Emperor's Domination - Volume 22 - Chapter 2160

Hears Li Qiye such words, Wang Han is silent, does not know how at once should express to well, she understands that is Li Qiye is testing her, understands that Li Qiye is discontented with her ability. Dao Lineage inheritance, should stop in massacres mutually.” Finally Wang Han can only say gently. Although said that Wang Han wants to have an achievement, but she investigates certainly is not generation extremely, Don't said that in entire Mad Court Dao Lineage, when their Palace, she most does not have the person of power and influence, she is also receives to impede. On the same day when emperor has not said collapses, they haunch the general situation, to them, can hold to hold lawful right this is not an easy matter, after all a Dao Lineage lawful right is how by the matter of drooling. In the emperor also, she is a piece of good wife, is behind the emperor the most powerful support, is she condenses various business that Palace strength has fully supported the emperor. But the emperor facing the Mad Court Dao Lineage all parties influence, the hand grasps the lawful right, dispatches all all Hou. In these years their husbands and wives, although is not easy, but also even if can stabilize the general situation. But now emperor says collapses, received as Wang Han of empress without a doubt in a big way attacked, the lawful right in her hand was not steady . Moreover, Palace was also hopes that can have a more powerful person to hold to hold the lawful right. After all Wang Han eventually is women, although her ability is very strong, the strength is also very strong, but she still lacked decisive murdering of that development. Without a doubt, Li Qiye this time words said that Wang Han insufficiency, she indeed is lacks murders decisively, once the lawful right in the hand, wants to grasp to stop the lawful right, regarding Wang Han, that is very big challenge. Stops in massacres mutually, that is based on unity, on made downward, this can stop in massacring, otherwise was an empty talk. If did not make good, then first An Nei, cleared the path, when this can fulfil your aspiration, this can make you actually execute your government order resolutely.” Li Qiye said slowly. The Wang Han yawn wants saying that but finally she only then sighed gently, such that such as Li Qiye said that then she must concentrate about Palace strength first, because Palace strength was she biggest taking advantage, not having Palace strength to be the backer to her, that was hard to use the method, let alone was more resolute. The issue is, in Palace is the will of the people are not steady at this time, before she can concentrate about Palace strength, that is because of the emperor also, this makes Palace not have the condition to support their couple to open up the perspective, but emperor says now collapses, in Palace has Old Ancestor to hope that enables other people to grasp the lawful right, this is the Wang Han present crisis is also. Wang Han is silent, she after Li Qiye washed foot, then for him rubs to pinch, the powder fist light thump both legs, are the Li Qiye loose leg, she that gentle, is such obeying. How do you plan?” Wang Han of looks at loose leg, Li Qiye said lightly.

Always comes, regarding giving loyalty to the own person, Li Qiye never will treat unjustly her, after all now Mad Court Dao Lineage other characters, in the Li Qiye eye that also are just passer-by armor and passer-by B that's all, but Wang Han gives loyalty to him first, if needed, he is also glad to help her helping hand. Wang Han hesitant, finally her raised the head, is looking at Li Qiye, said gently: Also asked Young Master to show the path.” At this time Wang Han also said that Li Qiye Young Master, this is also Li Qiye's likes. The beautiful women before, the present beautiful woman are the incomparable gentleness, incomparable obeying, that tender and beautiful character and style, moves the heartstrings of person. When the beautiful woman squats before the own body, that is an indescribable beauty, a character and style of fluttering flags, that such as the snow fat general plentifulness, the gully spring scenery fills the air, just like is the thoroughly ripe honey peach, letting the person wants to nip one, that perfectly round full fragrant buttocks, that is wonderful, making the person palpitate with excitement. At this time Li Qiye extends the take action finger, has shouldered the Wang Han that fine and beautiful chin gently, the red lips like the fire, beautiful Wushuang/matchless, the tender and delicate red lip just like can bite the syrup. „Can you believe me?” Li Qiye shoulders the chin of Wang Han, as if sexually harasses likely, but does not have the slight frivolity, is such nature is satisfied, by the heart, gives people comfortably completely not a frivolous feeling, does not have the slight dreadful feeling. Believes.” Wang Han said without hesitation that in her faces Li Qiye out of reason trust at heart, that since was conquered by Li Qiye in her suddenly gets up, she unconditional trust Li Qiye, out of reason has been full of confidence with Li Qiye, others may suspect Li Qiye, but she actually believes in firmly. Li Qiye shows the light smiling face, closes the eye slowly, has not spoken. Wang Han has not spoken, had not inquired that she that mild-mannered, that gentle, afterward she is rubbing the shoulders for Li Qiye lightly, is Li Qiye is being loose muscles and bones. The beautiful women are serving, that comfortable, is such enjoyment, the beautiful woman refers to strength arriving at the advantage suitably, lets person relaxation, so on wonderful, likable this feeling. Your path is not difficult to walk.” After passing really the long time, Li Qiye then slowly said: First thinks, then is but independently is, this foot, the sky will not then collapse.” Heard Li Qiye such words surprised, Wang Han, was savoring carefully Li Qiye these words, was realizing the profound meaning of Li Qiye these words. Afterward, Wang Han has not said a word again, slowly is Li Qiye rubs to pinch the shoulders, Li Qiye closes the eye, probably fell asleep was the same.

