Emperor's Domination - Volume 11 - Chapter 1096
Li Qiye looks at under the water that beautiful incomparable curve gully, by the stature, Chen Baojiao is best, is Bai Jianzhen. A Bai Jianzhen sword robe is loose, when her whole body soaks, makes the person discover that her stature is next to Chen Baojiao, stands tall and erect full ****, curls upwards very perfectly round fragrant buttocks, willow waist that the slender jade leg, grasps gracefully...... Sexy. Chen Baojiao was needless saying that she was the inborn outstanding person, her stature was to let person burning with passion absolutely, discussed at the stature, only feared that nobody can compare with Chen Baojiao, the sex appeal was charming, these four characters flowinged completely to send to manifest on her. Looked that anything sees Li Qiye looks at they, Chen Baojiao is charmingly angry to say. Li Qiye smiles, said leisurely and carefree: Beautiful thing, is used to appreciate, said again that my this is not did not look doesn't look in vain?” This saying makes Li Shuangyan they tender angry, one after another stared Li Qiye one. Li Qiye has smiled, is lying low, soaks in the fine wine, said: Lets loose own Dao Heart, such as the snow and ice melt, all worries, all filthy air/Qi, go along with it.” Li Shuangyan their one after another immersion, lets loose Dao Heart, slowly makes the fine wine wash own Dao Heart. Li Qiye has closed both eyes, making the fine wine wash. Regarding Li Qiye's Dao Heart, even if Immortal Water also washes endlessly, when the fine wine flows, all become that faintly recognizable, all become that remote. Lies down just like him on white clouds general, Qing Feng (cool breeze), the blue sky is slowly deep green, is far away from the hubbub, is far away from mortal world , as if, all these become are unimportant. The Li Qiye deep sleep, he is wanting to sleep very well, has not planned, has not slaughtered, has not been responsible, without all passing...... He wants to sink unable to awake like this. Also has not known how long, some people have been rubbing the temples for her gently, that gentle, is such nature. Li Qiye opened the eye, is Mei Suyao, then he double has closed both eyes, at this time, Mei Suyao that gentle, that exquisite, as First Beautiful Woman her, does not have the half silk fragileness, appears specially virtuous. The time, as if becomes long, the world, becomes that tranquil, as if, at this time, all became unimportant, all immersed during this was peaceful. Also has not known how long, Li Qiye has opened both eyes suddenly, the vision is radiant, has stood all of a sudden, said slowly: Came.” Who instantaneous, Bai Jianzhen is vigilant that said.

Demon King Tian Qi Li Qiye has stood, goes out of the basin, said: We walk, meets him.” Chen Baojiao their one after another has stood, at once, the bodies of exquisite sex appeal perform in Li Qiye at present, Li Qiye carefully joyful sank several, this lets Mei Suyao their Is shy tightly. Li Qiye brought Mei Suyao they to leave forest, finally, they have climbed up a mountain peak, above this mountain peak, Ancient Temple, this Ancient Temple book had Demon Warrior to defend here, but, after Li Qiye arrival, he beckoned with the hand, Demon Warrior did not utter a word, turns around to leave. You exit first, I am waiting for him.” Li Qiye they beckoned with the hand to Mei Suyao, told that said. Mei Suyao they without demur, left Ancient Temple, Li Qiye closes one's eyes, calmly sits in Ancient Temple, is waiting for the arrival of Demon King Tian Qi. Crossed some little time, Li Qiye both eyes, at this time, in temple one group of Demon Qi accumulations, in blinking, Demon Qi changed to a person, with sitting above Li Qiye exactly the same Demon King, he is also same is Demon Flame is dreadful. If some Demon Warrior see at present these two exactly the same Demon King Tian Qi, perhaps will have a scare. heard, some people are pretending to be me.” Demon King Tian Qi is staring at Li Qiye, his pair of demon eye is quite fearful, the double pupil concentrates, the devour(ing) soul, the Dao Heart firm person sees this demon pupil, met soul to fly. Li Qiye remains unmoved, but has smiled, the earth-shaking transformation returned to True Body slowly, sits there dignified, said: Tian Qi, Tian Qi, it seems like you bury own deeply are very very deep, such for a long time realizes.” Demon King Tian Qi is staring at Li Qiye, has not begun, as if must completely understand Li Qiye, must find out the Li Qiye's depth. Good demon heart looks at Li Qiye, Demon King Tian Qi to say slowly: „A living bystander, really has an demon heart! Let matter that no one is able to believe that no wonder you can deceive other people.” The demon heart of Demon Boundary, did not mean that you savage, kills many people, can have an demon heart, this demon heart, is obsession. One Thought Become Buddha , One Thought Become Devil, this is the Demon Boundary mystery, is the Buddhist Funeral Plateau mystery! Li Qiye smiles, still dignified sits there, no matter how Demon King Tian Qi saw that he does not matter. I had listened to legend.” After Demon King Tian Qi carefully examined Li Qiye to be very long, finally said slowly: Once the person, lived was leaving Emperor Demon Small World, he once surmounted Imperial Edge and Demon Boundary two territories, he once became Emperor in Imperial Edge, he once became Demon King in Demon Boundary! Finally, he left here, became the miracle, became legend.”

