Emperor's Domination - Volume 17 - Chapter 1675
A True God Zhen Shi so saying, Yu Taijun also looks at was flowing Grand Dao, could not see any clue, said: Differently what does this have?” Yu Taijun is also lives eventually is inferior to True God Zhen Shi to be long, has seen Heaven's Will on that's all, experiences the aspect and True God Zhen Shi compares indeed to have a disparity. strength, Grand Dao, the rule of world.” True God Zhen Shi stares at Grand Dao that one is flowing, said slowly: As if it is shortcoming anything, or is it is agreeing with anything to be the same, in brief this Nine Worlds gathering and past differed from.” „The Zhen Shi vision is vicious.” Li Qiye said with a smile: this era, this will certainly be out of the ordinary, this was incessantly different to past era, even was different to disappearance beginning of an era. This is unprecedented era, this beginning of an era will be out of the ordinary because of this era.” „Is our the beginning of an era peak?” True God Zhen Shi accidentally said. No, our era have not reached the beginning of an era peak.” Li Qiye shook the head with a smile, said: But this era and this beginning of an era will be out of the ordinary because of my Li Qiye. In this era, even if not our beginning of an era peak, will also certainly win in the peak! This era will certainly arrive at the world in my hands the end, this beginning of an era will be doomed in my hands radiantly, the people of later generation cannot reach this altitude again!” Li Qiye this saying sounds in others or blows own horn, but True God Zhen Shi and Yu Taijun sound to think natural, because they know Sir, for such era arrived at that accumulated the long incomparable years, nobody has made the so huge far long strategy compared with him! Especially True God Zhen Shi, he followed Li Qiye to attend the immortal war, he understands the card in a hand in Li Qiye hand to imagine anybody is more fearful, this also has been he can stand erect since Eternal to the present reason! this era, I incessantly become Immortal Emperor.” Li Qiye shows the smiling face, said slowly: In this era Heaven's Will to me, that also just embellishes that's all!” Heaven's Will also just embellishes that's all!” Hears such brave words, even if follows Li Qiye's Yu Taijun for it stare blankly, she knew certainly Li Qiye's heaven defying, when said Heaven's Will also is just embellishes that's all these words is makes Yu Taijun shock. Heaven's Will, although this is not Immortal Emperor all, but this is the Immortal Emperor invincible energy, is Immortal Emperor most formidable taking advantage, now Li Qiye says Heaven's Will also just to embellish that's all, trades to be the bystander to hear Li Qiye such words that not to believe absolutely, but True God Zhen Shi and Yu Taijun will know this real! Above Heaven's Will also has other things?” True God Zhen Shi asked. Or has, either does not have, this is not good to define.” Li Qiye said with a smile: But, above era that has broader time category, this is beginning of an era!”

beginning of an era!” True God Zhen Shi is appreciating Li Qiye these words carefully, because he knows the beginning of an era significance. beginning of an era is a category of time, like such that Li Qiye said that beginning of an era was comprised of innumerable era. Like immediately time brief history, immediately era, is some Immortal Emperor era, or is entire Emperors Era, even is Emperors Era beforehand Desolate Expansion Era, more remote Desolate Era, these era in beginning of an era. Also in other words, this beginning of an era has included Desolate Era, Desolate Expansion Era, Ancient Ming Era as well as present Emperors Era. Also once some people had said that this beginning of an era beginning lies in Desolate Era, this view is real or false, is unable to examine, nobody knows where this beginning of an era true beginning dates from! „Is Heaven's Will only the embellishment, Sir will be tracking down what kind of strength?” Even if the Yu Taijun such calm people cannot bear ask. Li Qiye has smiled, shakes the head gently, said: Qing Feng (cool breeze), you thought simply the end of world, where in the future ultimate will fight to be so easy, only depended on trivial Heaven's Will, that was insufficient. Otherwise does not have Immortal Emperor and Immortal Monarch to advance uninterruptedly on this path. Once many shocking Emperor, once many invincible greatness held up, they dropped down on this one path, once had the Peerless Wushuang/matchless camp, once has to shovel the even all alliances, but dropped down on this one path.” „The war of this one path is very brutal , compared with the war of end of the world, the struggle of any Heaven's Will, the struggle of any Heaven's Will last war, that is just one group of children has played game that's all of each family, is not worth mentioning.” Here, Li Qiye sighed gently. I believe that Sir can laugh last, Sir has the innumerable cards in a hand, has only trump card, can destroy all fully.” Yu Taijun said. Li Qiye smiled, shook the head, said: I have many cards in a hand, but, this type of card in a hand can only say that is effective regarding the life, can threaten many existence like my card in a hand, no matter Burial Grounds, or is Immortal Emperor, I have the card in a hand to threaten them, even above 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, I also still has the cards in a hand and all emperor Immortal Monarch for the enemy. But, the end of world, these cards in a hand useless.” Sir only trump card?” True God Zhen Shi could not bear talk too much to speak a few words. Only trump card that True God Zhen Shi said that is the crystal column, is the same day Li Qiye takes to threaten Fine Chicken Immortal Ore that thing.

