Emperor's Domination - Volume 19 - Chapter 1878
During the Li Qiye looks at words reveals domineering Feng Yi, he lightly has smiled, said: It seems like you love your teacher very much, is willing to do any matter for him.” Feng Yi said slowly: I am only an orphan, is the teacher bestows in all my, has my teacher to have me today. Works for my teacher, that is I should do.” Is very good, since you have this interest, I accompany then am, walks one also to have why not.” Li Qiye with a smile said that serene. Good boldness Feng Yi also appears excited, said: Outstandingly able person is an outstandingly able person, my vulgar generation cannot compare.” Li Qiye has only smiled, looked at Imperial Dragon Child , said leisurely and carefree: „Can you come one? The people are lively, this has the quality of being worth looking.” A Li Qiye this saying saying, making Imperial Dragon Child surprised, his raise one's head looked at sea of lightning dance subconsciously. Imperial Dragon Child , if you want, we bet, how do three people bet one? We walk to thunder area, who supports for a long time, who won.” Li Qiye such one mentioned, Feng Yi has not dropped Imperial Dragon Child , sneered, has issued the challenge to Imperial Dragon Child . The Imperial Dragon Child vision received from thunder area, said with a smile: Feng Yi, you do not need to be aggressive, my Imperial Dragon Child feared that you are inadequate! However, today I do not snatch the crest of wave of this your excellency, among you compares notes me not to mix, in order to avoid you input too ugly! When you compare notes to live with this your excellency, between you and me selects the time place to fight one not to be late again!” Here, Imperial Dragon Child held the fist in the other hand to Li Qiye, said with a smile: Your excellency is the outstandingly able person, boldness Wushuang/matchless, I wished you to win victory first, well suppression their Suo Tian Cult arrogance. Snort, making them understand that do not think own has the backer to be supercilious, rampant overbearing!” Meeting.” Regarding the Imperial Dragon Child words, Li Qiye with a smile nod. Good, my to make things difficult for you, do not miss today, between you and me grievances hits the time place settlement settlement again!” Feng Yi is also disinclined to pester with Imperial Dragon Child , sneers said. I momentarily accompany!” Imperial Dragon Child sneers, said proudly: I must think that but actually you have studied several points your Suo Tian Cult the technique of Immortal Monarch!” Was saying is domineering is threatening. Feng Yi does not pay attention to Imperial Dragon Child , said to Li Qiye: Your excellency, invited.” Li Qiye smiled, is interested, has stood, arrives at the ship string. But Feng Yi to Empress Qilin bowing the body, said: Your Highness, the disciple asks to be excused.” Was saying has arrived at the ship string along with Li Qiye.

Wins victory, overthrows Suo Tian Cult!” At this time Imperial Dragon Child shouted to Li Qiye that said: I am returning in triumph in such your excellency, for you cried out that encourages.” Li Qiye smiled, looks at thunder area, said slowly: Makes us start.” However, when Li Qiye and Feng Yi have not started, the Eternal Ship captain yelled, said: Is proud to ship, lives the idle capital ship not to be totally irresponsible.” Naturally, Li Qiye and Feng Yi treat as have not heard the words of captain, they have not requested Eternal Ship to be responsible. At this time Feng Yi stands in the gunwale, holds the fist in the other hand to Li Qiye said: Your excellency, overreaches oneself below, first walks one step, we see in thunder area.” The words fall, the sound like Dragon Roar, the body such as in the dragon, flushed instantaneously, broke in thunder area at the unparalleled speed. The Eternal Ship speed was fast enough, in speeds along to come, may can be called is the Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch speed, although after saying enters thunder area, the Eternal Ship speed is obviously slow, but still very astonishing. But at this time Feng Yi like the flood dragon, Celestial Horse line of spatial, walks randomly in thunder area very much, his speed unparalleled , has surmounted the Eternal Ship speed, at this time he breaks in thunder area all of a sudden, the speed quick Eternal Ship cannot catch up with him within the short time. domineering.” Saw that the Feng Yi one breath broke in thunder area, no matter looks at the person who pleasing to the eyes is reprehensible to him, has to raise up the thumb, thunder area might everybody sees with one's own eyes, now Feng Yi dares single to Eternal Ship front, enters Eternal Ship unique, is only worth the person commending depending on this point courage. Dragon Strolling Heaven sees Feng Yi unique in thunder area, had older generation important people to see this Cultivation Technique, approved one, said: This is the technique of non- world Immortal Monarch Suo Tian Immortal Monarch creates, Movement Technique alone world . Moreover the speed is peerless, passed on a message Suo Tian Immortal Monarch once to depend on this law to surmount True Dragon in the speed. Feng Yi can have such speed, he was obtained this Cultivation Technique essence.” even if does not know this Cultivation Technique person also to know that Feng Yi Movement Technique Peerless, at the Eternal Ship present speed only feared the people who major part are unable to surmount, but has actually surmounted Eternal Ship in Feng Yi. bang bang bang when Feng Yi breaks in thunder area, one such as lightning of mountain range size pulls out crazily to Feng Yi, each one lightning pulls out, can pull out an earth of side crushes, can pull out vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke many cultivator powerhouses instantaneously. Opening pulls out facing this one thick lightning, Feng Yi does not have to fear, furiously roared, bang loud sound, his all Primal Chaos Qi shoot up to the sky, clang clang the sound resounds along with the clang, one principle divine chain gushes out, in an instant the principle wove Golden Armor, put in the body of Feng Yi. Hears buzz a resonate sound, in this instantaneous, maple tree class Golden Armor diastole opened an only wing, the gold color wing is similar to Immortal Monarch protects to be the same, is flowing Immortal Monarch ring of light, such Immortal Monarch ring of light has opened a side world.

