Emperor's Domination - Volume 1 - Chapter 42
Chapter 41 Princess also can only make maid ( Part 1 ) At this time, all person dumbfounded, have included six Big Elder, although they said that is the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect elder, but, by cultivation that's all, they, if comes and goes out in border country, can Title of Hero that's all. But Yu He is different, he as Nine Saint Demon Gate Chief Protector, can fully Title of Royal Noble, moreover is Royal Noble in Royal Noble, even may by Titled as True Person. Before such powerhouse, that feared that takes Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Big Elder Elder Gu, must be short the most status, if comes and goes out in border country, Hero is unable to place on a par with Royal Noble! Regarding Yu He such powerhouse, six Big Elder are the respectful three points, however, today, Yu He actually respects to Li Qiye Bi Jingbi, this simply is inconceivable. What is more inconceivable, Yu He was Monster Sovereign Lun Ri has brought the verbal message unexpectedly, Li Qiye, if visited Nine Saint Demon Gate, Monster Sovereign Lun Ri welcomed personally. Present age Monster Sovereign Lun Ri, is what kind of person , the overlord who Grand Middle Territory is insufferably arrogant, able to move unhindered present age! Don't said that is Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect other people, even if their six Big Elder, does not have the qualifications to call on Monster Sovereign Lun Ri. But now, Monster Sovereign Lun Ri wants to welcome personally Li Qiye, this is the unimaginable matter! As for other disciples, is unable to imagine, at once, people other on the scene are petrification there. However, then made their petrification matter occur, Li Qiye was only horizontal the own left arm, Li Shuangyan is only coldly looks at Li Qiye, finally, a few words had not said that but was pulling the Li Qiye's arm gently, an amenable appearance, left along with Li Qiye. Protector Yu, I did not entertain you.” Just before leaving, Li Qiye only then such a few words, but was only bowing the body has complied with one as Chief Protector Yu He. This, is shocking all people, six Big Elder are also good, Protector, even is all disciples, is so, at once for a very long time is unable to recover.

During the shock of various person, Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan returned to Lonely Peak, returned to the yard, after returning to the yard, only then them, Li Shuangyan has shaken off the Li Qiye's arm. Li Shuangyan coldly squints at his eyes, stance still cold and proud, coldly said: This you satisfied!” Regarding the Li Shuangyan manner, Li Qiye is only cold squints at her one eyes, sits in the master chair satisfied comfortably, then looked that is disinclined to look at her one eyes, said lightly: Under glare of the public eye, pulls my arm, you think really I can the vanity to ascend the throne taking advantage of you? Shock of one crowd of ordinary cultivator envies can also satisfy my vanity the words, my Li Qiye that was also Bai Hun.” My arm builds taking advantage of you, but gives you three points of face countenance that's all!” Li Qiye spoke of here, vision one cold, coldly said: I regarding my person, always hide shortcomings, is always cherishes, you keep side me, I give you three points of face! Makes you build my arm in the presence of everyone, but makes on your face have up that's all! As Sword Maid, when has the qualifications to pull the arm with me the line!” You Li Shuangyan was mad trembles, the incorruptible powder face becomes flushed, this time, she is ordered to come, to put down the status to pull the arm with Li Qiye in the presence of everyone the line, to the Li Qiye 100% face, Li Qiye actually says such words to come today, how this does not make her probably be angry. You have your pride, I can understand.” Li Qiye has not placed in her anger the eye, said leisurely: You only feared that came by the order of Monster Sovereign Lun Ri, in the heart definitely refuses to accept. You think heaven's proud daughter, regarding my one every generation, does not spare a glance, this is also the normal matter. However, I give you face, your own consideration consideration, I pull the arm to you today the line, that gives you a good start! When waits for another day me to sweep away the universe, if you have not followed me, the position that my side you stand does not have!” A person of 13 years old scene, said the most rampant words to come, even if the talent, now came from Ancient Kingdom Imperial Prince now, does not dare to say the so overbearing rampant words to come, however, is said such overbearing words by a youth of 13 years old scene today. If other people said this, that definitely was extremely arrogant ignorant, but, Li Shuangyan looks at Li Qiye, Li Qiye was actually calm incomparable, to most expression leisurely say in society to be most rampant lightly, if traded to do is other time, she thinks certainly that Li Qiye was extremely arrogant ignorant, foolishly conceited, but, now, she cannot see Li Qiye to have an extremely arrogant ignorant appearance completely. Li Shuangyan comes this, is not voluntary, she is comes by the order of Monster Sovereign Lun Ri, not merely is Monster Sovereign Lun Ri favors Li Qiye, thinks Li Qiye to have bright prospects including their Nine Saint Demon Gate Old Jian, finally, convinced her, making her come. This matter, regarding Li Shuangyan, it can be said that the incomparable grievance, she is Nine Saint Demon Gate Successor, she is Old Ox Country Princess, the appearance or Innate Talent, she is a giant among men, heaven's proud daughter! In the present age, her pursuer is such as the multitude of people moving to and fro, how outstanding outstanding talent, she has not favored, however, she actually must make Sword Maid to a mortal today.

