Emperor's Domination - Volume 1 - Chapter 72
Chapter 71 Ghost Pavilion ( Part 1 ) heard there fishy.” Nan Huairen said to Li Qiye mysterious. Since is called Ghost Pavilion, fishy that is also the normal matter, does not have the ghost, how also to be called Ghost Pavilion.” Li Qiye decides idly said with a smile. Saw that Li Qiye does not worry, Nan Huairen actually anxiously must to stamp one's foot, he said busily: Senior Brother, I do not joke with you, there indeed is fishy, really fishy, does not believe you to ask my Master.” Protector Mo also on the scene, Nan Huairen such saying, he has hesitated, said: Ghost Pavilion indeed has unlucky, careful point for wonderful, who although does not have heard dead in Ghost Pavilion, but, heard, Big Elder was made there in an extremely difficult situation, has eaten not small owing. Is there fishy, this was unable to draw the conclusion, but, there definitely has the thing, unlucky thing.” Ghost.” Li Qiye both eyes looks out into the distance, looks is very very far, finally said with a smile: If really fishy, I pour also really like, feared that is not the ghost.” Here, he has curled upwards the corners of the mouth, has smiled. Nan Huairen regarding Big Senior Brother heavy taste immediately is speechless, hides also to hide like this regarding ghost portent of disaster others, Big Senior Brother actually added likes. Nan Huairen indeed cares about Li Qiye, he also wants to urge Li Qiye, but, his Master Protector Mo shook the head gently, he also has to shut up. Protector Mo has not urged Li Qiye, he looks comes out, Li Qiye had the position, he believes that the Li Qiye conduct does not need them to be worried. Walks, we have a look at Ghost Pavilion!” Finally, Li Qiye they said to Nan Huairen with a smile. Nan Huairen is unable, to accept fate, has to look at Ghost Pavilion with Li Qiye, but, he also mumbled said: Senior Brother, you run into the ghost, may not blame me not to remind you, there really fishy.” Regarding wordy words of Nan Huairen in like the woman, Li Qiye has smiled. In fact Li Qiye the matter that went to Ghost Pavilion to face the wall, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect all disciples heard, mentioned Ghost Pavilion, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect disciples hit to tremble. Goes to Ghost Pavilion to stay for a half year? Stays for day I not to be dry to me, I rather subject to a penalty in the ice cavern, do not stay in Ghost Pavilion!” Has the disciple complexion blanch to say.

Don't said is the ice cavern, even if goes to the cloudy wadi I to want, I do not go to Ghost Pavilion.” Also there are disciple to shake the head to say. „Speaking of Ghost Pavilion, was frightened to fear including our bold Martial Uncle|Aunt.” The disciple said: Bold Martial Uncle|Aunt, it can be said that our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect boldest person, before five years, he does not believe in evil doctrines, bets to go to Ghost Pavilion with us to live for night, next day his day also not bright, was frightened scared shitless to run away.” Young brat, uncovers my short, owed to punch.” Stares in side middle aged man, shouts to clear the way. This middle aged man looby is incomparable, understood at a glance that is a big uneducated person. Although this disciple stares, still has the disciple curiously to ask: Martial Uncle|Aunt, at that time what happened? Actually that night was what kind of?” This Martial Uncle|Aunt was inquired by direct disciple, he was silent, finally shook the head saying: Ghost Pavilion is fishy, very fearful ghost, not only perhaps a cleverness, but is many ghosts.” Li Qiye goes to Ghost Pavilion to face the wall, you said how long he can stay?” Some disciples are also curious, said. I will make a bet, his could not stay in the evening.” Has the disciple to make a bet said. Also there is a disciple pshaw saying: „An evening, snort|hum, I looked that only feared day one black, he was frightened scared shitless, Ghost Pavilion is not has unearned reputation, there absolutely is fishy!” At once, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect many disciples discussed chaotically that all people said Ghost Pavilion to be fishy, but, concrete Ghost Pavilion had what kind of ghost, everybody could not say the reason why. In fact, regarding Ghost Pavilion, changes color including Protector, because Big Elder had gone to Ghost Pavilion, he once wants to suppress unlucky of Ghost Pavilion by own Emperor Tech­nique, has not thought that next day Big Elder distressed incomparably draws back from Ghost Pavilion, he cannot suppress unlucky in Ghost Pavilion. After this, does not have Protector or the disciple again can want to suppress the Ghost Pavilion ghost unrealistically, is not good Big Elder, other people are not better. Ghost Pavilion, is located above Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect main peak, this main peak natural spirit essence also calculated, but, since Ghost Pavilion is haunted, not merely is Ghost Pavilion nobody is willing to come, area this main peak does not have the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect disciple to be willing in this practice. Now, area this is a picture of school of decline, including the main peak surrounding area dozens li (0.5km) is a school of decline, appears including the flowers and plants trees is listless, seems receives here affects to be the same unlucky.

