Emperor's Domination - Volume 26 - Chapter 2596
Mu Chengjie has become blood fog, at once, Wu Youzheng or Xu Yingjian are absolutely terrified, was frightened at once there, the mouth opens in a big way. As for Lin Yixue, was in a big way frightened one to jump, she first time noticed that so easily pinches blood fog the person, such rather was also too terrifying. looks at blood fog disperses to go along with Feng Piao/breeze, at once Wu Youzheng and Xu Yingjian feel timid in the heart, could not speak at once. Mu Chengjie died, this lets Wu Youzheng and Xu Yingjian complexion blanch. Mu Chengjie, this is the Mu Family disciple, moreover is not the common disciple, is the True Emperor Mu Jian disciple grandson, he in the Mu Family status does not calculate that lowered. However, as the Mu Family disciple, as one generation of True Emperor disciple grandson, he actually died a tragic death in the Ming Luo City like this small place, once makes Mu Family know that the consequence will be what kind of? Died a Mu Family disciple, only feared that Mu Family will investigate the reason, but one generation of True Emperor disciple grandson died, that so was not simple, once Mu Family investigates that only feared held the cauldron, if Mu Family is furious, only feared that entire Ming Luo City must end. Under Mu Family such colossus, trivial Ming Luo City, that just likes the ant cricket is also same, if Mu Family is furious, or True Emperor Mu Jian is angry, only feared that entire Ming Luo City can vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke. At once, Wu Youzheng and Xu Yingjian were frightened the complexion blanch, this was offended Mu Family such colossus, that was the how terrifying matter. You, you, you, you have killed him, you have killed him really at this time, Xu Yingjian speech results anxiously, speaks is not agile. In this moment, Xu Yingjian hopes that all these not real, he only hopes that this is only a dream, is a nightmare, after is he accompanies Mu Chengjie to come to here, now Mu Chengjie died, he goes back unable to his Master explain/justify , is unable to approach Mu Family explain/justify . Yes.” Li Qiye serene, has complied with one, indifferent. You, you, you may know that he is the True Emperor Mu Jian disciple grandson, the disciple who Mu Family thinks highly.” Xu Yingjian yelled, very rude, and hit one to tremble, including retroceding several steps, the following words all of a sudden put lightly. Li Qiye can only the hand pinch blood fog Mu Chengjie, he not necessarily is also stronger than Mu Chengjie, Li Qiye also same can point at to pinch blood fog him. Li Qiye hangs the item to sit well, has probably not heard his words to be the same. Young Master, this, this, this only fears is the catastrophe, heard Mu Family is to hide shortcomings, you have killed the Mu Family disciple, only feared that Mu Family will not give up, only feared that True Emperor Mu Jian will also revenge for the disciple grandson of dying.” In this time Wu Youzheng also complexion blanch.

Regarding him, with True Emperor for the enemy, that is pierces the day the matter, the matter that this matter he cannot think for a lifetime, actually clearly occurred on the body of own now. True Emperor.” Li Qiye said lightly: Has anything to be good to be worth discussing that came, cutting is.” Hears this saying, Wu Youzheng and Xu Yingjian stares dumbfounded all of a sudden, True Emperor, in the Li Qiye's mouth actually becomes such is not worth mentioning, one cutting is”, is serene how, is domineering 100% how. You, you, you harmed miserably us, has been afraid entire Ming Luo City.” With great difficulty, Xu Yingjian recovers, whispered. Get Lost the Li Qiye eyelid has not pulled up, said desolately. Get Lost character said that this made Xu Yingjian hit one to tremble immediately, he almost forgets present Li Qiye is also very formidable existence, he one was not happy, same can pinch blood fog him. Xu Yingjian has had a shiver, without demur, tumbles, turns around to run away, half character unyielding words do not dare to say. Wu Youzheng recovers with great difficulty, he gently sighed, such matter just liked a dream is the same, only feared in his life not to experience the so tense time, after all, traded to do is in the ordinary day, the existence arrival like Mu Family disciple, he must be respectful, offended Mu Family carefully. Goes.” Li Qiye has not gone to look at Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue, beckoned with the hand gently, said: Leaves Ming Luo City, here is the place is apt to get into trouble, has possibility collapse and destruction anytime.” Wu Youzheng has had a shiver, he understands that Li Qiye such strength, has not deceived his necessity completely, since he said that Ming Luo City is going collapse and destruction, that absolutely meets collapse and destruction. Many thanks over and over assisting of Young Master, a Old Man shallow strength is thin, cannot be Young Master works , the Young Master obligation, the Old Man generation always remembers in the heart.” Wu Youzheng does obeisance greatly, said respectfully. Li Qiye still sits there, eyes closed repose, received the Wu Youzheng big ritual confidently. After Wu Youzheng does obeisance respectfully greatly, this brought Lin Yixue to leave this stretch of ruins, in departure, Lin Yixue could not bear looks at Li Qiye several, the yawn wants saying that but does not know that should say any good. From the beginning, Lin Yixue also thinks that Li Qiye is just ordinary cultivator, after all he looks like very ordinary, a point does not have what unusual place.

