Emperor's Domination - Volume 18 - Chapter 1725
After Li Qiye leaves Immortal Demon Grotto, is buzz a resonate sound, his between the eyebrows reappeared in this in an instant a small vortex, obtained the approval of Heaven's Will in this moment Li Qiye without a doubt. Li Qiye can obtain the matter that Heaven's Will approval this is also nothing unusual, cannot obtain the approval of Heaven's Will by his 13 Fate Palace good fortune, then in society other was more impossible to obtain the approval of Heaven's Will. Obtained the approval of Heaven's Will, Li Qiye does not have quite happily what, he responded very ordinary, but light smiled, said slowly: Finally came, this should also become my point stopping time.” When the Li Qiye words fall, he has hit between the eyebrows, buzz a resonate sound, reappeared the ray in this moment Li Qiye between the eyebrows, this ray is sends out by three Dao Light glow, these three Dao Light glow separately are Gold, Silver, Iron these three colors, moreover these three Dao Light glow are complicated mutually, mutual encirclement, when three Dao Light glow past will be, as if never will stop being same in a steady stream. In this in an instant, these three Dao Light glow in Li Qiye between the eyebrows all of a sudden becomes incomparably radiant, during this was radiant reappeared Gold, Silver, Iron these three eddy currents, the ray turnovers of three eddy currents, as if can build up 9 Heavens 10 Worlds to be the same. Buzz a resonate sound, instantaneously that small vortex of Heaven's Will approval catches in three eddy currents that this reappeared instantaneously, the small vortex of Heaven's Will approval looked like astrays the small gnat of spider web to be the same, was deadlocked instantaneously. Although the small vortex of Heaven's Will approval wants to move with effort, however under these three Gold, Silver, Iron eddy currents actually that small and weak, actually that not worthy of mentioning. The small vortex of this Heaven's Will approval within the short time was reappeared instantaneously in Gold, Silver, Iron three Great Vortex builds up, was built up Dao Light glow. Must know the Dao Celestial life is Carrying era strength, its Carrying Nine Worlds Myriad Dao strength, but actually such easily was built up to melt in the small vortex of this moment Heaven's Will approval, this it can be imagined Gold, Silver, Iron three Great Vortex strength how fearful, how formidable. Then was reappearing Gold, Silver, Iron three Great Vortex vanished, was still three Dao Light glow pasts to circle the link to be restless in Li Qiye between the eyebrows, but in this time heard clang a resonate sound, the symbol of Heaven's Will approval is built up to turn into Dao Light glow, but this Dao Light glow fell on the below of Gold, Silver, Iron these three Dao Light glow, followed behind their buttocks, became these three eddy currents points stops. In this time heard clang, clang and clang a resonate sound, the Gold, Silver, Iron three Dao Light glow simultaneously has projected three Dao Law, these three Dao Law have fired into sky, injected on Vault of Heaven in instantaneously that circulation restless Heaven's Will vortex. Bang, bang and bang......” shiver in this instantaneous Heaven's Will, entire Heaven's Will sways, then Heaven's Will sent out the ray, the one principle in Heaven's Will has been flowing three colors, these three colors separately were Gold, Silver, Iron, moreover these three colors , in the principle flowed that probably was plated, as if these three colors have left behind the brand mark in Heaven's Will. looks at such, Li Qiye has shown the light smiling face, during all these in his grasp. When Heaven's Will shivers, Nine Worlds has had an accident, has sent out the huge matter, entire Nine Worlds overturned the heavens, does not know that many people stayed the soul to fly.

Ah! has transmitted a sad and shrill pitiful yell in Nine Worlds some Large Sect suddenly, this is the pitiful yell that this Large Sect god child sent came, but their this god children were just approved by Heaven's Will in previous the day, was selected as one of the Immortal Emperor candidates. Now the god child exudes pitiful yell sound suddenly, has been up and down scared Large Sect, this Large Sect Old Ancestor for a while the gate pulse to the place that the god child lived. What happened?” Had Old Ancestor to clash, immediately yelled. „It is not good, the important matter is not good.” This god child is absentminded, said with amazement: I, I, I, my small vortex disappears.” What small vortex disappears?” This Old Ancestor of teaching suddenly in consternation, has not responded that does not know what said is anything. This god child tucks in the hair breathless, reveals between the eyebrows, yelled that said: „The approval of Heaven's Will, it disappears suddenly, damn!” This Old Ancestor of teaching look at the god child between the eyebrows place is a blank, air-to-air such as wild, anything does not have, this makes them be similar to immediately is killed by lightning to be the same, stayed there at once, for a very long time cannot respond. Their god children obtained the approval of Heaven's Will in previous the day, the small vortex between between the eyebrows is a symbol of Supreme glory, now this sign disappears suddenly, this simply was too stirring. „It is not good, some people of Carrying Heaven's Will, some people became Immortal Emperor.” Oldest Old Ancestor responded that changed colors with amazement, screamed that said. Is who became Immortal Emperor!” Other Old Ancestor hear such words, with amazement, the war of Heaven's Will has not started, suddenly some people became Immortal Emperor, this dull was simply silly the person. „It is not right, Heaven's Will also, look, Heaven's Will not there?” After some Old Ancestor responded, looked at sky, screamed that pointed at Heaven's Will on sky to say. Other Old Ancestor one after another raise one's head looked that really Heaven's Will is still hanging above sky, its circulation is still restless, it has not vanished. Damn!” Oldest Old Ancestor complexion deathly white, looks like sees the ghost to be the same at once continually, cannot believe that eye of own, an eye opens the eyes in a big way.

