Emperor's Domination - Volume 10 - Chapter 936
Does not evolve does not evolve, has anything to be great.” Sees only this female to change, instantaneously changed that dim shadow, just like above Nine Heavens, dominated all lands. Regarding principle evolution so, Li Qiye is somewhat speechless, he has smiled bitterly, this matter said that he is a little feeling of guilty, the past years was he teaches people bad things this principle. Covers entirely the principle of lake, it is the world, is the pure principle, does not have the life, does not have the emotion, but, it can evolve all, at least it can evolve all representations. In the past Li Qiye spent countless painstaking care to come here, here stayed was very long, during this long years, this principle learned the lots from Li Qiye, Li Qiye had said the thing it can evolve. Was right, that woman who you said how?” After the principle turned into dim shadow, opens the mouth to ask. Li Qiye squints at dim shadow, said: This closes your anything matter, you are not a live person, manages such widely does.” The dim shadow said: „, Was not you will be lovelorn, how, that little girl has flung you, looked at your like this fading type, only feared that could not miss many, a crow, who liked.” Damn, you are not a live person, you became the mouth so were when big, outside loquacious woman very much looks like with your present appearance, likes the wagging the tongue head.” Li Qiye said ill-humoredly. „The loquacious woman your head.” The dim shadow disdain said: In the past whose most loquacious woman? All day keeps saying in my ear, any Su'er, any Zhan'er and so on, hearing the person to be disgusting.” The dim shadow disdain said. By dim shadow such saying, the Li Qiye forehead was braved the heavy line, said: Damn, early knows that I did not say these to you in the past!” Hey, hey, hey, now awakened was late, I knew your many secret.” The dim shadow happily said. Li Qiye squints at its, said: In the past said that that was just teases you to play, said again, how I also possibly told you secret.” „, Anything teases me to play, I am Law of Heaven and Earth , can evolve all, points to the conscience.” The dim shadow said: is real or false, can I not know?” Li Qiye is somewhat speechless, because the opposite party is not a live person, is not the life, it is only principle that's all, actually glib, what awfully is, the expression that now it speaks a little looked like the own past style, this was really makes him a little spit blood. Hello, I gave the name to own, which you listen to most of pleasant to hear.” At this time, the dim shadow said. You want the name to do, your name is the principle.” Li Qiye somewhat speechless said.

„, Does not want to listen to knock it off, later do not come to ask me.” The dim shadow has sneered, the domineering rampant appearance, this manner makes Li Qiye somewhat grasp crazily, this manner a little looked like him in the past. Good, you mentioned listen.” Li Qiye has to accept good advice readily, said leisurely and carefree. Seeing Li Qiye is willing to listen, the dim shadow then comes the spirit, said: I gave own to give several names, you were listening, killed Qiye and town Qiye, to extinguish Qiye and slaughter Qiye, cut Qiye...... you to think that which name was of pleasant to hear?” When the dim shadow one breath reported several names, these names made Li Qiye hear almost to spit blood. „It is not of pleasant to hear, kills your younger sister!” Li Qiye is black the face to say immediately. Good, I have the most name of pleasant to hear.” Listened to Li Qiye to say like this that the dim shadow turned the head carefully thinks, said: I thought that I called Dark Crow to be of pleasant to hear.” That is my title!” Li Qiye said ill-humoredly: Said again that you called the principle, you wanted the name!” Bah, who said that I do not want the name, I am world number one person, Eternal am only, naturally took a resounding Wushuang/matchless name!” The dim shadow called to say immediately rampantly: This immortal must substitute for you, later I called Dark Crow to be good!” Was good, said properly.” Li Qiye is somewhat helpless, feels weak said: You called Dark Crow, that used another's words and present them as one's own completely, if you were world number one person, did not think that lost your face?” Also right.” The dim shadow turns the head to think that said: I am world number one person, why must with your same name. Good, after me, called Zhan Xian!” Why called Zhan Xian?” Li Qiye hears such words, curiously with a smile said. „Weren't you said before? Above ancient era, the person of extraordinary ability is the world is only, predominates.” The dim shadow said rampantly: I want the defeat immortal, the suppression kill immortal, therefore, called Zhan Xian.” Is very of pleasant to hear, very good name.” Li Qiye said immediately approvingly. No matter is real or false, in brief, this always better than made it call Dark Crow, if it must take the name to call Dark Crow own, his first illustrious name even if destroyed. I knew certainly of pleasant to hear, can the name that I gave not be of pleasant to hear?” The dim shadow sneers, the ten points narcissism, very arrogant. Li Qiye smiled, then said: That thing in lake how?”

