Emperor's Domination - Volume 18 - Chapter 1760
Burning Hot Wall, looks like by Heavenly Fire has burnt the place, this place was fired Scarlet Earth, a deathly stillness, does not have the vitality. In Qing Continent also once many people think that Burning Hot Wall indeed had been burnt by Heavenly Fire, because Burning Hot Wall many rocks melted, even there are many places to have the porcelain condition, this means that this lands high had been burnt down to the unimaginable raging fire. Can be such temperature the raging fire, only feared that also only had Heavenly Fire, because of so, Qing Continent many people guessed that this lands indeed had been burnt down by Heavenly Fire. The Burning Hot Wall temperature is very blazing, walks in the Burning Hot Wall desert, the foot is stepping on the sand of feeling hot, the top of the head the blazing sunlight, only feared that many people will walk to go crazy quickly on Burning Hot Wall. Regarding cultivator, walks on Burning Hot Wall or does not have anything, after all cultivator can the flying apsaras escape, can the heat-protected protection against the cold, but regarding the mortal, will walk on Burning Hot Wall will not die of thirst, because became lost to starve to death, even might be cannot withstand here will go crazy dead blazingly. This time Li Qiye is a mortal, Dao Foundation is destroyed, the cultivation end, he of lacking the strength to truss up a chicken was even inferior including the mortals. Just, Li Qiye walks above Burning Hot Wall, he is actually content with honorable poverty, strolls general, that feared that is the sand of under foot feels hot, that fears is the hot sun on top of the head arrives blazingly maddeningly, even was as thirsty split as the lip, the throat belched smoke, but these misery did not have what influence regarding Li Qiye. He has received the innumerable misery in society, he has received compared with this more painful a lot of times of misery, therefore serene of such misery regarding him, not worthy of mentioning. Li Qiye is not first time comes Burning Hot Wall, therefore he recognized the direction, led the way step by step, has not stayed. Naturally Li Qiye sharply is not leaving here, even he sharply is not leaving Qing Continent. Meanwhile he is also not Ming Yexue they worried that after all has Yellow Dragon and Tyrant Tiger to clear the way for them, does not have what to be good to worry. Yellow Dragon and Tyrant Tiger simultaneously take action, if not ten 12 Heaven's Will Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch personally take action, Ten Heaven's Wills following Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch, even if two Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch collaborate to be difficult to kill them. Let alone the great ship rushes to Tenth World plane very obviously, even if three Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch hunted to strike them, will have Nine Worlds Immortal Emperor to rush to rescue surely. As Li Qiye goes out of Burning Hot Wall step by step, Burning Hot Wall had the habitation slowly. Naturally is not some Burning Hot Wall people lives, but was Burning Hot Wall has cultivator to appear. After going out of certain range, Burning Hot Wall some places presented the Tenth World cultivator powerhouse, appears comes for the treasure hunt ore in Burning Hot Wall cultivator powerhouse some, some to seek for Dao Material come, some for comprehend dao tempering.

Arrives at Burning Hot Wall cultivator powerhouse many to speed along sky the line, they do not ride treasure Divine Weapons are being the imperial wind step to empty to go, naturally also Ben Ji of some cultivator above the yellow sand walk. But a mortal like Li Qiye goes out of Burning Hot Wall gradually, that absolutely does not have, when a Li Qiye such mortal goes out of Burning Hot Wall gradually, this made some cultivator powerhouses of passing by look at his one eyes. In most cultivator powerhouse eyes, mortal that is just ant cricket that's all, therefore Li Qiye this kind of mortal, is not worth mentioning in their eyes, after most cultivator powerhouses looked at Li Qiye one, is disinclined to pay attention, hurries away, busy own matter. Naturally, occasionally also has the cultivator powerhouse of one or two good intention, saw that a Li Qiye such mortal walks gradually with hardship in Burning Hot Wall, stopped, the speaker said: Hello, how your this mortal will meet misfortune here, wants my give you a ride?”? Has thanked, I want in a place of tempering body and mind this misery, to ask me to leave slowly.” Regarding such cultivator powerhouse of good intention, Li Qiye said with a smile. Dies carefully here, Burning Hot Wall is not your mortal can come.” Regarding Li Qiye such words, the cultivator powerhouse of good intention shook the head, does not force, then left. Li Qiye does not care about others' view, still gradually goes out of Burning Hot Wall. Regarding the cultivator powerhouse, if you want to come Burning Hot Wall comprehend dao tempering, then the place has to go, this place is Burning Hot Wall Heaven Pit! Heaven Pit is a very unusual place, it is in Burning Hot Wall direction in the west. Here not only Heaven Pit a pit, but is the innumerable big holes. Burning Hot Wall is a blazing place, but Heaven Pit here is different, in this big holes, some big holes unexpectedly is cold like the icehouse, some big holes are the steam brave, momentarily can boil the person who burns to fall into, some big holes are the fresh-tasting spring water flow out, probably must change to the oasis here same...... This is not the Heaven Pit most mysterious place, what is most mysterious has the mysterious brand mark in the Heaven Pit place. The Heaven Pit big hole size varies, depth also to vary, some Heaven Pit big such as great valley, some Heaven Pit deep such as abyss...... No matter here Heaven Pit varies respectively, but has a common ground, some mysterious brand marks in this Heaven Pit big small hole. Some brand marks are only one are deep and long line ball that's all, this line ball has the trace that the high temperature burns down, some brand marks are mixed chapter of disorderly dao marks, even some are mysterious incomparable runes...... Such innumerable mysterious brand marks look like do not carve, even is not the brand mark comes up likely, these brand marks look like quite the same as as if made by Heaven, as if inborn is so.

