Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1615
Stands above Twelve Musical Scales, Li Qiye looks at Lin Hao, said: What's wrong, can't lose?” This, this absolutely is the impossible matter.” The Lin Hao complexion becomes flushed, but, is obstinate argumentative, said: As we all know, Twelve Musical Scales is the suppression of Grand Dao shackles, no matter who impossible ascend to the peak, in this absolutely fishy, he cheats absolutely, was Twelve Musical Scales has problems!” His Big Senior Brother form by Li Qiye all of a sudden collapse and destruction, this regarding from a young age on worshipping Big Senior Brother Lin Hao, is hard accepts, let alone, Li Qiye ascend to the peak, this is the unacceptable matter, because of Gu Zun impossible ascend to the peak ten big talents, now Li Qiye ascend to the peak, this to have made Lin Hao somewhat be hard accepts. Therefore, Lin Hao wants to select the bone from the egg, even does not hesitate to throw filthy water toward Li Qiye on, making everybody suspect the Li Qiye ascend to the peak fact. Lin Hao said such words, person looks at other on the scene he, nobody said anything, even if some people were discontented with Lin Hao this saying, but, Lin Hao came from Flying Immortal Church, nobody is willing to offend him. Regarding Lin Hao such words, Yu Yulian is quite discontented, but coldly looked at Lin Hao one, Lin Hao so questioned Twelve Musical Scales, that was equal to questioning their Yu Family. Where Twelve Musical Scales since Immortal Emperor Yin Tian era places, does not know that many people have climbed, has not had problems, can say that Twelve Musical Scales is another symbol of their Yu Family, now Lin Hao actually questions Twelve Musical Scales, that was questioning that their Yu Family prestige, this tube is the heart has admire Yu Yulian to be also discontented with Lin Hao to Long Ao Tian. Li Qiye is looking at Lin Hao, said lightly: Cannot lose also implicates falsely the person, depending on your such words, on to deserve to die.” You Lin Hao the complexion become flushed immediately, he said immediately: „Does Li Qiye, want to silence a witness of crime? Feared that others discover your cheating method, therefore wants to kill me to eliminate a potential informant, does not give the opportunity that anybody questioned. Li Qiye, even if you kill me, but, can you kill off all people on the scene? Even if you can kill off here all people, you can kill off the world person? Even if you kill again many people, is unable world to shut up!” At this time, Lin Hao wants to do the smelly Li Qiye's reputation, therefore, throws filthy water toward Li Qiye incessantly, but must on the scene drag launching all people, wants on the scene to draw all people to the Li Qiye's hostile surface goes. At this time young cultivator on the scene looked at Lin Hao one, even many cultivator retrocede one step, they do not want that nearly to stand with Lin Hao. The even if stupid person can also be able to hear Lin Hao to them drag down, regarding young cultivator on the scene, if trades to be other people, they or to flatter Flying Immortal Church will help the Lin Hao helping hand. However, facing First Ominous Person time, cracks a joke, this is First Ominous Person, he kills people does not blink absolutely, if they were dragged down by Lin Hao, only feared that First Ominous Person has not killed them hesitant, they do not want to become the Lin Hao funeral objects! Clumsy mischief-doer that's all, treats as a matter own, slaps.” Li Qiye desolately looked at Lin Hao one, conveniently is a palm of the hand.

bang a resonate sound, Lin Hao wants to hide to hide, he cannot resist, when this palm of the hand, his whole person pulled out to fly, has spurted a blood crazily, the blood spurts crazily, his tooth flew. Li Qiye this palm of the hand hits the blood crazily to spurt Lin Hao incessantly, moreover palm of the hand his tooth knock down. Lin Hao layer on layer falls on the ground, but, his mouth that hard, yelled: Li Qiye, your even if killed me unable to stop up the mouth of world person, had the skill you to kill me, my Flying Immortal Church disciple always did not fear death!” Ant cricket that's all, I also feared that others did say me?” Li Qiye stands above the stage, looked at Lin Hao one lightly, said: Since you bring about own destruction, I help you.” The words fall, a finger comes horizontally, takes Lin Hao. A Li Qiye that very optional finger, but, is so optional one finger, Lin Hao still could not hide, still could not block, the disparity of both sides was really too big. A finger soon will be shortly killed violently, Lin Hao also only has to close the eye to wait for death. Showing mercy sits in Lin Hao in the instance of waiting for death, yelled resounds, then heard thump a resonate sound, was Bang resonate sound of breaking, the fragment fluttered about. In life and death instantaneous, sudden great shield flies, has blocked Li Qiye optional one finger instantaneously, although this great shield kept off this finger, but, was still struck by Li Qiye's this finger crushes, the great shield fragment fluttered about. Although under this finger, great shield disintegration, but, Lin Hao escaped finally, picked the one poor life. In this at this time, a form drops from the clouds, this is a tall and powerfully built old man, when he falls in the Lin Hao front, immediately buzz a resonate sound, reappeared only great shield in his side, he grasps the long blade, is ready in full battle array, does not dare to have slight having a low opinion of the enemy. Master saw to save a person of own life, Lin Hao that crawled getting up was pleasantly surprised, big shout. Relax, teaches the battleship afterward then.” Old man nod, an eye has not left Li Qiye, this saying is comforting the own apprentice , is telling all people on the scene, what is more important tells Li Qiye. Flying Immortal Church elder.” Sees this old man, on the scene has youth complexion big change, muttered said.

