Emperor's Domination - Volume 26 - Chapter 2502
Bingchi Hanyu such words said that many people looked at once to Li Qiye, many people turned very quiet. Is - some people approve of the Bingchi Hanyu words, said in a low voice: Also thinks that own was still the past emperor, now is just the stray cur, knowing the limitation was overcautious in dealing with people on obediently, but also dares so the high-sounding talk, to curl upwards the tail so high, sooner or later difficultly ran away dies.” Li Qiye turned the head at this time languidly, looked at Bingchi Hanyu one, has smiled at will, said: You are Bingchi Family that so-called Princess, what's wrong, did one to brave false Princess to marry, now changes, felt that own noble Supreme, thought that own was in the person Phoenix, appearance that keeping aloof.” In front of people, was exposed by Li Qiye one, this makes the Bingchi Hanyu complexion change, after all in the past the matter of world engagement all knew, her book betroths to Li Qiye's, afterward was just their Bingchi Aristocratic Family exploited loopholes, was opportunistic. This and other ignominious matters, book must not exposed to Sun, no one is willing to take to say in the presence of everyone that now Li Qiye has revealed in the presence of everyone this matter, this embarrasses Bingchi Hanyu somewhat, the complexion sinks. Person is valued in knowing.” Bingchi Hanyu coldly looked at Li Qiye one, some loathings, cold voice said: Otherwise, seeks senselessly.” This saying I approve.” Li Qiye has smiled, said leisurely and carefree: At least fails to keep one's word, the person who abandons the good faith, leaves to curl upwards all day the own tail, must demonstrate the own beautiful appearance. This person, person ugly multi- unseemly behavior, lost completely own ancestor's face countenance. Cultivated the behavior the most basic good faith unable to persevere continually, do not discuss that own Bloodline was how noble, performed has tarnished ancestor's Bloodline.” You - the Bingchi Hanyu complexion changes, the complexion is very of a sudden ugly, Li Qiye such words that is in front of people to pull out her slap on the face simply. Young Master Li, please note your expression!” At this time Yang Bofan both eyes one severe, sinks to shout to clear the way. Li Qiye does not have the interest to look at his one eyes, still the stone steps on looks at stair, indifferently said: What's wrong, how do you want to teach me to speak? Make your so-called is True Emperor Master comes to speak with me, previous bored, forgives his life, this time I pinch his head to come, when chamber pot.” This saying said that presented all people to change color, many person all of a sudden items stared at speechless looks at Li Qiye, everybody heard own emperor has been absurd, since has been heard, today knows that he indeed is absurd, any words dare saying that a shade does not have. This saying makes Yang Bofan complexion big change, both eyes one severe immediately, has revealed killing intent, after all Li Qiye shame his teacher, how he possibly swallows under this tone in the presence of everyone, let alone new Emperor is just a waste. Overreaches oneself - this time Bingchi Hanyu also cold snort, to Li Qiye loathing, starts her not to think that Li Qiye repugnant, now felt that Li Qiye is the natural disposition is still difficult to change, still that disgusting, he has today's fate, that also asks for trouble. Depends on you - Yang Bofan a anger, both eyes has revealed killing intent immediately, goes forward one step, coldly said: Trivial matter, how to need my teacher take action, I accept a challenge for the teacher then am, asked for advice your good idea!” When Yang Bofan goes forward, among the manners completely disdains to Li Qiye, moreover in his both eyes has revealed killing intent.

Seeing Yang Bofan must to Li Qiye take action, make those present turn very quiet all of a sudden, the Yang Bofan strength does not have do not doubt that as for new Emperor, that does not need saying that only feared that Yang Bofan then can take his life easily. As for standing has revealed sneering in nearby Tang Hexiang, appearance that somewhat takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, if Yang Bofan take action has killed Li Qiye, then he wishes for earnestly. Regarding Tang Hexiang, if he wants to mount the throne, must eradicate new Emperor surely, but, new Emperor is Emperor Tai Qing stands eventually, he is only the legitimate emperor. Especially regarding their Fighting Saint Dynasty, must abandon new Emperor, that must after the discussion decision can implement. If Yang Bofan take action has killed new Emperor now, then regarding him is the huge good deed, because this does not need him to begin, then he does not need to carry on the back the evil reputation that kills one's sovereign to usurp the throne. - when being ready to be set off, Qin Jianyao has stood, said slowly: Today everybody gathers together rarely, is a celebration, lets the blood sprinkling in this.” At this time Qin Jianyao gently pressed a brow, why does not know, she always felt that has the important matter to occur to be the same, moreover her intuition always comes is very accurate. Qin Jianyao stood saying that such words did come, who to present also to have do not give Qin Jianyao face countenance? Let alone this is a grand feast that Qin Jianyao holds, did not give Qin Jianyao face countenance at this time, intended unable to pass with Qin Jianyao. Listens to the instruction of Fairy Qin sincerely.” Yang Bofan holds the fist in the other hand to Qin Jianyao, bowing the body, then looked at Li Qiye one, coldly one. Come, come, everybody drinks, drinks.” Saw not to make into, in the Tang Hexiang heart was somewhat regrettable, raises glass proposes a toast to the person. Respects Fairy Qin, respects General Tang, respects.” At once, the atmosphere lives it up, many person one after another raise glass to propose a toast. Saw that Li Qiye still stands there, Bingchi Hanyu feels the loathing, is not willing to continue to stop over in this, said to Qin Jianyao: I just arrived at Nine Linked Mountain, the matter must take care, for the time being advances.” Beginning Princess, the way is not ripe, and makes Jianyao deliver Princess.” Qin Jianyao said busily. Bingchi Hanyu does not reject, they expressed best wishes to all people, enabled to leave Stone Forest.

