Emperor's Domination - Volume 24 - Chapter 2382

You will see, but, is not now.” Mu Shaochen laughs, he has drawn back continually several steps, at this time his some manner non- natures, like did not look disdainfully a moment ago eight sides, shows disdain for world. Li Qiye take action, then broke his estimate, although he already estimated that Li Qiye was very formidable, even he estimated the most formidable condition Li Qiye. However, now when Li Qiye take action, he is clear, own has underestimated Li Qiye. Before then, he has estimated the Li Qiye's strength, during his estimate that feared that Li Qiye is formidable, he is also same has victory in the hand, cuts to kill Li Qiye, that is not the difficult matter, even can be said as the ninety percent sure matter. Now Li Qiye take action, let Mu Shaochen regarding the Li Qiye's strength a thorougher view, at this time, Mu Shaochen also wants to adjust own to cope with the Li Qiye's plan, but, the Li Qiye's strength has far exceeded his beforehand estimate, before this caused him, can be used to cope with the Li Qiye method or background, is unable to apply at once. „If no Ultimate Item, only feared that you are blind alley one, even if Ancestral Item do not help matters.” Li Qiye said lightly with a smile. At once, all people turn very quiet to breathe looks at at present this, in fact, everybody one heart hangs, everybody not only cared that showdown between Li Qiye and Mu Shaochen who wins who loses, what also many people care, Mu Shaochen has Ultimate Item. What everybody can guess, Mu Shaochen has Ancestral Item absolutely, after all Mu Family First Ancestor is very terrifying First Ancestor, has left behind many Ancestral Item in Mu Family, as for Ultimate Item, did not say but actually. But still some rumors said that Mu Shaochen has their Mu Family First Ancestor Ultimate Item, also because of so, all people raises the head to hope regarding Mu Shaochen Ultimate Item, if is really Ultimate Item take action, the terror of might, that is unable to imagine. Li Qiye, undeniably, you are very formidable, but you did not have to resisting the Ultimate Item situation formidable.” Mu Shaochen deeply shouted the one breath, calm many, he indeed is the Innate Talent Wushuang/matchless person, he has also seen the person of magnificent scene, including True Emperor has seen person, therefore was flurried a moment ago for a while, but he has stood quickly also firm the mood. Li Qiye looked at Mu Shaochen, smiles lightly, said: Right? Besides Ultimate Item, what trump card do you have? Depending on your strength, in my hands only feared that collapses at the first blow. Although your Innate Talent indeed is good, what a pity, you cannot use above practice, otherwise, you perhaps incessantly only then a little cultivation, really has been able to struggle in my hands. Naturally, if your sincerity uses this Innate Talent in the practice, will not reduce into Ten Thousand Lineage World.” You - Mu Shaochen by a Li Qiye such words saying time, he complexion becomes flushed immediately, looks angrily at Li Qiye. Li Qiye this saying has uncovered Mu Shaochen heart inside scabs, high of his Innate Talent, indeed is makes the person be hard the imagination, otherwise, Li Qiye will not say that his Innate Talent is indeed good, in the Li Qiye mouth said that Innate Talent is indeed good, that means that his Innate Talent was very indeed astonishing. Mu Shaochen Innate Talent do not say that in Ten Thousand Lineage World, even if is also difficult in Emperor Lineage World some people with it.

However, Mu Shaochen came from Mu Family, is Innate Talent Wushuang/matchless, all in society regarding him that easy, all are easy, because of so, making his heart live arrogant and willful, is not attentive in the practice, little has always practiced. Also because of so, this causes him, although Innate Talent Wushuang/matchless, but cultivation also can only say that is more outstanding than other talents, is far shockingly. If he tries hard, perhaps today already was True Emperor. Regarding Mu Shaochen, the cultivation strong and weak he is not special caring, looks like in his heart, that feared that the formidable enemy his a lot of methods is defeated. But, in front of absolutely formidable strength, all means is just the floating clouds, great Innate Talent, does not help matters. Also because of so, Mu Shaochen, because a some reason reduces into Ten Thousand Lineage World from Emperor Lineage World, otherwise, trades to make other talents, who is willing to reduce into Ten Thousand Lineage World from Emperor Lineage World? After all has richer resources in Emperor Lineage World. Mu Shaochen reduces into Ten Thousand Lineage World has his difficulties, that feared that his Innate Talent is high, their Mu Family is formidable, is hard to change. It can be said that this is Mu Shaochen heart inside one piece of scabs, now Li Qiye has uncovered in his heart the scabs all of a sudden, how this does not make him angry. What's wrong, isn't convinced?” Li Qiye smiles lightly, said: But, has not related, behind also has to let you more aggrieved matter, with me for the enemy, that feared that your Eternal talent, wants to go on living, you also can only live on dishonorably aggrievedly! When the time comes, you think that arrogant Innate Talent, you think invincible Mu Family, before me, that also is just clay chickens and pottery dogs.” You - Mu Shaochen was mad again trembles, he arrives at Ten Thousand Lineage World, when has received such air/Qi, in Ten Thousand Lineage World any place, any Dao Lineage, he keeps aloof, many things around a center, even if Dao Lineage Old Ancestor, before him is respectful, now Li Qiye such words, are really keep him from swallowing under this tone, making him clench jaws! Li Qiye smiles lightly, walks toward Mu Shaochen slowly. Clang - one, at this time, the great hawk suddenly was arm wing one, has blocked the Li Qiye's way. The wing of great hawk like the iron, especially each wing feather, just like with general that the profound iron builds, each wing feather looks like looks like sharp swords. When the wing of great hawk opens, probably is surely opens the profound iron sword, is similar to the giant fan, has blocked the Li Qiye's way.

