Emperor's Domination - Volume 2 - Chapter 103

Li Shuangyan coldly looked at his one eyes, any words had not said. Li Qiye this manner she was too familiar, Li Qiye has revealed such manner each time, means is confident, during all in his grasp. When Li Qiye observes stone gate, caused that many people pay attention, especially Li Shuangyan is accompanying in his side, causes the disciple attention of innumerable younger generation. Who is that youth?” Li Qiye arrives, first reprimands Marquis Zen Wei, then also said the boastful talk, currently side also has Li Shuangyan such Peerless beautiful woman to accompany, this was really too noticeable, was strange including cultivator of older generation, but also thinks that Li Qiye had any heaven frightening background. heard is Head Disciple that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect recent two years receive, not splendid, is a Mortal Physique Mortal Fate Palace Mortal Life Wheel disciple. Has legend, he picked Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Ancient Token, had the qualifications becomes Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Head Disciple .” Has relatively to be relatively quick to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect quite near Sect news, inquires some Li Qiye's news. Hears such words, many person blankly look at each other, the Mortal Physique Mortal Fate Palace disciple like this is rampant, wasn't this tired of living ? Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect rather did not have talented person, can this disciple also treat as the treasure?” Saw that side Li Qiye has Li Shuangyan to accompany, this does not know that makes in many will of the people not be feeling well, especially cultivator of younger generation. Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect can think highly of him, that is because he is backing on Nine Saint Demon Gate.” As Heavenly Jewel Higher Country Royal Noble, Marquis Hun Yuan knows some inside stories but actually, said: heard Nine Saint Demon Gate First Ancestor once established Sect rule, if Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Head Disciple is the male disciple, but Nine Saint Demon Gate Successor is a girl student, then Nine Saint Demon Gate Successor must marry Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Head Disciple, facilitates two schools to marry.” „Does this fresh flower insert on the cow dung?” Has cultivator of younger generation to hear such words is indignant, is Li Shuangyan holds the non- flat land saying: Fairy Maiden Li appearance certainly Grand Middle Territory, she is our Grand Middle Territory big beautiful woman, what is more commendable, hearsay Fairy Maiden Li is Saint Fate Palace Sovereign Physique, Innate Talent Peerless, excels by far the younger generation......” „...... The Peerless character like Fairy Maiden Li, takes a broad view at Grand Middle Territory, can be joined to her, is few, outstanding talent that on once Nine Saint Demon Gate discussed marriage can arrange from the Old Ox Country south to the north, now does Fairy Maiden Li such Peerless character, betroth unexpectedly to a straw bag? This is unfair!” cultivator of younger generation said that clenches jaws, indignant, probably is this in society most the hateful matter same. Is, what a pity Fairy Maiden Li, her such Peerless character, cannot so is right.” In Grand Middle Territory, does not know that many people admire Li Shuangyan, does not know that in many younger generation cultivator minds, Li Shuangyan is their goddess, today is actually betrothed to a straw bag, how not to make in their hearts feel hateful. At once, does not know the vision that many anger hate stared on Li Qiye's, that vision can kill Li Qiye fully, Li Qiye like this lucky in love, too the hiring hated. Originally is depends upon the woman to be able the rampant straw bag.” Is Marquis Jiangzuo such talent, was only coldly looked at Li Qiye one, disdained, the character of Li Qiye this scale, but also unqualified became his match.

Elder Gu, Kun Peng's Six Transformations, does not lie in attacks, but lies in the purgatory space. You still cannot jump out the thought of Style Technique, this lets you could not displayKun Peng's Six Transformations ’ the might! RegardingKun Peng's Six Transformations ’, Style Technique is unimportant, more importantly purgatory space! Tsunami Transformation, then leaves conveniently Style Technique!” When Li Qiye receives reaches behind the back, vision falls above the battlefield, sees Gu Tieshou and Marquis Zen Wei kills inextricably involved, shakes the head to say. Gu Tieshou Kun Peng's Six Transformations powerful force, pats attacking of broken Marquis Zen Wei time and time again, but, Marquis Zen Wei True Item also is not a vegetarian, attacks to continue, more kills is more ominous. Li Qiye this saying, makes in the Gu Tieshou heart one shake immediately! Fate Palace Cultivation Art, it builds Dao Foundation incessantly, its book is cuts down the enemy to protect the technique of life, therefore, Gu Tieshou does not use Treasure Item, suppresses Marquis Zen Wei with Kun Peng's Six Transformations directly time and time again. Moreover, is getting more and more convenient, Gu Tieshou is a little self-satisfied, after all, can only cover-up before, cannot kill greatly kills especially, match who cannot meet this rank, now displays Kun Peng's Six Transformations incisively, this makes Gu Tieshou feel specially happy in the heart. Now Li Qiye says that this makes in the Gu Tieshou heart one shake, since, he has practiced Kun Peng's Six Transformations to make two uses, one, builds Dao Foundation to build up True Fate \; Second, cuts down the enemy to protect the body. Now Li Qiye such remarks, breaks thinking of his deadlock to command immediately. Get Lost a language awakens dreamboat, Gu Tieshou drinks one severely, the words falls, sees only Kun Peng to fall above the top of the head, at this time, Kun Peng, be only the fist size, is swinging the tail by the extremely astonishing rhythm, instantaneous, this type of rhythm rampart folds over a thousand times. In this electrical spark light, a Gu Tieshou fist collapses, this fist is the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect most common style Black Tiger Crawling Heart! However, this fist collapses, actually pinches over a thousand rhythms that the Kun Peng rampart is folding, under a fist, depend on the strength of inexhaustible Grand Dao, this fist, looks like, only then a merely fist, however, blood energy actually surges wave upon wave, a wave has covered a wave, Life Wheel is billowing, just like leading entire Blood Sea. bang bang bang in an instant, under this fist, had cracks like the mirror void, finally Bang, struck maliciously above the Marquis Zen Wei pagoda. The Marquis Zen Wei pagoda is True Item, at this time goes all out to borrow natural spirit essence, is similar to swallows up same absorbs natural spirit essence, but, still cannot block this fist, a fist collapses, Marquis Zen Wei was rumbled the flying thousand li(500 km) with the tower. bang bang bang fist vigor remaining prestige still, when the fist prestige strikes above the earth, sees only several mountain peaks to be attacked to crush at the scene, the blown sand walks the stone. So prestige of the fist, immediately lets person complexion big change, the cultivation shallow person, hit to tremble, the both legs became tender. This is the Emperor Tech­nique true might!” Sees fist collapsing heaven and earth, an old Turtle King complexion blanch of Flying Dragon Lake.

