Emperor's Domination - Volume 12 - Chapter 1184
Li Qiye has smiled, said: That goes to Peacock Land, Peacock Land is the first station.” Kong Qinru no longer said anything, she is drawing the reins, guides in front, such all movements, are such nature, not having the least bit to be towering. In fact, in this moment, she has been startled, she has not thought that all these are such nature. She is Jinxiu Valley Valley Lord, in entire Heaven Spirit World, she is belongs to have the character of component rank, today gives the person to lead a horse unexpectedly, such matter said that made people think inconceivable. little woman, comes up, do not rub gently there.” Li Qiye calm and easy-going sits above Seahorse, has patted Seahorse, decides idly said comfortably. Kong Qinru looked at Li Qiye one, she does not appear mean-spirited, jumps, sat in Li Qiye behind, graceful. Li Qiye pillow on her body, head rest her ****, caves in the gully, closes both eyes, said slowly: Walks.” Kong Qinru was mad immediately spits blood, she also thinks that Li Qiye is Lianxiang pities the jade, feared that she makes a long and wearisome journey the walk, however, he is just regarded as pillow that's all her! At this time, Kong Qinru has the impulsion that this man foot kicks to discontinue, but, after piece this, she was the air/Qi has also disappeared, she took this man not to fold completely. Mentioned also strangely, trades to be is other men, Kong Qinru will certainly trample him to the horizon, this wants to take her advantage completely, was frivolous she. However, present man how, no matter looks like, is such naturally as one desires, regarding this man, this radically is not the matter, all that natural, all are such optional, does not have the half silk indecent meaning, makes people unable to feel the lower reaches lascivious flavor completely. Probably, regarding this man, the head rest beautiful woman, that is just normal matter that's all, the goddess or Xiannu/fairy, this regarding him, that is ordinary matter that's all. Finally, Kong Qinru can only be but smiles bitterly, is urging the Seahorse vanguard. Crotch Seahorse, is best quality in Seahorse, the rapidness of speed, is hard nitpickingly, especially in the sea water, that is makes people unable to overtake, comes like lightning, goes like lightning.

Why you said a moment ago that Heaven Spirit World isn't Human Race the place of occupying?” Whatever the Seahorse to run quickly, Kong Qinru looked at to rest the head on the own chest, but ease comfortable Li Qiye, the heart had the question to say. Originally is not the place of suitable occupying.” Li Qiye said: Although said that now Nine Worlds to seal|confer Sai, even if Nine Worlds is open, Human Race also little settles down in this, since millions of years, Human Race has come and gone, Heaven Spirit World once had also left many prestige illustrious invincible generations, but, many do not establish inheritance in Heaven Spirit World, rather recedes him.” Said, spoke of this point, I admired your Jinxiu Valley First Ancestor courage and determination actually, chose has established inheritance in Heaven Spirit World, this indeed was the need very big courage.” Here, Li Qiye has pulled up a lower lid, looked at Kong Qinru one. Why occupies ill?” Kong Qinru asked. By her own feeling, Heaven Spirit World does not have what issue, at least she looks like very much suitably occupies. Reason were many.” Li Qiye said lightly: For example, Human Race inborn resides in the land happily, especially the vast sincere earth, Heaven Spirit World is the sea, the Human Race instinct is everywhere unhappy \; Also for example, Human Race in the Heaven Spirit World deterioration, has been inferior to Charming Spirit, Tree Clan and Sea Monster.” This is not the basic reason, yes.” Kong Qinru can also from listens to some clue to come, said: If Immortal Emperor must construct inheritance in Heaven Spirit World, can move with the world, not necessarily said that must occupy in the big sea.” You are not stupid.” Li Qiye is resting the head on soft that plentiful ****, is shutting both eyes, said slowly: Right, this is not the basic reason. The key point is, Heaven Spirit World is not our Human Race world, comes and goes, finally must leave, here is not our roots.” Makes concrete because of what?” Kong Qinru modestly consults, she as Jinxiu Valley Valley Lord, but , compared with this man today at present, she feels the own knowledge superficially that. „The root of this world!” Li Qiye said lightly: Traces, the thing that must trace was too remote, long ago to letting the person did not talk clearly.” Said a simple thing.” Li Qiye said leisurely and carefree: Why only then does Heaven Spirit World have Tree Clan and Sea Monster? Why Tree Clan and Sea Monster will not leave Heaven Spirit World, even if they went out of Heaven Spirit World, finally will return to the Heaven Spirit World Return to their roots fallen leaf......” „...... Probably is Tree Ancestor is the same, to their such realm, can formidable side by side Immortal Emperor, but, finally, they return to Heaven Spirit World, they take root above this stretch of earth, changes supports a day of great tree, shelters descendants, why is this?” The Li Qiye's words, had caused Kong Qinru thinks deeply, before then, such matter regarding the Heaven Spirit World person, seems the ordinary matter, probably is the general knowledge is the same, does not have what to be good to think deeply, but, in this moment, this makes people think that in this was really too thought-provoking.

