Emperor's Domination - Volume 28 - Chapter 2735

«Great Desolate Heart Scripture», this is Guo Jiahui practice Cultivation Technique, this is Immortal Demon Dao Lineage quite basic heart scripture, is handed down from generation to generation by Longevity Old Man, has the rumor, «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» is also the Longevity Old Man sacrifice builds up one of the Immortal Demon Dao Lineage heart scripture. After Guo Jiahui since does obeisance into Hushan Sect, then has practiced «Great Desolate Heart Scripture», but, the progress has been not much, achievement also is limited , since because of so, has enabled Guo Jiahui to practice to other more formidable Cultivation Technique. However, regarding Li Qiye, «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» that has been nothing, usually from pouring out of Guo Jiahui, hears several merit law mnemonics, he then can peep at the «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» mystery all of a sudden. Must know, in society, but also who understands Longevity Old Man compared with him, or is Longevity Xiao Clan? They coexisted millions of years, nobody can understand him compared with Li Qiye. Let alone, so long as Li Qiye wants, regarding Dao Lineage merit law Grand Dao, that has words at fingertips and writes with facility. This regarding Li Qiye, to cannot the easy matter, that just be the slight effort matter easily, but, regarding Guo Jiahui, that is the huge matter, can affect her lifetime matter fully. Therefore, in this in an instant, Guo Jiahui felt that had leaf of portal to open to be the same in her Knowledge Sea, making her experience the unprecedented world, such leaf of portal has illuminated her life probably all of a sudden, has illuminated her future. Before then, she exhaustedly in practice, «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» practices with hardship inadequately, but in this in an instant, making her taste completely the five senses, slowly study and understand mystery, at this time, this has made her see on the cultivate path front hope, made her more determined and continue all of a sudden pluckily. After crossing some little time, Guo Jiahui then slowly recovers from wonderful incomparable «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» profound truth. Many thanks, before many thanks, senior directs.” After recovering, Guo Jiahui is busy at doing obeisance to Li Qiye deeply, was calling the Li Qiye's time, she hesitant, does not know that should call Li Qiye anything good, finally she called Li Qiye one senior. Although said that Li Qiye looks like very young, but, at this time, Guo Jiahui does not dare to affront. Even if Guo Jiahui is stupid, at this time she also understands that Li Qiye is not a mortal, he is a person of high skill, even if he cannot move, is still a deep and unmeasurable person of high skill, otherwise, how can also understand their «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» mystery all of a sudden. Although Guo Jiahui did obeisance has done obeisance, but, lay down Li Qiye in wheelchair moves has not moved, the eyelid has not winked, had to look at Guo Jiahui one radically, has not gone to pay attention to Guo Jiahui. Guo Jiahui does not know that actually Li Qiye this is what kind of situation, does not know why Li Qiye can move motionless, is actually this what reason? Although in Guo Jiahui heart curious, but, does not dare to closely examine. Even if Guo Jiahui closely examined, Li Qiye only feared that is also is disinclined to pay attention to her. Sees Li Qiye not to have the sound, Guo Jiahui to accompany Li Qiye to sun, after exposing to the sun enough, she Li Qiye drove back in the room

The following day, Li Qiye still does not have any sound, still probably fell asleep was the same, before simply did not have what difference, still likely was a vegetable. Although Guo Jiahui knows that Li Qiye is not a vegetable, but in her heart is also very curious, why Li Qiye will lie down like this is moving motionless. Although is so, Guo Jiahui as usual continues to look after Li Qiye. Just, since these time starts, the Guo Jiahui words have been short, because she knows that Li Qiye is not a vegetable, therefore she does not dare to continue like before once to Li Qiye is pouring out the own laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness. However, after previous Li Qiye Dao Law then the «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» mystery passes to her, this makes Guo Jiahui benefit greatly, within the short time, let her thorough study and understand the «Great Desolate Heart Scripture» mystery, at once, making her practice is handy. After Guo Jiahui study and understand «Great Desolate Heart Scripture», this made her practice also has very big progress, cultivation had made rapid progress, when practiced other Cultivation Technique, has a like a fish in water feeling. Within the short time, Guo Jiahui cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds, has exceeded many same side Senior Brother younger brother. Sees Guo Jiahui such progress, is her Master also appreciates unceasingly, thinks that this is also not a small miracle, thinks that Guo Jiahui this completely obtained the own true line. Had the good progress on cultivation, this also makes the Guo Jiahui mood joyful, the practice was handier. How to speak?” That night, Guo Jiahui such as was the same in the past, is accompanying stars under Li Qiye looks at nighttime sky in the courtyard, in the past, Guo Jiahui will pour out the own tips to Li Qiye frequently, poured out the own laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness to Li Qiye. However, experienced previous time Li Qiye to regain consciousness, this made Guo Jiahui more cautious, does not dare to pour out in front of Li Qiye sends, feared that quarrelled Li Qiye. „Before, the words that senior this braves suddenly, Guo Jiahui had a scare, if did not have the previous experience, she also really thinks that will meet cleverly. „Did senior, you, you, you wake?” Guo Jiahui was mistaken that Li Qiye will enter the deep sleep, sometimes will wake. Before you kept saying, how to be recently peaceful.” Li Qiye still lies down in the wheelchair, said lightly. I, I, I......” Guo Jiahui is somewhat cautious, a pair of hand does not know where toward puts away, finally, she has saying: I, I, I feared that quarrelled the senior, I, I, I feared that has disturbed the senior.”

