Emperor's Domination - Volume 16 - Chapter 1560
After Li Qiye this saying falls, in nebula presented a person, kneel and worship on the ground, said: Sir, if is really you!” At this time, is kneeling a old man in the nebula, this old man is White Haired is gray, both eyes muddy, seems like an ordinary incomparable mortal old man. A such old man wears a ko-hemp clothing, the look extremely ordinary people, even can say that his such person will stand in the crowd does not have anybody to look at his one eyes, he will be one ordinary to cannot the ordinary mountain husband wild old man. Saw this old man, Li Qiye has shown the smiling face, helped up him personally, said: Gets up, exempts your big ritual.” After the old men Li Qiye holds, he is careful the clue Li Qiye, very excited, both hands shiver, pair of muddy dim old eyes is moved to tears. Sir, has not thought the lifetime also to be able see again/goodbye one side you.” The old men excitedly, closely are grasping Li Qiye's both hands. I have not thought that can see again/goodbye arrive at you, after the killer night group dismisses, various elders escapes hidden, I had not heard your news again.” Li Qiye also very sigh with emotion said to the old man. Wu Ying (shadowless), is this old man at present, he incessantly is the look very ordinary, but his name also nobody anybody knows, even in society nobody will be again also called him Wu Ying (shadowless) besides Li Qiye. However, who knows that at present the old man of this ordinary people, in Ancient Ming Era that is very terrifying character, Ancient Ming Race of even if ominous flame heyday, mentions at present this old man, has had a shiver. Wu Ying (shadowless), the Killing God Night Regiment armed forces regimental commander, once was the chief killer under Dark Crow place, when the demon god in dark night, he appeared, must be head falls to the ground, must be Ancient Ming drops down. In Ancient Ming Era, although said that Li Qiye is also the Killing God Night Regiment armed forces regimental commander, but, as Dark Crow him, is the behind the scenes armed forces regimental commander, the behind the scenes highest direction group, Wu Ying (shadowless) directly takes orders in him. As the genuine armed forces regimental commander, Wu Ying (shadowless) is the Killing God Night Regiment executor, he is implementing the Li Qiye's will, the training, training and rule entire Killing God Night Regiment from beginning to end have implemented the Li Qiye's will. As for the assassination, is the Li Qiye's will, so long as Li Qiye wants to kill some Ancient Ming Race important people, Wu Ying (shadowless) will implement the Li Qiye's will, bringing the head of this person to see Li Qiye! After Ancient Ming Era conclusion, the Killing God Night Regiment mission is completed, Killing God Night Regiment henceforth disappearing, all killers escape hidden go, Wu Ying (shadowless) also since then vanishes in the boundless huge crowd.

Our missions have been completed, Nine Worlds does not need Killing God Night Regiment existence.” Wu Ying (shadowless) said gently, many years later, cover in dust the innumerable years, has met Sir again, let in the Wu Ying (shadowless) heart the incomparable excitement, look like see the family member to be the same. He is just orphan that's all, was taken the Li Qiye adoption of Dark Crow, gives Kill God Dao, the achievement Supreme enterprise, was the bright arrival of Nine Worlds has made effort! Eternal long, in the past left, various elders also no longer reveals in the world.” Li Qiye is also very sigh with emotion, when Nine Worlds is darkest, Killing God Night Regiment is his right-hand, although the Nine Worlds common people do not know their merit, but, Nine Worlds can trade brightly, can trade Emperors Era, Killing God Night Regiment each killer has the indelible merit! What a pity, after Killing God Night Regiment retires, Li Qiye does not have see again/goodbye they, because their mission has been completed, they crossed the darkest day, their suffering passed the most bad risk most dangerous years, when Nine Worlds trades the light, they have the right to pass the peaceful quiet day, therefore, Li Qiye does not have to inquire their news desirably. In the past the brother, dissipated in the years, now also only remaining my this old bones.” As the killer, Wu Ying (shadowless) is also at this moment hard restrains the own mood. Was I have treated unjustly everybody, you should enjoy all glory and milestones.” Li Qiye sighed gently. Sir does not pursue the unwarranted reputation, we have anything well to pursue.” Wu Ying (shadowless) said: Sir strives to turn the tide, saves Nine Worlds, does not have the common people Sir sets up the milestone, the common people have not been the Sir great achievements extol, comes compared with Sir, our payouts, was considered as anything!” I know, but, the glory is you!” Li Qiye sigh with emotion said. Can give loyalty to under the Sir place, can become Killing God Night Regiment, this is our glory!” Wu Ying (shadowless) earnestly and said seriously: Regarding is Killing God Night Regiment on this day, we are shouldering the sacred mission, recovers Nine Worlds, this is our Supreme glory. Does not have the Sir will to implement, Nine Worlds still in dark covering, our even if escaping hidden in the world, what can peaceful not struggle the day of date next half a lifetime.” Past events, did not discuss.” Finally, in the Li Qiye heart sighs with emotion extremely, was Wu Ying (shadowless) has gathered together that pale hair gently. In the past, his first time saw Wu Ying (shadowless) time, he was a child, was such naivete, that firm and resolute, Eternal in the past, he is White Haired gray Old Man, was on the verge of death. The Wu Ying (shadowless) numerous places nod, gripped Li Qiye's big hand. These time comes Heaven Spirit World, sees the jade sword, I know Kill God Dao to last forever, Killing God Night Regiment depends on, sees her, I am also happy, was very happy.” Li Qiye said sigh with emotion.

