Emperor's Domination - Volume 20 - Chapter 1905
The stair gradually, treads above step step, just like ascending the scaling ladder is the same, goes nonstop to the universe. legend can obtain the favor of Spirit Butterfly in Tuó Mountain Ridge, can bring the good luck surely, even Spirit Butterfly meets Blesses you, making you obtain Treasure Storehouse in Buddhist Plains, is this real?” Ascends the stair time, Empress Qilin curiously asked. She has listened about Exploration Ground all sorts of legend much, compared with said spirit Buddhist Plains Spirit Butterfly, her heard Sect Old Ancestor has said. Li Qiye has smiled, shook the head gently, said: Where in society has any good luck, this is just strength that's all, when you do not understand this strength, will think that this is very mystical, or this is dark one being doomed, a luck.” The Li Qiye's words make Empress Qilin hear to appear to understand but not really understand, she follows side Li Qiye, is not good to continue to closely examine again. Some little time, Li Qiye and Empress Qilin have reached the stair finally, finally has reached the Tuó Mountain Ridge high point. When stands in the peak, Empress Qilin was shocked all of a sudden, the peak is a giant incomparable square, the entire square hews by the giant stone, after the innumerable years' wind and rain, the rough rock had still not been smoothed by grinding. However, lets is not this giant incomparable square that the person shocks, but is a giant incomparable statue in square, this is Buddha statue , this Buddha statue is bigger much the peak to enter saying that is the same just like a giant. This Buddha statue is one sits cross-legged in place Buddha statue , sees only Buddha statue is a hand ties magical seal(s), a hand puts before the abdomen, Buddha low and deep, just like is bows the head the ponder, comprehend dao meditates! This Buddha statue is big, stands before this Buddha statue , making the person look up. This Buddha statue is incomplete, entire Venerable Buddha statue to have cracks, as if had suffered the heavy losses. Because of so, the left ear of this Buddha statue has disappeared, the Buddha statue Buddha allows unable to see clearly, as if Buddha allows to be obliterated to be the same, does not allow the person to look at reverently. This Buddha statue lets is not its big that the person shocks, but is this Buddha statue has a not being able to say air/Qi field. When this Buddha statue stands erect here, to the person the first feeling is the world ground, only my sole ruler! This Buddha statue stands erect the time here, even if heaven that remote, earth that tiny, as if all hong bends down in its under foot, that feared that is the heaven on, still cannot press the Buddha head that his hangs down, that feared that is the earth below, does not blow its step! Therefore, anybody arrived here time, has an impulsion of prostrating oneself, wants to kotow before Buddha, wants to kiss the Buddha foot, to express own most calamity high respect. As Qilin Emperor Family Empress , Empress Qilin is cultivation is incessantly deep, moreover Dao Heart is also firm, but sees this Buddha statue time, has an impulsion of prostrating oneself. Day does not allow to see Buddha to accommodate.” looks at this huge incomparable Buddha statue , Li Qiye said lightly: Old Thief Heaven is cheap person that's all.”

Li Qiye such words made Empress Qilin surprised, her first time listened to the person to scold the heaven like this, her raised the head, carefully looked at the Buddha head that hung down, but her how effort, that feared that was she opens Heavenly Eye, is unable to see clearly the Buddha statue Buddha to accommodate, as if this Buddha allowed to be obstructed to shut by anything was the same. Did not need to look, day did not allow to see Buddha to accommodate, how you saw unable to look.” When Empress Qilin wants to see clearly diligently Buddha accommodates, Li Qiye lightly said. Why the day does not allow to see Buddha to accommodate.” Empress Qilin said. Li Qiye looks at Buddha statue , said lightly: This is Virtuous Predecessor, is creation of beginning of an era, wasting time vanguard in time perpetual flow, its Carrying era the beliefs of trillion lives. In accumulation Buddha statue of this belief, do you know Dao Celestial tiny how? Do you know world Myriad Dao not worthy of mentioning how? This is one type substitutes for all beliefs, this is a bright world! After such world collapse and destruction, is the day does not allow to see Buddha to accommodate!” Day does not allow to see Buddha to allow to hear Li Qiye such words, Empress Qilin mutters said. From the Li Qiye mouth she can imagine that is how grand beginning of an era, that is how bright beginning of an era! At this time before incessantly only then Li Qiye that Buddha worshipped they, at this time already had the one long team to dispel in fact. Front sees only has many cultivator to form the line, each cultivator is silent, goes forward along with the team slowly. What in front of Li Qiye is Divine Carriage , this Divine Carriage diagrams the sunset glow toward clouds, sends out the light of rosy cloud, this Divine Carriage seems the travel in the rosy cloud. Sits a female above Divine Carriage , this female looks like 30 scenes, graceful bearing arousing , the mature graceful bearing makes the person embrace completely, she just like is the thoroughly ripe purple grape, making the person look unable to bear bite one, the flavor of young married woman cancelled the person heartstrings, in she flattered to regard tender, has to say the endless character and style. Sunset Valley Lord sees this female, follows is also quite accidental in Li Qiye Empress Qilin, has not thought that will run into the person of acquaintance here. Qi Family's younger sister, had not seen you for a long time.” This female also greeted with Empress Qilin. Originally this female is Sunset Valley Valley Lord Yin Huali, Sunset Valley is Demon Race inheritance, one sect having two emperors, in Qing Continent is also very formidable. Although said that Hundred Clans and Deity, Demon and Celestial 3 Clans are together are not very happy, but like Sunset Valley and Qilin Emperor Family Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, has an intercourse. When Empress Qilin and Sunset Valley Lord exchanged greetings, she also sized up Li Qiye several, Li Qiye's fact Yin Huali also heard, she is not willing to provoke a Li Qiye such very weird man of unknown origin.