Also has not known how long, Li Qiye said afterward: Tomorrow, I will leave the palace, goes to Jiao Heng Trading Company to walk.” I go along with Young Master.” Wang Han said gently that sound very gentle, just like the spring water, making people specially comfortable. Li Qiye had not opposed, but closes one's eyes that's all, probably fell asleep was the same. Next day, Li Qiye starts on a journey to leave imperial palace, goes to Jiao Heng Trading Company. Li Qiye wants to go to Jiao Heng Trading Company, besides must buy a thing, he wants to hear the news that wants to hear from Jiao Heng Trading Company actually. When Li Qiye starts on a journey, there is Yang Shengping and Zhu Sijing accompanying, in addition, early arrives as Wang Han of empress, her side does not have one to accompany, moreover Wang Han dresses up the young servant appearance, obstructed the portrait, letting the person is unable to recognize. Because the general situation is now undecided, Wang Han does not dare outside optional throws to show one's face, therefore she has camouflaged the own portrait low-key. Walks.” To dressing of Wang Han, Li Qiye does not offer criticism, but said lightly. The Li Qiye saddle horse car(riage) has not gone on a journey, soars to go, but with the walk, he goes out of the imperial palace gradually, probably is watches the beautiful scene of imperial palace to be the same, walks step by step, just like strolling, very with ease. Yang Shengping does not understand why Li Qiye must only gradually walk, as if this is wastes the time the matter, but he does not dare to inquire about. Wang Han looks at Li Qiye goes out of the imperial palace gradually, every step resembles the ruler same to measure the earth, this lets in the Wang Han heart one cold, although she cannot see the mystery of Li Qiye this act completely, but can also be able to see, Li Qiye this is measuring the entire imperial palace. After going out of the most imperial palace, Li Qiye shook the head gently, said: Solemn Dao Lineage, indeed declined. In the past Mad Court Dao Lineage when Immortal Lineage World, what kind being insufferably arrogant, so huge Dao Lineage, continually looks for one to be able Ascend to Heaven True God to be difficult now, do not say that was immortal.” Li Qiye such words, the response of Yang Shengping and Zhu Sijing is quite but actually light, Yang Shengping are not many regarding Mad Court Dao Lineage background or the understanding, was understands as for Zhu Sijing very few. But is different as Wang Han of empress, hears such words, she has pulled out an cold air/Qi, because a Li Qiye language has then pointed out frankly their Mad Court Dao Lineage background, this is the how fearful strength, as if in his eyes Mad Court Dao Lineage any secret may not the word be ordinary.

Must know that their Mad Court Dao Lineage investigates has many expert, person who also only then in their Mad Court Dao Lineage has the component knows that as for True God this level, especially Ascend to Heaven this level, that is only then status the person like her was clear, the common powerhouses do not know. After to Old Ancestor of this level, is the bystander is unable to see that most also merely remains in the guess, but Li Qiye merely has measured the imperial palace, was clear regarding the Mad Court Dao Lineage strength, this is the how terrifying matter. This made in the Wang Han heart have a shiver, was facing in Li Qiye at heart is sincerely convinced, bent down full of admiration to the Li Qiye feudal official. Rodomontades!” In Li Qiye these words fall, side reprimanded immediately drinks to resound. Sees only a youth to draw a steed at this time, is wanting to plan to leave the imperial palace, this youth wears a boa robe, both eyes ray cold and severe, True Qi that the body sends out very exuberantly, looks then knows that is expert. This youth also just passed by, is wanting to leave the imperial palace, hears the Li Qiye such extremely arrogant words to reprimand immediately drinks, he shouted to clear the way coldly: Boy, the ants also dares to say the big tree! The power of Mad Court Dao Lineage, is you estimates.” Peng Family Young Master sees this youth, the Yang Shengping complexion changed, he has recognized the origin of this youth all of a sudden. As for Li Qiye, is disinclined to pay attention to this youth, goes without consulting anybody. „Did boy, you call the what name character?” Sees Li Qiye not to pay attention to own, the manner of so despising, making in his heart not be feeling well, shouted to clear the way coldly: Where my Peng Wei Jin must think you but is actually sacred, dares so to rodomontade unexpectedly.” However, at this time Li Qiye more walked was farther, does not pay attention to him. This youth is angry, wants to pursue, but Yang Shengping has blocked this youth, he said: Peng Young Master, please not misunderstand, this Young Master is an honored guest.” The Yang Shengping good and evil is also a character, although he background is mean, but his such True Brave does not have unearned reputation, this matter of doing he will do.