Emperor's Domination - Volume 28 - Chapter 2778

Central Territory saintess saying is bringing smell of blood, after letting many people heard, has had a shiver, somewhat is absolutely terrified. The Central Territory saintess says such words, it can be said that the blood and iron is heartless, when her words leave such words, only feared that in Immortal Demon Dao Lineage, few individuals can not care about this saying component. After all, when the Central Territory saintess said such words, this is not only representative she, was representative Central Territory Holy Land, even to a certain extent representative Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom. Considers, Central Territory Dao Lineage and Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom has the pivotal status in Immortal Demon Dao Lineage, the strength in entire Immortal Demon Dao Lineage few the big sects and countries can also with it being a worthy opponent. It can be said that in Immortal Demon Dao Lineage, anybody, any Sect inheritance, does not dare to neglect with Central Territory Holy Land and Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom for the fate of enemy. Hushan Sect difficult brace such difficulty?” When hears the Central Territory saintess says like this ruthless words, in ancient city has caused at once the innumerable cultivator powerhouse's discussion. Difficult, only feared that is impossible.” Some Old Ancestor shake the head gently, said: Hushan Sect left such so-called First Ominous Person such Master Ancestor, but, eventually is one person alone cannot save the situation building, Central Territory Holy Land and Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom have how formidable Old Ancestor, they even have Forever Existing Immortal such existence, background deep and unmeasurable......” „...... By Central Territory Holy Land and Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom strength and background, Hushan Sect Master Ancestor even if can support for a while, could not support first, depending on his strength, was impossible to shake so background deep and unmeasurable millions of years inheritance Large Sect.” Hears such speculation, everybody thinks that was very reasonable, Hushan Sect declined after all innumerable era, now it is just third-rate small sect small school, is unable with Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom and Central Territory Holy Land such colossus Contending, to look like in all person eyes, that was just fights a hopeless battle. This time, Hushan Sect held the hornet's nest, can not exterminate an entire family, that is lucky, that is ancestors' shading blessing. this era, Hushan Sect only feared that is also their this Master Ancestor, the defeat is also this Master Ancestor.” Has Senior Elder of aristocratic family to shake the head. Although said that everybody can look, Li Qiye this First Ominous Person Master Ancestor, indeed is very formidable, under such Master Ancestor leads, Hushan Sect has the hope of rising, but, everybody believes that Hushan Sect the Master Ancestor, that was is really too the high-sounding talk, that was really too rampant, within the short time, offended Eight Trigrams Ancient Kingdom, Central Territory Holy Land and Qifeng Kingdom continuously. Trivial third-rate small sect small school, is utterly isolated all of a sudden, will not exterminate an entire family, that is a miracle. within three days, Hushan Sect Master Ancestor must come to acknowledge guilt, mediates voluntarily, otherwise, the slaughter extinguishes Hushan Sect.” Finally, the Central Territory saintess has issued such death command, her such iron made to pass on, all people all of a sudden smelled the smell of blood.

Hushan Sect must extinguish.” Hears the Central Territory saintess such iron command, all people drew such conclusion. Bang, bang and bang sound of the intermittent thundering resounded in ancient city, rushed to Vault of Heaven, was shaking the blue sky. After the Central Territory saintess issues such iron made, temporary palace of Central Territory Holy Land in ancient city immediately spout inexhaustible Divine Light, at the same time, in the temporary palace has resounded the giant beast roaring sound of by fits and starts, within the short time, the entire temporary palace changed to the great antiquity giant beast city to be the same probably. At this time, the entire temporary palace has resounded clang, clang and clang the sound, at this time, saw only the temporary palace not only to raise one layer upon layer imperial, but also in this time entire temporary palace with the divine metal casting, the entire temporary palace all of a sudden changed to the impregnable bastion probably, the bitter impenetrable fortress, definitely is unable to break through firmly. After this entire temporary palace changed to the impregnable bastion, in the temporary palace spreads in roaring of giant beast once for a while, in this faint giant beast roaring sound, the fierce cruel great antiquity great Beast Qi breath tup came, to let all pass by in the person heart of temporary palace to have a shiver, all people made a detour. This time, the Central Territory saintess has comes, she was not own single comes, to bring the Central Territory Holy Land mighty force.” Saw that the temporary palace turned into incomparable war fortress all of a sudden, this makes many people be surprised. „The Central Territory saintess decided to cut Hushan Sect Master Ancestor.” Some important people see the clue, said: Hushan Sect Master Ancestor is more formidable than the Central Territory saintess, but, once he dares to step into this temporary palace, only feared that will be dismembered by the Central Territory Holy Land innumerable powerhouse chaotic blade, this Hushan Sect has certainly formidable incomparable Old Ancestor to arrive personally, is the Central Territory saintess escorts.” This time, Hushan Sect Master Ancestor will certainly die in this ancient city.” Sees Central Territory saintess such waging a war, had the powerhouse to get down such breaking theory. In the inn, Chen Weizheng also heard the words of Central Territory saintess, this has in a big way frightened one to jump, busy asked for instructions to Li Qiye. „Should Master Ancestor, not know what to do?” Facing Central Territory Holy Land such colossus, Chen Weizheng also takes measures without the plan. Ant cricket.” Li Qiye lightly said such a few words, have not added in paying attention. Although Li Qiye is disinclined to pay attention, but, Chen Weizheng is heavyhearted, after all he not like Li Qiye this type formidable to the situation that is unable to imagine, he once for a while looks around toward outside, is somewhat anxious, mutters said: How that several young animals have not come back.”