Must know that this great hawk is Yun Du Hawk God mount, it was already clever, formidable incomparable, cut to kill many True God under the Yun Du Hawk God place, the strength is much more intrepid. At this time when the wing of great hawk opens, just like one profound iron Divine Sword has cut off eight sides, cuts off all lands, Absolute Seal the Li Qiye way, as if Li Qiye again also has been hard all of a sudden surmounts Thunder Pond half step to be the same. Halts - this time great hawk opens the mouth unexpectedly, the mouth spits the criticism, although the words are cold and stiff, this at least explained that this great hawk followed Yun Du Hawk God to be so long, it indeed was clever to open the wisdom. even if your master take action, cannot block me personally, let alone is you.” Was blocked the way by the great hawk, Li Qiye did not worry, smiled. Li Qiye, you crossed, is only you to kill so many people, is everybody executes it.” Let fall an old sound in this time sky, this was the Yun Du Hawk God sound, although Yun Du Hawk God not here, but did not have what difference with him here. That how?” Li Qiye smiles lightly, said: I and world are enemies, does not have anything at the worst, blocks my way, kill without mercy, slaughter completely world person, there are why not.” This saying said that all people stared dumbfounded, looked like in many cultivator powerhouses, so long as a little sane person, will not say so rampantly, but Li Qiye actually worked as the front of world person to say such words to come, that was regards the world person not to have the thing simply. But, even if clearly knows Li Qiye regards the world person not to have the thing, everybody also can only smile bitterly, has no alternative, this Ominous Person said can be achieved, who is willing to bring death? Thing of acting recklessly, obstinate deep does not work!” Yun Du Hawk God sinks to drink one. Was good, completely do not say that some do not have.” Li Qiye beckoned with the hand gently, said: Do not hide in space, gets down, I together have also tidied up you, after your sweep trace, together tidied up any Ten Thousand Lineage World first powerhouse again!” This saying, all people have pulled out an cold air/Qi, this Ominous Person, is really much more maneating, not only need kill Yun Du Hawk God, but also dares to say the boastful talk to cut Ten Thousand Lineage World first powerhouse Martial God Long Xiang. At once, does not know that many person stare at speechless looks at Li Qiye, has Dao Lineage Old Ancestor also gu, said: This was also too crazy, often said that must cut immortally, he thinks that immortal was inadequate that the mud pinched? Only feared that he has not cut to kill immortally, his own died without the burial ground.” Snort - without a doubt, on sky has resounded cold snort, this cold snort vibration universe, stars rustle makes noise, without a doubt, Li Qiye such words also made Yun Du Hawk God lose one's temper.

He is one immortal, takes a broad view at entire Ten Thousand Lineage World, he is keeping aloof existence, will stamp stamping the feet entire Ten Thousand Lineage World to shiver, now is actually said by Li Qiye is not worth a red cent, can he not lose one's temper? Clang - a resonate sound, when Yun Du Hawk God loses one's temper, a wing finger of great hawk, refers to Li Qiye being same just like ten thousand profound iron Divine Sword anger. Suffers to death - this time great hawk mouth spits the criticism, cold voice shouts to clear the way. „A flat wool domestic animal, to raise the prestige military might before me, death!” Li Qiye looked at great hawk one, said desolately. Small domestic animal, tear you to shreds!” The great hawk is wild with rage, its clever to open the wisdom, most disliked others saying that with great difficulty it was flat wool domestic animal, therefore it was wild with rage. Clang - clang - clang - the sound resounds, the great hawk flutters to fly, flies high to strike, in an instant, its feather just like is myriad swords fires, cut to Li Qiye. In this in an instant, Sword Qi able to move unhindered, is similar to along with the feather of great hawk Divine Sword same cuts, hears scoffs, scoffs at and scoffs at the sound to resound, Sword Qi has made holes the ground instantaneously, has made into the screen a mountain peak instantaneously, even there is a cultivation shallow person to run away without enough time, had made into blood fog by this fearful Sword Qi all of a sudden. Be careful - saw that great hawk contains ones anger to hit such terror, many people for it with amazement, one after another avoidance. Clang - a resonate sound, in this Sword Qi instance able to move unhindered, myriad swords fires, myriad swords refers to Li Qiye together, in this in an instant, firing myriad swords as if must rumble the screen the Li Qiye whole person.