Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1636
Listens to the Li Qiye's computation, Fine Chicken not to speak, but coldly is staring at Li Qiye, after crossing some little time, Fine Chicken then said: Dark Crow, even if you said right, even if our 200 stocks, that is also what kind of?” This is Immortal Crystal that our entire nest saves economically in everyday spending, era come, our own does not give up the chaotic flower, a province point is! We are left over 200 stocks, that is also we laborious obtained.” Here, Fine Chicken said seriously: These 200 stocks, are our lifeblood, is last dependence that our entire nest survives. If our a little lifeblood you want to snatch half, we did not agree that absolutely, we will not accept your request absolutely.” Here, Fine Chicken was also manner becomes gets tough, is not willing to give Li Qiye 100 Immortal Crystal. Li Qiye has smiled, said: I know that you are left over a little Immortal Crystal not to be easy, but I am not easy, therefore everybody is not easy, however the fact or the fact, I take 100!” Dark Crow, we most can only give you 20, this is our limits.” Fine Chicken said strongly: If you are not willing to do, that good everybody to pat two powder at the worst!” I know that Dark Crow you are very extraordinary, everyone annoys you, but you do too excessively, we also only then come a fight in which both sides perish.” Fine Chicken cold voice said: Independent combat, we are do not hit you, but do not forget, we are the entire nest. If you strive to excel, even if we have been at cost of the life, exhausts all stocks, we are also same must put together life and death with you!” Although said that we cannot kill you, but, Dark Crow, so long as we independently one abundant, you could not win us, you were getting more and more greedy, we only then came a fight in which both sides perish, to reiterate our Fine Chicken Immortal Ore manner! No matter you are formidable, your I must according to the beforehand agreement, otherwise, everybody do not want to play!” Speaking of finally, Fine Chicken is very spirited, ten points indignant men! You can give it all.” Li Qiye said lightly: But, this time I come to here not to have the plan and you discussed that I need 100 Fine Chicken Immortal Crystal, even if you do not give that also to, otherwise that makes me hold your chicken coops independently evenly, I take all Immortal Crystal!” The Fine Chicken manner is firm, but the Li Qiye's manner is also very firm. Dark Crow, does your meaning need to make war with our Fine Chicken Immortal Ore?” Fine Chicken looks angrily at Li Qiye.

Makes war, this manner depends on you.” Li Qiye said slowly: In brief, this era you must pay the price, the world free lunch, I have not been give you Fine Chicken Immortal Ore to bring tranquilly. Tranquility that now you want to continue, that must pay expenses, this is must!” Dark Crow, do not forget, our essence observes Immortal Ore to pay expenses! You have also borrowed Immortal Crystal from us, but this time you extremely opened the mouth in the lion greatly.” Fine Chicken cold voice said. this era is different, therefore this you of payout must pay.” Li Qiye said lightly: this era will certainly be my general attack, becomes also in this act, the defeat also in this act, but before finally the decisive battle, I must put down some to look for my troublesome various Emperors and Deities, therefore I need the resources, after having the resources quelled all stumbling obstacles, I can wholeheartedly a ultimate war!” That is your matter, has nothing to do with us.” Fine Chicken cold voice said. Has nothing to do with you?” Li Qiye has smiled, said: Fine Chicken, your tranquilities is who gives? this era, I, if ultimate war, no matter the final victory or defeat how, this will let you breathing heavily one breath, if I won, that was needless saying that your entire nest does not need to hide in this damned place will never see the light of day! Therefore you want the light, thinks that was always not staring by Old Thief Heaven, should you pay the price? Should subsidize me?” Therefore , I take 100 Immortal Crystal to you, that was very benevolent, since this read in us has cooperated in the happy share, otherwise, I open the mouth am 200 Immortal Crystal!” Li Qiye coldly said. Regarding Li Qiye such words, Fine Chicken silent, finally, it still shook the head, the manner said firmly: Dark Crow, you must always fight a decisive battle, we are very gratified, hopes that you can succeed. However, at this matter, we could not help you......” „...... No one knows how this war will end, said that the sentence selfish words, approached to the dark boundless day, we also needed this grain ration to endure this long years! This point stock is our lifeblood, if you need, we can only to you 20, many not be again good, we can only say that is likes being able not to help!” Here, the Fine Chicken manner has strengthened, leeway that has not discussed again. Li Qiye smiled, shook the head, said: I have said that my this time, with you did not discuss that I need, give do not give am beyond control you, you must put out 100 Immortal Crystal to come!” The Fine Chicken manner is strong, but the Li Qiye's manner is stronger.