Hears bang, bang, bang the sound resounds, after such wing opens, Immortal Monarch ring of light blocks lightning that has pulled out crazily. After having Immortal Monarch ring of light of wing has blocked lightning crazy brushing, the Feng Yi speed only increases does not reduce, is similar to the flood dragon same continues to break in thunder area. Wing Transformation Gold Armor , great Defensive Technique , Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect is different, take action is all trades is the technique of Immortal Monarch.” Sees Feng Yi this Cultivation Technique, older generation important people sighs with emotion envies. Suo Tian Cult, four Immortal Monarch, in Qing Continent Hundred Clans are ranking among the best inheritance, the prestige illustrious, is having the techniques of many Immortal Monarch. Naturally, this is Feng Yi is also outstanding, otherwise Suo Tian Cult has techniques of many Immortal Monarch, is impossible to pass to an ordinary disciple easily. When saw that Feng Yi did not return to domineering to break in thunder area, many person one after another looked to Li Qiye, how everybody looks at Li Qiye broke in thunder area. Everybody thought that cultivation of Li Qiye this point breaks in the thunder area words, that really has suffered a loss, only feared that within short time, will be divided by lightning, will be fired the flying ash. Under glare of the public eye, Li Qiye has smiled that's all, at this time he one step has trod, he one step treads Eternal Ship time, he disappeared all of a sudden, he then appeared in Thunder Pond instantaneously, next quarter he disappeared once again, then appeared in the distant place. Li Qiye one step vanishes, he walks very calmly, every time steps one step is a very big distance, he looks like very slowly, but the speed is faster than Feng Yi are more. bang, bang, bang......”, when Li Qiye steps into thunder area, lightning also gratefully crazily pulls out to Li Qiye, each lightning can pull out a mountain crushes. However turns a blind eye regarding lightning Li Qiye that this pulls out, but reappears One Fate Palace, Fate Palace Primal Chaos Qi fills the air, just like must open a world to be the same. bang, bang, bang......” the sound resounds, when Li Qiye opens Fate Palace, lightning that all chops was caught by Fate Palace, all lightning vanish in Li Qiye's Fate Palace. what is this movement? Unexpectedly Feng YiDragon Strolling Heaven is quicker.” Saw that Li Qiye soon overtook Feng Yi, many People were startled, mutter said.

This is not the movement.” Had older generation important people to see the clue, shook the head saying: This is the space control, he can surmount the space freely, can say that has not been away from his under foot may say.” This older generation important people also can indeed judge the quality of goods, although he cannot see Li Qiye this is «Spa­tial Scrip­ture» Control Space, but can also look at Li Qiye this surmounts the space. This was too fierce, Fate Palace can keep off lightning, such Fate Palace actually hard?” Has powerhouse looks at Li Qiye Fate Palace to reappear, can keep off lightning unexpectedly, surprised said. As we all know, cultivator most fears heaven punishment and so on thing, although lightning does not belong to heaven punishment at present, but it also belongs to strength of world, once were injured by this strength, is very difficult to cure. Now Li Qiye meets this lightning by own Fate Palace unexpectedly, this is the matter that makes anybody unable to think. Regarding cultivator, Fate Palace was too precious, more people are willing to shake lightning by the body of own hardly, is not willing to shoulder lightning by Fate Palace, flesh body has destroyed, but can also remould, if Fate Palace were destroyed, that really played. Who this boy is, with trivial Dao Snake realm, dares to compete with Feng Yi unexpectedly, dares to walk in thunder area unexpectedly, this was too fierce.” Has did not know that Li Qiye's cultivator sees such one, surprised said. You are the news are not quick.” Has to know the Li Qiye's person, said: He is First Ominous Person Li Qiye, naturally was fierce, freak, lawless, was he is razed to the ground the Eastern Palace world palace, was he pounds the meat sauce King Tian Huang!” Is so aggressive, this, this lawless degree, was too ominous.” The person of first heard Li Qiye prestige has pulled out an cold air/Qi. This has anything, he once had killed the Qilin Emperor Family disciple in the Qilin Emperor Family entrance, is not the matter did not have, is still the Qilin Emperor Family distinguished guest. Haven't you seen? Empress Qilin to him is obedient, perhaps he will become Qilin Emperor Family son-in-law, others will be rampant, will have many skills.” This cultivator said.