Emperor's Domination - Volume 1 - Chapter 15
Chapter 14 Chaotic Heart Forest (Last Part) Hey, enters Chaotic Heart Forest? Can a Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect straw bag waste be good?” Outside Chaotic Heart Forest, there are Nine Saint Demon Gate disciple to sneer said. Some disciples also echo said: Xu Senior Brother Examination, he once entered Chaotic Heart Forest five in the past, now he is True Fate realm, he advanced to Warrior Canopy realm. cultivation, was Dao Heart is stronger than the past years are more, looked by me that entered seventh not to be a problem.” cultivator realm, from low to high separately is: Palace Foundation, Palace Expansion, Yun Physique, Provisional Palace, Inner Longevity, True Fate, Warrior Canopy, Nirvana Bath, Heaven's Primal and Fertility Spirit...... When achieves truly invincible, Carrying Heaven's Will time, is Immortal Emperor. In society has not heard to have the immortal, let alone was Emperor of rein numerous immortal. However, in society has a few words such: I am assigned by me not by day! A Heaven's Will standard, only the immortal arrests it, therefore, when cultivator achieves most peak is invincible, pursue is arrests Heaven's Will, own Carrying Heaven's Will, truly achieves me to assign by me not by day realm! Only immortal, may arrest Heaven's Will, but Emperor, ten thousand Myriad Life, therefore, Immortal Emperor means to be able the Carrying Heaven's Will eternal life immortal! Is Immortal Emperor Immortality, but until now, is a riddle. But meanwhile, in same Grand Era, Heaven's Will is only, Grand Era, achievement Immortal Emperor, is only. At this time, outside Chaotic Heart Forest is gathering the innumerable Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples, in talking about this matter, looks like in all person eyes, this article tests, Li Qiye radically is not a match! Repairs the martial technique person, does not have Dao Heart, what conversation enters Chaotic Heart Forest.” Some people sneer to say. Chaotic Heart Forest, is Nine Saint Demon Gate Examination direct disciple Innate Talent, organ of wisdom and Dao Heart place, here, what is most important is Dao Heart! Chaotic Heart Forest, altogether 14, entire broad Chaotic Heart Forest looks like with ordinary woods not too many differences, but, this Chaotic Heart Forest is builds by Nine Saint Demon Gate First Ancestor Nine Holy Virtuous Paragons personally. Once steps into Chaotic Heart Forest, will have the illusion, moreover such as real general, the even if mental perception cannot break the present illusion, only if you were more formidable than past Nine Holy Virtuous Paragons, the illusion that otherwise, here had was really same! For example, steps into Chaotic Heart Forest, you might produce are in the sea of fire the illusion . Moreover, you really such as will be in a situation in the sea of fire are the same, the whole body was burnt down, can clear incomparably feel that pain, will continue the deep place, this pain will be more intense.

Naturally, in this process, you can also display Cultivation Technique, to resist this pain, can execute Peerless Cultivation Technique to resist this formidable burning down, but, this is unable to make you pass through entire Chaotic Heart Forest absolutely, only if you are more formidable than Nine Holy Virtuous Paragons, you can with Cultivation Technique absolute blocks this mirage, passes through directly. Ignorant young child, you are advanced!” Beside Chaotic Heart Forest, Xu Hui has sneered, disdain said to Li Qiye. Tests regarding such article, he has the unequalled confidence absolutely, he believes self-confidently that he enters eighth Chaotic Heart Forest absolutely not to have the issue! looks at Chaotic Heart Forest, Li Qiye has curled upwards the corners of the mouth, Chaotic Heart Forest, when old chicken head builds personally, this tests the person Dao Heart place absolutely. I?” Li Qiye languidly said: Chaotic Heart Forest this type of thing, regarding me, did not have the challenging. If I am advanced, only feared the opportunity that you enter the stage does not have, you first, so as to avoid also said me not to you opportunity.” Li Qiye also says the boastful talk, this makes Protector Mo and Nan Huairen wish one could to seal up his mouth, you little blow two boasting, will this die? All day is blowing boasting! Ignorant thing!” allow Protector cold snort, coldly said: Dao Heart does not know that is what waste, dares to rodomontade!” Xu Hui was mad trembles, a Mortal Physique waste, dares so to despise him unexpectedly! He gets angry smiles extremely, said: Good, good, the big tone, I must think that but actually you can enter several!” How many? This too has not challenged, across 14, that is not a matter.” Li Qiye said leisurely: Therefore, I must make you go advanced, so as to avoid too attacked you!” Bah the Li Qiye so extremely arrogant words, making the innumerable Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples unable to bear, have disciple coldly saying: „Aren't the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect people such concerned about face? Boasted does not have the rough draft!” Protector Mo and Nan Huairen face does not have place to put, their sincerity wants to lose Li Qiye considers as finished here, this more boasted simply is odder. Nine Saint Demon Gate Chaotic Heart Forest they are clear, can enter seventh, is very great matter, regarding the disciples of younger generation, can enter seventh, is Dao Heart is extremely either firm, either is cultivation is high! Shook the head as Chief Protector Yu He, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect unexpectedly will receive such best quality is Head Disciple , across Chaotic Heart Forest 14? This is blows boasting to blow the broken day simply, he does not have that strength across 14 Chaotic Heart Forest. 14?” Xu Hui has laughed wildly, looks at Li Qiye, ridiculed that said: You can pass through 14, I called you a father!” I do not have you such unfilial son!” Li Qiye calm and easy-going, shot a look at Xu Hui one eyes, is carefree and content. A Xu Hui malpractice, was profited by Li Qiye, immediately is wild with rage, his vision is cold and gloomy, is staring at Li Qiye, said: Good, since you said boastful talk, dares to bet one game with me!”

