Emperor's Domination - Volume 19 - Chapter 1876
Eternal Ship continues, Li Qiye also stays on mountain peak some days, therefore brings Empress Qilin to come out, moves muscles and bones. Has the viewing platform on Eternal Ship, sits near the ship string, sits on the viewing platform, is drinking the good wine, eats the delicacies, the looks at rough seas is patting the ships, is swaying Exploration Ground the unique sea breeze, that is a very satisfied matter. At this time Li Qiye and Empress Qilin sit on the reserved seats of viewing platform, the looks at Exploration Ground unique scenery, eats and drinks the good wine delicacies that Eternal Ship is providing, is swaying the sea breeze, enjoyment of ten points. Regarding this familiar sea breeze, Li Qiye somewhat is sigh with emotion, the years are passing, how but regardless of World Dao changes, Exploration Ground still here. Empress Qilin can be said as the Peerless beautiful woman, in Qing Continent she is not First Beautiful Woman, but also is can stand in line first three, Peerless beautiful woman like her, is the prestige outside, therefore many people have recognized her at this time. Empress Qilin such Peerless beautiful woman accompanies, this lets the matter that many cultivator powerhouses envy. Because of so, at this time many vision gathers on Li Qiye, they do clearly, why do not look like this look like the so ordinary man can obtain the favor of Empress Qilin at present unexpectedly. Saw that Empress Qilin so submissive, always follows in front of Li Qiye, the obedient appearance, does not know that lets many men is the jealousy flame anger fever. Because of so, more angry vision is staring at Li Qiye, does not know that many people want to rip Li Qiye at this time crush. In bang at this time, intermittent lightning fled to pass over gently and swiftly sky, has resounded sound of the intermittent lightning. Takes the stations, the ships must roll by thunder area this time Eternal Ship to resound one of the captain to drink greatly. Bang, bang and bang......” in this instantaneous, saw only Eternal Ship to drive into sea of the piece by piece Thunder Pond, saw only is still glittering here the ray, however ray of twinkle no longer like the time same ray, ray that but was sent out by lightning. Sees only flees to plunder thick incomparable lightning under the sea water, when these lightning in fleeing seem like in the sea one giant dragon is the same. bang lightning resonate sound, when Eternal Ship breaks in Sea Region, struck ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) rough sea waves instantaneously, but this rough sea waves were not the sea water, but was innumerable lightning, instantaneous lightning bloomed like the smoke and fire in night, innumerable lightning broke in Eternal Ship crazily. Buzz, buzz and buzz......” the sound resounds, breaks in Eternal Ship in innumerable lightning that instantaneous, sees only impregnable bastion that Eternal Ship raises in all directions, raised formidable incomparable Peerless great formation. Hears Tzzzzzzzzz the sound resounds, sees only this Peerless great formation raises, all lightning introduces in great formation, saw only lightning to change to a giant electrical network, along with the guidance of great formation, all lightning was inducted in a glittering and translucent carving jar finally.

This jar builds up after the Peerless Wushuang/matchless human sacrifice, after all lightning were inducted, hears bo, all lightning within the short time by tempered, were changed to bubble of the drop of thunder and lightning to enter in the bottle. bang intermittent lightning resonate sound, Eternal Ship in the bellow broke in thunder area unscrupulously, splashed the high lightning rough sea waves, looks at innumerable lightning bloomed like the fireworks, finally was built up the fluid of thunder and lightning, inducted in the bottle. At once, many first time travelled by Eternal Ship cultivator to be shocked, so magnificent made them look as if deluded. Naturally, sees the Eternal Ship so powerful strength, everybody has also felt relieved, it goes An Yang in thunder area does not have the type, then does not need to be worried that Eternal Ship can have an accident. Under the curtain of night that in this lightning blooms is drinking the good wine, is blowing the sea breeze, that has a romantic of not being able to say. looks at Eternal Ship built up the fluid of thunder and lightning lightning, Li Qiye also nod said: This indeed is a good ship, only then Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch can build up, this captain is also insightful, especially such thunder area, took the shortcut incessantly, can collect the fluid of thunder and lightning, makes a sum of money well.” heard this ship there's a long story behind this, is builds by several Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch take action, they are the back master.” Empress Qilin also looks at this magnificent back curtain, said: Does not know that which several Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch this back master is.” Eternal Ship takes the intercourse in the Exploration Ground first ship, its back Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch indeed is very formidable, is nobody dares to have its idea incessantly, moreover it is also the shuttle in the Exploration Ground safest ships. Li Qiye is light smiles, such ships can certainly in its technique see that is which Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch take action builds. A Eternal Ship such ship indeed is beckoning, his Sea Conch was formidable enough, was huge enough, but present Eternal Ship compares, there is a certain disparity. When Li Qiye and Empress Qilin are appreciating at present this beautiful scene satisfied, walked in the youth who this time had an imposing appearance. This youth back is straight, has the air/Qi to swallow the mountains and rivers imposing manner, his body sends out steaming Primal Chaos Qi, among the manners the strength is infinite, making the person look then knows that is a powerhouse, moreover is a Dao Celestial Realm powerhouse. In fact this youth already stared at Li Qiye to be very long, when just Li Qiye and Empress Qilin are merry, manner appears affectionate, he cannot calm down. After this youth walks, he deeply to Empress Qilin bowing the body, among the manners appears respectful, said: Empress Your Highness, had not seen you for a long time.” Empress Qilin nods the head gently, said: Feng Yi Young Master, long time no see.”

