Emperor's Domination - Volume 15 - Chapter 1476
After returning to the inn, Li Qiye looked at Su Yonghuang, said: How did that boy attack you suddenly?” Anything your my my.” Su Yonghuang stared Li Qiye one ill-humoredly, elegant eyes has gouged Li Qiye one maliciously, said: I am your Master, you should shout Master to me honestly, should not be impolite.” Su Yonghuang this beautiful woman is graceful noble descent, as her after Immortal Emperor, has a solemn noble aura, when she brought three points of tender intent to stare among Li Qiye one, has the different elegant demeanor, being worth the person savoring carefully. Was good, I know that you are cheap Master.” Li Qiye said with a smile: Although does grocery shopping can deliver Master, but, always do not occupy me to be cheap.” You Su Yonghuang resulted in the tooth to be itchy by the Li Qiye air/Qi, stared Li Qiye one maliciously, has no alternative. In front of Li Qiye, this Master dignifiedly does not have. She is Li Qiye's Master, rather Li Qiye is her Master. Although this took Master on status to work as was very long, but, she has not directed Li Qiye's practice, on the contrary, was Li Qiye directs her practice. Every so often, Li Qiye is more like her Master, is taking care of her, is directing her, this no wonder Li Qiye will also smile this Master is cheap Master. looks at was mad results in tooth itchy Su Yonghuang, Li Qiye smiles, looks at she, said: You were found that place.” Had found, has retrieved my Su Family treasure.” Su Yonghuang gently sighed, said: Old Ancestor died there.” For wants to marry his one's beloved.” Li Qiye said lightly: He should promise the bride's side elder to take a thing.” How do you know?” Su Yonghuang is also surprised, after she had also found that place, at the point of death knows from Old Ancestor message. calculated with my fingers that's all.” Li Qiye said at will: Can go to that place, but can also for any thing.” Incessantly is Old Ancestor, that miss also together goes with him, two people both died there.” Su Yonghuang sighed to say. This is also the unfortunate great good fortune.” Li Qiye has smiled, said: This is also dies a worthy death, that place, is unqualified depending on him.”

Su Yonghuang silent, recovers, the spirit inspires, said to Li Qiye: That place has Divine Medicine, extremely great Divine Medicine.” I know.” Li Qiye is not accidental, smiled saying: Mouth-watering three feet Divine Medicine, has waited for including Immortal Emperor, what a pity, cannot wait , the opportunity is immature.” Now? I felt a situation by far, just like was becomes an immortal the general situation, although I did not know the property, I thought that this situation is Great Perfection, that medicine should be mature.” Su Yonghuang said the own experience. You should rejoice that own has defended Dao Heart, had not been enticed by such situation, otherwise, your fate will be more miserable.” Li Qiye said lightly with a smile. Also had a need for you saying? I am not stupid!” Su Yonghuang of graceful noble descent white Li Qiye, among the features has three points of charming of ill-humoredly, like this makes the person look charmingly palpitates with excitement. Su Yonghuang is also because in the hand has the blueprint that two piece together to enter that place, found the Su Family ancestor's skeleton. From her Su Family ancestor's message at the point of death she also knew this place has unrivaled Divine Medicine, in such place, she also feels the situation that this Divine Medicine must become an immortal. However, when this, Li Qiye has urged her, therefore she has defended Dao Heart, had not been enticed, does not dare to penetrate, after bringing back Su Family most valuable treasure, drew back. But this Heavenly Child Zhe Hai attacks her, blueprint that because these two piece together. Heavenly Child Zhe Hai does not know how to know this place, does not know where he obtains her to have the news of blueprint, therefore, she has not left Divine Tree Ridge, Heavenly Child Zhe Hai has attacked her, wants to take the blueprint. Three points of charming of looks at Su Yonghuang that space between eyebrows, Li Qiye has shown the smiling face. Su Yonghuang sighed gently, took out ancient Treasure Box, gave Li Qiye, said: This is my Su Family most valuable treasure.” In front of Li Qiye, Su Yonghuang does not have what to be good to conceal, she does not have anything unable to make Li Qiye know that she regarding Li Qiye, is confidential, she can tell Li Qiye all, can give Li Qiye all. Li Qiye opened Treasure Box, in Treasure Box the turnover immortal light, looks at is placing treasure in box, Li Qiye gently sighs, past often, reappears in the heart. Since he had thought had a deficit the Su Family ancestor, was he has dragged into during the big world her, was he has given her the promise of Supreme. In endless Grand Dao, she paid was more, she mapped out strategic plans in an army tent for Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, she went on an expedition Nine Worlds for Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, she protected eight sides for Immortal Emperor Ming Ren......