This thing can only say that is the deterrent.” Li Qiye shook the head gently, said: No matter its might big, this thing comes out, everybody played. Do not speak of ten thousand not to oneself, even if in most desperate era, this thing is unusable, this thing, all did not have the significance, all did not have. I have this thing in the hand, plays deters, bets is the energy, looked that who can calm down, the person of being able to calm down is steady, the person who Dao Heart can stand firm can laugh last!” Here, Li Qiye looks at one was flowing Grand Dao, said: Therefore, I need true strength, needs to dominate in all above strength, cannot play the deterrent, only then like this at the end of the world finally fights me to laugh last, therefore Heaven's Will that also just embellishes that's all in front of such strength.” Yu Taijun and True God Zhen Shi are silent, that feared that formidable is unable to imagine this strength to their such situations how formidable, but they have seen the Immortal Emperor person, they know that Immortal Emperor is how formidable, especially when Immortal Emperor by the Heaven's Will violent walks, that is the terror peerless matter. But now strength of Li Qiye pursue just embellishes that's all including Heaven's Will, this type has exceeded their imagination formidable. Was only a pity that the subordinate cannot see Sir to fight the all ages elegant demeanor alone.” True God Zhen Shi also sigh with emotion said. Li Qiye smiled, looks at remote sky, said slowly: Sometimes cannot see is also a happiness, when victory is ringing the universe, if has defeated, inconceivable.” Like this lets True God Zhen Shi and Yu Taijun is silent, in the future remote fights them not to dare to imagine, is not willing to imagine, they have experienced the person of war, knows that this rank the war also wants on brutally not to have the several fold compared with the most brutal war that they lifetime go through. Heaven's Will becomes, this makes Nine Worlds all cultivator excited, they waited till this moment to arrive regarding many cultivator finally, innumerable cultivator and numerous the big sects and countries were eager to try. Moreover every was discussing at once Immortal Emperor popular candidate, naturally each Immortal Emperor popular candidate is different, after all now Nine Worlds has not passed, each talent has not experienced the genuine tangled warfare and contest, everybody also can only appraise in the own world. In the Mortal Sovereign World liveliest candidate naturally was First Ominous Person and Long Ao Tian, but favors First Ominous Person in present many people, because naturally had Flying Immortal Church to support in the back , many people favored Long Ao Tian. Heaven's Will becomes this news will make Mortal Sovereign World many people fall into joyfully, but, this joyful happy does not get up not long, especially regarding Northern Grand Sea Sect cultivator, this even was a disaster approaches. Bang loud sound, is shocking entire Northern Grand Sea in this day loud sound, suddenly, on sky lowered the one thick incomparable black column, this black column seems like the tornado.

This one black column dangles from sky like the tornado is pinching Peerless Wushuang/matchless storm strength! Such strength tore into shreds Vault of Heaven instantaneously, the direct impact has approached Northern Grand Sea Large Sect whereabouts. This Large Sect it can be said that has ten three border country Large Sect in Northern Grand Sea, ancestral land background is quite deep, they had left Godking. Is attacked, meets head-on!” Saw that this black tornado direct impact comes, this Large Sect all Old Ancestor were alarmed, furiously roared yelled that said. „When clang, clang and clang at once alarm has resounded through Large Sect each corner, moreover this Large Sect one layer upon layer defended to rise immediately. Bang a resonate sound, however the defense of entire Large Sect under this black tornado collapses at the first blow, easily accomplished, was destroyed instantaneously. Killing sees such one, this Large Sect all disciples, all powerhouses and all Old Ancestor simultaneously take action, caused completely the strength of nursing, even had Old Ancestor to burn own blood energy to make in the life most formidable struck. Bang, bang and bang......” bang the sound is lingering on faintly, the day swings shakes, no matter this Large Sect about all disciples strike fully how formidable, however is not worth mentioning before the black tornado, their attacks were ripped by the fearful storm instantaneously crush. Ah! at once, the sad and shrill incomparable pitiful yell sound penetrating the world, saw only this Large Sect all disciples to be curled by the fearful black tornado all of a sudden, was ripped all of a sudden crushes, changed to blood fog, Old Ancestor was no exception, to be inescapable.