Emperor's Domination - Volume 19 - Chapter 1877
Compares notes with me?” Li Qiye shows the light smiling face, said: It seems like this seems is beyond control I, if I do not accept the challenge, you will let off me?” Hearing Feng Yi must compare notes with Li Qiye, lets sit in nearby Empress Qilin somewhat does not smile bitterly, this is Feng Yi does not know the sky is high the earth is deep, thinks that Li Qiye then can bully ordinary, walks the giant in mortal world unable to pass with such one, that brings about own destruction. Do not say that is Feng Yi such Junior, now their Qilin Emperor Family strongest High God is not willing to discuss Li Qiye, even had jurisdiction over Sect cultivator to achieve the seal command under to Qilin Emperor Family and Qilin Territory, did not allow to discuss Li Qiye many. Their Qilin Emperor Family strongest High God issued such seal command is to fear the disciple in own Sect has a big mouth, when discussion incautiously has violated his big death anniversary, perhaps drew on sect-destroying disaster for their Qilin Emperor Family. Now Feng Yi must challenge Li Qiye, Empress Qilin is disinclined to say anything, only then after experiencing Li Qiye's was fearful, these do not know the the sky is high the earth is deep younger generation understands what own faces is any terror existence. The Feng Yi back stands straightly, manner said earnestly: If your excellency does not want, I do not force, or is I said that the small law is weak, discernment that does not enter your excellency. However I believe that your excellency is a remarkable man, can with Your Highness colleague, how can there be the mediocre generation.” interesting.” Li Qiye has smiled, said: Since knows that I am not the mediocre generation, that also does dare to provoke I? Did not fear that I did extinguish you?” cultivator grasped the nettle.” Feng Yi is very dignified, has the imposing manner very much, said: Said again that varies to try not to know good? My teacher teaches me, fears difficulty, finally inadequate important matter. My cultivate dozens years, to own are somewhat self-confident, therefore your excellency is formidable, I am also willing to try one or two.” At this time Feng Yi said resounding powerful, although he indeed intends to make things difficult for Li Qiye, intends unable to pass with Li Qiye, but he said frankly and uprightly, not slight makes deceitful. Snort, was short says pompously there, Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect was great.” At this time a sound of disdaining resounds, sneers said: could it be that you challenge others to accept a challenge, big Sect thinks oneself terrific, considers oneself as to be a cut above other people, thinks others to really according to his will conduct.” At this time , the youth walked, this youth puts on golden clothes, Dai Gaoguan, he very prettily, cheek very fair and clear, somewhat the graceful bearing of jade surface elegant my dear. When this youth said this words, made some cultivator of viewing platform echo secretly, especially with loose cultivator that this youth was on good terms or is small loose cultivator and roving bandit, cheered at the scene, said: Brother Zong Shuai said makes sense.” Imperial Dragon Child , my matter you rest a lot mix.” Saw that on this youth comes, Feng Yi coldly looked at his one eyes, said.

Imperial Dragon Child hears this title, has not seen the person of this youth secretly to pull out an cold air/Qi. Imperial Dragon Child Zhu Zong Shuai, is the young generation of outstanding powerhouse, can be called is the talent, he and Feng Yi share the honor, has not the small reputation in Qing Continent. Although said that he was called young lad, in fact his age was not small, is bigger than Feng Yi, even the age compares favorably with quickly Feng Yi Master Qin Baili. How did I mix?” Imperial Dragon Child collects, sneers, said: Feng Yi, could it be that my Imperial Dragon Child is feared that you are inadequate? My Imperial Dragon Child most cannot get used to seeing your Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect disciples to bully, thinks own to be great, aggressive! If you are not convinced, we hit one are!” Hears Imperial Dragon Child so gratefully to challenge Feng Yi, many cultivator especially loose cultivator, they were secret have raised up the thumb to Imperial Dragon Child . Two people both are Dao Celestial Realm expert, has Primal Chaos Qi that Six thousand fights, no wonder Imperial Dragon Child does not fear Feng Yi.” Had the older generation carefully to look at Imperial Dragon Child , made the judgment to say. Also there is experience shallow young cultivator also to think very strange, curiously asked that elder, said: Feng Yi came from Suo Tian Cult, is the Qin Baili first disciple, this Imperial Dragon Child dares so to provoke unexpectedly he, this was also too crazy.” Because Imperial Dragon Child Master High God Yu Long is one has 11 Totem High God, although High God Yu Long is loose cultivator, but he is very formidable, moreover is a cruel and merciless person, when High God Yu Long was young is to do many savage matters, especially snatched to eliminate a matter little not to do.” Here, this elder is not willing to discuss, dreading of ten points. At this point, Imperial Dragon Child and Feng Yi are in sharp opposition, although the Imperial Dragon Child imposing manner is threatening, Feng Yi also fearless in him, sneers, said: Imperial Dragon Child , you must fight, I momentarily accompany, you select the time, selects the good location. But one side now you dodge to me, not disturbs me to speak with this your excellency.” Imperial Dragon Child is impolite, Feng Yi is impolite, even if the Imperial Dragon Child origin is astonishing, his Feng Yi is not the affable person. This young lad likes considering oneself as with your the Large Sect disciple who is a cut above other people does against.” Imperial Dragon Child laughs, then holds the fist in the other hand to Li Qiye said: This brothers, below Zhu Zong Shuai, are called Imperial Dragon Child . Has any difficulty momentarily to look for me, especially has any Large Sect disciple to look for your stubble, my Imperial Dragon Child momentarily levels him for you.” Here, Imperial Dragon Child was the heroic spirit soars to the heavens, righteousness Bo Yuntian, it can be said that loyalty 100% person.

