Emperor's Domination - Volume 12 - Chapter 1161
Was so reprimanded by Li Qiye drinks, this lets San Guiye also hollow laugh several, said: At that time, I the lust for power has clouded the mind, has not thought too carefully, to want taking advantage of underground strength to come forcefully Ascend to Heaven, arrests Heaven's Will.” Hey, Ascend to Heaven, arrests Heaven's Will forcefully.” Li Qiye has smiled, said: This matter, only saves in legend, in the past Mortal Emperor had not succeeded, the person of later generation, is impossible to succeed.” San Guiye sighed, said: If I can think of this point at that time, is insufficient to reduce to this situation. At that time, I wholeheartedly want to obtain underground strength, turned on the seal, has not thought that underground really also had other things!” Li Qiye has not spoken at this time, is only coldly looks at San Guiye. San Guiye said: At that time turned on the seal time, I understand underground besides formidable strength, other things, but, that already late. Takes avoiding this stretch of earth falls to the enemy for the demon place, cannot compel oneself, I and various elders collaborated, have exhausted huge quantity refined jade and painstaking care, wanted to suppress again!” Snort, I and Immortal Emperor Ming Ren build this piece of Emperor's Foundation, is feared that underground strength will make a breakthrough, has not thought that underground strength cannot break through, instead went bad in your hands.” Li Qiye was only coldly looked at San Guiye one. San Guiye ashamedly however stopped the head at this time, Young Sovereign Mu also said: This cannot the completely strange elder brother, if not for in the past I were curious for a while, broke the earthen pot to ask the bottom, will not cause such aspect.” Today the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect aspect, is my one creates, is not my lust for power clouds the mind, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will not decline, various elders will not be implicated by me, in underground suffered loss.” San Guiye ashamedly however said: If not for Black Dragon King senior 35 slap on the face pull out me awakes, only feared that I have also taken the path of predecessor.” You still cannot suppress underground that old fellow!” Li Qiye looks at San Guiye, said. San Guiye has smiled bitterly, said: I and various elders have counter-attacked several times, but, cannot succeed, most also repels that's all it, we are unable to remould the Immortal Emperor seal, can only there stiff zhi.” Li Qiye coldly snort|hum, said: If not for read you to be active, this broken matter, I was disinclined the tube, I have cleaned up a mess, I was disinclined to clean up the second mess! The day behaves badly, lives probably, person behaves badly, cannot live!” Also invited Sir take action, sealed this stretch of earth again.” Hears Li Qiye such words, San Guiye immediately one happily, busy is kneels in the place, said. Li Qiye shook the head gently, said: This stretch of earth, did not say that seals seals. Such matter, is not the one or two day can make, in the past Immortal Emperor Ming Ren built Supreme Emperor's Foundation here, has taken countless pains, has spent the massive time!” I can do now, is makes that old fellow get lost, do not come out to stir up trouble again!” Li Qiye spoke of here, looks at San Guiye, coldly said: Whether falls as for this piece of earth seal, or has opened it, later makes the plan again.”

Sir take action, is the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect good fortune.” Hears this saying, San Guiye for it one happily, big trouble of this pressure in his heart, wants today finally, except that. Li Qiye looked at San Guiye one, said: In the past a war, can you go?” Returns to Sir, in the past fought me not to participate.” San Guiye said busily: In the past I was obsessed, Black Dragon King senior slap on the face pulled out me awakes. The Black Dragon King senior told me to remain, other had not said. Because my underground suppression, does not know the special details in the past fighting, when I come out, between Black Dragon King senior and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong fought had already finished, my see again/goodbye the Black Dragon King senior, how as for then special details, I have not known.” Li Qiye silent, he knows certainly that with a Immortal Emperor Ta Kong war, Black Dragon King is living surely, otherwise, he is impossible to enter Immortal Demon Grotto. Crossed some little time, Li Qiye raised the head, said to San Guiye: I go underground, has solved here matter, in order to avoid leaves behind any future trouble.” Sir take action, must be becomes horse to the merit.” Li Qiye such saying, San Guiye the great happiness, said immediately busily. Li Qiye and San Guiye left Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, arrived at a small town under Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect mountain. After entering the small town, San Guiye is Li Qiye guides, directly soars the small town Red Joy Establishment. San Guiye is here frequent guest, when San Guiye arrives, here misses very familiar notified him, have the miss to smile as pretty as flowers tenderly said: Third Master, you came, yo, but also led a small child.” San Guiye hey smiles, bringing Li Qiye to directly soar into Red Joy Establishment, arrived in Red Joy Establishment, he had found old procuress, told that said: Opens portal.” Old procuress sees Li Qiye is a bystander, has been startled, asked: Who is this person?” Do not ask.” San Guiye also knows the Li Qiye's temperament, told in a low voice old procuress said. Old procuress does not dare saying that immediately led them to walk into the Red Joy Establishment deep place, the iron gate that opened leaf of shutting tightly, making them go. Entered the iron gate, sees only here to have heavenly dwelling, just like is a giant incomparable back garden, here, has various strange flower different pistils , the type has numerous spirit medicine pill herb, who thinks that actually has such place in a travel fatigue location.