Wu Youzheng brought Lin Yixue to leave ruins, after going out of the ruins, he then long implored the one breath, told Lin Yixue, said: Xue'er, goes back to tell you parents and clansman, packs the valuables, the common people who the mobilization is willing to leave, leaves Ming Luo City with us together.” Leaves really hears the Master words, Lin Yixue stare blankly, stopped the footsteps. Yes.” At this time the Wu Youzheng manner is dignified, said: The quicker the better, at the latest three days later, must withdraw Ming Luo City, our Sparse Stone Sect all disciples and families all withdraw, the common people who has to be willing with leaving, carries off together.” But, but, but, Ming Luo City is our families, we here grew up for generations, Master, does my life leave in Ming Luo City, could it be that, could it be that now gets rid of Ming Luo City?” At once, Lin Yixue is also hard accepts. Is the master.” Wu Youzheng said reluctantly: „Isn't our Sparse Stone Sect which disciple grows up in Ming Luo City at a young age? This is also everybody's family, but, has to leave now.” Master, could it be that, didn't could it be that have other means?” Lin Yixue in heart extremely does not abandon, after all here is their homelands, regarding Ming Luo City every bit of property, she knows from A to Z, now suddenly must be forced to leave native place, this regarding her is the specially uncomfortable matter. Without his law.” Wu Youzheng shook the head, said slowly: Disaster, will arrive surely, when the time comes only feared that Ming Luo City will thoroughly also vanish like White Orchid City, only remaining big holes.” Lin Yixue stayed there at once, suddenly, must be forced to leave native place, leaves own vividly and safest and most reliable family, this feeling specially uncomfortable. Master, that, where should we go to?” After crossing some little time, Lin Yixue then recovers, dull said. At this time in the Lin Yixue heart has freely extremely does not abandon, has all sorts of moved, but she has to depart with the Sect Senior Brother younger sister. This was asked by the own apprentice, Wu Youzheng all of a sudden was also vacant, at once, he does not know moved to where Sect. After all, in now Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, Ming Luo City is the biggest city, was the liveliest place. Beside White Orchid City that in this vast Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, except for vanished, several cities, but, their mold gauges are unable to compare with Ming Luo City by far . Moreover, has the city in the specially far away place. If they move Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, first did not say which Dao Lineage has to be willing to accept them, did not say that they can survive in other Dao Lineage, they want to leave Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, is the impossible matters.

Superficial cultivation like them, wants to leave Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, depends upon the flight of own is impossible, that must the line need through surmounting Dao Lineage portal. But now their entire Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage absolutely does not have such portal, even if somewhere under legacy had such portal, depending on their strengths, is unable to open such portal. Even if there are other Dao Lineage to have portal to open to their Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, even is willing to make this to buy and sell with them, but, they were also incapable of being able to pay such astronomical figures the compensation for removal. By their Sparse Stone Sect, if he must leave, their entire Sect, or can collect to leave the rhyme stone Dao Lineage travel expense, but, if tied down by care of one's family, they cannot pay such travel expense. Stayed a while, Wu Youzheng has recovered, he has thought a place, before that was him , when picked the medicine exploration found, that place covert security, moreover was broad, in the remote mountain, was very remote. I know that a place, moves to there for the time being, after waiting for the disturbance to be tranquil, does to build again, perhaps also has other outlets not to be uncertain.” Finally Wu Youzheng can only say to Lin Yixue like this that this saying also comforts own. Good, we move.” Since has made the decision, Lin Yixue also no longer immerses in moved, after all then also some lot must be done. looks at own apprentice, although is the apprentice, but he regards such as to leave, such as his daughter is the same. Xue'er, later has the opportunity, leaves, leaves Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, our Sect family property, but can also collect a travel expense to you.” Wu Youzheng said slowly. Leaves, why must leave Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage.” Lin Yixue said. Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, ended.” Wu Youzheng sighed reluctantly, said: Keeps Stone Rhyme Dao Lineage, only waits for death. Your Innate Talent is good, leaves later changes ways, there is an opportunity to leave the head place. If Sect must collect, only feared that also can only sufficiently collect a travel expense of person.” I Lin Yixue could not speak at once.