Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1629
Now, passed on Northern Grand Sea about First Ominous Person and Zi Cuining matter noisily, their Flying Immortal Church also heard. Such hearsay, regarding Flying Immortal Church is very disadvantageous, after all, Suppressing Heaven Sea City and Flying Immortal Church marry, Zi Cuining in the future will become their Flying Immortal Church mistress, will be Empress, but will actually spread First Ominous Person and Zi Cuining all sorts of scandals in this crucial point, this will not be Flying Immortal Church is glad to hear. No matter these scandal is real or false, but, this is not a good deed, regarding their Flying Immortal Church, the best result is First Ominous Person must die! Since therefore the person, that invited.” After silent a while, the Flying Immortal Church elder said slowly. Li Qiye has shown the smiling face, said slowly: Then right, this is the five emperors inheritance demeanor, is a little at least nice.” The Flying Immortal Church elder is silent, is not willing to respond to Li Qiye such words. Flying Immortal Church yielded unexpectedly!” Saw that Flying Immortal Church complies with First Ominous Person to go to see Zi Cuining unexpectedly, the cultivator powerhouses who this lets the far view are surprised. Such aspect everybody has not imagined, all people think that Flying Immortal Church will prevent First Ominous Person to see Zi Cuining, but First Ominous Person must slaughter. Now, Flying Immortal Church actually admitted defeat, this regarding anybody, is the inconceivable matter, Flying Immortal Church arrives at Northern Grand Sea the time, that is what kind domineering, ordering makes Monster Race and Sea Oddity resign Sea Region, under Sea Oddity and Monster Race do not agree, immediately to push potential of dry decaying to sweep this piece of Sea Region influence. It can be said that Flying Immortal Church arrives at in the world, has not placed in anybody the eye, did not fear that with anybody is the enemy, these time actually admitted defeat in front of First Ominous Person, this was too inconceivable. Now as we all know, First Ominous Person and Suppressing Heaven Goddess are private subscribe when Heavenly Dao Institution lifelong, this news is real or false was unimportant, more importantly, Suppressing Heaven Goddess is going to marry Long Ao Tian, in Flying Immortal Church and Suppressing Heaven Sea City marry, First Ominous Person actually forcefully inserts a foot. Has such matter, this was enough, so long as First Ominous Person is also living, this regarding the Flying Immortal Church reputation, regarding the Flying Immortal Church power and prestige, will have very disadvantageous influence. First Ominous Person, in society only feared that also only had First Ominous Person to make Flying Immortal Church make to yield.” Some people muttered said. At this time, a Flying Immortal Church disciple is Li Qiye guides, Li Qiye has smiled, is bringing Peacock Bright King, strolled has walked into Flying Immortal Church Sea Region.

Regarding anybody, Flying Immortal Church camp is the dangerous spot, anybody wants with Flying Immortal Church for the enemy, to step into Flying Immortal Church camp, that is ready in full battle array surely, but, the First Ominous Person actually indifferent completely appearance, such courage and wisdom, anybody admires. Comes compared with Li Qiye's with ease satisfied, instead Flying Immortal Church is actually ready in full battle array, Flying Immortal Church any disciples do not dare to have slight lax, they wear armor and carry weapons, hold the post, completes condition that momentarily must fight. This cannot blame the Flying Immortal Church disciple to be critical situation, the First Ominous Person prestige was extremely prominent, everybody knows that the homicide resulted in the person to be too many, his both hands were stained with completely the blood. Can extinguish Ominous Person of entire clan facing this word disagreement, the Flying Immortal Church disciple can not cautiously? They did not imagine the disciple on little while ago Heavenly Fire battleship to be the same, the abandoned iron clamp has become the meat dregs, the skeleton did not save! Quick, before Flying Immortal Church disciple Li Qiye also ancient pavilion , stopped, this ancient pavilion stayed in airborne, the clouds request was carrying, at the same time, this ancient pavilion layer upon layer was being guarded by large army, but was guarding this ancient pavilion was not the Flying Immortal Church disciple, but was the Suppressing Heaven Sea City powerhouse. Young Master Li, I can only lead you hence.” After the Flying Immortal Church disciple brings Li Qiye to here, silently drew back. This is the Flying Immortal Church elder smartness, he does not conflict with Li Qiye directly, threw this hot issue to Suppressing Heaven Sea City, now can Li Qiye see Zi Cuining, that looks at the Suppressing Heaven Sea City manner. It looks like in the Flying Immortal Church elder, wedding between Long Ao Tian and Zi Cuining, is the matter that two schools of Old Ancestor decide, moreover is matter that other high level Old Ancestor decides, this matter was anybody cannot change. Therefore, the Flying Immortal Church elder is very confident in the heart, even if First Ominous Person wants to destroy two schools of marrying, that is also the impossible matter. This enables the Flying Immortal Church elder to have the energy also to have the courage and wisdom to make First Ominous Person see Zi Cuining, such, is avoids impulsing incessantly, drags launching Suppressing Heaven Sea City. Since Flying Immortal Church must marry with Suppressing Heaven Sea City, then, Suppressing Heaven Sea City must deal with First Ominous Person such enemy with their Flying Immortal Church together. „The future, halts!” When the Li Qiye person moves toward this ancient pavilion , encircles is defending this ancient pavilion layer upon layer with large army immediately is critical situation, the instantaneous weapon has aimed at Li Qiye. In fact, at this time defends the Suppressing Heaven Sea City powerhouse here to know that what happened, knows what own faced was, but, their Suppressing Heaven Sea City was absolutely impossible to make First Ominous Person see Zi Cuining, they defended with large army here, do not protect Zi Cuining, but prevented any bystander to contact Zi Cuining.

