Emperor's Domination - Volume 10 - Chapter 930
Regarding Li Qiye such words, the person under cliff sneers, said: Then, the crow, you were too great. Hey, but, do not forget, in society has countless people to want here to obtain many things, even if Immortal Emperor, could not resist some fatal enticement.” Right?” Li Qiye smiles lightly, said: But, old fellow, you thought that you have succeeded? Far did not say that said near, do not think that I do not know, you had instigated Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, but, did Immortal Emperor Ta Kong he make finally you? Did not say that he does have this ability to make you, even if he can make you, hey......” spoke of here, he sneered. Crow, when you can, careful gutter capsize crazily, if some day you were extinguished by some Immortal Emperor, that really made the person be a pity.” The person under cliff is also sneers one, said. Right? Immortal Emperor, no matter which Immortal Emperor, he dares to surmount the taboo that I delimit, I extinguished him! I have the slaughter Immortal Emperor!” Li Qiye at this time both eyes one cold, said slowly: You should see in the past me at the matter that above handles, Immortal Emperor is also good, audiences God of The Heavens, has violated my principle, I must slaughter it!” Here, Li Qiye has smiled, said: old fellow, do not think that I do not know in the past you instigated Immortal Emperor Ta Kong to work, what a pity, when I guarded Mortal Sovereign World, when I looked out Nine Worlds, he gave me the obediently domain! He is relieved, when his Immortal Emperor! Otherwise!” Hey, does the crow, you dare to make me to exit, your I bet era! I know that you have controlled era, you had been known as that Eternal Supreme, must try the disastrous the taste!” The person under cliff sneers was saying. old fellow, no matter your this is the method of goading somebody into action, but, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, you thought highly of your own, you were also regarded as that crow of past years me, said honestly, even if you can come out from here, you were also same are not my match! In the past above, there, I same was runs away, I same was the pit your, you thought that I can die your pit!” Li Qiye said very much calmly. Snort person cold snort under cliff, then coldly said: „, Such being the case, your I do not have anything to say.” Li Qiye does not care, said leisurely and carefree: old fellow, this time, except for visiting you, chatted with you, discussed again beyond past secret, came to say goodbye to you. You are also clear, since I have recaptured the body, that means that since I must go all out, millions of years wrestling Yi, must drop the curtain eventually time, becomes also good, defeat, time when I kill again, I will be eternal, will not come back, therefore, will make your me come a farewell......” „...... No matter in the past your I were what kind of grievances hatred, no matter you were a bastard, reached an agreement, in the past I killed once to use your some subsequent parties, this should also thank you, without your secrets, I do not know that needs to waste many painstaking care. In the past, made it pass, these goes on an expedition to have a result finally! What a pity, only feared that you cannot see this result.” Here, Li Qiye rode wooden horse to turn around to depart. Death Crow, when Li Qiye has not walked far, under the cliff broadcasts the sound, said: You thought that you did win?” Defeat how?” Li Qiye has smiled, comfortable free and easy, said leisurely and carefree: Regarding all living things, ascended to Immortal Emperor, is the lifetime achievement. Regarding me, but needs answer that's all, audiences God of The Heavens is also good, Old Thief Heaven, cannot block my step, I need an answer! On this one road, the past person, was I, paid too, needed an answer time.”

In the time perpetual flow, pays too many far more than is you! But, you must know, since Eternal, no person has succeeded!” The person sinking sound under cliff said. Right? Some people have succeeded, but your I do not know that's all.” Li Qiye smiles lightly, said: Has piled up with Dried Bone(s) on this one road, many people are diligently, many people for a final fantasy, but fell on this one road! How however this era, pierces the day to be also good, the failure, in brief, I need an answer!” Li Qiye escapes deeply and clearly smiles, said. The person under cliff is silent, after crossing some little time, he said slowly: Crow, the secret I will not tell you personally, needs your own to seek. I can give you a prompt, all secrets, hid in my memory , hid in my secret!” My in light of this to thanks.” Li Qiye has turned around, the looks at cliff, said finally slowly: old fellow, see again/goodbye, has hoped our meeting postponed indefinitely!” This saying said very sincerely! After saying, Li Qiye turns around to depart, has not stayed again, suddenly, he disappeared in the quiet diameter. Eternal, is long, what kind suffering! In the past, above Ten Thousand Worlds, only my sole ruler!” Under the cliff has resounded the sound of disappointed sigh, muttered said: does not die and extinguish ! Ha! That day that Old Thief Heaven, I can looks at you perish!” Finally, under the cliff a silence, did not have the sound again, nobody knows that this inside hides the secret that common people are unable to imagine never may also know! Li Qiye left the cliff, he wanders in Drystone Courtyard , in Drystone Courtyard , has the mysterious landscape, there are many lets the matter that the person is unable to imagine, but, regarding these, Li Qiye became accustomed. If some people can come Drystone Courtyard , can observe Drystone Courtyard various landscapes, that is unable to forget absolutely for a lifetime that but however, these time to the Li Qiye's eye, that has become ordinary was unable the ordinary matter, because these landscapes he more than once saw. Must know that in that remote years, Li Qiye may more than once try to find out Drystone Courtyard , in the present age only feared that nobody understood Drystone Courtyard compared with him. Li Qiye wanders in Drystone Courtyard , he is seeking for anything to be the same probably, each place, he carefully looks.

