Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1659
Puts regarding Li Qiye's, the female in Yellow Silk is also only cold snort one. Li Qiye was not offended, takes down floated jade bottle only above water puddle, then curled Yellow Silk, has put in only in jade bottle slowly. When Yellow Silk has put in only in jade bottle, immediately hears has incited the sound to resound, has probably any thing to melt is the same, then, the jade bottle bottle mouth has emitted smog continuously only, probably this smog is poisonous. looks at emitted smog continuously, Li Qiye has smiled lightly, said: How fearful curse, the so long years passed, once the seal purified the innumerable years, the pernicious vestige so is still fearful.” In the past this Yellow Silk by seal in ancient pottery, was experienced the seal and purification of long years, but still also has so fearful curse strength, it can be imagined in the past this curse how fearful, how scary. After Yellow Silk has put in only jade bottle, Li Qiye received jade bottle, looks at accumulated the water puddle only the Crystal marrow fluid, he showed the smiling face, said: Although was the waste, but cannot miss, should use.” Although said that all essence in this marrow fluid water puddle suction by only jade bottle, but must know that Clean Water Crystal is the world extraordinary quality, the common people cannot obtain this type of thing rarely, what is more precious is the Clean Water Crystal 10,000 years seeps out drop of Crystal marrow fluid, this Crystal marrow fluid was it can be imagined precious. At present this water puddle suction the essence, the water that leaves behind was called the waste water by Li Qiye, in fact that feared that is waste water this to the in the world person is also precious incomparable Immortal Water ! I happen to have a thing to need to wash completely the impurity, needs to purify.” Li Qiye opened Fate Palace with a smile, has put a thing in Medicine Field. What was put from Fate Palace Medicine Field by Li Qiye is Yang Vine, after it was put by Li Qiye, cheers one. When Yang Vine sees accumulates the water puddle the Crystal marrow fluid, that is much more excited, cannot bear cheer one, then crash dug in this water puddle. This water puddle was called waste water by Li Qiye, in fact it is precious Immortal Water , especially is difficult to have any Immortal Water to be able in purification wash in comparison. Yang Vine takes root, immediately is absorbing the Crystal marrow fluid crazily, that is feared that can not attract entire water puddle one, therefore, can hear Tzzzzzzzzz at once the sound of drinking like a fish. Yang Vine, all over the body golden yellow, Yi Ye/one leaf one branch the casting is the same just like gold, has the scarlet light to be mobile in a Yang Vine within the body, this is a Yang Vine within the body flows the raging fire to be the same probably, as if this within the body is flowing the raging fire is quite violent, it can burn down all.

Yang Vine it is extremely rare rare Immortal Vine , its within the body indeed is accumulated has fearful incomparable Essence Fire, this Essence Fire calls Yang Qinghuo, this Essence Fire might is quite powerful. Yang Vine ties gourd , this gourd was only mature, looked like already to when it's mature, it falls the time, but it has actually hung above Yang Vine, had not fallen to the ground. Yang Vine the gourd has tied was very long, it experienced the baptism of long years, because of so, this only gourd can hear the intermittent thunderous sound, because in this only gourd accumulated has ancient strength. This only gourd according to the time, already should be when it's mature, it falls, but, it had not actually fallen to the ground, because it is not very perfect. In fact, for this gourd Li Qiye has also spent many painstaking care, once many honeydew Immortal Water irrigation, but, Li Qiye is also good, Yang Vine, sends regarding this only gourd in the great expectations, therefore, this gourd is the difference so is only little throughout, therefore, it did not have when it's mature, it falls. Tzzzzzzzzz......” Yang Vine is absorbing the Crystal marrow fluid crazily, Yang Vine within the short time attracted cleanly, Yang Vine all marrow fluids probably hits Bao Ge to be the same at this time. At this time „” a resonate sound, Yang Vine one branch Yi Ye/one leaf emitted azure smoke continuously, to emit water vapor continuously, was the moisture is dense at once, the vapor braved. Moreover in Yang Vine one branch Yi Ye/one leaf flees to jump the light green flame, original Yang Vine Yang Qinghuo with own within the body builds up the Crystal marrow fluid that is attracting in cui directly, it must press out to build up the essence from all Crystal marrow fluids. Finally hears slightly Tzzzzzzzzz sound, at this time can see that the tiny water line flowed to gourd , just like was on the superposition light water film was the same in this time gourd , moreover this water film seeped into gourd slowly. Along with the time quarters past, was after very long, hears clatter, clatter and clatter the sound resounded, sees only gourd to seep out a little bit thing unexpectedly. The thing of this little bit seems like red, carefully looks is more like [gold/metal] slag, the sediment that after this probably is refines gold, keeps. Reason that this is gourd did not have when it's mature, it falls, because of gourd insufficiently purely, gourd within the body lives the impurity, this will be affecting the entire only gourd quality. Although said the impurity that this gourd within the body grows is very small, but, it is very big to the entire gourd influence, if there is this slight impurity to make entire only gourd fall realm, fell a level!

