Emperor's Domination - Volume 11 - Chapter 1083
„” Li Qiye jogging head, manner overbearing, Eternal is not invincible, among the manners, ten thousand demon kneels, Deities is invincible, he said: This is only another existence, I just am borrow others' given name that's all.” Li Shuangyan muttered said: Demon King Tian Qi, Tian Qi.” Right, Tian Qi, abandons it including heaven, dark green Tian Qi how!” Li Qiye smiles, Demon Flame is dreadful, holds the Moroccan vault of heaven, said: Heaven, that is just a cheap person.” Suffices domineering, suffices devil nature , at present changed Demon King Tian Qi Li Qiye looks like a charm of not talking clearly, a evil aura of not being able saying that Demon King, although is fearful, although danger, but, has the fatal temptation of danger. If borrows, difficult become a devil.” Mei Suyao moving said: Heart , if no demon, where to come demon tyrant world!” Although said that Li Qiye this borrowed others' prestige, but, if he did not have the demon heart, Demon Flame was how dreadful, how can the looking disdainfully world, how be able demon tyrant first! Here is Demon Boundary, One Thought Become Buddha , One Thought Become Devil.” Li Qiye smiles lightly, changes to Demon King him, at this time smiles lightly, has a evil aura of not being able to say. Bai Jianzhen changes countenance like Evil Buddha, Li Qiye is transformed Evil Buddha by True Body, now transfers Demon King, this inside transformation, even it can be said that does not have the flaw, that real, even can say that this is real, does not install. You can pretend a monk, you can also borrow others' prestige, but, devil nature , such thing cannot install, this is real existence. Like present Demon King Tian Qi, present Demon King Tian Qi is the same on such as his name, Demon Flame is dreadful, this is the real thing, this type of thing cannot install. „Have you cultivated the demon?” even if Li Shuangyan asked. Before then, Li Qiye once cultivated Buddhist Dao, in the short time, became Evil Buddha, Buddhist Law is invincible. thought may achieve Buddhahood, thought also become a devil.” Li Qiye smiles lightly. This inside secret, he will certainly not say. Not long, he once stayed when this Emperor Demon Small World was very long, he also once here changed to invincible Demon King, afterward, he left, fell the Demon Qi exuviae in this, seal in underground. This time, his once more become a devil, but, he uses is not the own prestige, but with another Demon King prestige, he does this has the reason. Soft sedan chair?” Li Qiye told saying that at this time, he was keeping aloof Demon King. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao have brought the thing that needed, this was the soft sedan chair that Li Qiye needed. Raised a sedan chair, walks.” Li Qiye rides the soft sedan chair, told that said: Remember, does not make noise, did not speak, all were decided by me.”

Li Shuangyan they have lifted the soft sedan chair, even if Mei Suyao this such as the Fairy common character, at this time also can only be the coolie. However, lifts the soft sedan chair, the Mei Suyao not slight hesitation, is such nature, is such light, idle in the heart, Light in God, she does not have the acting with constraint status. If some people see at present this, will be scared absolutely, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao did not say that Bai Jianzhen is contemporary Sword God, but Mei Suyao, is noble, beautiful Wushuang/matchless, came from Eternal River Sect, was called number one beauty. However, at this moment, Sword God is also good, number one beauty , can only lifts the sedan. Li Qiye sits above the soft sedan chair, eyes closed repose, looks like Supreme Demon King, casts a sidelong glance the pi world, any talent, any invincibility, in Demon King your presence, can only is the coolie, this is the true invincibility. Mei Suyao their four people are lifting the soft sedan chair vanguard, goes over hill and dale, toward the remote place the line, on the way, once met many Demon Warrior specially, these Demon Warrior protect own spirit medicine Immortal Herb, is the eyes closed deep sleep. However, the soft sedan chair passes through time, no matter how formidable Demon Warrior, immediately kneels in place, although keeps silent, but, the manner is respectful. Demon Boundary, is the having a strict hierarchy place, Demon King Tian Qi is extremely high existence, therefore , he Demon Warrior one after another kneels in place. Finally, under the Li Qiye's direction, Mei Suyao they lifted Li Qiye to enter in the one perpetual flow, the water diversion divided the wave, suddenly, they sank to riverbed. Finally, they sank to an extremely profound under the water abyss, when arrives in the abyss, discovered that aquatic sends out Holy Light continuously. In there unexpectedly Crystal Palace, but, Crystal Palace palace gate shuts tightly . Moreover, this is by formidable strength close Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace that looks at this shuts tightly, Li Qiye cold snort, instantaneous Demon Flame is dreadful, under this Demon Flame , entire Crystal Palace shivers immediately. Roll Roll Roll (sound effect) in this moment, Crystal Palace slowly opens, one Demon Dragon swam from Crystal Palace. This Demon Dragon mentioned accurately, resembled the flood dragon like the dragon, was not true True Dragon, it was also maintaining the characteristics of flood dragon, without a doubt, it has evolved is the dragon. This Demon Dragon was Demon Qi changes to lightning, the whole body lingered, in bang made noise, its eye opened, like the lantern, Demon Qi can pierce in society all. This Demon Dragon is quite at present formidable, is quite fearful, compares outside many many Demon Warrior to be fearful absolutely, at least is that Old Man same rank under god moon/month [gold/metal] tree. Does not know that is the Demon King Sir arrival, forgives.” The Demon Dragon volt in the place, has done obeisance doing obeisance, said respectfully.