Old Ancestor, this, this, is actually this how a matter?” This god child is also absentminded, is unable to accept a such fact at once, is busy at being held responsible oldest Old Ancestor. This oldest Old Ancestor stares speechless from item recovers, he smiles bitterly and astringently, said: This, this, this situation I have not seen, according to truth, time that only when some people win finally, when this person Carrying Heaven's Will, your between the eyebrows the sign will vanish. If Heaven's Will also, if still also nobody becomes Immortal Emperor, your signs will not vanish. The ordinary circumstances, this, this should be so.” Here, this Old Ancestor a little lacked in resonance, because he has not seen such situation, such situation was really too strange. Is impossible on the same day, the person who exudes the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound incessantly only then, Nine Worlds these approved talent one after another has exuded the pitiful yell sound, Venerable, Diamond World Wandering Monk like the West Bull World Heaven Saint god wait / etc. sad and shrill big shout. Because their Heaven's Will marks within this same day time vanished, this frightened the soul to fly them. Nine Worlds all obtains the people of Heaven's Will approval at the same time the Heaven's Will mark to vanish.” Explosive the news within the short time has spread over entire Nine Worlds, such news explodes entire Nine Worlds to seethe with excitement. This, this, this is how possible not to know after many Old Ancestor hear such news, screamed. Once witnessed Old Ancestor that Immortal Emperor has become enlightened to think inconceivable, said with amazement: Only after some people become Immortal Emperor Carrying Heaven's Will, this sign meets the news, now, Heaven's Will actually still, why will have such matter now!” From the beginning many people also think that this is only the accidental event, when the news spreads over Nine Worlds they realized that this is not an accidental matter, this was all had such matter by the people of Heaven's Will approval. After this news passes on, Nine Worlds all person dumbfounded, all person first responses look at sky, but Heaven's Will still, it still is also still hanging above Vault of Heaven. Has such matter to be puzzling, that feared that experience broadest Old Ancestor, that feared that once witnessed old fossil that several Immortal Emperor have become enlightened, is unable to explain all that has at present. Heaven's Will obviously also, in good condition, Nine Worlds all candidates were eliminated suddenly struggled the qualifications of Heaven's Will unexpectedly, such matter is unable to imagine in anybody opinion. Difficult, difficult, could it be that this era really out of the ordinary?” Some Old Ancestor also absentmindedly said.

Must cloud over, must change.” Has the true invincible generation to revive from the ancient sinking coffin, after knowing such matter, shivered, said with amazement: Nine Worlds control take action is earth-shaking, will then have the important matter surely, the common people self-help is fortunate, the person of not long eye will die surely in his hands.” Although this invincible existence does not understand that must what happened specifically, but they had speculated that this has the relations with Dark Crow, moreover Dark Crow is planning the heaven frightening important matter. This type experiences in the Dark Crow fearful invincible generation of heart to understand truly, if Dark Crow once plans the heaven frightening important matter, that means that must cloud over, was extinguished under his plan by the slaughter like past Ancient Ming. Today had such matter, although their this invincible existence do not know that then what happened, but they warned direct disciple, immediately hid, did not permit to leave the entrance again, otherwise brought the total destruction to Sect, he was only held responsible. Certainly is the smelly Qiye dry misdemeanor.” After the Heaven's Will symbol vanishes, Long Jingxian jumped immediately, shouts indignantly greatly, gets out of trouble in entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, must look for Li Qiye to do accounts. Long Jingxian knows that other people cannot achieve this matter, only has Li Qiye to make this matter. Has also smiled bitterly as for other females, this intends pit Nine Worlds simply, first lets Nine Worlds talent powerhouse excited, is as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket, hasn't this thrown trough cold water toward other head on? He has controlled Heaven's Will, Heaven's Will regarding him is just one on his battle path embellishes that's all.” When Long Jingxian full Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect looks Li Qiye is unlucky, Bu Lianxiang with a smile said. Long Jingxian had not found Li Qiye, the air/Qi results in the tooth to be itchy, said bitterly: Smelly Qiye came back, I must with his definitely high, looked that his 13 Fate Palace is fierce, is this Miss 12 Fate Palace is invincible!”