This world, finally is not our world, this is the Tree Clan world, this is the Sea Monster world.” Li Qiye said slowly: In this world, our Human Race, but is traveler that's all, most people will depart, only then a small number of people will remain.” That Charming Spirit, Charming Spirit in this stretch of world is also standing strong without falling.” Kong Qinru said. In Heaven Spirit World, the Charming Spirit strength even can say that is more formidable than Sea Monster and Tree Ancestor, they take root on this day within, a point is not affected, not deterioration. Charming Spirit?” Li Qiye has smiled, said: Charming Spirit, they are doomed are the pets in heaven, something, our Human Race cannot compare with Charming Spirit, at least regarding the populace is so. Moreover, Charming Spirit in background of this world, is not you can imagine.” „It is not clear.” Kong Qinru said: Although I have not left Heaven Spirit World, but, some records said that Human Race can multiply in the innumerable places, can take root in any place.” This saying said right.” Li Qiye has smiled, said: If Charming Spirit is the pet in heaven, Human Race is on the thorn in sky overhead, where Human Race arrives, can sew, can take root, you can describe the locust Human Race. Moreover, the Human Race multiplication ability, is all races is unable to compare.” Here, Li Qiye pulled up the eyelid to look at her one eyes, said: This did not mean that Human Race cannot take root in Heaven Spirit World, like such that on me said that did not have Continent, the quantity was scarce, this was not the issue, if Human Race must take root, only feared that did not have the place unable to take root.” Said over and over again, eventually a few words.” Here, Li Qiye sighed gently, said: Here eventually is not the Human Race world, Human Race here, is only the traveler. If there is gone to other eight people, even if not the formidable incomparable person, in the instinct of person, they will leave Heaven Spirit World finally, takes root in him......” „...... To finally, did not have Human Race that ability leaves or does not hate leave, can only take root in this Heaven Spirit World. Also there is a person who the determination keeps, must take root here, must expand here, like your Jinxiu Valley.” Li Qiye sighed gently, said: As for formidable like Immortal Emperor, something, they have also completely understood, is not willing to take root here.” Why?” Hear of Kong Qinru in some clue, said: Actually is Heaven Spirit World hiding what secret? What story does this back have?” Li Qiye looks at the eye, looks at Kong Qinru, crossed some little time, said slowly: Some matters, are not you can understand that is also not you are capable of understanding that knows many, sometimes is not a good deed, knows little, instead is a happiness. Like you now this, felt that Heaven Spirit World occupies very much suitably, this is the how good matter, this is also a happiness.” Although I do not know, but, this does not hinder me to seek knowledge the heart.” Kong Qinru looks at Li Qiye, said sincerely: You can direct wrong way to me.”

Li Qiye raised the head, earnest looks at at present this beautiful face, then has smiled, rested the head on, was resting the head on her soft supple plentiful chest, was hearing the spooky delicate fragrance, said: Knew is also what kind , can you change? This is a world, thing that Immortal Emperor cannot change, let alone is you. If you want to change, is very simple, carries out Heaven Spirit World Jinxiu Valley, this changes.” That other Human Race?” Regarding the Li Qiye's words, Kong Qinru said. Looks at the day.” Li Qiye closes one's eyes said comfortably: So long as there is a life place, has Human Race, do not say that you are only cultivator, even if you is a creator, you are unable to manage to result in all matters to come, Human Race spreads 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, can you one after another manage?” Li Qiye has smiled, said: If you are Human Race consider, then carries out Heaven Spirit World. You are conceivable, how many Bloodline your Jinxiu Valley spread, how many Human Race has gotten down in Heaven Spirit World legacy? Also how many people, because your Jinxiu Valley did keep Heaven Spirit World?” Hears Li Qiye such words, Kong Qinru is silent, heart inside heavy. Jinxiu Valley is Human Race in Heaven Spirit World most formidable inheritance, after she becomes Valley Lord, has shouldered the heavy responsibility, no matter intends or has no intention, she thinks to a certain extent, Jinxiu Valley must shoulder Human Race greatly duty. In society, does not have the Savior, even if has the Savior, can rescue the world, could not save everyone.” Li Qiye is resting the head on her ****, said slowly: If you want to be potential achievement, wants to make anything to change, do not focus on that tiny aspect, but places above the general situation.” I will remember.” Kong Qinru deeply shouted inspired, serious place nod. The Li Qiye's words are make her determination firmer, she needs to make the change. Li Qiye is resting the head on soft, closes one's eyes, but has smiled, should say that he also said that how as for the future destiny, this can only looks at her own good fortune.