Emperor's Domination - Volume 27 - Chapter 2645

The Lu Keweng manner, makes all people be startled all of a sudden, in all will of the people shakes, being worth Lu Keweng being so polite, in entire Emperor Lineage World, but also who? At once, does not know that many people rack one's brains, cannot think. Returns to the senior, Old Ancestor is well, since going out, then the seclusion at home, directs our these younger generations.” Lu Weijun said with a smile. Mentioned own Old Ancestor, his manner very proud, was the chest very gets up, very arrogant, appearance that being supercilious. Hundred Suns, surnamed Lu.” Gu Xiu Immortal True God is pondering over, is inferring this Lu Weijun status, finally he had some features. „It is not Hundred Suns Daoist.” Finally, this Gu Xiu Immortal True God has thought a legendary character, is surprised. Hundred Suns Daoist? Is where sacred?” Hears this Gu Xiu Immortal True God so rude words, many people have felt strange, in fact, many people regarding this calling Hundred Suns Daoist person very strange. Hundred Suns Daoist, should say that was several era beforehand characters.” This Gu Xiu Immortal True God manner is dignified, said slowly: Hundred Suns Daoist also, if Emperor Lineage World wants to elect the most formidable person, only feared that is not Gu Yifei, but is Hundred Suns Daoist, in that era, Hundred Suns Dao Lineage is the unmatched in the world, only fears to place today, most formidable Gu Yifei is not his match.” Is so strong?” Hears this saying, many People is startled. Is very formidable, at that time he is Beginning of an Era Immortal, once swept away entire Emperor Lineage World, no one can be enemy .” Here, this Gu Xiu Immortal True God also quite yearned that said slowly: „On the same day, Nine Secrets Dao Lineage once several True Emperor collaborated, is not his match.” He also once was the powerhouse of that age, thought of past one, shocked the feeling. Is before very long, is Beginning of an Era Immortal.” Hears this saying, all people shake, that feared that regarding Immortal True God, Beginning of an Era Immortal, that was very terrifying existence, entire Emperor Lineage World, only feared that could not discover several Beginning of an Era Immortal to come, prestige illustrious Gu Yifei was. Afterward, heard Hundred Suns Daoist life already completely, therefore he own to seal|confer Ru dying pass/test, wants to break through the limit, seeks the ascended to peak, but after this then did not have the news, the common people all think him already during dying to close sits alone in boredom dead.” This Gu Xiu Immortal True God said surprisedly: Now he unexpectedly went out, could it be that he lived.” Hears this Immortal True God words, at once many person blankly look at each other, when a life already person completely, but can also from dead Guan Lihuo coming out, this means anything. „The achievement of Hundred Suns senior, making our generation admire.” At this time, only arrived in the Purple gold bottle gourd to spread a spooky sound.

The Purple gold bottle gourd spreads a sound suddenly, that also had a scare all people, everybody also thinks from the beginning the Purple gold bottle gourd merely is invincible treasure, has not thought of also some people in inside. Hundred Suns senior achievement Forever Existing, is we cannot hope to attain, cannot congratulate to the Hundred Suns senior very much regrettably at that time.” The spooky sound that in the Purple gold bottle gourd passes on said. King Bao is polite, welcome King Bao momentarily to come my Lu Family to be a guest.” Rwandan Wei is laughing, manner pulling rank.Anythinghears the spooky sound that the Purple gold bottle gourd passes on, all people had a scare, no matter ordinary cultivator, is invincible Immortal True God, frightens absolutely terrifiedly, many people for it with amazement. Any Forever Existing Immortal!” Has Immortal True God hears Forever Existing these two characters time, like was stepped on to the cat of tail, jumped all of a sudden, with amazement, said: Hundred Suns Daoist broke through dying pass/test, became Forever Existing Immortal!” Forever Existing, after Forever Existing Immortal hears such words, all has with amazement, at once, does not know that many person of blankly look at each other, have pulled out an cold air/Qi, said with amazement: Immortal Forever Existing, this, this, this is must pursue First Ancestor general existence.” At once, many people were moved the place the news to shock by this heaven frightening, Forever Existing Immortal, that simply is similar to First Ancestor general existence, this was True God most peak realm, this was the peak that all True God long, this wants to become First Ancestor like all True Emperor. Forever Existing, when Emperor Lineage World previous was Forever Existing? Previous Forever Existing leaves Emperor Lineage World time, only feared that only feared was several era beforehand matters.” Some Old Ancestor are out of sorts at once, mutters said. Although said that since Emperor Lineage World has had much startled certainly colorful Immortal True God, but, after many Immortal True God as formidable as certain extent, will leave Emperor Lineage World, ascended to Immortal Lineage World, because is easier above Immortal Lineage World becomes Forever Existing. Regarding many Immortal True God, to the certain extent, remains formidable, regarding own regarding Sect, is a burden, can say that can after existence that into Forever Existing can also keep, that is few, that is also very heaven defying existence. Forever Existing, true Forever Existing Immortal.” Some Immortal True God recover with great difficulty, long sighed, said slowly: „After Emperor Lineage World position of vacancy Forever Existing was so long, finally had Forever Existing.” Quick, everybody obtained news, Lu Weijun is the Hundred Suns Daoist descendant, profound great-great-grandson's profound great-great-grandson, what is most important, the Lu Weijun body is flowing Hundred Suns Daoist this [lineage/vein] Bloodline, it can be said that Hundred Suns Daoist direct descendant. Considers, as Forever Existing Immortal descendants, will be Lu Family future Successor, Lu Weijun that has how noble Bloodline? Is having the how pivotal status? At this time, everybody understands why Lu Keweng and Four Great Treasures King will not have what fame younger generation to be so polite to Lu Weijun such one, all these because of Hundred Suns Daoist, as the saying goes, did not look that the monk surface also looks at the Buddha surface.

