Emperor's Domination - Volume 16 - Chapter 1546
Three Ancestral Tree take action, two branch one branch chop on the body, a thorn on the body, a leaf cuts on the body, such strikes, even if Nine Worlds Godking must die without doubt. However, Li Qiye whole body clear, in Heaven's Will Crystal Physique under protection, even if three Ancestral Tree strikes, he is also intact, three Ancestral Tree strikes, is unable to defeat Heaven's Will Crystal Physique. Buzz, three Ancestral Tree take action, three Ancestral Tree are again thickest strongest powerful branch instantaneous suppression kill to come. In this electrical spark light, just like is three Tree Ancestor take action is personally same, three branches evolve Myriad Law like three big hand, the instantaneous bang kills to Li Qiye. Three branch instantaneous bang kill, but, Grand Dao cracks, hears bang a resonate sound, in such under strikes, entire Heaven Spirit World sways, shook 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, under three Ancestral Tree suppression kill, no matter how formidable existence only feared that is difficult to run away a tribulation, only if were the Immortal Emperor rebirth. However, the bang kills on Li Qiye, Li Qiye is still the clear circulation, his whole person still does not damage, that feared is three Ancestral Tree invincible strikes, is still unable to break Heaven's Will Crystal Physique. Heaven's Will Crystal Physique, in legend Immortal Emperor including the defense that cannot break through, does not know really Li Qiye Human Race, actually how practices Stone Golem Race Supreme Technique.” Sees such one, sigh with emotion said including invincible existence. Also there is invincible existence to guess that said: Does not know Li Qiye practice ’ ’ how long Heaven's Will Crystal Physique the effectiveness is, if can compare favorably in the past Immortal Emperor Jing Yu, then only feared that is big accomplishment Diamond Indestructible Physique is overshadowed.” looks at three Ancestral Tree, Li Qiye lightly with a smile said: Also has any method, although causes.” At this time Heaven's Will Crystal Physique, this makes Li Qiye be in an impregnable position, so long as Heaven's Will Crystal Physique has not vanished, three Ancestral Tree are unable to kill him. Saw Li Qiye to put forth Heaven's Will Crystal Physique, at this time Dark Ancestor King in Ancestor Land they for it with amazement, they have not thought that Li Qiye has also practiced like this invincible technique, has practiced Heaven's Will Crystal Physique, this has meant that Li Qiye will be in an impregnable position. Sees the Li Qiye whole body clear, Ling Fengyun also gently sighed, the Li Qiye's strength, Li Qiye was formidable, has surpassed their anticipation by far, in fact, they have underestimated Li Qiye. Buzz a resonate sound, at this time, three Ancestral Tree instantaneously stretched out three branches, these three branches like the principle, interwove unexpectedly instantaneously in one, has formed portal instantaneously. Along with buzz when a resonate sound, this portal opened, after portal, unexpectedly is a primal chaos world, in the there incomparable profound and incomparable darkness, primal chaos in the profound dark space lingers like this, just like here is one never has the person to step in the place.

Exile, the exile of deep level.” After seeing portal opened a world, sees this world so profoundly, such darkness, the even if invincible generation of also complexion changes. This exile is the exile of extremely deep level, once were sent into exile to such space, even if their this invincible generations are unable to run away within the short time. Under such exile, incautiously, will lose in the cotton wool chaotic space, even if Nine Worlds Godking, once were sent into exile such space, little ten years, many over a thousand years, can run away from the space of this extremely deep level. Therefore, sees such side deep level the space, the even if invincible generation will change with amazement. crash a resonate sound, this opened space in this electrical spark light flood the ripples, along with water resonate sound, the space has swept across to come to Li Qiye like the tide unexpectedly equally, such space tide as if in must submerge Li Qiye instantaneously, even if Li Qiye wants to run away, that is also has no place to go. Sees such one, the innumerable cultivator powerhouses before Heaven Mirror know that three Ancestral Tree this are must do, Li Qiye has displayed Heaven's Will Crystal Physique, under like this invincible defense, no matter Ancestral Tree how invincible, is unable to kill Li Qiye. In such a case, only Ancestral Tree can achieve sends into exile Li Qiye, keeping Li Qiye from running away from the space of extremely deep level within the short time. Sends into exile facing the space of such side deep level, Li Qiye has not actually run away, he said with a smile: „To play the space exile? Good, we play, whom look at to play well.” The Li Qiye words fall, Bang a resonate sound, guarded in Heaven Spirit World all parties' 13 Fate Palace vibrated, in this instantaneous, 13 Fate Palace reappeared 9 Heavens 10 Worlds space plane to be the same, in this in an instant, 13 Fate Palace has locked plane. Li Qiye was only big hand presses gently, has held down void, under Li Qiye's this only big hand, the space that entire Ancestor Land was at just like must melt to be the same. Although said that the Ancestor Land space has three Ancestral Tree to guard, formidable existence is unable from advocating Space Stripping comes out Ancestor Land. However, at this point, under Li Qiye's big hand, the space outside Ancestor Land all of a sudden melts, space that such melted ripples direct transmission Ancestor Land was, this causes the space that Ancestor Land was at for it resonance, resonates! Bang loud sound, in this instantaneous, the world sways, beside Ancestor Land, opened fearful incomparable portal, this portal just like great antiquity giant beast same devour(ing) Heavens ten places.

