died . Moreover the buckle 100 many revelation knights, were not excellent are not I kill, what do you roar to roar to me? Defeated, dares to say bravely?” Jiang Chen scoffs to say with a smile. Your-- In odd/surplus favor the anger ascends, this Jiang Chen was really more and more rampant, wants to make Nie Yunfeng kill him, without thinking of Nie Yunfeng was killed by him finally unexpectedly, Chen Wanshan followed to have bad luck, hundreds of revelation knights, happy looks narrowed the eyes, to Jiang Chen hate even more. You as the acting platoon leader, have to dehydrate, causing the revelation knight to roll the buckle hundred senior generals, Nie Yunfeng Commander was cherishes hatred with Chen Wanshan Commander outside, can you know the crime? Chen Wanshan and Nie Yunfeng two Commander, surely, why two Commander that you frame cannot come, will you come?” odd/surplus happy character character pearl, interrogated to Jiang Chen one after another, he naturally does not want to make Jiang Chen feel better, the new hatreds on top of old, two people have been the potential are ordinary with the water and fire, are hard to melt.

You are send a punitive expedition?” Jiang Chen said with a smile pale. Does not send a punitive expedition, rewards according to merit, pitifully you are only unqualified, must therefore punish mercilessly!” odd/surplus happy pinpoint, does not die with Jiang Chen continuous. He said right, death of Nie Commander and Chen Commander, solid fishy, but you came back, but also the buckle my hundred senior generals, being true should check well, comes the person, first leads, after detaining , discussed that disobeying orders, cut to stand decides!” When odd/surplus Huan and Jiang Chen diamond cut diamond, assistant regimental commander stretch/open Tiance who the revelation knight rolled appeared, a mapping out strategic plans in an army tent appearance, expert of star level, appeared is presses Jiang Chen not to gasp for breath, he was also assigned away from the capital by oneself imposing manner intentionally, suppresses Jiang Chen. Many thanks Commander stretch/open upholds the justice, Nie Commander is unclear with Chen Commander cause of death, in addition is the unknown, moreover had such big buckle, Jiang Chen as the highest captain, truly subjects to a penalty by rights ought, in my opinion, should behead to expose to the public it, warns others against following a bad example! Looked that in the future the water also dares to neglect, the deaths of my hundred great general, Jiang Chen can hardly absolve.” odd/surplus happy fiercely said.