Emperor's Domination - Volume 13 - Chapter 1270
A section of ginseng root, making person look exclaimed in surprise that especially the ginseng root like the blood, the purple light flows all over the body, in any person eyes is a priceless treasure. The root of looks at present section of Ginseng Ancestor, Blood Shark Village Young Master and Shangguan Feilong at once very awkward, complexion very ugly, they were ridiculing a moment ago still Li Qiye, now at present such ginseng root maliciously has pulled out their slap on the face simply, keeping them at once from leaving office. Naturally, Li Qiye gives Mr. Jian Family a section of ginseng root to make the birthday present, this does not show off anything, discussed by the seniority in relationships, Mr. Jian Family was his younger generation, delivered a such section of ginseng root to continue the longevity to him, was to the gift on first meeting of younger generation. At this time, the Jian Xiaotie half step walked. He greeted other guests in the palace, heard the direct disciple report, immediately caught up. This section of ginseng root, even if regarding their Jian Family is also a heavy ritual, Jian Xiaotie personally welcomes. Brother Li, the ritual was heavy, the ritual was heavy.” Jian Xiaotie sees Li Qiye, immediately holds the fist in the other hand, said: Little brother first for a Old Ancestor to thanks Brother Li such generous gift.” The root of such section of Ginseng Ancestor, indeed very needs regarding Jian Family Old Ancestor Jian Longwei, he now was 8000 years old, a such section of ginseng root at least can also make him continue long-lived over a hundred years. Li Qiye has selected nod, said lightly: Small ritual, is not worth mentioning.” The Li Qiye so serene manner, this made guest leaning eyes some on the scene many look at Blood Shark Village Young Master and Shangguan Feilong, especially Blood Shark Village Young Master, was makes the person look at one. Delivered Blood Shark God Bead somewhat to be contented in Blood Shark Village Young Master a moment ago, but also spoke to ridicule Li Qiye, now Li Qiye delivered a section of value not to know that was higher than the non- several fold compared with Blood Shark God Bead the root of Ginseng Ancestor, Li Qiye was serene, the background heights of two people all of a sudden were clear at a glance. Brother Li, Hong Lake Lord, Fellow Daoist, in front, in front.” Jian Xiaotie sees Li Qiye and Hong Tianzhu they travels together, busy is invites them to say. Jian Xiaotie welcomed personally, this let Hong Tianzhu and Dongting Lake disciples thought that on the face had up. Jian Xiaotie is Jian Family Successor, although he little throws to show one's face outside, but the status is very high, generally can let is Sea God inheritance and Immortal Emperor that Dao Lineage guest personally he greets. Now they are welcomed by Jian Xiaotie personally, it may be said that was makes them rise their many face countenance. When departure, after Blood Shark Village Young Master side time, Li Qiye was only serene shot a look at Blood Shark Village Young Master one, not salty did not say pale: „The god bead kind of Stone Zhu remnant jade, I bring the pad foot to use generally, is not worth a cent.” Regarding with own for the person of enemy, Li Qiye is relentless, does not need to give the face to him, does not need to back down to him. Everybody knows that Li Qiye this saying goes to Blood Shark Village Young Master, but, such individual grievances nobody dares to interrupt.

By Li Qiye such running on, Blood Shark Village Young Master the complexion was been difficult to see the extreme immediately, face could not hang, cold snort, turns around to walk. Shangguan Feilong also immediately left, if they continue to get down dull, was more embarrassed, could not preserve face countenance. Brother Li first time comes my Jian's Residence , if Brother Li and not abandoned, how walks with the little brother?” After Jian Xiaotie Li Qiye they introduced Jian's Residence , is Li Qiye leads the way. looks at familiar Jian's Residence , the Li Qiye place nod, said gently lightly: Walks well.” The Jian's Residence occupying land area is very broad, even can say that in Jian's Residence , it becomes heavenly dwelling, here very broad, it incessantly is a mansion, more specifically, it was one piece of ancestral land. In Jian's Residence , has the ancient temple old pavilion incessantly, has the mountain peak rivers and streams, here, has the river water to surround, here has peaks tower magnificently, here also has the waterfall flying spring...... As Jian Xiaotie walks in Jian's Residence , this is also makes the Dongting Lake disciple broaden the outlook, they think from the beginning Jian's Residence is only mansion that's all, has not thought in Jian's Residence unexpectedly becomes mountains and rivers. Sees at present such one, in the disciple heart of Dongting Lake besides shock, has sensed, the great strength of Jian Family does not have unearned reputation. Walks along with Jian Xiaotie above this familiar land, Li Qiye gently sighed, he has the feeling of not being able to say in the heart. Jian Family has welcome since him to come back, some degree, Jian Family also in his hands attentively makes, but, since having buried Jian Wenxin, he is not willing to come back again, because arrived at Jian Family, in his heart always reappears that a few words. World was too remote, makes one to bend down in the ant cricket in world, does not have anything not to be good.” In the life at the last minute, she said. However, finally, she added that said: Sir, I know that you remember in the world, remembers in the world the end, when I died, you can walk, walks quickly, this is my home to return, best home to return.” Thinks that such words, Li Qiye gently shook the head, the past matter, passed finally, all go along with it. At the last minute, his do not blame Jian Wenxin, do not blame Empress Hong Tian. Most only what is a pity, Hong Tian is a stubborn incomparable girl, in the day of finally going far away, she is still not willing to turn head, she is such stubbornness, she is such strive to excel, because she has like this stubbornly, achievement her lifetime radiance.

