Emperor's Domination - Volume 29 - Chapter 2852
Saint Beast garden how?” Has student to be curious, said. The curiosity of student, this also makes Du Wenrui gently sigh, he does not know that this is a good deed or the misdemeanor, after all something, regarding student, knew perhaps was too early a point. Saint Beast of when Saint Beast garden do you see to run?” Li Qiye smiles lightly, said: In this Bright Saint Courtyard, Holy Light shines, everywhere is the paradise, why Saint Beast of Saint Beast garden likes staying there, not only nobody fetters, and doesn't have the shackles......”? „...... Besides locally born Saint Beast , many external formidable Ominous Beast fierce bird , after Saint Beast garden resident time long, slowly is not willing to leave, has treated as the own family the Saint Beast garden. Only if obtains formidable incomparable person to carry off it, or is the reason, because, making it leave, otherwise, general Saint Beast, that passes away in this.” „...... Why links wild 100% and fierce cruel birds beast here slowly becomes Saint Beast? That is because their Dao Heart under vast bright strength, lost, is yearning for the light, survives in the light! Has forgotten the own natural disposition, where forgot own to come from. Naturally, said toward the lofty aspect that this is the baptism, washes off their fondness of countryside. The direct speech, bright strength taught to bend down them, brainwashed to them.” Here, the Li Qiye's vision became sinks distant. Hears Li Qiye these words, Washing Sins Institute student dull is lost in thought that in their hearts, Saint Beast, that is being full of the symbol of augur well, the Saint Beast garden, once let their yearning, this is a very happy place, after all, here is the Saint Beast homeland. Now listens to the Li Qiye such words, probably is not that a matter. „Isn't Saint Beast, inborn has?” Has student unable to bear say. In society, does not have Saint Beast this variety, at least, in the Saint Beast like your mouth, does not have. Naturally, if was born in the Saint Beast garden, is big in president Saint Beast, is filling infinite Holy Light, that indeed can also call Saint Beast, this also has such a kind of variety.” Li Qiye said with a smile: In society really has Saint Beast, defines it by the light or dark(ness), but by their Bloodline, their origins defines it.” At this time, Zhao Qiushi their also blankly look at each other. Was good, we go to other places to look, look to have suitable sacred fruit.” Du Wenrui has stood, has patted the palm, the thing of back deeper level, he does not hope that Li Qiye said again, the words that after all, delivered again, will perhaps make Washing Sins Institute all student to pushing to the imagination of Bright Saint Courtyard, has overthrown them to the own family background and definition to entire Dao Lineage. If such one thought unrest spreads in Bright Saint Courtyard, this will have the impact on Bright Saint Courtyard, even may shake the Bright Saint Courtyard foundation, on the day of arrives, he has become the Bright Saint Courtyard person condemned for all time. Regarding Du Wenrui, he does not want to shake Bright Saint Courtyard, does not hope that the Bright Saint Courtyard light shines is questioned by descendants, but, he does not hope that Washing Sins City has perished so. As a Bright Saint Courtyard hidden world powerhouse, a Peerless character, his own does not have the effective prescription, he also wants to seek a sure card, but, actually cannot have a better method. If he like this formidable, not only knows behind Bright Saint Courtyard the things of some deep levels, knows that Washing Sins City some origins, is only, as the Bright Saint Courtyard disciple, as this Dao Lineage towerman, some matters, he is not willing to do.