Li Qiye has sized up one at present this place, a little sigh with emotion said: These many years passed by, this place still also.” Returns to Sir, this place has been managing. The Sect generation thinks that the crafty rabbit should have the crafty preparedness for any emergency, therefore, past entrance shifting in this.” San Guiye said. Li Qiye looked at this place, said lightly: A crafty person has several ways out? In the past Immortal Emperor Ming Ren had not thought such thing. In the past, here is just one group of every in society pitiful females place of that's all of finding a place to live. Every world one after another is chaotic, only then Ming Ren will do, is his womanly compassion.” Regarding such words, San Guiye is silent, the past matter, he did not have the qualifications to appraise, he did not have the qualifications to appraise Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, the benevolence about Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, he has listened to many legend. Li Qiye sigh with emotion sighed, more than 6 have not said anything again. Regarding the benevolence of Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, he did not have anything many to say. In society, everywhere is the person of feeling sorry, such that but, such as his own said that he is not a Savior, he could not save the people, cannot cross all living things, he did, can only lets Nine Worlds existence, can only be makes Human Race last forever. Among weak one to in the world, among the feeling sorry for person to in the world, all these must depend on their own, only then their own was formidable, can escape the own destiny. Otherwise, all are the empty talk. You can rescue a destiny of person of feeling sorry, but, you could not rescue the destinies of people of billion feeling sorry. This is he and Immortal Emperor Ming Ren biggest difference, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren devotes to pitying all living things, Jinan rescues the world. San Guiye opened the underground entrance, steps into portal with Li Qiye, was transmitted instantaneously underground, below enters the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect underground most deep place. In the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect underground most deep place, has huge incomparable Emperor's Foundation, in the past Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Ming Ren have spent countless painstaking care here, built the giant incomparable underground foundation. Has stepped into underground, you will see huge incomparable Emperor's Foundation, saw only the one giant emperor column to haunch the earth, the under foot was the process built up Divine Stone, the one piece of block Divine Stone shop on the ground, above has inscribed formidable incomparable Emperor's Formation, was suppressing the trim earth. Walks into here, just like letting the person walked into one be similar to the labyrinth same underground palace. Underground Emperor's Foundation is quite huge, if Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect faced with catastrophe time, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect all disciples hide here, that has more than enough to spare.

Walks in such Emperor's Foundation, feels that familiar strength, Li Qiye sigh with emotion is sighing in the heart. This film base industry, can make Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect inheritance get down, even if Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect one day to decline, will rise one day. It can be said that in the past for this piece of Emperor's Foundation, they spent many painstaking care, what a pity, many years pass by, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect descendant well has still not used this base industry, carries forward Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Finally, San Guiye and Li Qiye arrived at this piece of Emperor's Foundation most deep place, there, the abyss general great hole, this great hole enters the underground most deep place, a pitch-dark piece, is unable to see clearly under this great hole to have any thing. Around this great hole, the formidable incomparable Emperor's Formation suppression there, in Emperor's Formation, is sitting cross-legged 70-year- old men, these old men all are blood energy oneself fade, but, strength heaven defying is quite formidable, is other Virtuous Paragon Level existence. Meanwhile, in formation center Yang float three weapons, a long blade, two treasure weapon, three weapons sent out Emperor Power! Ming Ren's Blade !” Li Qiye looked at one float three Immortal Emperor treasure weapon in Emperor's Formation, immediately recognizes these three Emperor Weapon / Soldier origins, said slowly. Ming Ren's Blade , this is Immortal Emperor Ming Ren Life Source True Item. But other two Emperor Weapon / Soldier, is Immortal Emperor Ming Ren Treasure Item. In the past, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren has left behind Life Source True Item and three Emperor Weapon / Soldier, fell into the Sacred Heaven Church hand besides immortal Emperor Treasure, other Emperor Weapon / Soldier were missing, has included Immortal Emperor True Item Ming Ren's Blade . The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect older generation, such as Gu Tieshou they, does not know that other Emperor Weapon / Soldier fell on where, many older generations guessed that during other Emperor Weapon / Soldier fought in the past years lost that's all. When Li Qiye and San Guiye step into Emperor's Formation, assumed old men in Emperor's Formation to open both eyes immediately, just like revived to be the same from the deep sleep. various elders San Guiye looks at old men, said: Today Young Master Li comes, then at one stroke the heart big trouble. This danger solves, various elders can also return to Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Was I have implicated various elders, making the various elders town sit in this.”