heard, in tens of thousands years ago, this main peak disciple may become [lineage/vein], this main peak once prospered several generations, but, after afterward was haunted, here started to decline bleakly, until afterward did not have the disciple to be willing to step in this again. When Li Qiye stands when main peak, looks out into the distance area this mountains and rivers, is silent, the picture of here school of decline, incessantly is because here does not have the disciple practice reason, stands above this main peak, can feel faintly restlessly, as if in this main peak underground wants the surging evil aura to be the same. This over ten thousand years comes, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect all previous dynasties disciple thinks here to be unlucky, it seems like has the truth. With standing above main peak, Nan Huairen felt that the back is cool, probably stared by the ghost, lets his creepy feeling, if no Li Qiye they to travel together, he is not willing to stay in this damned place. Recovers, looks to tower the building again on main peak, a school of decline, this is called the Ghost Pavilion building must melt spoiled general. Li Qiye looks at present Ghost Pavilion, gently sighs. Ghost Pavilion, although calls Ghost Pavilion, in fact, it constructs fine, has the flavor, it constructs above this main peak, just like is as if made by Heaven is quite the same as ordinary, making people think that it merges into one organic whole with this main peak. Can look from the decoration of Ghost Pavilion, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect once very took seriously this Ghost Pavilion, what a pity, after afterward occurred is unlucky, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect gives up this Ghost Pavilion. Although the Ghost Pavilion occupying land area is not broad, but, is very fine, can be called small and exquisite, but, present Ghost Pavilion accumulated the dust, hung all over the spider's silk, the weeds came up in great numbers and from all sides, even settled down in this inside including the squirrel wild bird. Walks into Ghost Pavilion, is stepping on the floor that is made by ten thousand years of jade loosen, sends out one psst resounding, in this gloomy atmosphere, the timid point person will be frightened scared shitless, especially after walking into Ghost Pavilion, a bang bang bang sound resounds, the bat scurries about, this made Ghost Pavilion augment the several points of ghost crafty atmosphere. Here once was one of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect heavy places, what a pity, completely has left uncultivated now.” Protector Mo sigh with emotion said. Far more than is Protector Mo is sighing with emotion, is Li Qiye also gently sighs when the heart one, thought back on the past years, cultivate was endless, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren did not have Carrying Heaven's Will, did not have 9 Heavens 10 Worlds able to move unhindered, in this pavilion he once passed on Ming Ren boy Dao of the zither.! Mentioned this matter, in the past also took Dark Crow him, but also once ridiculed Ming Ren boy zither Yi also really not, if made him study the zither to earn living, only feared that will starve to death. Thought back on the past years, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren regarding such ridicule, was laughs.

Does not need Li Qiye to tell that Protector Mo and Nan Huairen reorganize the Ghost Pavilion inside and outside busily, when they clean the type of reorganization, Ghost Pavilion was then brighter, the gloomy atmosphere then swept off much, although is so, in Ghost Pavilion still has several moment to be dense. After Protector Mo and Nan Huairen are the goods that the Li Qiye prepare all has needed, this reports to Li Qiye. Looked at the arrangement of Protector Mo and Nan Huairen, Li Qiye has selected nod, finally said: Good, but, I rest the hall, does not need to make a room to me specially. Also, Huairen, makes a zither to me.” zither? Makes Zhang Qinlai to do?” Heard Li Qiye such words surprised, Nan Huairen, generally speaking, little cultivator played a stringed musical instrument to enjoy looking at the moon such elegant taste. Li Qiye said with a smile: Since here once were Zither Pavilion, here scenery was alone, if in the evening can the enjoying looking at the moon ball tune, that has the interest matter.” hiccup Nan Huairen endures to say in a soft voice: Senior Brother, here, but Ghost Pavilion, will be haunted in the evening, you, you, do you have the mood to play a stringed musical instrument?” Brat, do not go bad my interest, goes quickly!” A Li Qiye such 13 or 14-year-old youth, was scolding Nan Huairen to scold the boy, seemed a little self-important, but Nan Huairen ran grinningly. When Nan Huairen Master and Disciple they take care, Li Shuangyan as if also special pays attention this Ghost Pavilion, she carefully is observing this Ghost Pavilion earnestly, as if not let off any detail. At this time, Li Shuangyan in observing four big pillars in looks at hall, suddenly looks is enthralled. Four great columns, are made by ten thousand years of jade loosen, after the baptism of innumerable years, without any eats spoiled, above each shaft, has the dense and numerous traces, in fact, is above these four great columns has this dense and numerous trace incessantly, in fact, entire Zither Pavilion has this trace, but this trace color is very shallow is very shallow, if not pay attention to look that easily did not discover. Li Shuangyan is the talent, Saint Fate Palace Sovereign Physique she, where places, is heaven's proud daughter, she carefully looks at this trace, immediately thought that this trace is uncommon, as her of talent, carefully studies, wants to completely understand profound mystery, but, her careful study and understand time, discovered that this trace is not dao marks, is not Zhang talisman, but, she always thought that this inside hideaway has the profound mystery of not being able to say. Saw that anything does not have mysteriously.” Li Qiye arrives at side her, smiles satisfied, to is studying the trace Li Shuangyan to say. Third came, fellow students, your bills ^ _ ^