At this time cultivator powerhouse one after another of front lining up goes forward, no matter they hug are being what kind of mentality come, before but arrives at Buddha statue , cherishes respectfully, heartfeltly burnt incense, has done obeisance doing obeisance, so that respect. After many cultivator powerhouses finish attending the fragrance, the vision cannot bear in the shoulder of Buddha statue stays. Shoulder of Buddha statue very spacious, looks from afar that resembles one mountain ridge to extend is horizontally same there. When looks, has not made the person pay attention, but careful looked that discovered saw only has an only butterfly to stop above the Buddha shoulder. This is not common butterfly, carefully looked will discover that this only butterfly likely is one that turns into by the ray, looked like each butterfly sends out the light ray. This is Tuó Mountain Ridge Spirit Butterfly, Tuó Mountain Ridge Spirit Butterfly is very famous, if you can obtain the Spirit Butterfly favor of Tuó Mountain Ridge, then you is well in Buddhist Plains, it even can lead you to find Buddhist Plains the place of storehouse treasure. The rumor said that three people obtained the Spirit Butterfly favor of Tuó Mountain Ridge, these three people separately are World Emperor, Saint Emperor as well as Ancient God Gui Fan. Believes in some later generation even people, World Emperor, Saint Emperor as well as Ancient God Gui Fan because obtained the favor of Spirit Butterfly, this made them obtain the big good fortune, had afterward achievement. No matter later generation view is well-founded, but comes the Buddhist Plains cultivator powerhouse, will come to worship, so that respect, naturally, if can obtain the favor of Spirit Butterfly, that is good. After many people burn incense, cannot bear look at Spirit Butterfly on Buddha shoulder, but, Spirit Butterfly on Buddha shoulder lie there, motionless, has not favored in anybody's meaning. The team in the vanguard, after passing really the long time, finally has been one's turn Li Qiye and Empress Qilin, the Li Qiye ignition fragrance, has done obeisance doing obeisance, said slowly: „The world Grand Dao vicissitudes, Virtuous Predecessor walks away, another day looked that I push horizontally!” Li Qiye said this saying to come, to let many cultivator surprised on the scene suddenly, everybody knows that he was First Ominous Person, listened to this overbearing words again, many people thought that this boy was indeed rampant enough, where arrives at says the boastful talk. Has done obeisance doing obeisance compared with Li Qiye's, Empress Qilin is more respectful, after she burns incense, then respectfully has knocked three knocks for this Buddha statue , so that respect. When Li Qiye and Empress Qilin finish attending fragrant preparation leaves, hears „” a resonate sound, lay only Spirit Butterfly on Buddha shoulder unexpectedly flew. Spirit Butterfly moved saw that this only Spirit Butterfly flew, some people big shout said.

After seeing only this only Spirit Butterfly flies, complete Spirit Butterfly revolves Li Qiye to dance in the air, high and low staggers xian, as if very joyfully is the same, probably is Elf is dancing. This, this, is this impossible?” Sees such one, has older generation powerhouse big shout saying: I come the Buddhist Plains more than ten times, has not seen Spirit Butterfly to move, today all Spirit Butterfly all fly unexpectedly unexpectedly.” This was too inconceivable, rumor said in the past World Emperor came here time, only then Spirit Butterfly of shoulder flew to revolve him, now First Ominous Person can make Spirit Butterfly of two shoulders fly unexpectedly.” Experience vast Old Ancestor surprised said. This was also too lucky.” Saw that all Spirit Butterfly fly side Li Qiye, dances in the air regarding Li Qiye, making cultivator on the scene envy the envy to hate, said: „Is this legend True Fate Heavenly Child?” Is the Empress Qilin also mouth opens in a big way, she also only listened only to have World Emperor, Saint Emperor and Ancient God Gui Fan they to obtain the favor of Spirit Butterfly, now Li Qiye obtained the favors of all Spirit Butterfly, this was really too inconceivable. Where comes, to return where goes, keeps a foot.” Li Qiye said slowly that has blown the one breath gently. As the Li Qiye one breath blows out, sees only all Spirit Butterfly one after another to dance, finally was blown to ascend the sky, then one after another falls above the Buddha shoulder once more, they lie on the Buddha shoulder once more motionless. After Li Qiye has swept all Spirit Butterfly, only left behind Spirit Butterfly to lie on his shoulder. Walks.” Li Qiye looked at one to lie Spirit Butterfly on shoulder, said to Empress Qilin. Many people see such one, was scared, regarding many people, can obtain many Spirit Butterfly favors, that is better, Li Qiye has actually swept all Spirit Butterfly, only keeps one, this was also too weird, here actually also some people will dislike Spirit Butterfly to be many.