Emperor's Domination - Volume 12 - Chapter 1113
13 Fate Palace, keeps aloof, especially 13 Fate Palace, is higher than Nine Heavens, all between high in the world, above Ten Thousand Worlds, only had it are the bracelet all, can restrain to arrest it without anything, it, was highest existence. Sees 13 Fate Palace, does not know that many people despair, once had young one generation, once had the talent, they are holding such dream, although they are inferior to Li Qiye now, is inferior to Jikong Wudi they, but, they believe that so long as own makes efforts, one day, will surmount Jikong Wudi hopefully they, and even is Li Qiye. However, now, 13 Fate Palace keeps aloof, this made them desperate completely, 13 Fate Palace such thing, this is not can surmount diligently, this was does not have what thing to surmount! The envy that 13 Fate Palace that looks at keeps aloof, the Jikong Wudi facial expression distortion, is unable to explain twisted his heart inside thing completely. Since the glory should be belongs his, he is most noticeable, he most has the qualifications becomes Immortal Emperor, The Posture of Three Saint , Innate Talent beyond comparison, all these made him have the Peerless incomparable superiority. However, today, Li Qiye has eliminated his all rays, before 13 Fate Palace, his all superiority, all Innate Talent, becomes is not worth a red cent. At this time, the Jikong Wudi facial features distortion, the steel tooth bites the young lady sound, in his heart pledged that has him, then does not have Li Qiye! Heavenly Emperor Lin and Zhan Shi that two people are disciplining together see such one from afar, complexion drastic change, even can say the face whiten, two people both are out of sorts. They have the self-confident person, they are the Dao Heart firm person, Li Qiye are more formidable than them, is more fearful than them, they also acknowledge this matter, in their hearts also clear, but, they are still firm, they still have the opportunity and Li Qiye wrestle, still has the confidence to with a Li Qiye war. However, when 13 Fate Palace appears, making them so self-confident has a little to collapse, their own saw probably the confidence collapse of own is loudly ordinary. With great difficulty, Heavenly Emperor Lin and Zhan Shi recover, they looked at each other, in this moment, they somewhat is weak, this dilutedness makes them deeply frustrate. At this time, they thought that no matter is formidable, no matter they have what kind of achievement, achievement that but, 13 Fate Palace, this tenth they have not forever been able to surmount, that feared that some day they can become Immortal Emperor, is facing such 13 Fate Palace, they are also same are unable to surmount, one day, they become Immortal Emperor, 13 Fate Palace such achievement, may becomes their heart inside shadow. Why we must with his syngenesis era.” Zhan Shi muttered said. The firmness of his Dao Heart, is the rare person can compare, but, he has to sigh at this moment when does not live. We have underestimated Li Qiye.” Heavenly Emperor Lin bitter and astringent smiles, has nothing to say in reply.

Originally is being surrounded by beautiful women Bing Yuxia sees 13 Fate Palace, she all of a sudden absent-minded, has let loose two beautiful women all of a sudden, she is out of sorts for a very long time, recovers with great difficulty, mutters said: „Is this person? The fairy is impossible to create such miracle to come.” Before 13 Fate Palaces, an entire world silence, does not dare to breathe in Emperor Demon Small World all cultivator, as if for fear that broke this moment silence. Suddenly, Li Qiye is the steps arrives at the abandoning emperor city that Nine Worlds Chief Envoy was. At this time, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy sits above Sovereign Throne in emperor city, he looks disdainfully eight sides, the prestige of God-Monarch fills the air, very makes the person respect to fear, the Flying Immortal Church disciple is about stands in a row, has many Large Sect inheritance cultivator powerhouse around this, they think the social climbing Flying Immortal Church the big sects and countries powerhouse. The emperor city that Li Qiye has stepped into this abandoning, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy complexion to make things difficult for looked extremely that Li Qiye this is far more than is provokes their Flying Immortal Church, far more than shames their Flying Immortal Church, this maliciously has pulled out his slap on the face simply. Sees Li Qiye's 13 Fate Palace, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy both eyes one coldly, regarding him, in any event, must eradicate present Junior, now, this incessantly is because this Junior shames their Flying Immortal Church at present , because he must their Flying Immortal Church Successor pave the way, otherwise, before Heavenly Eye, this Junior has become Immortal Emperor, only feared that regarding their Flying Immortal Church is a disaster. Flying Immortal Church, dares to raise the prestige military might before me!” Li Qiye sets up above sky high, coldly looks at Nine Worlds Chief Envoy. At this time, nobody dares to say anything, nobody thought that Li Qiye is rampant, looks at 13 Fate Palace, no matter, has to acknowledge that Li Qiye has the rampant extremely arrogant capital. Junior, you, you rest crazily!” At this time, Flying Immortal Church disciple stern shout, although, they also understand that Li Qiye's is formidable and fearful, but, regarding the Flying Immortal Church disciple, does not allow anybody to provoke their Flying Immortal Church! Kneels down!” Li Qiye opened both eyes, instantaneous Emperor Potential bang day, suppresses Heavens, at this moment, Li Qiye is the emperor of Deities, rein Ten Thousand Worlds, all living things must for it kneels. Bang, falls, the Flying Immortal Church disciple on the scene is involuntary, the knees kneel down all of a sudden on the ground, although there are Flying Immortal Church disciple to struggle considering to stand, but, under suppressing Heavens Emperor Potential, they cannot stand. Was suppressed incessantly only then the Flying Immortal Church disciple who must kneel down, all around many cultivator powerhouse, these cultivator powerhouses stays here, originally wants social climbing Flying Immortal Church, however, under invincible Emperor Potential, they kneels down now on the ground, in them even has Virtuous Paragon of older generation. Such result / to bear fruit, lets kneel down in ground many people shames and gets angry, in them many side overlords, today actually kneels down in front of a younger generation, this to them, this simply is one shame.