Nobody knows how these brand marks come, some people said that has Supreme existence to stay behind , after some people said are Heavenly Punishment, trace that leaves, even there are saying that this was the enlightenment that the heaven lowered. Although nobody knows how these brand marks come, but the people of later generation are interested in these brand marks, what most can be interested, because this place many Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch have come. The rumor said that Burning Hot Wall Heaven Pit many Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch had come to see, including 13 Continents most peak several Great Emperor to come to see, Primordial Celestial Emperor, Divine Emperor Zhong Nan and Flame Emperor came to here to look. Even some rumors said that comes to here to look including Divine Emperor Qing Mu, naturally Divine Emperor Qing Mu comes to here to look, that passed on a message that's all, nobody knows that this was the fact. Because Divine Emperor Qing Mu is in 13 Continents in history most mystical Great Emperor, Divine Emperor Qing Mu is in 13 Continents first has 12 Heaven's Will Great Emperor incessantly, moreover he also once was considered that lived longest Great Emperor, he was in all Great Emperor most mystical one, only saved about his all in legend. Nobody knows that these Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch come to here to do, the people of later generation know that Primordial Celestial Emperor and Divine Emperor Zhong Nan they come to here to look, as for looks at anything, or does, the people of later generation were unknown. Some people will not guess from now on that Primordial Celestial Emperor and Divine Emperor Zhong Nan they come to here to be very likely come study and understand Grand Dao, but this is only guessed that does not have the solid evidence. Also because of so, comes to here in later generation many people, because Great Emperor of their this most peak once had come to here including Primordial Celestial Emperor, everybody does not come to here not to be justified probably. In some later generation also many person here comprehend dao, everybody longs for that can study and understand from this Heaven Pit mysterious brand mark leave anything to come, perhaps one day can become one generation of great Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch. Does not come the Heaven Pit comprehend dao cultivator powerhouse, since Eternal said truly can leave anything's person that from here study and understand is few, after most people arrive, empty-handed goes. Although Burning Hot Wall is a bleak place, but Heaven Pit is also lively, usually person many times has several hundred cultivator even is over a thousand cultivator comes Heaven Pit to watch the brand mark, even is here comprehend dao, person few times also has dozens people in this. At this time also some many cultivator powerhouses' in Heaven Pit in watching comprehend dao, some cultivator sits above Heaven Pit feels Primal Chaos Qi and Highest Beginning Strength, there is cultivator to think with hardship, wants to untie this brand mark the mystery, some people stand above sky, overlooks entire Heaven Pit, wants from overall to study Heaven Pit. Because Qing Continent is Hundred Clans in one of the 13 Continents maximum meeting place, therefore appears in Heaven Pit Human Race, Stone Golem and Charming Spirit is not infrequent.

Naturally also has the Deity, Demon and Celestial 3 Clans cultivator powerhouse to appear in this Heaven Pit. When Li Qiye arrives, has youngster to overlook entire Heaven Pit in the Heaven Pit sky, he is also studying Heaven Pit, this youngster between the eyebrows place has a design of scepter. This youngster came from Celestial Clan, but the scepter design of between the eyebrows place is their Celestial Clan unique mark. Naturally is not each Celestial Clan person can the between the eyebrows place have a design of scepter, generally speaking, the Celestial Clan mortal between the eyebrows place does not have this design, only then after cultivator has achieved certain realm, or the after Celestial Clan Bloodline density of their within the body is the certain extent, the scepter design of their between the eyebrows place will appear. Or is flowing noble Bloodline Celestial Clan, when a birth the between the eyebrows place also had a such scepter design. After Li Qiye arrived at Heaven Pit, looks at here everywhere is the mysterious brand mark, his raise one's head looked at Vault of Heaven, his vision is to go nonstop to universe most deep place probably is the same, his vision surmounted Space-Time to be the same probably. Old Thief Heaven!” Finally Li Qiye has licked the split lip, muttered said. After Li Qiye arrives, he sought for Heaven Pit, then lay down there directly, he lay down near Heaven Pit, looks at sky. The Li Qiye looks at sky eyelid does not wink, probably is the space has the beautiful incomparable thing to be the same. Then, Li Qiye has lain down for several days several nights, he lies down there, motionless, some cultivator powerhouses noticed that he lies down there is motionless, but also thinks that he died, when saw that a Li Qiye eye also opens the eyes in a big way, they know that Li Qiye is also living. „A your mortal lies down feigns death to do here, do not stay here to obstruct everybody.” Has the cultivator powerhouse to reprimand to the Li Qiye ill-humored spleen shouts to clear the way. The PS : 1-9 number is the beginning author Sharon conference, Xiao Sheng must rush to goes to Shanghai, therefore Xiao Sheng in these days not online, the renewal will be responsible for by the editor, if the renewal is not punctual, invited please to forgive.