Lu Weijun has Hundred Suns Daoist such Old Ancestor, that all were needless saying that who is willing to offend him, must know, Forever Existing Immortal, that is True God most peak existence, straight to strike First Ancestor, this was how formidable and how terrifying strength. „The Emperor Lineage World first powerhouse exchanges ownerships, no longer is Gu Yifei, but is Hundred Suns Daoist.” Some people so said. Without a doubt, Hundred Suns Dao Lineage broke the dying pass/test, after becoming Forever Existing, he became the Emperor Lineage World first powerhouse, as for Gu Yifei, is unable in comparison. Cannot deny that Gu Yifei is very formidable, but, Forever Existing and immortal, has gap that is unable to surmount, that feared that Gu Yifei is formidable, is only immortal, but Hundred Suns Daoist is Forever Existing, the strength between both differed far. Along with the arrival of Lu Weijun, beside Ming Luo City also appears especially lively, person who various types want to climb the relations were also many, does not know that many people want to establish the relations with Lu Weijun. Naturally, Lu Weijun is also very arrogant, whose is not he can have a liking for the eye, even if some people deliver to give loyalty, he does not spare a glance. Although is so, the Lu Weijun emperor ship is still a bustling place, still many people visit. Must know, regarding any powerhouse, regarding any Sect Dao Lineage, if can establish the relations with Forever Existing Immortal, can on the social climbing Forever Existing, that be very extraordinary matter, regarding Sect that is the influence very profound. Buzz a resonate sound, when many people think social climbing Lu Weijun, Gaogang that Mu Family is stationed in suddenly spout vast incomparable Emperor Power, saw only the True Emperor ray to shoot up to the sky, at once, entire sky was illuminated by the True Emperor ray brightly. Bang, bang and bang in this moment, sound of the intermittent thundering are lingering on faintly, entire camp spout boundless endless strength, True Emperor arrived. True Emperor Mu Jian, True Emperor Mu Jian came!” Feels this boundless invincible Emperor Power, all people are startled, yelled one. At once, all people look to Mu Family camp, although everybody has not seen True Emperor Mu Jian, but as we all know, True Emperor Mu Jian came. True Emperor Mu Jian, True Emperor must come finally, this only feared that will sweep eight sides.” Felt this boundless invincible True Emperor aura, some people said slowly. True Emperor Mu Jian, the prosperity of prestige, the world all knows, now one of the Emperor Lineage World most formidable True Emperor, is now the Emperor Lineage World greatest talent, he wanted take action finally, made the person fill with the anticipation all of a sudden.

If True Emperor Mu Jian and a First Ominous Person war, whose who is weak?” Some people in a low voice said. Hears this issue, many person blankly look at each other, everybody first thinks is First Ominous Person, because of until now, nobody knows that First Ominous Person actually strong, his depth is unable to guess. However, the prosperity of True Emperor Mu Jian prestige, is not a weak one, everybody is not good under to assert easily. Bang loud sound, in this moment, saw only the Purple gold bottle gourd spout the dreadful ray, the purple ray has opened sky, divided the day the earth, the entire Purple gold bottle gourd just liked must suppress Heavens to be the same. „Can Four Great Treasures King also begin?” Feels Purple gold bottle gourd that suppression kill all strength, many people hit one to tremble. Moo a Luming, at this time, forest that Lu Keweng occupied all of a sudden sends out the green ray, the green ray like the sea, heard bang voice loud sound, the dreadful green ray shot up to the sky, submerged the world like the difficult situation. Lu Keweng also wanted take action.” Sees such one, some people are startled secretly. crash and crash sound resounds, at this time heard that the bamboo metal and stone tree also dragged to continue, sends out boundless strength, seemed also responding all parties to be the same. Ming Luo City, is the place of world, anybody cannot make a decision without authorization, otherwise, is the world is the enemy.” At this time, Lu Weijun took a stand, his sound has resounded through sky, without a doubt, this saying goes to Li Qiye. Lu Weijun status no small matter, when he, as soon as took a stand, that meant representative Hundred Suns Daoist. At once, all people looked to Ming Luo City, everybody was waiting for First Ominous Person to show one's face.