Brother Zong Shuai is our generation model has many have the friendship with Imperial Dragon Child or is small cultivator, approved one, even if not dare to shout loudly, has set upright the thumb to Imperial Dragon Child . to thanks.” Li Qiye is light smiles that's all, he ups and downs carries surely, what kind of person he has not seen. Paid attention, we must enter the thunder area center, the passenger cannot excel at leaving the ship.” At this time, the Eternal Ship captain loudly shouted one. bang the sound resounds, at this time sees only the lightning writings, innumerable lightning in the sea spews out crazily, just like the golden snake same dance, Eternal Ship overran, innumerable lightning like the god whip crazily to Eternal Ship pull out, probably must tear to be the same Eternal Ship. lightning is similar to violent storm pulls out generally, making the person be afraid, such imposing manner makes people timid. What luckily is, the defense of Eternal Ship has blocked this crazy incomparable lightning, inducted in all crazy lightning great formation, built up the fluid of thunder and lightning it. Sees such one, everybody relaxed, Eternal Ship was known as that is the safest ships, this is not the word of boast. Another day also looks to be able with your excellency to discuss to discuss the law.” Feng Yi wants to create obstacles for Li Qiye, making Li Qiye give way before difficulties, but such one was actually mixed by Imperial Dragon Child , has not played. Your Highness, has disturbed, disciple took the liberty, has harassed Your Highness, please forgive.” Although Feng Yi intends to make things difficult for Li Qiye, but he maintains has very good demeanor, to person a frank feeling. When Feng Yi must back down, Li Qiye said with a smile: „It is not anxious, is not anxious, since came, why sharply is walking. You did not say that can compare notes with me? I have aesthetic pleasure today, how do you want to compare notes?”? Matter that provoked, Li Qiye with, but meets Feng Yi this type to be the person who today own Master raises one's head are not but actually many, let alone, Feng Yi or interesting. Li Qiye this saying said that Feng Yi was accidental, he also thinks that Li Qiye was disinclined to compare notes with him. Now Li Qiye accepts a challenge unexpectedly, Feng Yi inspires for it spirit immediately, immediately both eyes appearance energetic, the straight body is likely the range pole in fresh breeze. Then, was your excellency interesting?” Feng Yi comes the spirit immediately, said: Does not know how Dao Venerate does harness to compare notes? The theory said merely, plays weiqi, or decides outcome?”

Sees Feng Yi such manner energetic, sat smiles bitterly in nearby Empress Qilin, Feng Yi has not known that at this time a giant beast was opening the large-mouthed vessel big mouth to wait for him. Wendou resort to violence all may, I along with the reason, you elect very what kind, I accompany.” Li Qiye said at will with a smile. Good, your excellency has the boldness, person who I am like having the boldness like this!” Feng Yi also gives a loud shout, appears excited, at this time his raise one's head looks, sees lightning in sea, he also came the fighting spirit, laughs said: Does not know that Dao Venerate harnesses to be interested in entering the sea along with me, walks in Thunder Pond lightning.” Here, he was the heroic spirit soars to the heavens, was high-spirited. Feng Yi this saying, many person one after another look toward the sea, sees only the sea is lightning waves at this time crazily, just like must tear is the same on this day, sees such one, everybody has pulled out an cold air/Qi, broke in the sea at this time, that brought about own destruction simply. Li Qiye also looks to the sea, looks at lightning waves crazily, he is light smiles. If your excellency thinks improper, I do not force, we trade other methods.” Sees Li Qiye not to speak, Feng Yi said slowly. Li Qiye has smiled, said: It seems like you are self-confident 100%, did you think to be able this thunder area?”? Does not dare, 60% assurance.” Feng Yi is also laughs one, appears confident, said: Where in society has the matter of 100% assurance, anything wants the 100% assurance, what did not need to do. Regarding me, 60% foot!” Here, among the expressions revealed domineering. 60%, that only feared that falls from the sky in this.” Li Qiye smiled, shakes the head gently, what he said is the truth. Or falls from the sky in this, that can only say that is my scholarship not fine.” Feng Yi laughs said: Your excellency clear(ly) Xiandao was inferior to me, I chose thunder area, had taken advantage, if this grade of challenge did not dare, but also discussed anything for my teacher over!” Although Feng Yi appears frivolous, but among the styles of speaking has domineering, where has young is not frivolous! Feng Yi such age is to suit does this frivolous matter.