Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1630
The 1612 th Zhang Ming king is motionless Regarding the Zi Cuining words, Li Qiye has smiled, the manner is firm, said: You must follow me.” Brother Li, but also looks at you to forgive.” Zi Cuining is certainly clear, Li Qiye leads her to walk is not the love, not like outside legend, he to not carry off a girl to be one's wife to come, he to Gu Zun. This point, Zi Cuining is very clear, she must resist Gu Zun, but, she while resisting Gu Zun, but must preserve Old Ancestor in Sect, but must preserve the Suppressing Heaven Sea City disciple. This solution, I will solve.” Li Qiye said lightly with a smile: You are hope that I slaughter Flying Immortal Church, hopes that I do slaughter Suppressing Heaven Sea City?” This saying, the Flying Immortal Church disciple or the Suppressing Heaven Sea City powerhouse on the scene, looks angrily at Li Qiye, they are invincible 9 Heavens 10 Worlds inheritance, the present to the First Ominous Person mouth, probably they have become the ant cricket that had been ground casually kills, how this does not make them angry. Li Qiye such words, making Zi Cuining silent, others did not understand Li Qiye, but, she understood, she understands that Li Qiye was not that type person who said the boastful talk, Li Qiye was not that absurdly crazy ignorant person, he said can be achieved, he said conquers by killing, conquered by killing surely, he said is the slaughter, slaughtered absolutely, because he was Li Qiye! Good, since Brother Li so requests, I go along with Brother Li then am.” Finally, Zi Cuining deeply shouted inspired, said seriously. At this time, revolted against Gu Zun and Ye Jiu Zhou, she has to the adjusting policy, Li Qiye take action, or can break through Gu Zun and Ye Jiu Zhou grasps to Suppressing Heaven Sea City from another direction! First Ominous Person suffices domineering, trades to be any woman, is willing to follow such man.” Saw that Zi Cuining is willing to follow First Ominous Person unexpectedly, the cultivator powerhouse who this lets many far views misunderstands the meaning of Zi Cuining, sigh with emotion said. Zi Cuining this saying, lets Dream Dragon King immediately complexion big change, his responsibility cannot make any bystander contact Zi Cuining, if now Zi Cuining must leave, he far more than disappoints the great trust of his teacher. City Lord, our Suppressing Heaven Sea City will not submit to anybody absolutely!” Dream Dragon King said immediately loudly. Zi Cuining lightly looked at Dream Dragon King one, naturally knows what he thinks is anything, she said lightly: You are not the Young Master Li match!” „It is not the match, our Suppressing Heaven Sea City can still fight, as the Suppressing Heaven Sea City disciple, will not flinch...... Dream Dragon King resounding powerful to say absolutely. In any event, he must resist makes First Ominous Person carry off Zi Cuining, otherwise, he is unable to teacher explain/justify .

That helps you, has killed them.” Li Qiye has interrupted the Dream Dragon King that resounding powerful words, told that the side changes to young servant Peacock Bright King to say. Going to battle Dream Dragon King also knew unable dead a natural death, he drank one severely, his war, did not fight only the words that ran away, he is unable to face the own teacher! Clang, clang and clang......” in this instantaneous, defends comes out of the sheath in this ancient pavilion all powerhouse instantaneous swords, blood energy like the rainbow, the aura of withering fills the air instantaneously. Killing at this moment, the Peacock Bright King slight hesitation, has not scolded one tenderly, leaps to empty, such as the flying phoenix enters saying that when take action is style, every gesture and motions fall, cuts the setting sun, shoots the bright moonlight, the ray is radiant, the prestige moves eight sides, very fierce powerful. The powerhouse who Bang, Bang and Bang......” resonate sound of disintegration, then pitiful yell resonate sound, these wear armor and carry weapons cannot block Peacock Bright King, was rumbled to kill by her within the short time collapses. Peacock Bright King is Bright Pearl City's Lord, obtained inheritance of Bright Pearl City, has the direction of Lu Zhang Sun, her cultivation in Suppressing Heaven Sea City absolutely is being able to stand in line given name. Saw that trivial young servant kills the Suppressing Heaven Sea City powerhouse such as completely routed, this makes many people look is surprised, so is formidable including young servant , side First Ominous Person rather is extremely in hidden dragons and crouching tigers, such strength, puts in the character who any place can dominate a side, now works as young servant side First Ominous Person unexpectedly, this rather was too domineering! Rests wildly!” At this time, Dream Dragon King has to go to battle, he gives a loud shout, leaps to empty, immediately was the whole body spout the ray, the eye-catching radiant ray covered Peacock Bright King instantaneously. All ray bang shoot to come, can penetrate all, can make into the screen the person instantaneously, but, Peacock Bright King scolds one tenderly, the body is Divine Ring covers, hears bang loud sound, blocked Dream Dragon King that bang to shoot, but to ray. However, buzz, Dream Dragon King ray becomes radiant, the eye-catching, instantaneous boundless piece, the inexhaustible ray submerges Peacock Bright King all of a sudden, Peacock Bright King vanished in this ray sea all of a sudden. Dream Dragon King ray was extremely was really dazzling, when many people saw this boundless light seas, was the state of mind drags at once, probably own soul must escape the hole to fly to be the same. This is the god vast technique of Suppressing Heaven Sea City, do not look at his ray, will otherwise illuminate you silly.” Some elders reminded the own younger generation immediately, all of a sudden for younger generation Dao Protector. When recovering, many young cultivator streaming for it cold sweat, looked that this ray can be out of sorts, if such light sea direct bang on the body of own, that lost soul all of a sudden, turned into the fool all of a sudden. Bang a resonate sound, in many people's god vast technique to the Dream Dragon King is panic-stricken, Peacock Bright King has torn the light sea, strikes Dream Dragon King hits spits blood.