Li Qiye this act, making Nine Worlds Chief Envoy difficult to see the extreme, Li Qiye this act, gives him simply demonstration of authority, crushed his Divine Power maliciously. Wild with rage, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy one step steps sky, fearful blood energy has opened a world. Junior, you did not think that you were too crazy?” At this time, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy coldly said: Your achievement, indeed is astonishing, but, Flying Immortal Church, you can never stir up. In the future the path, you will have a long way to go, with my Flying Immortal Church for enemy......” „Don't I annoy now?” Li Qiye looked at Nine Worlds Chief Envoy one, domineering has soared to the heavens, Emperor Power Zhen Shi, overlooked 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, coldly said: „The world is big, did not have the person who my Li Qiye cannot stir up!” Extremely arrogant!” Nine Worlds Chief Envoy face cannot hang, gives a loud shout, take action suppression, instantaneous, Heaven's Will thunders, one Supreme Grand Dao reappears, Nine Worlds Chief Envoy take action is Heaven's Will Secret Technique! Is Flying Immortal Church God-Monarch, take action causes worthily is Heaven's Will Secret Technique, such background, this far more than is explained that his self-confidence, this also explained the fearfulness of Flying Immortal Church. God-Monarch, take action is Heaven's Will Secret Technique suppression kill, this is the what kind fearfulness, under this move, has been neglected Yin Yang instantaneously, has boiled dry Myriad Dao, broke up Samsara. God-Monarch of even if same rank, facing Nine Worlds Chief Envoy such one move, meets the complexion with amazement, cannot melt this move. However, regarding such one move, Li Qiye has not even pulled up including the eyelid, unloads conveniently, take action is xie dragon, bang loud sound, has gotten down this move of Heaven's Will Secret Technique on xie easily. Nine Worlds Chief Envoy complexion big change, knows immediately met powerful enemy, that feared that the present younger generation does not have God-Monarch realm, but, he depended upon 13 Fate Palace, fully can challenge God-Monarch. Junior, you indeed suffice, the person but who, in society, is stronger than you are many.” Nine Worlds Chief Envoy coldly said that at this time, Emperor Weapon / Soldier in hand. Emperor Weapon / Soldier in his hands, lets fall Emperor Power, each wisp of heavenly power is similar to Silver River is the same, can the collapsing by pressure entire world. Emperor Weapon / Soldier in his hands, just like must revive to be the same, is fearful makes the person shiver. Although said that this is not Immortal Emperor True Item, but, in the Nine Worlds Chief Envoy hand, all becomes is different.

Junior, suffers to death!” Nine Worlds Chief Envoy does not talk too much, cries loud and long, leaps above Nine Heavens, under Emperor Weapon / Soldier bang, Bang, when the Emperor Weapon / Soldier bang kills, void Large expanse of collapse and destruction, tosses, but emperor light rushes to Nine Heavens, star fall, scene extremely fearful, just like is the judgment day is ordinary. Especially Emperor Weapon / Soldier strikes, destroys void, when presents the giant incomparable black hole, entire world instantaneous one dark, as if the Sun under Nine Heavens was cut got down to be the same. At once, many people were frightened soul destroyed/terror-stricken, under so invincible Emperor Power, many people was suppressed to result in kneels on the ground, wants to crawl unable to crawl. Bang loud sound, the formidable sound wave impact, has thrown off the void all fragments, under such might impact, including black hole all of a sudden collapse and destruction, entire sky as if struck back the zero point, a boundless piece. In boundless one piece, all people saw one of the shock, sees only a Li Qiye fist to shake Emperor Weapon / Soldier hardly, at this moment, many people only feared is unable to forget present for a lifetime. All people saw that a Li Qiye fist has blocked Emperor Weapon / Soldier, in his hand does not have any treasure, unarmed. Myriad Dao Fists. Indestructible Diamond Fist! This fist, Diamond/Vajra does not extinguish, that fears is Emperor Weapon / Soldier, could not destroy the Li Qiye's fist, depended upon 13 Fate Palace strength, Li Qiye is withstanding Emperor Weapon / Soldier stiffly struck. Meets Emperor Weapon / Soldier bare handedly, God-Monarch strikes.” Sees such one, does not know that many people have shocked, do not say that is young one generation, even if God-Monarch, is impossible to receive Nine Worlds Chief Envoy Emperor Weapon / Soldier to strike bare handedly. Meets Emperor Weapon / Soldier bare handedly, this no matter regarding whom, is the miracle, do not say that is the rank has the disparity, the even if same rank, nobody dares to meet Emperor Weapon / Soldier bare handedly. Comes regarding 13 Fate Palace, all became natural.” Bright Wang Yuan sees such one, can only say like this sigh with emotion. Kills the four directions greatly, slightly asked the monthly ticket, had monthly ticket fellow students to throw.