Emperor's Domination - Volume 4 - Chapter 313
Regarding cultivator, most envies match Fourth Palace transforms into a domain or Eighth Palace transforms into a country, once by match Fourth Palace transforms into a domain and Eighth Palace transforms into a country, that is meant fell into opposite party Absolute Domain, in Absolute Domain of match, the match had the absolute superiority, the thought variable world, thought may the turning round whole wide world, such aspect is extremely difficult to get rid, every so often, once fell into opposite party Absolute Domain, only then suffers to death. Opening Li Qi recognizes cries loud and long, Hell Suppressing Divine Physique treads the earth to sway, Five Desolated Grand Domain had the one fearful crack, this lets Gui Fushu complexion big change, but, he is stimulating to movement four ominous ghosts, puts out the inexhaustible ghost Dao Law chain, one ghost Dao Law is similar to attaches the maggot of bone to be the same! Your Divine Physique is invincible, under five uncultivated area fairy, same brings about own destruction!” Four exactly the same Gui Fushu give a loud shout, in instantaneous, four ominous ghosts become greatly are stronger, trillion li (0.5km) Grand Territory world was submerged by Ghost Qi. Zheng clank along with resonate sound of Ghost chain, Li Qiye one does not pay attention, had locked by this fearful Ghost Qi, in an instant, one Ghost chain locks firmly Li Qiye. Five Desolated Grand Domain, this is Gui Fushu Absolute Domain, here, Li Qiye completely is in passively, what is more fearful, Ghost chain kills unable to cut, one does not pay attention, locked by Ghost chain. Today, I must be split up you, must dismember your four limbs!” In Five Desolated Grand Domain, resounds the sound that Gui Fushu that has kept aloof. At this time, Four Lord Evil Ghosts is drawing one thick Ghost chain, locks closely Li Qiye, entrains fierce along with Four Lord Evil Ghosts ruthlessly, draws the Li Qiye's body psst makes noise, draws again like this, must tear limb from limb by five horses Li Qiye really! Sees the Li Qiye's body psst to make noise by pulling, the four limbs must split are the same, many student have pulled out an cold air/Qi, that feared that came from Cauldron World School and Sacred World School student, in heart one startled, falls into such Five Desolated Grand Domain, whatever talent does not dare saying that own can run away from such Absolute Domain, in this Absolute Domain, Gui Fushu looks like the god who keeps aloof, thought can the slaughter extinguish all. Hey, this little bastard brings about own destruction, ghost brother's Five Desolated Grand Domain, kills his just kills ant that's all.” Some family backgrounds sneer in Cauldron World School student said. In another Breaking Dragon Arena and Chi Xiaodie of Huangfu Feng war saw Li Qiye to be locked in Five Desolated Grand Domain, immediately in great surprise, one absent-minded, was seized to seize the opportunity by Huangfu Feng, was compelled to retrocede by Huangfu Feng successively. little bastard, dies!” The Gui Fushu sound drops from the clouds, such as the prestige of Spiritual God. Zheng locks in Li Qiye shackle is stretched by pulling all of a sudden most extremely, must dismember the Li Qiye four limbs. „Can trivial small technique, lock me really?” Locked in Li Qiye is not flustered, instead is calm and easy-going, he is still ease decides idly said: You let the experience one anything are ultimate Style Technique!”

Clang along with heavy locking resonate sound, the Li Qiye chest place presents a heavy lock again, lock of the Sun Essence Fire, this has locked in Li Qiye the heavy lock all of a sudden, instantaneous, how four ominous ghosts draw do not draw Li Qiye, let alone must tear limb from limb by five horses Li Qiye. Opens Li Qiye to cry loud and long to me, buzz, at this point, Li Qiye behind Sun raises, finally, Nine Wheel Suns raises high, all of a sudden, Nine Wheel Suns is shining the entire world, four Gui Fushu five Fate Palace Five Desolated Grand Domain was covered by Nine Wheel Suns all of a sudden. Bang in instantaneous, endless Sun Essence Fire falls in torrents, in this instantaneous, inexhaustible sea of fire instead submerged Five Desolated Grand Domain, Nine Wheel Suns Essence Fire is torrential, can burn down the five uncultivated area earth, can burn to extinguish Nine Worlds Vault of Heaven, the prestige of Essence Fire, anything touches it to be able vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke! Nine Sun Heaven Locking Art, this once was known as that is Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect strongest Style Technique, in fact is also Eternal thinks that illustrious fierce technique, in the world in Style Technique, only feared that this technique can disperse into first five! „” Sea of fire burnt down Five Desolated Grand Domain all of a sudden, four huge Fierce Ghost Statues were burnt vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke all of a sudden. Ah! pitiful yell resonate sound, Five Desolated Grand Domain was burnt down, a Gui Fushu pitiful yell, Five Desolated Grand Domain Essence Fire affected his True Body sad and shrill all of a sudden, when his Five Desolated Grand Domain was burnt down, his body all of a sudden was also fired burnt wood, all of a sudden, four Gui Fushu vanished three, only remaining True Body, but, at this time, Gui Fushu True Body did not evade this to burn the day fire, everybody only heard „”, the Gui Fushu whole body caught fire, was scorched all of a sudden, Ah! the sad and shrill squeal continued, finally, Gui Fushu that burned black body dropped down straightly, pours in Breaking Dragon Arena, at this time. Gui Fushu had been fired burnt wood, only feared that must die without doubt. Five Desolated Grand Domain was burnt down, Absolute Domain collapses, Li Qiye easily from walked, at this time, Nine Wheel Suns behind ups and downs in Li Qiye continues, the temperature was much higher, all Sun Essence Fire is integrated in Nine Wheel Suns at this time, but, the temperature can still burn down all. Saw that Nine Wheel Suns behind ups and downs in Li Qiye, so long as if Li Qiye begins, can burn down this stretch of world, all student on the scene are complexion big change, if Nine Wheel Suns falls, only feared that they run away difficultly a tribulation! All person complexions with amazement, but, no one knows what is this Cultivation Technique. Nine Sun Heaven Locking Art!” When does not know, an old man stood outside Breaking Dragon Arena, changed color, mutters said: legend Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect most invincible Style Technique, in society may row of first three Supreme Style Technique!” School Host sees this old man, student on the scene awes, that feared that is the monstruous talent same talent! This old man is Sacred World School School Host, deep and unmeasurable, nobody knows that he formidable, in his hands trained the strong people of excessively innumerable ruling a region by force!

