Emperor's Domination - Volume 22 - Chapter 2146

Void faintly recognizable, as if this is the world that lonesome does not have, who here as if will become quiet, as if this will be a not any life world, if not have enough strong Dao Heart, will drift about in such world, will be insane. Li Qiye wraps in the great cocoon, drifts about in void, silent, as if he also just like is dead person is at this moment same, without any sound, without any sound, he is drifting about in the great cocoon, probably is a rock in universe, ice-cold silent, here has not left the trace including the time. Void inexhaustible, here does not have the sun and moon galaxy, did not have since the date the moonset, as if here anything did not have, did not have including time, therefore during Li Qiye drifted about is like this void, nobody knows how long to drift about, perhaps will be in 1000, perhaps was 10,000 years, perhaps that also was just instantaneous that's all, perhaps, he drifted about millions of years. In such bareness desolate cold time, the time became no longer important, as if all become timeless will be here same, million years ago are so, today will be so, in the future is also so. Finally, has not known how long, drifting about Li Qiye drifted about finally the so-called other shore. Front sees is only the immortal light turnover, that feared that is remote, stands during this is void, can still be able to see that as if there has been full of the energy, as if there has filled with the vitality, there seemed a lively incomparable world, there seemed a lively incomparable earthliness, there, probably all that lively, all made the person yearn that making the person pursue. Li Qiye drifts about slowly, to that immortal light was more and more near, saw that he must approach this world. Finally, when approaches this immortal light, drifting about Li Qiye stopped, the great cocoon ups and downs there, as if it arrived in the destination, was waiting for Li Qiye revives. Also has not known how long, Li Qiye woke slowly, his one after another has opened both eyes, although and void during the Heavenly Punishment sea does not know how long to drift about, but he probably slept that's all, naturally, Li Qiye clear time is also passing, because his within the body had not the small change. Zheng, Zheng, Zheng......” resonate sound of metal, the interweaving plate turns round at this time at Li Qiye Myriad Dao Law diastole, one after another retreats slowly, Li Qiye sat from the Myriad Dao Law great cocoon, he at this time true sobers. At this time Li Qiye lowers the head looked that sees only throws over in human skin is thousand sore Bai Kong, had been beaten by Heavenly Punishment, to was unable to put on rottenly again. Must know that this human skin firm cannot break, now is hit by Heavenly Punishment unexpectedly torn to pieces, looks like rotten same put on to cannot the rotten clothes on Li Qiye, Heavenly Punishment in this it can be imagined Heavenly Punishment sea is terror how.

Li Qiye has taken down this tattered human skin, what luckily is following Highest Beginning Primal Will is safe and sound, this makes Li Qiye relax, Highest Beginning Primal Will is Highest Beginning Primal Will, once it interweaves such as to fight armor, puts in the body, that does not have the thing to break simply. If not Highest Beginning Primal Will, only feared that Li Qiye is also hard to insist now. After all, Myriad Dao Law and human skin are unable to shelter Li Qiye completely, Myriad Dao Law and human skin also weakened Heavenly Punishment might that's all. Li Qiye has smiled, deeply shouted inspired, in any event, he endured the firmest difficult threshold ridge finally, has wanted the Heavenly Punishment sea, all were easy to do. At this time Li Qiye has stood, turns around to proceed to look, sees only front immortal light to fill the air, immortal light continuously stands erect in void, each wisp of immortal light has trillion zhang (3.33 m) long, when such continuously immortal light dangerous sets upright there, looks like seems the world that Immortal Qi fills, so long as across the present world, as if can arrive in the place that the immortal lives to be ordinary. looks at continuously immortal light dangerous sets upright there, Li Qiye proceeds to walk slowly, walks not slowly, but is not quick, walks step by step, just like is a world is the same. When Li Qiye proceeds to walk gradually, each process wisp of immortal light, the immortal light ray flashed, as if probably in scanning Li Qiye is the same, when immortal light jumps, seems is probing Li Qiye likely. Regarding the response of immortal light, Li Qiye who regards not sees, but calmly gradually proceeds to walk, as if any matter has not occurred was the same. How long Li Qiye did not know, when he passed through this has been setting upright void of continuously immortal light dangerous, front is the immortal flame fluctuates, as if this was a world of color spot billows. In the world of this immortal flame spot billows, presented a form at this moment, a form calmly stood there, as if he changed through ancient times, as if opened in the world he has stood there. This form very fuzzy, cannot see clearly his appearance, but his body is actually jumping the immortal flame, this light immortal flame like the fire, this flame is very pale, but as if can burn through in society all, as if little spark can to burn to death Great Emperor and Immortal Monarch be the same, as if this is Supreme Immortal Monarch, but this form seems the form of immortal. When this form stands there, Li Qiye also calmly stands there, is looking at each other with this form, under looks at each other, as if must completely understand each other, as if must see clearly each other behind all profound principles.

