Emperor's Domination - Volume 13 - Chapter 1234
Sees here, Li Qiye looked at Broad Sea Clan Head indifferently, has smiled, said: One crowd of soft eggs, were boasting daily own is vicious how, being domineering and tyrannical how, arrives finally, is not one flock of turtles.” Li Qiye this despises the Broad Sea fish words, hearing this piece of Sea Region all people scared, nobody will think of some people to dare such despising Broad Sea fish. However, in many will of the people cheered secretly, especially some had received Broad Sea fish Ling Qi cultivator or Sect inheritance hear Li Qiye such one to despise the Broad Sea fish words, in the heart thought that specially crisp, specially happy, can say that Li Qiye's this words of despising said their aspiration. In fact, many people know that savage of Broad Sea fish looks at the object, did not mean that Broad Sea fish to anybody, any Sect is such savage, for example, like Yellow Gold Island, 3 Paradise Sect and Ancient Pure Four Arteries Hegemon, Broad Sea fish will not provoke, otherwise, Broad Sea fish already does not know that was extinguished many times by Yellow Gold Island, 3 Paradise Sect and Ancient Pure Four Arteries these Hegemon Immortal Emperor, Tree Ancestor and Sea Monster slaughter. But some strength insufficient Sect inheritance dreaded that overwhelms with numerical strength in Broad Sea fish, kills unceasingly, therefore often suffered a loss did not dare in the Broad Sea fish hand the pshaw. Is, snort|hum, rumor said that past Ancient Pure Four Arteries big accomplishment Immortal Physique was the special love eats dragon tendon, did not have heard Broad Sea fish to hit Ancient Pure Four Arteries to revenge.” Has cannot bear talk incessantly to Broad Sea fish discontented cultivator said. This frightened this cultivator elder immediately to cover his mouth, has given him a palm of the hand, reprimanded in a low voice shouts to clear the way: Your tired of living , even if your own tired of living , do not implicate Sect.” Li Qiye such words were mad the liver colored Broad Sea Clan Head face, he was mad must the chest to blast out, was mad trembles. As for million Broad Sea fish on the scene, was both eyes has spouted the anger, the innumerable angry incomparable vision were looking angrily at Li Qiye, if the vision can kill dead person, then Li Qiye does not know that had died a tragic death many times. Clan Head, making us tear into shreds this little bastard cuns (2.5cm) place, making 1 million brothers eat his meat, drinks his blood, chews his bone!” Has Broad Sea fish angry furiously roared to say. Right, making us eat his meat, drinks his blood, chews his bone at once, million Broad Sea fish furiously roared said angrily that the angry incomparable voice rushed to sky, is shocking the sea. Feels million Broad Sea fish angers, does not know that many cultivator with amazement, for it complexion blanch, Broad Sea fish vicious, they today finally experience. Eats my meat, drinks my blood, chews my bone?” Heard such words, Li Qiye has smiled, said leisurely and carefree: Depends on your this crowd of soft eggs? Do not say your 1 million armies, even if your Heaven Spirit World all Broad Sea fish come to here, does not calculate that you trillion Broad Sea fish ask me to revenge, my Li Qiye does not place in you eye.”

So directly provokes million Broad Sea fish, this made numerous person one after another look at each other, did not say that at present million Broad Sea fish, Broad Sea fish Senior Elder rank character more than ten, including Broad Sea Clan Head, Broad Sea fish have more than ten Virtuous Paragon in this here, let alone also had 1 million armies in this. little bastard, this king makes you live to might as well today die, today, my Broad Sea Clan must shiver your bone, suck dry your marrow!” A Broad Sea Clan Head severe howl sound track: Court attendant, drink light his blood, chews his bone!” Killing, million Broad Sea fish are at once angry, furiously roared, such as the difficult situation same fires into Peacock Land, they are the difficult situation, the fish wave high resound, the vertical position to Peacock Land, just like must pat Peacock Land is broken same. Comes facing the Broad Sea fish impacts of 1 million armies, Li Qiye has smiled, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron in the hand, buzz, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron offers a sacrifice, hears buzz, the principle reappears. crash, crash and crash......” in this electrical spark light, the vast sea instantaneously have curled up a spray, this curled up spray look like palms are the same, holds Broad Sea fish that the rush came all of a sudden, million Broad Sea fish do not have one to be exceptional, even if Broad Sea Clan Head they are no exception, equally the palm that turns into by the spray to be held by this. Opening million Broad Sea fish are surprised, their one after another take action, cuts to this holds the own spray, however, this innumerable spray were already built up by Li Qiye with the earth vastly as one, how trivial Broad Sea fish possibly cuts to extinguish. Late looks at this 1 million Broad Sea fish, Li Qiye gently has smiled, hears „” a resonate sound, has emitted furnace fire in this stretch of world suddenly, these furnace fire changed to only big hand, drops from the clouds, held the head of Broad Sea fish instantaneously. Ah! at once, the sad and shrill incomparable pitiful yell sound penetrating this stretch of world, the innumerable pitiful yell sounds have interwined, making this piece of Sea Region change to the fearful purgatory, when the fluctuating pitiful yell incessantly one after another transmitted, making anybody feel that own was in a situation in fearful hell. Hears puff, puff and puff the sound resounds, under the spray palm and pulling out of furnace fire big hand draws, one Broad Sea fish is the head and body separates, even the head linked the spine to pull out from the body, entire scene extreme shock, was quite terrorist. Not Broad Sea Clan Head furiously roared, his body by pulling long, he wants to move with effort is being separated from the spray palm and furnace fire big hand, but, that feared that is Virtuous Paragon he still cannot succeed. Finally, Broad Sea fish Clan Head Ah! a pitiful yell, he was also inescapable to tear off the destiny of head, the Broad Sea Clan Head head brings the spine to pull out from the body. Such life, has wasted in light of this, that was really a pity.” Li Qiye smiled, heard „” one lightly, the furnace fire circulation, the spray changed to furnace fire, built up the bodies of million Broad Sea fish instantaneously, body vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke, blood energy by tempered, was inhaled in Myriad Heavenly Cauldron instantaneously all of a sudden.