Li Qiye is cold the face, Demon Qi is being fearful, like the storm, a few words did not say that they are lifted by Mei Suyao is entering in Crystal Palace. Entered Crystal Palace, inside is the ray twinkle, the innumerable unusual brightness are jumping here, because is placing numerous treasure in the palace, Divine Stone, Heavenly Armament , Immortal Gold...... wait / etc. numerous treasure place on the ground scattered in disorder, it seems like that this Demon Dragon is not interested in these treasure. If there is cultivator here, sees at present these many treasure, will be certainly crazy. Tumbles regarding this powder in ground treasure, Li Qiye has not looked at one, Mei Suyao they fears to expose weaknesses, is the straight manner, only responsibly lifts the sedan, does not look askance. Entered the hall, Li Qiye big Markin dao sat above on Crystal Sovereign Throne of head, Demon Dragon does not dare hurriedly, to relax the hands to stand, stands in the one side, but, he looked at several Mei Suyao they. What's wrong, to my several concubines interested?” Li Qiye sits there proudly, coldly looked at Demon Dragon one. Demon Dragon kneels in the place, said: Demon King Sir forgives, what is small is only curious that's all for a while.” Regarding Li Qiye such words, Mei Suyao their four person pink blushing face, but, fears to expose weaknesses, anything does not dare to say. Li Qiye has not gotten angry, he said very much desolately: I come to your here, so long as a thing.” Does not know that Demon King Sir wants anything, Sir opens the mouth freely, small this immediately gives you to take.” Demon Dragon said busily. Li Qiye said desolately: Your this Crystal Palace, can make me be have a liking for the eye, only then in your harem is planting that spent.” Hears Li Qiye such words, Demon Dragon hesitates immediately, speaks haltingly said: Demon King Sir, this, this, this......”? Li Qiye beckoned with the hand desolately, said: I know that you must be used for praying demon, I with your, the inscription under your wishing, in another day Beheading Demon Stage, cannot have your wishing in vain!” Thanked Sir.” Hears Li Qiye such words, Demon Dragon no longer hesitates, has done obeisance doing obeisance hurriedly, immediately takes his thing. Some little time, Demon Dragon both hands are holding a jade box, incomparably held respectfully to Li Qiye, Li Qiye looked that has not looked at one, accepted. Sir, this is my demon prays.” Demon Dragon has given Li Qiye wishing of own respectfully, this is inscribes wishing Divine Jade. In another day Beheading Demon Stage, went to that place, your hope must should.” Li Qiye said desolately. Thanked the Sir gracious gift.” Demon Dragon does obeisance again, the gratitude of ten points.

The Li Qiye manner is desolate, told that said: Raises a sedan chair.” Then, has closed eye, manner indifferent and cold, keeps aloof, this is very suitable he as the Demon King status. Mei Suyao they do not dare to neglect, immediately has lifted the soft sedan chair, left Crystal Palace. Left the rivers and streams, after being far away from Crystal Palace, Li Qiye has given Li Shuangyan the jade box conveniently, said: Girl, this good thing enjoys your.” Li Shuangyan has been startled, she recovers, has hit the jade box, opens looked, when this jade box opens, Holy Light emits, Holy Light that fills that sacredly stainless, making the person observe it, the heart lives noblly and purely, as if, in society anything is more unholy than this thing. In the jade box, is lying down lotus flower, lotus flower carves just like white jade, perfect, was really too perfect. what is this Immortal Lotus?” The person who even if cannot judge the quality of goods, sees this lotus flower, knows that is extraordinary immortal object. Earth-Mother Saint Lotus.” Li Qiye said lightly: This thing is of great help regarding you, what you practice is Void Imperfection Physique , will have it, you will have discovered a Void Imperfection Physique more mysterious place.” Thanked Young Master.” The Li Shuangyan gratitude, received the jade box, said. Young Master deceives Demon Dragon Immortal Lotus.” Chen Baojiao said: If Demon Dragon has discovered that that is grasps absolutely crazily.” Li Qiye pretends to be Demon King Tian Qi, deceived Earth-Mother Saint Lotus from the Demon Dragon hand, such method, simply was too wonderful, did not abandon the soldier, did not need any strength, has attained so Supreme immortal object. No, I have not deceived him.” Li Qiye shook the head gently, said: I, although is not true Demon King Tian Qi, but, I indeed have not deceived him.” Li Qiye such words make Mei Suyao they be startled, does not understand the Li Qiye's words. But, you are not real Demon King Tian Qi.” Chen Baojiao said. Yes, I am not real Demon King Tian Qi.” Li Qiye shows the smiling face, said: But, real Demon King Tian Qi will help them realize wishing.”