Bingchi Hanyu leaves that is understandable, leaves as for Qin Jianyao, then on interesting, she felt suddenly the matter is not a little wonderful, does not dare to go facing Li Qiye, therefore while is the opportunity that Bingchi Hanyu sees off, first leaves banquet a while, watches changes quietly. Li Qiye is disinclined to pay attention to the people, that chair in looks at stone steps, then looked to stand in the stone steps about both sides statue, these statues looked like Golem Guardian stand erect there generally, was leaning on the body by Stone Spear. At this moment, many person indifferent looks at Li Qiye, such as Yang Bofan, such as Ma Jinming, in their vision reveals killing intent. Yang Bofan was needless saying that Li Qiye speaking shame his teacher, he definitely could not swallow this tone, reported this enmity for his teacher. As for Ma Jinming, that say nothing, his younger male cousin Zeng Yibin died in the Li Qiye hand, let alone, Li Qiye three four times embarrass him, he already wants to set at Li Qiye in the deathtrap. As for Tang Hexiang, is actually calm many, he sits well there, the corners of the mouth are gathering sneering, seems watches the fun general. At this time is having the unclear aura to flow at the banquet, because Qin Jianyao just walked, Yang Bofeng or Ma Jinming, have the thoughts of being ready to make trouble. Li Qiye is disinclined to pay attention to them, finally has taken back the vision, smiles lightly, following the stone steps on, has mounted the stone steps gradually, goes toward the stage. Li Qiye mounts the stone steps step by step, Liu Chuqing accompanies in the side. Those present gathered the vision on Li Qiye at once, everybody does not know that Li Qiye must do. „Is this must do?” Sees Li Qiye to mount the stone steps, some people in a low voice said. God knows? Who knows the matter that this absurd person will do any Tang Huang comes.” Everybody does not know that Li Qiye must do. what is this place?” Also some people have sized up stone chair as well as the station in the stone steps and stage curiously in the statue of left and right. „It is not clear.” Although said that the grand feast is held in this Stone Forest, just the front stone steps nobody cleans, Qin Jianyao does not dare to make a decision without authorization to suspend the banquet to above, therefore shuttles back and forth in this Stone Forest, nobody mounts the stone steps to have a look.

This I pour heard.” The older generation powerhouse, looks at Li Qiye to mount the stone steps, said slowly: heard this is the Nine Linked Mountain Sage stage, in ancient era, the Nine Linked Mountain ancestor once here had summoned all Sage, afterward does not know that is what reason gives up.” Sage stage?” Some many person blankly look at each other, many person first heard this name. In fact Nine Linked Mountain was extremely ancient, is more ancient than immediately any inheritance, Fighting Saint Dynasty or Five Strongest, only feared that takes a broad view at entire Nine Secrets Dao Lineage , which inheritance was less ancient than Nine Linked Mountain, therefore knows nothing regarding Nine Linked Mountain a lot everybody. At this moment, Li Qiye has been on the stage, looked at stone chair, has smiled, does not dislike dirty, sat there directly. Must know, stage in two mountain peak intersections places, when sits above such stone chair, it may be said that is the advantage downward, downward looks, all people between banquets probably are the official who comes to worship are the same. Since today has gathered together, the bored time also ended.” Li Qiye sits above stone chair, has shown the smiling face, said slowly. At once, all people are looking at Li Qiye, everybody calmed down, listening to Li Qiye to speak, this is not Li Qiye has what kind of authority, but is everybody wants to know that actually Li Qiye wants to do. Now, I tell everybody a news.” Li Qiye said languidly with a smile: Game time had ended, this I reveal fangs time. No matter you are the dragon are also good, is the tiger, this is lying, then gives me the plate to lie on obediently, otherwise, the blood flows on the ground.” Snort, big tone.” Ma Jinming disdain said: On this day, is your landscape? Your dream will not have awaked.” Right, on this day , is still my landscape.” Regarding the ridicule of Ma Jinming, Li Qiye was not angry, has shown the smiling face, said: Now world, I decide, now, your kneel and worship also with enough time.”