Has one in Drystone Courtyard the one quiet diameter, this one quiet diameter to Drystone Courtyard in all directions . Moreover, Drystone Courtyard is broad incomparable, even few knows Drystone Courtyard personally in a big way, therefore, wants to stroll entire Drystone Courtyard , that is not an easy matter. Li Qiye has passed through a Drystone Courtyard place another place, however, had not discovered thing that he must seek, but, Li Qiye does not worry, he is patient 100%, is still each place slowly seeks. Finally, the time does not lose the person with high aspirations, in a Drystone Courtyard lake, Li Qiye stopped the footsteps, making the wooden horse settle down in the bund. This is a not too big nor too small lake, a lake water tranquility, in the lake, does not have the fish and shrimp, this lake water is similar to the stagnant water is the same, it looks like Drystone Courtyard is the same, has been full of the deathly stillness. The Li Qiye's vision fell on the common corner of bund, then Li Qiye rode the wooden horse to walk. Is overgrown with weeds in the common corner of this bund, has a small quarry there, this quarry is weaves by stoneworts, is the stoneworts weaves this quarry is a slate is rather more appropriate. Is squatting a duck in a such Shiwoli, naturally, this is Stone duck, this duck seems like with the stone carving, but, looks like carves the merit to be impeccable, lifelike, quite the same as as if made by Heaven, to person a feeling of ghost axe finger of God. In this Stone duck is squatting in quarry, eight Stone Egg, are eight Stone Egg rather is eight stones is unexpectedly more appropriate. These eight Stone Egg sizes are different, the shape is different, has the circle to have flatly in the right way, has the blue color, has the green, there is a flood white...... Such eight stones place in quarry, in Stone duck is squatting under body, this will remind these eight stones is Stone Egg under Stone duck child institute. Sees Stone duck, saw Stone Egg, Li Qiye has shown the smiling face, muttered said: Really is extraordinary, you are really each era move a nest.”

Li Qiye looks at present Stone duck, said leisurely and carefree with a smile: Worthily was one generation of Wushuang/matchless existence, millions of years, you have played jokes upon all ages all living things, you have played tricks on many person.” If some bystanders see Li Qiye to a Stone duck child speech, he certainly thinks that Li Qiye was insane. No matter how Li Qiye spoke, Stone duck was still Stone duck, it will not live. But a Li Qiye point does not care, puts out a hand to trace Stone duck. This Stone duck touches is the lithical feeling, this absolutely is not the illusion, is the solid stone. However, is the stone, in the Li Qiye heart clear . Moreover, secret that this inside involves, the bystander does not know. Li Qiye puts out a hand to trace that eight Stone Egg, eight Stone Egg still are also lithical . Moreover, is only same to this Stone duck, these eight Stone Egg are unable to shake, as if, these eight Stone Egg are took root to be the same with Stone duck, they with this earth a body, you have not been able child and Stone Egg take continually Stone duck. It is not surprised regarding such situation Li Qiye, he has traced each Stone Egg, is confident. „After great Li Qiye each Stone Egg has only traced, Li Qiye smiled, said: Made you soon succeed unexpectedly, this was really extraordinary, once you have succeeded, that absolutely was scare people to death.” However, no matter Li Qiye said anything, Stone duck is still Stone duck, Stone Egg is still Stone Egg, without any sound, as if wants Qiye is thinks aloud general. Li Qiye accidentally, did not say leisurely and carefree: this era, I must seize Heaven's Will, you are consider this era born, next is era born?”