More people hear the words of this old man are the complexion blanches, many person one after another retrocede, they know that the Flying Immortal Church battleship will arrive at this to mean anything. At present this old man Flying Immortal Church elder, is Lin Hao Master. Although said that at present the Flying Immortal Church elder in Flying Immortal Church is not considered as the weight high person, the aura that but, his body lends makes the person shiver, his strength, making many powerhouses dread that at present a such elder, only feared is God-Monarch! A casual elder, is having the so formidable strength, this can look at Flying Immortal Church to be formidable fully. At this time, Flying Immortal Church elder looks at Li Qiye, said slowly: Fellow Daoist Li, the young apprentice is young, gives me a Flying Immortal Church face, how forgives his life?” At this time, the Flying Immortal Church elder is ready in full battle array, does not dare to have slight having a low opinion of the enemy. The First Ominous Person prestige, he had already listened, dares to kill Godking facing this type, dares to send into exile their Flying Immortal Church Ominous Person, that feared that he is the Flying Immortal Church elder, does not dare to have slight having a low opinion of the enemy. Hears the words of Flying Immortal Church elder, many people are moved, Flying Immortal Church arrives after Northern Grand Sea, they are high on the scene, who dares with Flying Immortal Church for the enemy, that to will certainly be able by the crew cut! However, at this time, was in front of people, that feared that was the Flying Immortal Church elder, has to admit defeat. However, many people have thought carefully, the Flying Immortal Church elder admitted defeat, that was not the disgraced matter, after all, what they faced was the First Ominous Person like this fierce person, considered, First Ominous Person since making a debut, whom he has feared? The godly demon photo kills does not harm, he also feared that Flying Immortal Church is inadequate! The Li Qiye looks at Flying Immortal Church elder, shows the smiling face, said lightly: Gives you a Flying Immortal Church face? Your Flying Immortal Church has any face!” Li Qiye this saying said that the Flying Immortal Church elder the complexion sank immediately, the complexion was somewhat ugly, their Flying Immortal Church sign little had been pounded, so long as their Flying Immortal Church acted, many Sect, that feared that was very formidable Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, will give them a Flying Immortal Church face. Now, Li Qiye does not give them incessantly the Flying Immortal Church face, but also spoke the shame, this made the face of Flying Immortal Church elder somewhat unable to hang. Fellow Daoist Li, Grand Dao is endless, lowers the head does not see, raise one's head sees.” The Flying Immortal Church elder deeply breathes the one breath, said slowly: Eternal Grand Dao, many enemy, was inferior that many friend, our Flying Immortal Church is not the mud pinches, does not let the person to bully!” „It is not the mud pinches what kind, could it be that One sect having 5 Emperors can think that everyone can give you complexion?” At this time, Li Qiye has not spoken, sneers resonate sound, person Ta Kong/treads the sky. This is a youth, when this youth arrives, under the sunlight, his whole body sent out the numerous rays, this numerous ray looked like golden light that yellow Jin San / Medicinal Powder sent out is the same.

This youth was actually the body lives completely the golden yellow scales, in the top of the head was growing pair of blue dragon horn, when a such youth arrived, sound of sound an intermittent Tsunami, had the difficult situation to come to be the same just like him. Hai Lin sees this arrival youngster, on the scene has the youth to be surprised, yelled that said. Hai Lin!” Hears this name, that feared that has not seen cultivator of this youth to be also surprised, said: Sea Oddity young leader!” Sees this youth, the Flying Immortal Church elder also complexion sinks, coldly said: Hai Lin, you are hid here, but, how long you could not hide, our Young Master must strike to kill you.” I know that Long Ao Tian leads a troop running dog to seek.” This youth who called Hai Lin sneered, said: Their these time goes to deep sea, that is also throws a dog to gnaw excrement that's all.” Flying Immortal Church elder coldly one, said: You hid for a while, could not hide first, my Young Master will cut to kill you surely completely!” And other Long Ao Tian smiled to become Immortal Emperor boasts again.” Hai Lin sneers said. Saw that Hai Lin and Flying Immortal Church elder is in sharp opposition, young cultivator on the scene is silent, everyone has the different thoughts. Flying Immortal Church arrives at Northern Grand Sea, has monopolized big piece Sea Region, caused that revolts as Monster Race and Sea Oddity of landlord vigorously. Sea Oddity , they are not a race, they various giant beasts in deep sea, were similar to lived millions of years great fish, giant snake, great turtle wait / etc. giant beasts.