By Du Wenrui such reminder, Zhao Qiushi their one after another was recovered, regarding Li Qiye such words, they can only press in heart, after all, they on are from a young age big in bright Saint Dean, something, they should not suspect that should not go to disrespect to First Ancestor and to the generation, after all, they grow on earth that in this light shines. Although is so, the seed that they suspect, has planted in their heart. Bang, bang and bang......” when Li Qiye they want to start, resonate sound of sudden thundering, the entire earth all of a sudden sways, even sways to continue including the mountain peak great mountain. What happened the day that this has come to swing shakes, had a scare all people. Bang loud sound, hears Bang, Bang and Bang front the sound resounds, sees is only opened one Grand Dao to come by the plow, all trees all of a sudden were cracked-up, the innumerable fragment instantaneous sprinklings, are similar to the snowflake are the same. All people look, at this time, sees only has a water buffalo to dash about wildly to come, to run express, when it dashes about wildly comes, does not look at the road, first one low, pair of Horn on the direct plow in the past, keeping off all trees shovels in front of own flew, hit all crushes, very maneating. This water buffalo does not calculate that specially huge, the body seems like similar to a hill is the same, muscle Ben of whole body gets up, very capable, moreover a it superficial knowledge very slick, pitch-black must shine, probably his superficial knowledge passed through has polished time and time again is the same, looked like special had the sense of reality, making the person unable to bear put out a hand to trace. The four hooves of this water buffalo are the same like the iron, when it raises the hoof steps on, can the rock step on crushes. Pair of bull horn on its top of the head say nothing, was flashing the pitch-black gloss, probably builds to be the same with the coal, understood at a glance that very hard, can the plow turn its present all things all of a sudden. Bang, bang and bang one thunders intermittently resonate sound, the world sways, the innumerable broken wood splash to fly, see only this water buffalo to dash about wildly to come, was not only steps on has broken to pieces the rock, but the plow turned it at present all these. Different races came, this is the different races of Saint Beast garden.” Saw that this big water buffalo flushed, Li Qiye shows the smiling face to say. Root beer float sees this big water buffalo, Du Wenrui had a scare, sleeves one volume, they drew Zhao Qiushi one side, said: Careful, this cow is maneating.” Bang loud sound, the Du Wenrui words just fell, this Root beer float all of a sudden from their side plow, not only has ground the front all trees crushes, leaves the one gulley the plow. If the Du Wenrui movement, perhaps Zhao Qiushi they will be flown by this one big water buffalo plow slowly, this sees at present such one, they frightens the cold sweat to streaming Zhao Qiushi.

Pursues quickly, do not make it give to run away. „ This Root beer float dashes about wildly, behind has troop student to pursue crazily keeps, such troop student, several hundred people, moreover came from various graduate schools, even has student of Immortal True God strength. These student pursued behind the buttocks of Root beer float, suddenly then saw they pursue Root beer float to disappear in the mountain corner/horn place. „Do you pursue this Root beer float to do?” Saw that these many student are pursuing this Root beer float, had student to be curious, said: „Doesn't Teacher say? Words that Saint Beast of Saint Beast garden does not want, wants to carry off it is very difficult.” To not carry off this Root beer float, for the bezoar, this Root beer float has the one piece of bezoar, we must urge it. [gold/metal] Pu True Emperor said that bezoar of this Root beer float, extraordinary, is the rare real treasure, that can compare favorably with the True Dragon saliva.” Formidable student pursues while said. Anything, can compare favorably in the True Dragon saliva, this was too strong.” Hears this saying, student that does not know the circumstances of the matter has pulled out an cold air/Qi, immediately also pursued. How can obtain this bezoar? Can butcher it?” After some student pursued has gotten down, ran while asked. Did not need, listening to [gold/metal] Pu True Emperor saying that this bezoar urged not to be difficult, pursued it and that's the end, to a critical point, it has been able to spit.” This formidable student said: Who obtains first, turns over to anyone.” Hears this saying, shone including student both eyes that these do not know the circumstances of the matter, one after another joined to pursue in the good army. Is this Root beer float.” looks at all people pursued this Root beer float to disappear in the corner, Du Wenrui have smiled bitterly, shook the head. „Does Dean know this Root beer float?” Some student are curious. Du Wenrui has smiled bitterly, said: It indeed is the different races of Saint Beast garden, since all previous, has not been short of student to suffer its hardship.” Here, was not willing to go to say again. Walks.” Du Wenrui shook the head, bringing Zhao Qiushi they to leave, because experiences by him, Root beer float came, absolutely does not have what good deed. Bang, when Du Wenrui they want to walk, is a day swings shakes, they also recover, Root beer float killed came, the plow opened the one long gulley, early frightened Zhao Qiushi they to hide one side.

Bang loud sound, earth, in this Root beer float rushes to Du Wenrui their front, stopped all of a sudden. This Root beer float brunts ruthlessly fierce, can the plow overturn the heavens, but, it wants to stop all of a sudden to stop, after it stops, a pair bright the greatly circle the bright eye is taking a look at Du Wenrui one, then shakes, the nose spits the white clouds, does not have the interest appearance. Its vision fell on Li Qiye, Li Qiye also sat on the tree at this time, a both feet was shaking there. Sees the Li Qiye's time, an eye of this Root beer float has shone immediately. Hello, are you doing?” At this time, the Root beer float yawn spoke, his sound was vigorous. A Root beer float yawn speech, had a scare Zhao Qiushi their these student, they first time noticed that a cow will speak. As for Du Wenrui, then has smiled bitterly, knows that had not the good matter. „Are you doing?” Li Qiye looked at his one eyes, said easely. Hey, I am teasing that group of fools to play.” Root beer float hey said with a smile: Idles in any case is also idling.” PS: Has monthly ticket fellow students, please throw to «Emperor's Domination».