Was very long matters, the long time to made the person forget.” Li Qiye sits there confidently, said leisurely and carefree. Demon King Tian Qi is staring at Li Qiye, said slowly: In my heart has doubts, Emperor Demon Small World is banned, outsider, nobody can again become a devil, nobody can to become Bing, actually be again what can let living person become a devil, to become Bing, becomes Emperor, becomes Demon King, finally can also leave easily?”? These are unimportant, you do not want to enter Nine Worlds, this regarding you, it is necessary to know?” Li Qiye said with a smile. Demon King Tian Qi stares at Li Qiye some little time, was saying finally slowly: You make me come out, for what?” Li Qiye looks at Demon King Tian Qi, said: could it be that don't you think on Beheading Demon Stage? Since the god dominates, did not have Demon King to get up Beheading Demon Stage again.” Demon King Tian Qi is silent, did not speak, but, he has not denied this matter. Li Qiye has smiled, said: Such that just like you said that I once stayed in Emperor Demon Small World was very long, Imperial Edge is also good, Demon Boundary, I understood, if you do not think on Beheading Demon Stage, that absolutely is the matter of deceiving people.” Understanding?” Demon King Tian Qi looks at Li Qiye, said: Since you so knew about Emperor Demon Small World that you do have to another world understand?” Regarding this issue, Li Qiye also silent, said slowly: Demon Boundary Beheading Demon Stage, Imperial Edge battle path, no matter on Beheading Demon Stage, steps the battle path, path that this has not turned head, once stepped, do not regret, marches forward courageously, to finally, me can say that also only then these.” The Demon King Tian Qi vision beat, said: It seems like, I underestimated you, you indeed know something, regarding that side!” I am not clear.” Li Qiye said nothing, shook the head, said. Moreover world at the same time, not in Nine Worlds, is not Tenth World in legend! Actually is that what?” Demon King Tian Qi looks at Li Qiye, wants to know answer. This, I do not have means to reply you.” Li Qiye shook the head gently, said: If you want to know, you can on Beheading Demon Stage, if you enough if lucky, or can know the answer.” The Demon King Tian Qi vision beat, Demon Qi in both eyes changed to cold glow. Li Qiye has smiled, said: Tian Qi, I know that you are very formidable, I also know that must kill Demon King in Demon Boundary, that is very difficult matter. However, do not forget, I can surmount Demon Boundary and Imperial Edge, I can become Emperor, I can become Demon King, I here, whom have not feared! even if Demon Lord comes back, even if Emperor Lord returns, I also equally fearless!” Crossed some little time, Demon King Tian Qi has taken back cold light in both eyes, sat slowly.

On Demon Lord Beheading Demon Stage, Emperor Lord stepped the battle path, this has their reasons, you said.” Li Qiye sits there, has smiled, said. Demon King Tian Qi does not want to discuss again this matter, he also thinks on Beheading Demon Stage, but, regarding him, the opportunity is not mature. What do you want?” Demon King Tian Qi raised the head, said: You make me come out, only will not speak these words to me.” I want the Demon Strategy Palace key.” Li Qiye said with a smile. Does not know that” Demon King Tian Qi has flatly refused the Li Qiye's request. Li Qiye has smiled, said: Tian Qi, this you cannot hide the truth from my eye, I know that the key in your hands, in this Demon Boundary, except for you, nobody can hold this key.” How is?” Demon King Tian Qi coldly said: If you want to snatch, I momentarily accompany.” Plan that I have not planned to begin.” Li Qiye said with a smile: I come to discuss that's all with you, I only borrow this key, used up has then given back to you. Naturally, I will not occupy your advantage in vain, I can make a transaction with you.” Transaction?” Demon King Tian Qi manner indifferent and cold, said: Demon Warrior, does not have to ask, this where to come transaction.” Doesn't have to ask?” Li Qiye has smiled, said: I have not listened to Demon Warrior not to seek this saying, right, you do not need cultivator treasure, does not need treasure secret book, but, Demon Warrior has still striven for!” Here, Li Qiye looks at Demon King Tian Qi, said: Or, you do not have Demon's wish like these Demon Warrior, but, you have striven for equally, for example, on Beheading Demon Stage!” That how?” Demon King Tian Qi, coldly said. Li Qiye has smiled, said: I know that you have been preparing, to step Beheading Demon Stage prepared on that day. Regarding you, the conditions or are not ripe, or your few thing, if you had, either this should be you step Beheading Demon Stage the time.”