At this time, Li Qiye then opened eye, looked at Guo Jiahui one, said lightly: My is Dao Heart, you can disturb in a few words? Later had anything to say anything, was as before.” I, I, I......” Guo Jiahui is somewhat helpless, finally is lowering small head, said: I, I remembered the words of senior.” I am only 18 years old, do not call my senior, called Young Master.” Li Qiye closes the eye slowly. Heard such words, Guo Jiahui has frightened, then the surface wants to smile at heart, does not dare to smile, but among the consciousness, the corners of the mouth were not having the light happy expression. Yes, Young Master.” Guo Jiahui has selected nod, obeying. Why does not know, in front of Li Qiye, Guo Jiahui her own will think that obeying, always follows, although said that Li Qiye lay down on the wheelchair moves was motionless, but, can still make her obey. As if, Li Qiye has one type to dominate the air/Qi field inborn above any life, his a few words, make the person have, since, but, he that ordinary, that ordinary not wonderful, the body absolutely does not have the imposing manner of that keeping aloof. Such one feeling, making Guo Jiahui think very strange. Since there is this dialog, although is few one or two sentence, but, this made the Guo Jiahui mentality let loose much, she slowly has also been used to Li Qiye such existence, they returned to the beforehand condition. Guo Jiahui is still looking after Li Qiye like ordinary, has the matter to be all right, cannot bear with Li Qiye talks incessantly, is sharing the own daily tips with Li Qiye, poured out the own laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness to Li Qiye. However, after previous Li Qiye revives, he again does not have any sound, without any trace of consciousness, is still the deep sleep. Naturally, this merely looks like in Guo Jiahui is this, she is thinks that Li Qiye entered in the deep sleep. Guo Jiahui does not know when Li Qiye next time wakes up is, she in heart, although wants to help Li Qiye very much, but she is actually not able to start, is unable to be the strength. Why as for Li Qiye can the deep sleep, Guo Jiahui not know. Day-by-day passes, Li Qiye still does not have any sound, has not gone to pay attention to Guo Jiahui, suppresses to build up to melt terror existence in Dao Heart with every effort.

But Guo Jiahui has also been used to the day of Li Qiye deep sleep, every day was similar to was looking after Li Qiye in the past same. On this day, Guo Jiahui has brought back to a miss, is her same side Senior Sister. This miss wears red clothes, is older than Guo Jiahui, appears very beautiful, among the manners, has three points of charming, by the beautiful appearance, she is without a doubt more attractive than Guo Jiahui. Young Master, this is my Senior Sister.” After Guo Jiahui this miss brings, then introduces to the Li Qiye understanding. This miss deeply does obeisance to Li Qiye bowing the body busily, respectful, said: Young Master However, a Li Qiye sound does not have, still lies down above the wheelchair, probably is a disabled person is the same, seems continuing the deep sleep. Li Qiye does not have the sound, this miss some are indefinite, was looking at Guo Jiahui. Guo Jiahui had not said that but has pulled open her, finally said in a low voice: Does delicious.” Then, two misses bustled about in room. Originally this miss is also the Hushan Sect disciple, is Guo Jiahui Senior Sister, called Zhao Zhiting. Zhao Zhiting is Guo Jiahui in the Hushan Sect best friend, is the good sisters. Zhao Zhiting must early do obeisance into Hushan Sect compared with Guo Jiahui, in Master Sect, Zhao Zhiting is Guo Jiahui Big Senior Sister. Guo Jiahui in Sect, performance has been average, is one ordinary to cannot the ordinary disciple, can say that many same side Senior Brother Senior Sister will not have gone to pay attention to her. In Master Sect, only has Zhao Zhiting such as the biological elder sister same to take care of her, a lot over and over look after to her. Also because of so, Guo Jiahui and Zhao Zhiting slowly has become the good friend, has become the good sisters. Zhao Zhiting Innate Talent is since better than Guo Jiahui, cultivation is also higher than Guo Jiahui. However, since recently, Guo Jiahui cultivation had made rapid progress, has exceeded many same side Senior Brother younger brother, soon caught up with her, this made Zhao Zhiting very strange.