What good intention didn't you cherish?” Li Qiye asked that this issue, the dim shadow is vigilant immediately that coldly said. Originally, it is Law of Heaven and Earth , not having what mood to say, but, after Li Qiye stays here was very long, it unexpectedly dyed some bad customs, even studies Li Qiye. Not any not bad good intention.” Li Qiye said with a smile: Spoke the honest remark, regarding this matter, I have the specially new discovery recently......” Anything is not newly newly discovered that does not have the interest to listen.” Dim shadow lacks interest said: Said again that you are not good thing, has had here idea, do not think that I do not know.” Good, I did not deny, I to this inside thing indeed interested.” Li Qiye said with a smile: This is not the shameful matter. Perhaps, my behavior, had the advantage to you.” Any advantage, do not bribe me.” Dim shadow lacks interest said that is not interested in this point. If that thing has become, you weren't can also be free?” Li Qiye said with a smile. The dim shadow hears this saying, immediately the spirit inspires, at this time, it seemed staring at Li Qiye one, crossed some little time, said: This inside secret, your I know that becomes with inadequate, this is the matter that was difficult to say! You do a bit less the pit I!” This point, I can promise you but actually, this era, can succeed absolutely.” Li Qiye said with a smile: „, Shortcoming anything, lacks, I have. If I can succeed, this matter must be able to succeed!” Hey, does a bit less the pit I.” The dim shadow has sneered, said: I know that what person you are, previous time was your pit I, if this time I listened to your nonsense to be strange.” Regarding words that the dim shadow spoke, Li Qiye does not blush, smiled, said: Right, previous time I was the pit you. Said correctly, since previous time you lost, that thing in lake, is belonged my, you said that is?” Is your what kind of?” Dim shadow disdain squints at Li Qiye, said: I do not make you pass, even if belongs your, you have no alternative.” How this should say that this thing, although said that was far before is your, but, it eventually was the thing of without owner, you here, it was also has belonged your, could it be that said that do not win this thing?” Li Qiye instigates it to say. Does not have the interest, you said right, I am not a person, is not the life, is not the thing, I am only principle that's all, this thing belongs my, am I also useful?” Dim shadow lacks interest said. Regarding the dim shadow lacks interest appearance, Li Qiye is a little thorny, if it is the salt oil does not enter, that all plans were scrapped.

How can you make me pass?” Li Qiye said with a smile: Depending on the friendship of your my two people, is always insufficient to kill the day to collapse here, you said that is.” Day collapses.” The dim shadow disdain said: If I want you to walk, your take action instantaneous, I can send off you, transmits instantaneously. Before such as you , said that even if Immortal Emperor came, I am also same can send off him!” Heard such words, Li Qiye somewhat regretted, early knows that did not tell it these things. Said again, I am not a live person, does not have Seven Emotions and Six Desires, your I have any friendship.” The dim shadow disdain looked at Li Qiye one. The manner of dim shadow, making Li Qiye a little not have idea, he raises hand saying: Good, good, I admitted defeat, has any condition you to say freely, if, I satisfy all your conditions.” „Was this you says?” The dim shadow stares at Li Qiye immediately, Li Qi is doing by it stares in some hearts to be scared. Good, you have any condition, although raises.” Li Qiye said with a smile. The dim shadow leisure appearance, its this time manner looks like Li Qiye at this time very much, said leisurely and carefree: Actually, my condition is also very simple, you stay behind to me, such was accompanying me like the past years, my complying made you pass.” This is not good.” Li Qiye shook the head saying: You take my advantage completely, said again that I was different from before, before I was Immortality, now I consume that to mean that the time here I was finished.” „It is not good knocks it off, I am not rare, do not want to pass.” The dim shadow sneers to say. Li Qiye smiled, said: Does not take one to deny that is inferior to this, to be fair, how your I bet one game, if I lost, I stay behind, if I have won, you make me pass.”