Dark Crow, then, can you knock with us hardly? You declare war to us!” Fine Chicken coldly said: You wanted three to think, our Fine Chicken Immortal Ore was not your enemy, if you burnt here the flames of war, only feared that this is in your life the biggest erroneous decision!” I did not deny that your Fine Chicken Immortal Ore is very formidable is very indeed formidable, as one of the Six Great Immortal Ancestral Earths, Immortal Emperor cannot capture your this piece of Immortal Ore, otherwise, your this Immortal Ore already were also snatched. The matter that however Immortal Emperor cannot do, representative I cannot do, is that is just I willing to do that's all, being worth me doing that's all. Such as you said such, our continuously cooperation happy......” Here, Li Qiye looks at Fine Chicken, continued saying: Because since had continuously the happy cooperation, this time, I say a hello with you, therefore sincerely to you will talk that this matter, otherwise, I already wielded the soldier to come, do not utter a word, held you!” Dark Crow, your this also underestimated our Fine Chicken Immortal Ore, did not deny that your method was numerous, soldiers and horses all over the sky, but this representative you cannot be able to take our Fine Chicken Immortal Ore!” Fine Chicken cold voice said. No, I, had not planned that today leads troops to attack your Fine Chicken Immortal Ore, I want to look at the same thing to you, after you looked at such thing, decided again should give me 100 Fine Chicken Immortal Crystal.” Li Qiye smiled to say. Fine Chicken both eyes one severe, said slowly: Any thing!” „A very ancient very ancient thing, compared in society any ancient thing, continuously only thing of existence in legend!” Li Qiye has shown the smiling face, saying, him was taking out the crystal column, this instantaneously had once suppressed the Peacock Bright King crystal column! Fine Chicken looks at this crystal column time, first, it does not have many to care, when it looks at second, it like damn, complexion deathly white, the manner is frightened, has drawn back instantaneously continually several steps, on it remained not much chicken feathers to be frightened all of a sudden to explode, the scattered chicken feather high peak gets up all of a sudden. Fine Chicken these time was daunted, at once its somewhat dumbstruck looks at crystal column. Must know that Fine Chicken its such rank, that is can with existence that Immortal Emperor talked, but, that feared that its this type can with Immortal Emperor peaceful dialog existence, these be frightened feels timid. In fact, do not say is Fine Chicken, even if Immortal Emperor knows that this crystal column the words of origin, that same will be frightened feel timid, this thing was too terrorist, it is only existence in legend.

At once, Fine Chicken is staring at the crystal column stubbornly, although nobody has seen this thing, but, in crystal column is containing strength is absolutely real, this point is unable to deceive existence of their this rank, some even if people have wanted to create a false impression, but, this strength is unable to make! „After this is impossible to be frightened Fine Chicken that the chicken feather explodes to stare at the crystal column very much to be long, finally said inconceivable: This thing absolutely is among impossible existence in the world, in society is impossible to have this type of thing!” It is placed in front of you.” Li Qiye said leisurely and carefree: In your heart is also very clear, although you have not seen this thing, but already acknowledged its existence in the heart.” In society real existence this thing, but impossible to be found, since beginning of an era, not only you have sought, once had more ancient existence, compared with Deities emperor more formidable existence, has sought for it in long beginning of an era!” Fine Chicken muttered said. In fact, your old fogey had also sought, what a pity, had not found.” Li Qiye said leisurely and carefree. But, who am I? Do not forget, Fine Chicken, I press out the news that others cannot press out from many people, for example, nest Fine Chicken like you, the old thing that lives, I from you, from them, pressed out many great clue......” Li Qiye said leisurely and carefree: These news clues are not you can press out to obtain, after I piece together all clues, after era plan, finally it takes.” Here, Li Qiye sighed in the heart secretly, for this extremely thing, he far more than has spent countless painstaking care finally, has paid the serious price! You can find it, impossible to seal it, carries off it, this is the impossible matter, this thing kills the Deities emperors, that is not the difficult matter, you impossible to bring to come out it!” Fine Chicken very does not believe that muttered said.