Finally, under the purification of Crystal marrow fluid, this only gourd finally purifies all impurities, then, heard bang a light cry, bang the sound resounded, was flees unexpectedly when this time gourd lightning, this lightning jumped out, gourd must fly probably, lightning as if changed to the both wings. Thump a resonate sound, has heard sound of the sad heart beat just like the earth, finally welcomed when it's mature, it falls in this moment this only gourd , it falls off from Yang Vine, floats off slowly, wants to fly to escape to go. However has Li Qiye here, how also possibly to make gourd fly to escape to go, in electrical spark light, Li Qiye grasped this only gourd all of a sudden in the hand. gourd in the Li Qiye hand is the ray twinkle, looks like looks like the [gold/metal] bottle gourd is the same, moreover it has sent out one intermittently thump, thump and thump thunderous sound, this thunderous sound is long and clear, very vigorous powerful, as if in a such [gold/metal] bottle gourd nourishing a stretch of primal chaos world is the same, as if this inside has a side world person birth to be the same. The people who when this [gold/metal] bottle gourd in the hand, even if cannot only judge the quality of goods know that it is a great thing. good thing.” gourd that in the Li Qiye looks at hand golden light sparkles, said: Really is uncut jade that one piece of has not carved, I will certainly carve carefully, in the future must blossom in radiant splendor!” Such gourd is unrivaled, if after the experience builds up, it will certainly become extremely formidable extremely fearful treasure! A Northern Grand Sea tranquility, but, this is the storm approaches the beforehand tranquility, like this tranquil atmosphere constrains many person some unable to breathe, especially some older generation important people, they were smell storm to be going to approach very sensitively. After Li Qiye the Long Ao Tian bang flies, Northern Grand Sea few people dare to discuss this matter, at least few people dare to discuss frankly and uprightly this matter, the most people also can only discuss one or two in secret. Although said that Long Ao Tian was flown by the First Ominous Person bang, but, everybody knows, so long as Flying Immortal Church also, then it looks like the one piece of giant stone same presses above the hearts of all people. Especially since these days, Flying Immortal Church more and more disciples, more and more powerhouses was transmitted Northern Grand Sea, saw that great ships drop from the clouds, saw that godly peak and ancient temple appear above sky, the entire Northern Grand Sea atmosphere becomes concentrates. At once, Flying Immortal Church as if must adjust the mighty force from own ancestral land, they as if transferred regiments, prepares to go all out. When Flying Immortal Church so many powerhouses arrive at Northern Grand Sea, everybody understands that the genuine storm must approach.

When thinks when Flying Immortal Church this One sect having 5 Emperors Northern Grand Sea of inheritance to launches the war, no matter what kind of Sect, no matter what kind of inheritance, shivered in the heart, once the flames of war light in Northern Grand Sea, the consequence cannot withstand the imagination, perhaps Northern Grand Sea will be changed, may be many Large Sect inheritance vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke in a such war. Hoping First Ominous Person can be invincible, hopes that he can advance the bottom horizontally, one breath straight plow Huang Ting.” Saw that Flying Immortal Church started to transfer the mighty force, many the big sects and countries Old Ancestor secretly prayed in the heart. Although said that First Ominous Person is not the friendly stubble, but, everybody understands that First Ominous Person this person does not have what interest regarding Northern Grand Sea this land. However Flying Immortal Church is different, Flying Immortal Church arrives in Northern Grand Sea, they must overcome own camp, overcomes the own foundation, therefore, they might dispatch troops to conquer Northern Grand Sea anytime, but Monster Race and Sea Oddity fate learns from another's mistakes! Naturally, clearly knows Flying Immortal Church may launch the war to Northern Grand Sea anytime, but, which Sect also does not have and which border country to stand to oppose Flying Immortal Church, resists Flying Immortal Church. No one wants first to stand, the person who because first stands must be destroyed completely by Flying Immortal Church, therefore, Northern Grand Sea many the big sects and countries one after another put to cultivate the behavior. Many Old Ancestor are longed for that First Ominous Person can push Flying Immortal Church horizontally, but, in their hearts also lacked self-confidence, thought that this possibility letter is very low. Although said that First Ominous Person indeed is ominously arrives in a complete mess, but, pushes Flying Immortal Church horizontally, that is the easier said than done matter, One sect having 5 Emperors has incomparably deep background, it can stand erect Eternal, in society besides Immortal Emperor, only feared that also nobody can shake it again. When the Flying Immortal Church reassignment mighty force arrives at Northern Grand Sea, Flying Immortal Church many powerhouses start the coagulation area Bright Pearl River Islet, started to form has sieged the potential of Bright Pearl City!