Bang, bang and bang......” at once, the bellow have resounded through 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, the immeasurable sea water outside Ancestor Land by instantaneous devour(ing), under so fearful devour(ing), entire Ancestor Land sways. Great Vortex saw that like this that is similar to the great antiquity giant beast same vortex, innumerable cultivator powerhouse with amazement big shout, at this time, Great Vortex suddenly appears, when beside Ancestor Land, it is the crazy devour(ing) world, must in be instantaneously same all sea water suck dries outside Ancestor Land, even, it wants entire Emerald Vast Sea devour(ing) to be the same. Is this sees such one, does not know that many people hit quickly grasping the meaning of something, the complexion blanch said. Space Connection, Li Qiye had used before then, when fights the cliff, Li Qiye once extinguished Emperor Valley with such method, under Great Vortex devour(ing), entire Emperor Valley instantaneous vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke. Now, Li Qiye has again put forth Space Connection . Moreover, this time, Li Qiye is not but conveniently is, he comes prepared, therefore, even if Ancestor Land three Ancestral Tree protect, same was affected. Bang the space of side deep level a resonate sound, must submerging sends into exile in this instantaneously for it disintegration, although the space exile might of this extremely deep level is enormous, but , compared with the Great Vortex might, that differed far. Bang, bang and bang......” the day swing at once shake, that feared that has guarding of three Ancestral Tree, Ancestor Land was also greatly affected, entire Ancestor Land sways. At this time, Great Vortex crazily devour(ing) the entire world, it is looking like the hungry great antiquity giant beast is extremely same, opened mouth can fall all devour(ing) between world, has included stars in universe. Hears bang the space that loud sound, Ancestor Land is at instantaneously fell into the fearful darkness, at this time regarding the Ancestor Land innumerable disciples, just like is the judgment day approaches to be the same. Under such fearful end scene, the Ancestor Land innumerable disciples were frightened complexion deathly white. Bang a resonate sound, in the dangerous moment, three Ancestral Tree take action, they are the one branch shoots up to the sky instantaneously, the innumerable branches just like were innumerable Celestial Waterfall same rushed to sky, in this electrical spark light, the innumerable branches let fall the innumerable principles, the one principle changed to the chapter instantaneously, heard bang loud sound. The invincible chapter erupted invincible Divine Power, at this time, heard Tzzzzzzzzz the sound resounds, like this invincible chapter just like wanted the brand mark to be the same above the space, in the entire space has left behind three Ancestral Tree brand marks. In Tzzzzzzzzz in the sound, is started to close by the space that Li Qiye opens slowly, Great Vortex devour(ing) strength also getting smaller.

Indeed has the skill.” Saw that three Ancestral Tree must close up space, Li Qiye has smiled, is not surprised, is not flustered. Bang, when three Ancestral Tree must close the space, Li Qiye take action, under the World Seal bang, has made Heavenly Annihilation. Along with loud sound, fearful incomparable Karma Fire leans, fearful Karma Fire burns down 9 Heavens 10 Worlds instantaneously, all of destruction in society. Buzz, in this instantaneous, three Ancestral Tree opened the most formidable defense, but, can still hear inciting the sound resounds, under fearful Karma Fire, three Ancestral Tree many green leaf instantaneous dead wood, under so fearful Karma Fire, the defenses of three Ancestral Tree is still not able to block completely. Ah! pitiful yell resonate sound, although said that fearful Karma Fire has not burnt to Ancestor Land above, but, the fearful heat wave must burn to be the same entire Ancestor Land, under the fearful heat wave, cultivator that in Ancestor Land many hid without enough time is roasted the black coal instantaneously. Karmic Emperor Fire! This is Luminous Fire Emperor Stove Heavenly Annihilation, such Heavenly Annihilation gathered 9 Heavens 10 Worlds Karma Fire, might, is makes people unable to imagine. Bang heaven falls and earth rends, the fearful disaster just started that's all, Karmic Emperor Fire just fell, second Heavenly Annihilation lowered. Under the fearful darkness instantaneous bang, it not have 9 Heavens 10 Worlds all in can in an instant. This strikes, is Swallowing Immortal Demon Pot ultimate strikes, under such ultimate strikes, the Heavens ten places sway to continue! However, the second day, did not end, this starts that's all, bang under loud sound, the Spiritual God soul flying smoke extinguishes, third Heavenly Annihilation arrived, but Nine Great Supreme instantaneous bombardment. Bang fourth Heavenly Annihilation fell.