No, no, no, Empress has spoken discreetly, Empress this words are make the disciple toss about, Empress asked mesmall maple treeto be able.” This youth said busily, his manner very respectful. Empress Qilin has not said anything, is only gently nod that's all, does not have other manners. This youth said respectfully: Your Highness, my teacher also on ship, but his Old Man closes up calmly cultivates, does not know when Your Highness does have free time? My teacher is glad to say with the Your Highness theory.” Qin Baili also came!” Hears the words of this youth, has pulled out the one breath in many cultivator powerhouse of this viewing platform secretly. Has the opportunity I to meet to see Brother Qin.” The Empress Qilin manner calmly, said leisurely. Sees the Empress Qilin manner, the youth is a little helpless, he falls the vision on Li Qiye, his vision beat, the manner is courteous, said slowly: „Below is Suo Tian Cult Feng Yi, does not know how Dao Venerate harnesses calls.” Nameless Junior that's all, is not worth mentioning.” Regarding courteous of youth, Li Qiye very lightly has also smiled that's all. Qin Baili first disciple Feng Yi.” Hears self introduction of this youth, on the viewing platform some did not know his cultivator hears his name, is surprised. Qin Baili, in Qing Continent, but prestige illustrious, is with the Jin Ge shoulder to shoulder talent, although afterward had defeated Jin Ge, but still does not damage his prestige. Qin Baili came from Suo Tian Cult, but Suo Tian Cult is four Immortal Monarch inheritance, background is quite formidable, moreover Suo Tian Cult First Ancestor Suo Tian Immortal Monarch is Hundred Clans first Immortal Monarch, this Suo Tian Cult was it can be imagined formidable. Qin Baili is really great, had more than 60 million fight of Primal Chaos Qi of including his apprentice, his good fortune could be imagined.” Has the older generation powerhouse to see the Feng Yi situation, surprised birth canal. Sees Li Qiye to respond lightly, Feng Yi wrinkled the brow, because will hear his Suo Tian Cult prestige to respond lightly in Qing Continent few people. Your excellency is Fang Renjie, Feng Yi is always surely diligent, is open-minded, wants to chat with your excellency actually, jointly explores Grand Dao.” Feng Yi does not come for to raise the prestige military might. The looks at Feng Yi appearance, Li Qiye has smiled, has sized up Feng Yi, said with a smile: Your does Master like Meng Ying?” Li Qiye this saying, said that Empress Qilin somewhat is awkward, she wants to speak, but Li Qiye beckons with the hand gently, she also relinquished.

My teacher and Your Highness are day suppose one pair, makes one pair.” Feng Yi does not have what to be good to conceal, the body is straight, speech resounding powerful. Originally Feng Yi for own Master over. Because once wants to marry with Qilin Emperor Family in former Suo Tian Cult, Suo Tian Cult belongs to Hundred Clans, but Qilin Emperor Family also belongs to Hundred Clans, Qin Baili is the talent of Peerless, but Empress Qilin is Innate Talent is also astonishing, it can be said that a perfect match. But Qilin Emperor Family intends to make Empress Qilin inherit inheritance, therefore this time marries has not succeeded. Although is so, looks like as Feng Yi of younger generation, only then his teacher such Peerless has the qualifications to be joined to Empress Qilin such Wushuang/matchless Empress ! Because of his teacher practice, looks in the love with concentration very pale, this let he was the disciple worry, this first disciple naturally was hopes that own Master will soon hug the beautiful woman to turn over, many contacted Empress Qilin. Now these time meets in Eternal Ship, he respects authority did not have to pursue Empress Qilin, but side Empress Qilin presented Li Qiye, moreover looks like from two manners of people, as if the relations are not simple. Therefore came Feng Yi to worry, wants for own Master over, to intend to break up Li Qiye. Feng Yi this saying made Empress Qilin wrinkle the brow, but Li Qiye has not made her say anything, she was also disinclined to say anything, past marrying was that's all that Suo Tian Cult raised first. Can be own Master considers, this indeed is a good apprentice.” Li Qiye is not angry, nod said. My teacher also eagerly seeks people of talent, wish to have the gentleman of talent to compare notes with the world, but his Old Man closes up sits in meditation, my this disciple is unfilial, hope discusses for the teacher and your excellency, does not know how Dao Venerate does harness under intent?” Feng Yi said slowly. Feng Yi said such words, he wants to defeat Li Qiye, making Li Qiye give way before difficulties, making Li Qiye understand, female like Empress Qilin, only had his teacher to be joined.