looks at this form, Li Qiye lightly has smiled at present, when because of this form Li Qiye not Mo body, at that time when Library of Heavenly Scripture institute, before short peak, Li Qiye by human skin study and understand, had presented this form. Li Qiye looks at each other with this form, the time just like stopping being same, each other has as if seen through through ancient times. This is only form that's all, is not True Person here, but a such form stands there merely, as if makes people unable to surmount to be the same. When this form stands there, so long as he does not allow to pass through, as if no anybody to pass to be the same, among Whole World nobody can surmount him, as if he seems like invincibly same. Each other looked at each other to be very long, finally Li Qiye smiled lightly, said slowly: This should be sincerity.” When each other looks at each other, as if each other saw behind both sides all, as if each other root foot, each other mystery, in this looks at each other to treat confidently general. This form has not spoken any words, he turns around to walk, as if must leave here, as if guides in front general, in brief, he line, the under foot went out of one Grand Dao slowly, Grand Dao Immortal Qi fills the air, the immortal light twinkle, as if this is path of one to paradise. Li Qiye has smiled that's all, steps such one Grand Dao, leads the way slowly, and do not blame , is not slow, throughout is maintaining with the form of front enough distance. Each other one after the other, does not know how long cultivation walked, actually reappeared at this time another two forms, the form colleague in these two form and front, one on the left and other on the right accompanies, as if they achieved the Supreme tacit understanding to be common. Two forms that behind presents, still very ancient, as if they and among this form is syngenesis era is the same, as if they are the people of same world. Two forms that about accompanies, the left form has the law rhyme of not being able saying that as if his each metre is full of the law rhyme, but the issue is, is not he is catering to the metre of world, or is the Grand Dao rhythm, but is Heaven and Earth Great Dao in catering to his metre, as if he is in the world all metres origins. Right that form vitality abundant, that feared that is only a form, that feared that you cannot see clearly his appearance, but he, when front walks, he felt that probably is a living person walks there, probably is a genuine live person leads the way to be the same with you, what is more important, you smell on him to send out one type to let the person mind joyful medicine fragrance, has such medicine fragrance, making you feel that will resemble within the body to grow Immortal Medicine. Three forms are walking in front, Li Qiye also leads the way, each other does not have the sound, each other has not spoken, Li Qiye follows Grand Dao of under foot to lead the way that's all.

When this vanguard, Li Qiye is not irritable, all decide idly, all such nature, all that satisfied. In fact, you wants to be irritable at this time is useless, because these three forms take the lead, you could not exceed them, when they walked in the forefront, anybody gave up any idea to surmount, that feared that you were own era and own beginning of an era most invincible existence, even was a control of beginning of an era, you want to surmount them, only feared that is matter that you are unable to achieve. Li Qiye is treading Grand Dao of under foot, is very confident, is very comfortable and leads the way with the front three forms very satisfied. Mentioned also strangely, the front three forms, they have not always spoken a few words to Li Qiye, they did not have take action to attack Li Qiye or are stopping Li Qiye. They are having the Li Qiye vanguard, as if guides for Li Qiye, as if in probing Li Qiye, as if Li Qiye walks on their Grand Dao, during all in did not say. Walking, walking, the front three forms are getting more and more pale, is getting more and more gloomy, finally the front three forms disappear to disappear slowly, as if they can only bring to stop to Li Qiye, after three forms disappear, as if they have not appeared have been same, all that experienced a moment ago, that is just one illusion that's all. At this time, the front luminous writings, saw only front are glittering the colorful ray, has a world to be the same there, sees only front 3000 zhang (3.33 m) mortal world , incomparable noise, incomparable liveliness. When this suddenly, colorful ray you saw ancient city, has the runner to be busy for the life, has the peddler to call, has the miss to sing for a living...... All forms, all has all kinds, very mysterious.