In fact, by the Zi Cuining strength, does not need these powerhouses to protect, these powerhouses just obey the order of Ye Jiu Zhou, before Flying Immortal Church and Suppressing Heaven Sea City marry, does not allow to present any mighty waves absolutely, does not allow anybody to contact Zi Cuining. Naturally, from the beginning Ye Jiu Zhou does not have to cope with First Ominous Person, this act does is prevents the powerhouse who Suppressing Heaven Sea City other refuse to accept to teach to contact Zi Cuining in secret, seizes power by this. If Ye Jiu Zhou knows that First Ominous Person must come, only feared that he escorted personally. Good dog not to be in the way.” Li Qiye looked at a Suppressing Heaven Sea City disciple of being ready in full battle array, said with a smile. At this time, in large army of guard went out of a youth to come, this youth Bo Yigao crown, the whole body ray was steaming, Wang Qi soared to the heavens, the imposing manner was greatly strengthened. Fellow Daoist Li, our City Lord does not receive guests, please return.” This youth imposing manner is quite formidable, that feared that facing First Ominous Person, he does not yield. Dream Dragon King, Ye Jiu Zhou most favorite disciple.” When this youth appears, many cultivator powerhouses of far view all of a sudden have recognized his origin. Dream Dragon King, the strength is quite formidable, young, is Immortal Physique middle accomplishment, has practiced Suppressing Heaven Sea City the technique of non- world. Was only a pity that has Suppressing Heaven Goddess such Wushuang/matchless talent in Suppressing Heaven Sea City, he is doomed to be overshadowed.” Has to know the Northern Grand Sea powerhouse who Dream Dragon King details somewhat sigh with emotion said. At present this youth calls Dream Dragon King, is the Ye Jiu Zhou favorite disciple, his achievement is very high, what a pity, has Zi Cuining, he is doomed is a tragedy, does not have the means becomes Suppressing Heaven Sea City's Lord. Sees, is not you decides, is not she decides.” Li Qiye looked at Dream Dragon King one, said lightly: I said see, that must see.” You Dream Dragon King the complexion is difficult to see the extreme immediately, in Northern Grand Sea, facing their Suppressing Heaven Sea City, some people dares unexpectedly so rampant overbearing, this indeed is makes Dream Dragon King somewhat unable to swallow this tone, although he also knows that First Ominous Person ominous outside, is not that affable, but, his Suppressing Heaven Sea City same is not affable, let alone, his Master is Ye Jiu Zhou, his Master Ancestor is Gu Zun! Li Qiye, all things must have a limit, extremely in the aggressiveness, Nine Worlds, although is big, would meeting, cultivates the behavior does not want not to give own to keep the escape route!” Finally, Meng Zhentian deeply shouted inspired, that feared that he knows First Ominous Person was very strong, but, he is not willing to lower the head to admit defeat, said neither arrogant nor servile. Does not need to give me to speak the Grand Dao principle.” Li Qiye said with a smile: I am mindless, I count to five, if not allow to pass through, I extinguished you.”

Li Qiye such words made the Suppressing Heaven Sea City disciples complexion difficult to see the extreme, they looked angrily at Li Qiye, in their hearts was the anger braves, they can not be angry, they also had the powerhouse of component, by younger generation regarding such as the ant cricket, this was made them get angry to grasp unexpectedly crazily. Good, Li Qiye, I want to ask for advice your technique of Peerless!” Dream Dragon King does not have the escape route to walk, either yields the way, either dies to knock, his shoulder by the great trust of teacher, in any event, will not make the bystander see City Lord absolutely! You are not his match, draws back.” At this time, Zi Cuining appears above the pavilion, her sinking sound said. Dream Dragon King hears the Zi Cuining words, hesitant, he did not speak, stood there. In front of that many people, he does not facilitate to defy the orders of Zi Cuining, after all, Zi Cuining is Suppressing Heaven Sea City's Lord. Zi Cuining appeared, immediately captured the attention of countless person, her elegant demeanor as before, grace and talent Peerless, just like is ocean waves Fairy and vast ocean goddess! At this time the Zi Cuining face does not have the smiling face, manner is solemn, she they have been built on stilts the authority by Ye Jiu Zhou now, said that is not of pleasant to hear, is almost equal to being put under house arrest, the body is inferior to oneself. At once, the cultivator powerhouses of innumerable far view turn very quiet, everybody wants to look how this scandal grievances will end! This is good.” Sees Zi Cuining, Li Qiye said lightly with a smile: Girl, walks, I lead you to leave.” Zi Cuining has smiled bitterly, shakes the head gently, said: Brother Li, something, are unable to be solved temporarily, I am also beset with difficulties, but also looks at Brother Li please to forgive.” This is not Zi Cuining is not willing to follow Li Qiye by no means that she is not certainly willing to marry Long Ao Tian, but, their all Old Ancestor and little Sea Village of this [lineage/vein] all Senior Elder are locked now in the Black Dragon hall, entire Suppressing Heaven Sea City was pinched by Ye Jiu Zhou in the hand, if she leaves, that really such as hoping of Ye Jiu Zhou. Therefore, Zi Cuining she must remain, so long as she had the opportunity, must counter-attack Ye Jiu Zhou they!