This simply is the impossible matter, shakes True Item by the fist, however, Gu Tieshou actually achieved! Emperor Tech­nique, is really fearful incomparable, no wonder Immortal Emperor can Carrying Heaven's Will. At this time, in the Gu Tieshou heart also shocked, at this time, he clear Emperor Tech­nique true meaning, although Li Qiye had directed him before, but, he has treated as the style to kill the enemy Kun Peng's Six Transformations! It seems like that he had not played the Ancestral Master this strongest Emperor Tech­nique true might before. Killing at this time, Marquis Zen Wei jumps, furiously roared, he still does not have what to obstruct greatly, after all he has own True Item to protect the body. At this time, Marquis Zen Wei take action no longer is the pagoda, bellows with his one, Divine Blade cuts to come, Divine Blade stretches across the thousand li(500 km), a blade breaks mountains and rivers, under a blade, is pinching the prestige of Ancient Saint, inspires just like the Ancient Saint long arm, a blade cuts. Ancient Saint Treasure Item!” Sees a blade across the sky, has cultivator to be startled, the Ancient Saint aura makes the person move spatially. Earth-shaking transformation Gu Tieshou furiously roared, instantaneous, his whole person was similar to Carrying the sincere earth, billowing blood energy seemed becomes congeals, blood energy of each wave became has to explode the strength. At this time, Gu Tieshou was still a fist collapses, was still a fist Black Tiger Crawling Heart, but, Gu Tieshou this fist, actually congealed earth strength, no longer was the ordinary fist of Gu Tieshou. Clang inconceivable, Gu Tieshou shakes Ancient Saint Treasure Item Divine Blade by a fist, is about equal unexpectedly. Heaven Transformation shakes Divine Blade in a fist instantaneous, the Gu Tieshou speed was much faster, approached Marquis Zen Wei instantaneously, was still an most common fist collapses in the chest of Marquis Zen Wei. crack resonate sound of bone scraps, the Marquis Zen Wei blood spurts crazily, the whole person was flown by a fist bang, this time, Marquis Zen Wei really has been injured, and injury do not blame . The take action wound enemy, this makes Gu Tieshou excited, before then, when he and Marquis Lie Zhan showdown, he once suffered a loss in Ancient Saint Formation Diagram, however, he unexpectedly can wound to hold Ancient Saint Treasure Item Marquis Zen Wei now, this makes him understand that this is the Emperor Tech­nique true might. Kun Peng's Six Transformations Heaven Transformation, earth-shaking transformation and Dark Space Transformation \; Tsunami Transformation, Sea Transformation and Galaxy Transformation! At this time, Gu Tieshou true understanding, Kun Peng's Six Transformations did not use by the style. This isKun Peng's Six Transformations ’, otherwise, wasted Immortal Emperor Ming Ren to create this technique countless painstaking care.” Li Qiye looks at Gu Tieshou comprehend and understand, this has selected nod. Must know Kun Peng's Six Transformations, but Immortal Emperor Ming Ren strongest Emperor Tech­nique! In the past to create Emperor Tech­nique, as Dark Crow him, but braved very big danger to lead the Ming Ren boy to observe Kun Peng!

This, is shocking all people, Marquis Jiangzuo both eyes is the vision shrinks, then cold light rose suddenly, has revealed the fearful aura, Kun Peng's Six Transformations, enticed regarding him at this time is too big! If he can snatch Kun Peng's Six Transformations, once practices successfully, that really serious, can show disdain for present age younger generation fully! Should finish!” Marquis Zen Wei angry spitting blood, furiously roared said that shoots up to the sky, at this time, he opened mouth to put out a god umbrella, the god umbrella opened, immediately the ghost crying god was howling, day following rain of blood! Marquis Zen Wei family heirloom, Saint Venerable Blood Umbrella!” Sees the god umbrella to open, countless people with amazement, this is Saint Venerable True Item, Heaven's Will True Item, is much more fearful, trickling drop of rain of blood, can build up True Person fully! What should finish is you!” Gu Tieshou saw the opposite party to offer a sacrifice to True Item of Saint Venerable rank, his complexion sank, in this instantaneous, a Gu Tieshou palm soldier, bang, a soldier layer on layer cut down, a soldier fell, has the enemy altruism. In this instantaneous, when the cultivation shallow person the sound is one trembles, both legs one soft, sat on the ground directly! Virtuous Paragon Treasure Item!” A soldier cuts down to fall, Marquis Hun Yuan they are complexion big change, loses one's voice with amazement. Virtuous Paragon Treasure Item! Although True Item is stronger than Treasure Item, but, Virtuous Paragon by far compared with Saint Venerable! A soldier falls, Bang loud sound, Marquis Zen Wei departs with the umbrella, the blood spurts crazily, bone scraps resonate sound. Today two, do not need to wait in the evening, remembers the voting.