Dragon Marked War God - Volume 47 - Chapter 4573
Said right, just entered the revelation knight group, a custom did not have, but also courted disaster everywhere, evidently, was this/should thinks over well.”

stretch/open Tiance sonorous voice, ear-splitting. River Commander indeed is our highest captains, but that is we petitions river Commander the duty of temporarily substituting for Commander, moreover died over a hundred revelation knights is not his mistake, was Nie Commander brings, encountered the mishap, as for the death of Chen Commander, could not complain about river Commander, if were not he, we have died without the burial ground.” Yes, we met six keel coiled dragons in the water curtain mountain, river Commander one's effort, leading us to be out of danger, otherwise, we will all bury the bone and this.” Also invited the assistant regimental commander bright mirror, river Commander was the true a person of great ability and tremendous potential, in the entire revelation knight group, was second to none.” The people plead, stretch/open Tianze the complexion is gloomy, when he hears six keel coiled dragons, the pupil also shrinks suddenly tightly, the complexion changes. You meant, even I, not matching does stand in a new student|life right? Humph! my revelation knight rolls is always impartial in administering rewards and punishments, certainly not desire anyone , will not let off anyone absolutely.” stretch/open Tiance shouted sternly, among immediately everyone was completely silent, but did assistant regimental commander stretch/open star level expert, how dare they defy the assistant regimental commander stretch/open orders? Chen Wanshan is afraid of getting into trouble timidly, Nie Yunfeng seeks fame, these two people, died also died, had something to sigh with emotion? Assistant regimental commander stretch/open said right, our revelation knight group, is impartial in administering rewards and punishments, person who will not let off any to have the harm to us absolutely, will not make anybody be punished unjustly to be victimized absolutely. I only asked that your, river Commander, is really one's effort, saved all of you?” In the meantime, wears the white long gown, both hands is inserting among the middle-aged man in sleeves, walked with a laugh. See Commander left!”

The people bow to salute, at this time stretch/open Tiance some complexion also changes. Assistant regimental commander left, is your what meaning? Difficult to be inadequate I also to be able the desire he to be inadequate? Chen Wanshan and death of Nie Yunfeng is true, our revelation knight rolls the buckle hundred senior generals is also the fact, doesn't this responsibility, need some people to undertake?” stretch/open Tiance indifferently said. Words, although is good, but so many revelation knights beg to differ, I want to listen to everyone's opinion actually, you felt, should Jiang Chen, be punished?” Left Samsara saying with a laugh, the people saw Commander left, immediately came the spirit. Jiang Chen saves me to be equal to the water and fire, the life and death obligation, the word will never abandon, we pledge to fight to the death to follow Jiang Chen Commander!” Pledges to fight to the death to follow Jiang Chen Commander!” More than 400 revelation knights, saying with one voice, at that moment, stretch/open Tianze is not good with happy complexions looks, as the saying goes, law does not punish numerous offenders, at this time even ten day plans did not have the means to feel embarrassed Jiang Chen. Sees not to have, this is the strength of people, I do not know that what means Jiang Chen used, does not know that some of he how many charm, can more than 400 to him trustful, even initial Chen Wanshan and Nie Yunfeng, how many minutes/shares also achieves? This is the talent who our revelation knight rolls the need, this is true Commander! Can lead them to escape from the hands of six keel coiled dragons, you also are really impressive, from now, these 500 people, turning over to you to dispatch, for Kui wooden regiment Vice-Commander, takes over Nie Yunfeng, in the future, will disappoint me not by any means!” Left Samsara nods slightly, looks to Jiang Chen, was full of the kind smile.

This is the meanings of three first mate regimental commanders the revelation knight rolls, left Samsara Commander left, it seems like Commander left thinks highly of you very much.” Hawk said near the Jiang Chen ear in a low voice. Many thanks Commander left, Jiang Chen performs good deeds for the revelation knight group surely, protects the revelation star, is duty-bound!” Jiang Chen nods with a smile. Okay good! Respects the young, respects the young, Hahaha! What's wrong, does Commander stretch/open, drink one cup together?” The appearance of left Samsara, making stretch/open Tiance very passive, on the face somewhat cannot hang, odd/surplus Huan not to mention, followed stretch/open Tiance to turn around to go directly. Commander left and Commander stretch/open usually disagree/not with, however his words are also effective, appoint Vice-Commander, is not in Huaxia, the matter that not the excessively leftist regimental commander usually in not too the manages revelation knight rolls, this time can help you, explained that he regards as important very much your.” Hawk said. Hopes, it seems like that this assistant regimental commander stretch/open, has the opinion to me.” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, odd/surplus Huan was stretch/open Tiance the person, Nie Yunfeng is also near perfect, this person died outside, oneself actually safe and sound came back, before defeated odd/surplus Huan, stretch/open Tiance looked like wants to begin to oneself.

This you should not need to be worried temporarily, has Commander left to call the roll of officers and assign them tasks personally, even if stretch/open Tiance wants to move you, definitely still tests to have a look at the face of Commander left, but this happy you must be careful a point, god knows can this fellow act out of desperation.” Shortly after hawk was worried, Jiang Chen for Jiang Chen just entered after all the revelation knight rolled, but odd/surplus Huan is actually the person of assistant regimental commander stretch/open, moreover was here slippery customer, even if had anything in the revelation knight group, will not make one think outside complacent, but after Jiang Chen this return, was the assistant regimental commander to call the roll of officers and assign them tasks by left Samsara personally, was makes many people have a big shock. More than 400 revelation knights, is respectful to Jiang Chen, because they were all saved by Jiang Chen, at this time the Jiang Chen's safety, they will definitely not manage. Brother everyone first go back to rest, after all this war experienced for a long time, everyone affirmation has been exhausted, the body is important.” The Jiang Chen big hand wields, among immediately everyone is the look one bright, river Commander really shows solicitude for them, with Jiang Chen, went out of the water curtain mountain, absolutely is in their life the most important experience. In the Jiang Chen heart is also ponders over long time, odd/surplus Huanxiang gets rid of him, does he want to get rid of the opposite party? Only then massacres odd/surplus Huan, Big Yellow can walk frankly and uprightly, otherwise on has stayed in the Buddha prison tower, because entire revelation knight group, only then odd/surplus Huan has seen the Big Yellow's human status. You also hurry to have a look at your mother, has anything to look for me momentarily, I probably need to cultivate some time.” Jiang Chen looked at hawk one saying that in hawk affirmation worry mother, although the condition got better, but has not recovered thoroughly. Hawk said goodbye to Jiang Chen, but after this war, position of Jiang Chen in her heart even more was also important. The Jiang Chen earliest possible time has not entered the cultivation, but is the plan first goes to a galaxy auction market, oneself present is chief Alchemist of galaxy auction market, has a plan for the present, Jiang Chen most needs is can together pill recipe of rapid breakthrough star level!