Walks when endless Grand Dao, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren failure, she accompanies when his side, the Immortal Emperor Ming Ren [say / way] becomes, she also silently accompanies in the side. Since she has accompanied Immortal Emperor Ming Ren to smile, accompanies Immortal Emperor Ming Ren to cry, accompanies Immortal Emperor Ming Ren to be happy, accompanies Immortal Emperor Ming Ren to lose...... For Immortal Emperor Ming Ren, she does not even hesitate to revolt the family, even does not hesitate to be forced to leave native place. What a pity, as Dark Crow him, is actually not finally able achievement his commitment, unable to hold the imperial throne her! At that time, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren like obsessed, could not put down that young idiot same woman. Eventually causes him and Immortal Emperor Ming Ren raised a rumpus, walks, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren has not blushed with him, this time, two people actually part on bad terms finally, he also has to shift to an earlier time to enter the deep sleep. Although said that the Su Family ancestor has not blamed him, she thinks that this is the choice of her own, this is her fate. But, in the Li Qiye heart understands that this was he had a deficit the Su Family ancestor, if during were not he dragging into a such big world transforms, she or becomes a joyful princess, she or becomes carefree Princess, has an ordinary happy life, has the joyful harmonious family...... Thinks of passing all sorts, Li Qiye gently sighed, the past all, do not know that who was wrong to whom, Immortal Emperor Ming Ren uncertain mistake, he not necessarily was right, but received the injury was actually one pays too many women! In Li Qiye heart low-spirited, sighed, has given Su Yonghuang Treasure Box, said slowly: Your Su Family most valuable treasure, has extraordinary profound principles, your well study and understand, after you grasped this inside mystery, this will make you profit for a lifetime infinitely.” My meeting.” Su Yonghuang deeply shouted inspired, serious place nod. Hello, Divine Medicine that you said where? We have a look.” Has stood in Ye Xiaoxiao that the one side has not spoken has the opportunity to speak at this time finally, she immediately happily said to Li Qiye and Su Yonghuang. Ye Xiaoxiao that Li Qiye looks at is eager to try, with a smile said: Will lead you to have a look, but, is not now, when her injury was good, cut Heavenly Child Zhe Hai to go not to be late again.” Li Qiye is not kind and lenient person, he advocates Tit for tat, by the person of blood blood, Heavenly Child Zhe Hai will also attack Su Yonghuang, he will cut to kill the Heavenly Child Zhe Hai opportunity to Su Yonghuang. Good.” Although Ye Xiaoxiao is burning every so often, even is tricky persistently unreasonable, but, she is also the girl who a knowledge, knows the onset and retreat roughly.

You were a womanizer everywhere, abducted the underage young young girl unexpectedly.” Su Yonghuang looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, stared Li Qiye one to say ill-humoredly. Who said that I was young Su Yonghuang this saying to step on the tail of Ye Xiaoxiao, she jumped immediately, a fork slightly waist, supported was seeing the gully ****, said ominously: This young lady walks eight sides, deters all lands, who said that this young lady was little!” Sees Ye Xiaoxiao that ominous appearance, Su Yonghuang somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, shook the head. Li Qiye has not paid attention to ominous Ye Xiaoxiao, said to Su Yonghuang: „To cut Heavenly Child Zhe Hai, I help you untie the suppression of God Halting Continent first.” Saying, big hand pressed in the Su Yonghuang twin peaks. big hand presses in **** above, is feeling Li Qiye that rough powerful big hand, Su Yonghuang pink blushing face, burning, was she such graceful females slowly low small head, has the gentleness of not being able to say. Zheng, Zheng, Zheng......” the Grand Dao Law rotation, an intermittent sound is good, finally, relieves just like a great lock is the same, hears a sound lock sound to get up, the principle of suppression untied instantaneously. „After is this untied the suppression, Su Yonghuang deeply shouts inspired, feels relieved to be the same, although said that the suppression of God Halting Continent will not cause the damage to anybody, but, was long in the God Halting Continent time, under such suppression, this is makes the person have to wear the feeling of shackles incessantly, such suppressed time grew, even makes people feel unable to breathe. Now had untied the suppression by Li Qiye, the Su Yonghuang whole person is relaxed, blood energy tumbles, in this moment, her tyrannical blood energy returned, she has replied the usual condition. After untying the suppression, Su Yonghuang is Sovereign Qi is more torrential, in this does not get angry, but under the imposing manner of prestige has intense incomparable fighting intent. Well recover, when the injury training was good, you will have a war, has no need impatiently.” Feels Su Yonghuang fighting intent, Li Qiye said lightly with a smile: Heavenly Child Zhe Hai cannot escape, he has the backer in Divine Tree City, he will not run away too, he will come back to revenge.” I wait for him to come, I will chop his head personally!” Su Yonghuang both eyes one cold, fighting intent abundant. Was attacked by Heavenly Child Zhe Hai, this has made her be angry, if not for were suppressed by God Halting Continent, she will certainly cut to kill Heavenly Child Zhe Hai!