Gambling? What bets?” Li Qiye smiled, said. Xu Hui sneers, said dark: If you can pass through 14, I admit defeat voluntarily! If you cannot achieve, from kneeling to be crawling from my crotch!” Xu Hui such gambling house, making Protector Mo and Nan Huairen complexion change, not merely this is Examination, this shames Li Qiye in disguised form, shames Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but, they have no alternative shook the head, this is Li Qiye seeks its shame! If I have passed through 14? Are you must climb over from my crotch?” Li Qiye squints at his eyes, said lightly with a smile. You Xu Hui were so prodded by Li Qiye, the complexion gets angry red. If you across 14! He kneels to crawl from your crotch, you cannot achieve, crawls from his crotch!” At this time, allow Protector coldly start to talk. Li Qiye has killed Du Yuan Guang, he wished one could to kill Li Qiye personally, now cannot kill Li Qiye, shamed him well good one also! Li Qiye looked at allow Protector one, then the earnest place nod, said: Good, since you want to bet, I agreed that is!” Xu Senior Brother, makes him attractive, bets one with him!” The Nine Saint Demon Gate disciple on the scene clamored said. Xu Hui gloomy and cold looked at Li Qiye one, said densely: I wait for you to kneel am climbing over from my crotch!” Saying, was turning around to walk, steps into Chaotic Heart Forest. Hey, this Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was face countenance has lost completely, their Head Disciple climbed over from Xu Senior Brother crotch!” The Nine Saint Demon Gate disciple smiles strangely said. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen have left face, is not willing to look, if Li Qiye can win Xu Hui, that was a miracle, across 14 Chaotic Heart Forest? This simply is Fantasy story! They wish one could to leave now, Li Qiye kneels to crawl really from the crotch of Xu jade, this Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect face countenance lost completely. At this time Protector Mo hates Li Qiye, wishes one could to teach his maliciously! Xu Hui steps into Chaotic Heart Forest, at present immediately one black, he has stepped into piece of Ghost Town unexpectedly, ten thousand li (0.5km) broad earth, Ghost Qi soars to the heavens, skeleton psst made noise, has the corpse to crawl from the soil. Xu Hui deeply shouted inspired, revolution Cultivation Technique, persevered Dao Heart, disregarded this piece of Ghost Town, slowly walked toward inside.

First outside all people steadily are staring at Xu Hui in Chaotic Heart Forest, did not have the suspense, Xu Hui has passed through first Chaotic Heart Forest quickly. Second third Xu Hui is indeed good, cultivation or Dao Heart, are very splendid, he has passed through third at the quick speed. Started to the fourth time speed slowly, because the Ghost Town skeleton ominous ghost starts to attack him, from the beginning he can also disregard, but, several times were ripped the arm, is painful he to call out pitifully, his instinct revolt! Opening to the fifth time, Xu Hui fell into Ghost Town completely, his furiously roared, offered a sacrifice to treasure, Divine Sword has soared to the heavens, opens mouth to spout True Item, True Item let fall together Dao Law, swept away all around. After Xu Hui brain, reappears Life Wheel, blood energy is dreadful, he executes the Wushuang/matchless principle, has killed. Xu Senior Brother has practicedfierce slaughter sword Secret Art unexpectedlyVirtuous Paragon Fate Palace Cultivation Art!” Saw that Xu Hui has killed fifth Chaotic Heart Forest by tyrannical incomparable Cultivation Technique, has the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciple to envy, is shocking. Cultivation Technique, some Life Wheel Cultivation Technique Fate Palace Cultivation Art said that has Physique Technique! The Fate Palace Cultivation Art Lord murders, especially looks like other Virtuous Paragon Level Cultivation Technique that Nine Holy Virtuous Paragons keeps, that was more formidable! Looked that Xu Huisha crosses fifth, Li Qiye shook the head gently, Chaotic Heart Forest and Chaotic Heart Forest, said that was the chaotic heart, killed by Cultivation Technique, that fell into error radically! In the past Nine Holy Virtuous Paragons supposed Chaotic Heart Forest, goal was tempering direct disciple Dao Heart! Seventh finally, Xu Hui entered seventh, this performance makes the innumerable disciples shocking. Including allow Protector is very satisfied, as his disciple, Xu Hui indeed is his pride. Although Xu Hui Innate Talent is unable to compare with Princess Li Shuangyan by far, cultivation cannot compare Big Disciple Leng Chengfeng by far, but, he has today such attainments, as Master, he was very satisfied. Bang, Xu Huigang entered seventh not far, he could not insist again, could not withstand the Chaotic Heart Forest might, was shot by Chaotic Heart Forest all of a sudden. Almost!” By Xu Hui who Chaotic Heart Forest chaotic presently comes, during is some little time confused recovers, he calls out one. He thinks that can step into eighth, has not thought that only steps into seventh, he has underestimated the Chaotic Heart Forest might.