At this time, furnace fire that sky dangles was changes to one has been similar to the shackle same scarlet-red principle, hung fish heads above sky. Present, does not know that described with the magnificent sight, the terror described that fish heads were linking the spine, was hung on sky, incessantly was magnificent, was makes the person look absolutely terrifiedly. Vomiting so terrifying, makes the person look finally cannot withstand, the yawn has spat, was more than frightened cultivator one that spits. Regarding cultivator, sees the life and death, but, slaughtered 1 million, this was really too rare, let alone, at present is 1 million fish heads hangs on sky, this was shock how, only feared that all people have not seen one that so has shocked for a lifetime. Trap saw that so is at present terrorist that so shocks, many people with amazement, the complexion for it deathly white, is clear in this moment everybody, this stretch of world already by arrange fearful trap. At this moment, all talented person one after another understands why Li Qiye warned before then all people stand beyond circle that in he draws, originally he reminded all people, in order to avoid must bring disaster to bystander. Before then, all people think that Li Qiye has the secretive goal, now understands that original Li Qiye this act is a good intention. looks at such, does not know at present many people have had a shiver, many person cold sweat streaming, if because of the arrivals of million Broad Sea fish, they do not leave the circle, only fears their fates also like present million Broad Sea fish. This only feared that is great formation, the world unites, such great formation only feared that is the might is infinite, Bu to become such great formation only fears the non- one-day effort.” Has important people looks at of older generation to be difficult to run away a tribulation including Broad Sea Clan Head, understands that the might of this trap was powerful. Li Qiye calm and easy-going, the vision sweeps, said slowly: Told Broad Sea fish, I waited for them to arrive in this Peacock Land, if they want to revenge, although bring it on. Otherwise, is the coward, later gives me obediently to be overcautious in dealing with people, again in Heaven Spirit World to show one's face.” Hears words that so declares war, in many will of the people jumped, Li Qiye has arranged great formation here, was waiting for the arrival of Broad Sea fish. Human Race should also leave.” Finally, Li Qiye looked at one to have some Human Race cultivator, coldly said.

Keeps here Human Race cultivator heart one for it cold, some Human Race cultivator leave immediately, but, some cultivator remain, they want to look how this disturbance will end. Li Qiye this act, has spread over Emerald Vast Sea all of a sudden, heard Li Qiye so to bury alive million Broad Sea fish, many person eyelids jumped. This child cruel and merciless, schemes and tricks are many, so will bury unexpectedly alive million Broad Sea fish.” After having Sect Master hears such news, in the heart is scared, mutters said. War must come, Broad Sea fish will not give up absolutely in light of this.” Also after there is Tree Clan important people to hear such news, muttered said. Far more than is Broad Sea fish will not give up in light of this, Sun Sect and Hidden Earth Ocean in light of this will not give up, otherwise, later Heaven Spirit World not their foothold.” Some Old Ancestor sighed to say gently. At once, entire Emerald Vast Sea becomes silent, at once, countless people raise the head to hope that fell the vision on Peacock Land, but, this everybody paid attention was not Peacock Tree, but was Li Qiye. Everybody understands, facing Li Qiye such declaring war, Broad Sea fish, Hidden Earth Ocean and Sun Sect, be only two choices, one accepts a challenge, two are to evade the Li Qiye's trap, later finds the opportunity to cut to kill Li Qiye again. However, if not accept a challenge, this regarding Broad Sea fish, Hidden Earth Ocean and Sun Sect, their Venerable prestige deeply will be injured, the prestige that their ancestors establish will be crushed by one night. Declaring war of Human Race boy does not dare to accept a challenge, where to come guards the own territory domain. Can swallow an insult by the slaughter 1 million juniors, later more people do not fear Broad Sea fish!