Since Guo Jiahui their seven people exit to shop, has not come back immediately. Now the Central Territory saintess arrives ancient city, even has said the ruthless words to their Hushan Sect, this makes Chen Weizheng be at once Guo Jiahui their safety worries. Is the matter of worry, often will occur on exceed. When Chen Weizheng was worried Guo Jiahui their seven people can have an accident, hears out of the door Bang the person who a resonate sound, a blood drippings had been thrown from outside. Who Chen Weizheng complexion big change, flushed immediately, sees person unexpectedly Guo Jiahui that was thrown. At this time the Guo Jiahui whole body is the blood, body is scarred, the body many bone smashing, the hands and feet broke off. Jiahui sees Guo Jiahui this appearance, Chen Weizheng complexion big change, big shout. Considers, tells Young Master......” the Guo Jiahui yawn to say, but, the body trembled, falls down, has not crawled again, passed away, dies there. Jiahui sees Guo Jiahui dead there, Chen Weizheng with amazement, busy is prays for rescue to yell: Master Ancestor The Chen Weizheng words have not fallen, Li Qiye before him, he still sat above the wheelchair, his cold snort, big hand, Guo Jiahui falls into his hand all of a sudden. In this in an instant, Li Qiye whole person turnover the ray, is just liking he walked coming out from ancient incomparable era, when his big hand searches, as if he searched world most deep place all of a sudden, searched into hell all of a sudden, as if big hand searched into hell time, must come back the Guo Jiahui soul belt. Buzz a resonate sound, in this in an instant, Li Qiye big hand held in the life, transfers counter time, breaks Samsara, captures the good fortune, in this in an instant, Li Qiye evolved the ultimate mystery, evolved life profound truth. Such profound truth, is unable to hope to attain including First Ancestor, but, the one after another show in this time actually Li Qiye hand executed.

Finally, the Li Qiye finger has lightened flames of state of mind, selected all of a sudden when Guo Jiahui between the eyebrows, heard buzz a resonate sound, when such state of mind flames when her between the eyebrows, her entire Knowledge Sea has shone all of a sudden, the Guo Jiahui whole person shivered, was similar to reverses time to be the same, her blood energy actually recalled, lived. Young Master, did I, I die?” At this time, Guo Jiahui slowly has then opened the eye, is somewhat confused, because she died obviously, now actually lives. Gate of Death walked.” Li Qiye said lightly: I have locked your True Fate, has not been under my permission, 9 Heavens 10 Worlds, who can take your life.” Li Qiye has locked Guo Jiahui True Fate, therefore that feared that her was hit same soul destroyed/terror-stricken, Li Qiye can also revive her, in society can destroy him to lock the True Fate person, that is few. Such, Chen Weizheng looks dumbfoundedly, has raised trillion zhang (3.33 m) rough sea waves in his heart, he saw with one's own eyes Guo Jiahui dead, moreover was not of playing dead, is very heavy to the person who she started, can say that has destroyed her soul Divine Consciousness , she indeed died. However, Li Qiye take action, evolved life profound truth, revives unexpectedly her, this is how inconceivable, this is the how unimaginable matter, brings back to life, this is true bringing back to life! Buzz a resonate sound, Li Qiye big hand, the Grand Dao furnace, the boundless mellow incomparable Dao of Alchemy essence wraps instantaneously Guo Jiahui, builds up to melt instantaneously Guo Jiahui in Medicine Cauldron , within the short time, the injury of Guo Jiahui not only whole body completely recovers from an illness, but also the feelings of being reborn, her Physique obtains the unprecedented change. „It is not good, Senior Brother they are in danger.” Comes soberly, Guo Jiahui complexion big change, with amazement, said: Young Master, the Central Territory Holy Land powerhouse robbed Sage Crown, the capture walked Senior Brother Li they.” Originally, when Guo Jiahui they shop, heard the ruthless words of Central Territory saintess, they also fear to have an accident, hurriedly hurries back, has not thought that they have not returned to the inn, has run into the Central Territory Holy Land powerhouse. Facing Central Territory Holy Land such many powerhouses, Guo Jiahui their where is the match, Guo Jiahui Sage Crown is robbed, Li Jiankun they were captured alive, but the Central Territory Holy Land powerhouse throws Guo Jiahui, to warn Li Qiye, to threaten Li Qiye. Also good, that opens the buddhist commandment against taking life.” Li Qiye is very light, but the vision concentrates, the dew has killed wisp of killing intent.