Her Master, Monster Sovereign Lun Ri, the natural talent able to move unhindered, in the end years of Heaven's Will disintegration, he can across the sky, enough show her Master Monster Sovereign Lun Ri Innate Talent and wisdom! However, her Master such one generation of overlords, actually so favor a Mortal Physique Mortal Life Wheel Mortal Fate Palace mortal, this makes her some not understand! Now Li Qiye such words, making her not know that is gets angry, is mad, if said that Li Qiye is extremely arrogant, foolishly conceited, but, how to see now not like! Good, you think world Wushuang/matchless, that showed that looks to me!” In the Li Shuangyan heart is mad and anger, her coldly said: If you can achieve, that also but actually thinks your somewhat skill! Otherwise you just make daydream that's all.” Some little time, Li Qiye has then turned away, but serene looked at her one eyes, said: Proof? I have anything to need to prove.” The Li Qiye such rampant manner, making Li Shuangyan be mad trembles, what awfully is, Li Qiye is 13 years old youth that's all, the age must be smaller than her obviously obviously, but, the speech is domineering is incomparable, is one generation of Supreme Emperor is the same just like him. A such 13 years old youth, said rampantly the most extremely arrogant words with the most indifferent expression bored! Here had Formation Diagram, Don't said your broken this Formation, can you say this Formation mysterious, even if your a little ability!” Li Shuangyan cannot bear Li Qiye's to be rampant, this was really too rampant! Saying, Li Shuangyan was taking out corner/horn broken, what this does not know is, above portrays to have the innumerable curves, the [say / way] symbols, stars and lattice point unexpectedly......, Is only young that's all, is actually spread like stars in the sky all phenomena on earth, is containing the world is mysteriously same. If some people careful looked that the state of mind was inhaled all of a sudden, probably was drawn a mysterious mysterious world to be the same all of a sudden, this world mysterious incomparable and wonderful Supreme, any Innate Talent Wushuang/matchless and wisdom such as the person of sea has a liking for one, is unable to extricate oneself, attracts mysteriously, in the meantime, during this is mysterious, the even if Innate Talent high person, is unable to walk from this inside. Li Qiye looks at this, this too ripe eyes, too ripe eye, when he looks at this inside curve, the [say / way] symbol, stars and lattice point again...... Suddenly, Li Qiye looks at whole piece. At this moment, his mind has corner/horn cancelled Formation Diagram reappears, this once was one of the he most profound memory , but, this complete memory was unable to reappear temporarily, only reappeared cancelled in which corner/horn that's all. This small corner/horn memory , Li Qiye was too profound. Regarding this complete memory , Li Qiye is also disinclined many to calculate that is disinclined to retrieve this complete memory , because nobody understood this compared with him!

Corner/Horn remnant that's all, goes from viper star, walks nine thresholds to buddhism, draws back for eight rounds months, melts 9-Star, transfers Milky Way, the reentry extends......” Li Qiye to decide calmly idly, a finger, said conveniently finally: This corner/horn core in this position, has all things to defend, six beast four immortals protect, this corner/horn formation style, in society can broken, very few.” Li Qiye tells, speaks with confidence, is familiar same, in the Li Qiye mouth, as if, this is not Peerless Formation Law, that is just not worthy of mentioning small technique that's all. However, Li Shuangyan all of a sudden was actually shocked, her clear this corner/horn remnant origin. this Formation origin heaven frightening, their Nine Saint Demon Gate Ancestral Master just obtains corner/horn that's all! However, is such remnant of one corner/horn, their Nine Saint Demon Gate several generations of talent Virtuous Paragon study and understand first, are unable study and understand all profound mystery, to the recent several generations, their Nine Saint Demon Gate Virtuous Predecessor to pass through several generations of efforts completely, completely have untied finally this corner/horn remnant profound mystery. Although is so, their Nine Saint Demon Gate was unable the cloth to become this Formation, this era, her Master Monster Sovereign Lun Ri favors her Innate Talent, looked whether she can repair this Formation, therefore, passes to this Formation Diagram, in the meantime, her half practice is related with Formation Law! She very small time, starts to contact this Formation, but, comprehends this Formation truly completely, has spent ten years , and has under the study and understand attainment direction of their Nine Saint Demon Gate Virtuous Predecessor! Li Shuangyan also once hopes that some day she can the cloth become this Formation, because, this Formation 10%, must be heaven frightening moves, the slaughter god cuts the immortal, but, she also knows that by her present good fortune, at all the impossible cloth becomes this Formation! These time comes Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, she has also brought this Formation, by the idea of Monster Sovereign Lun Ri, actually wants to look at Li Qiye mysteriously, makes the person unable to completely understand that has by this Formation measured the Li Qiye's idea. Li Shuangyan has a dream has not thought that was known as in society incomparable Peerless great formation corner/horn, Li Qiye only looked at one, spoke with confidence, was familiar same. A very crisp chapter came, please voting ^ _ ^