But Peacock Bright King some motionless said that Dream Dragon King god vast technique, although can scoop up person soul, but, actually how Peacock Bright King slightly. Opening was hit Dream Dragon King complexion big change that spits blood, Sun Physique erupts, as Immortal Physique middle accomplishment him, when erupts Sun Physique, the entire space all of a sudden becomes the burning hot, at this time, his both hands turned, took out a god mirror. Buzz a resonate sound, Dream Dragon King the fire of Sun integrated in the god mirror instantaneously, the god mirror runs out of brilliance instantaneously, this brilliance is similar to the flood is the same, pinches the easily accomplished might to attack to Peacock Bright King. Must know that middle accomplishment Immortal Physique was formidable enough, Immortal Physique strength integrated this is only in the god mirror that the Dream Dragon King quantity body built, but this god mirror impact the brilliance powerful force could be imagined. Bang, under the so easily accomplished might, Peacock Bright King was also attacked, was flushed to fly by brilliance. However, in this electrical spark light, buttress tower necklace of Peacock Bright King front shone, Peacock Bright King no longer kept the own strength in this in an instant. Chirp a resonate sound, peacock long cry, Peacock Bright King behind instantaneously reappeared brightly with many colors, when this shines brightly with many colors, spreads the tail to be the same just like the peacock. „”, This peacock spreads the tail same bright with many colors rinses instantaneously, blocks brilliance that the impact came all of a sudden. Peacock Bright King sees like this brightly with many colors, Dream Dragon King knows what immediately own faces was, his big shout. Was late!” Peacock Bright King scolds one tenderly, that such as peacock screen depressing of bright with many colors, when this bird anode voltage next, just like is the heaven suppression, but under general, pinches is letting person strength irresistibly, under such strength, as if anything may be ground. Bang, Dream Dragon King cannot block Peacock Bright King the prestige of peacock screen at this moment, god mirror disintegration, bang, he was suppressed from airborne to fall to fall. However, he has not crawled, is Bang, a big foot drops from the clouds, steps him instantaneously, immediately makes him unable to move, in such under foot, he felt that just like beyond godly peak by a day was pressed is being same, the opportunity of continually standing up from failure does not have. What you see to step in own is Li Qiye, Dream Dragon King startled and anger, the complexion becomes flushed, was stepped on the under foot, this regarding him, is the great shame. Dream Dragon King shames among the anger, loud said to Peacock Bright King: Bright king, you are the Suppressing Heaven Sea City disciple, colludes with the bystander, this is the capital crime!”

Peacock Bright King was only coldly looked at Dream Dragon King one, did not pay attention to him, a few words did not say. Sees such one, many people feel strange, Peacock Bright King is a Suppressing Heaven Sea City side overlord, she will walk with Li Qiye in the same place, even is Suppressing Heaven Sea City for the enemy? At once, this causes many people for it daydream. Dream Dragon King of Li Qiye looks at under foot, said with a smile: I am a foot stamp you, keeps the one life to you, making you give Ye Jiu Zhou and Gu Zun belt words?” Li Qiye, must kill must blow as you like then, our Suppressing Heaven Sea City person will not beg for mercy absolutely, if I wrinkle the brow, is not the one man!” Dream Dragon King said loudly that is quite unyielding. Right?” Li Qiye shows the smiling face, said: This has aroused my interest but actually, I want to suffer you actually, looked that you have really unyieldingly so.” Fellow Daoist Li, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them.” At this time, an old sound resounded, at this time, has acted in a Flying Immortal Church this side old man, side this old man had several elders to accompany. Although this old man is White Haired is gray, but, eye actually cloudy Yang Ming extinguishes, Myriad Dao grows, when he looks at one toward the human, that feared that is other Virtuous Paragon Level character, one in heart cold, this old man was too formidable. Flying Immortal Church Old Ancestor, manages these time to arrive at Northern Grand Sea issuing order Shi Old Ancestor, is Horizontal World Godking!” Sees this Old Ancestor, has Large Sect Cult Master complexion big change, said. This Flying Immortal Church arrives at Northern Grand Sea, besides Long Ao Tian, is issues order by this Old Ancestor Shi, Flying Immortal Church seizes this piece of Sea Region the time, does not know that many resistances Monster Race important people died a tragic death in the hand of this Old Ancestor, therefore, Northern Grand Sea many powerhouses see this Old Ancestor, the complexion changes! Asked everybody to pay attention to micro letter public number „the Xiao Residence regiment, will issue that non-periodically did beyond wickedly, the Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng invincible riddle and Machine World beginning of an era could one after another untie.