Brother Li, you how?” Walks sees Li Qiye to be absent-minded for Jian Xiaotie that everybody explained that asked. Li Qiye recovers, smiles lightly, said: „ All right, I am a little tired Went back to rest first. ” Also good.” Jian Xiaotie said busily: I have made artificial Brother Li one line prepare the guest room, since Brother Li were tired, then walks again on tomorrow, tomorrow is also the day that Old Ancestor goes out, at the appointed time I accompany Brother Li to see Old Ancestor.” Regarding this saying, Li Qiye is also light smiles, anything had not said. But the Dongting Lake disciple hears Jian Xiaotie such words, envies looks at Li Qiye. Jian Family Old Ancestor is Heavenly Godking, as great Godking, is no one can see, can make Heavenly Godking receive personally, this is also being honored. Jian Xiaotie brings Li Qiye they to return to the guest room, but, they have not returned to the guest room, has run on the way into other people. Empress, he is Li Qiye.” At this time, Shangguan Feilong and Blood Shark Village Young Master make two females come, these two females are devastatingly beautiful, their faces allow it can be said that to make Hong Yujiao and Miss Lin such female be overshadowed. These two females, a tinkling is sweet and pretty, one is charming noble, does not result in the local products beautifully, making the person look is not oneself, the mature young married woman graceful bearing that especially the charming noble female of that wear phoenix clothes, on her sends out is moving the heartstrings of person. These two females make Hong Yujiao they low-spirited incessantly is their beauty, the imposing manner on them sending out, formidable and arrogant imposing manner. The exquisite sweet and pretty female, is God-Monarch ring of light opens, although her slender willow waist to person a delicate feeling, when her whole body Divine Ring opens, actually gives people the imposing manner in domination world, God-Monarch makes in the will of the people be scared. She is Sea Conch great talent Shangguan Feiyan, is the Shangguan Feilong elder sister! Another female is charming noble air, wears the phoenix clothes, this enough shows her status, her whole body reappears Divine Light, especially after her brain , has probably a round god mirror to reappear to be the same, a such round god mirror as if can illuminate in society all, but is a such round god mirror, has as if been full of the charm, can attract other people's soul to be the same. She is concubine Gongsun Meiyu that God-Monarch Chen Hai most likes. Gongsun Meiyu she is not has the beautiful appearance vase spatially, she has not married God-Monarch Chen Hai time in Deep Gully Sea is a famous talent. Gongsun Meiyu Innate Talent is extremely high, she practices superbly, especially her Charming Spirit unique Innate Talent Divine Illumination has pair of charming eyes, she practiced the acme the own charm, passes on a message Divine Illumination charming eyes that she practiced to absorb the person soul, can control other people.

At this time, Shangguan Feilong brings in Gongsun Meiyu, points at Li Qiye to say to Gongsun Meiyu. Sees Shangguan Feiyan and Gongsun Meiyu, the Hong Tianzhu complexion changes, because he also heard about Li Qiye and Gongsun Meiyu grievances, his also heard Li Qiye once killed maid Gongsun Qian'er that side Gongsun Meiyu most loved. Outbreak such matter, Jian Xiaotie also wrinkled the brow, he does not fear the troublesome person, but, Shangguan Feilong and Blood Shark Village Young Master this clarifies agitates, this makes him quite unhappy. Was you have killed my maid!” The Gongsun Meiyu vision falls on Li Qiye, phoenix one cold, does not get angry, but prestige. Who?” Li Qiye calm and easy-going, takes back vision with great difficulty, falls on Gongsun Meiyu, said lightly. Gongsun Qian'er!” Gongsun Meiyu coldly said: In Bottomless Marine Trench by the girl who you kill.” „, Has a such person.” Li Qiye has smiled, said: Was a pity that she should not begin to me, I never show mercy to the enemy.” Pays for a murder with one's life!” Gongsun Meiyu vision one cold, reveals killing intent, coldly said: I must offer a sacrifice to her soul in heaven with your head.” Seeing Gongsun Meiyu must begin to Li Qiye, Blood Shark Village Young Master and Shangguan Feilong for it one happy, they take pleasure in others'misfortunes, they wait for Li Qiye to be cut to kill by Gongsun Meiyu. Regarding such words, Li Qiye has shown the smiling face, has selected the brow, looks at Gongsun Meiyu, looked at Shangguan Feiyan, looked at Blood Shark Village Young Master and Shangguan Feilong again, then said leisurely and carefree: You is a person begin, is completely on together? I think you on quite to be completely good, so as to avoid my one after another take action tidies up you, too wasted my time.”