Present era, has not needed past Killing God Night Regiment, accepts jade sword child, but the younger generations want to get down Kill God Dao inheritance, should not certainly in their hands.” Wu Ying (shadowless) nod said. Jade sword Innate Talent is very good, the personality also suits inherits Kill God Dao, the killer [say / way] can inheritance from her hand get down, is very good choice, this should make her inheritance get down.” Li Qiye said slowly. Sir the Wu Ying (shadowless) yawn wanted saying that but, stopped. You follow my life, what words but also there is to say?” Li Qiye said slowly: If links you to abstain from that in society also who dares to speak to me?” I make jade sword child follow Sir.” Finally, Wu Ying (shadowless) does not have scruples, said earnestly. Li Qiye has smiled bitterly, said: You should be clear, should understand that I am doomed to walk on Dried Bone(s), I am doomed to bathe the blood the line. Cannot deny, Kill God Dao, needs The tempered blood, but, follows me, not necessarily is a good deed. In the future will be too brutal, my enemy is the Deities emperors, is the end of world, as a killer, if with me, only feared that does not have a good result!” Li Qiye spoke this words time, very earnest. I know.” Wu Ying (shadowless) also serious place nod, he also very earnest. Li Qiye has smiled bitterly, said: You should also know that in the past I put Killing God Night Regiment to depart, I was hope that you can pass the tranquil day, did not need to wake up, dark canopy the earth, is not using in the sleep is murdered to awaken, did not need to rest the head on the sharp sword to go to sleep, during did not need to bend down to be in the hostile camp to be darkest......” „...... After Ancient Ming Era conclusion, you have the qualifications to have this peace compared with anyone, therefore, I am not willing to disturb you, I do not hope that you tie up above my War chariot, was afraid you to be involved in the ceaseless war. You pay so, you, are your descendants, is worth having this peace.” I know that Sir thinks through a matter.” Wu Ying (shadowless) said: Therefore, the decendants cannot follow Sir, cannot be Sir gives loyalty. But, jade sword child, can boundless meet Sir in the huge crowd, this is a fate, I met Sir like the past years!” I understand.” Li Qiye sighed gently, finally has to say with a smile: Since you said like this that I have to make her keep side me, it seems like, Kill God Dao must look for Successor.” Wu Ying (shadowless) also shows the smiling face, said with a smile: In the future nobody compared with jade sword child more suitable, in the future, above Nine Heavens, she must be able to make Kill God Dao blossom in radiant splendor, the Kill God Dao prestige, will spread over 13 Continents!”

Your wildness looks is not but actually small.” Li Qiye has smiled, nod said: Since you said like this, I promise you am, I will be bringing her ascended to Nine Heavens, so long as she can try hard, in the future the Kill God Dao prestige will certainly spread over 13 Continents!” Wu Ying (shadowless) has also smiled, White Haired gray he, has smiled like the child at this time, very happy, at this time he is not a killer, is only average person that's all, child that's all! Li Qiye and Wu Ying (shadowless) two people have both smiled, they smiled for a long time were very very long, finally, smiled tired. Goes back, I should also leave, you do not need to see off me, this age, convalesces well.” Finally, Li Qiye sighed, said to Wu Ying (shadowless). Sir the Wu Ying (shadowless) yawn wants saying that but, suppresses in the heart, could not say. Said.” Li Qiye looks at Wu Ying (shadowless), said slowly. In the past, I was only a child, was only orphan that's all, in that dark years, I just loafed one wild dog that's all in Desolate Wasteland, endured the hardships of fieldwork, every day trembling with fear, does not know when had a end.” Wu Ying (shadowless) said gently: Has met Sir, Sir has given me the warm and sufficient condition, gave me to be safe, has given me a family......” „...... Steps into Killing God Night Regiment, although has experienced the most laborious training, has experienced the severest test, has experienced the innumerable birth and death. But, Killing God Night Regiment, is our families, this is our big family, we have not given up each other......” „...... Sir has not given up us, what kind of darkness, Sir can always direct us to return. Although since Sir has been very severe to us, but, as we all know, so long as Sir still, us has the hope, this big family and this family will not collapse, still existence.” Has the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket fellow students to throw to «Emperor's Domination», fellow students of complete subscription, requests issue of something light of the big god.