True Eighth Palace Country Forming or also has the opportunity to be stranded my one or two.” Li Qiye serene looked at one to lie down on the ground has become section of burnt wood Gui Fushu. At this time, student on the scene silent to the extreme, even if has come from the Sacred World School student manner is also dignified, Gui Fushu strength everybody is obvious to all, Five Desolated Grand Domain, even if their these talent monstruous talent also not necessarily can the whole body draw back, but, today actually by Li Qiye livingly to burn to death! Clang, clang and clang......”, however, actually fights on another Breaking Dragon Arena at this time intensely, Huangfu Feng changed to huge Golden Phoenix , this only Golden Phoenix both wings open, can block from sky, pair of sharp claws can tear the treasure weapon. Golden Phoenix flies in circles spatially, from time to time both wings strike the day, from time to time the sharp claws rip saying that from time to time the iron beak puts on...... Extremely fierce, just like is living great antiquity fierce bird . Although Chi Xiaodie both eyes each article astonishing incomparable treasure weapon, but, a treasure weapon of her each article cannot strike to kill Huangfu Feng, instead was compelled to retrocede by Huangfu Feng successively. She also hit the difficult flying difficult solution with Huangfu Feng a moment ago, Li Qiye meets misfortune, she is scared, was seized the situation by Huangfu Feng. In fact, saw that Chi Xiaodie pair of beautiful eyes Divine Eyes evolves the treasure weapons unexpectedly, moreover is similar to, still has the formidable might, this makes many people be surprised, actually this is what wondrous technique. Pre-combat inexperienced.” At this time Li Qiye shakes the head said that told said: „The prestige of Divine Eyes, you just display ten two three that's all! Mang Li has, the skill is insufficient, the evolution is only outset that's all. Gives you a suggestion, the double soldier is uneven, Yin Yang!” Practice Divine Eyes Thousand Weapons Dao Chi Xiaodie hears this saying, immediately the spirit inspires, was compelled her of backlash by Huangfu Feng successively, deeply shouted the one breath, stood firm all of a sudden, both eyes immediately became radiant, Divine Eyes [gold/metal] greatly Sheng. Zheng, in instantaneous, the Chi Xiaodie left eye changes to curved bright moonlight, the right eye changed to a Sun, the bright moonlight and Sun depart instantaneously, having the sound of thundering to attack to Huangfu Feng. You have exhausted the bag of clumsy tricks!” The Huangfu view phoenix scolds one, changes to Golden Phoenix her golden light to be dreadful immediately, the both wings receive, just like is the gate of Sacred Mountain, was two leaves of giant Kinmen has blocked portal likely. Bang loud sound, Sun and bright moonlight hit above her gold both wings, hits her thump again and again to retrocede several that's all.

Is legend has Immortal Phoenix Bloodline Golden Phoenix Physique worthily!” Sees the Huangfu Feng Physique so tyrannical, many people are moved. Sigh, the strong winds writings, Huangfu Feng both wings one volume, struck to disperse Sun Essence Fire and bright moonlight ray immediately. take action then strikes to disperse the Chi Xiaodie Sun and bright moonlight, Huangfu Feng disdain sneers, said: Small technique that's all hiccup However, the words have not said that sneering of Huangfu Feng actually congealed, the body straight crashed from void, at this time, everybody saw clearly, Huangfu Feng between the eyebrows was penetrated unexpectedly, a very small blood hole appeared, the blood class came out slowly, at this time, little Dragon that Yin Yang was complicated together flew from between the eyebrows, this was not one little Dragon, but was a blade with a sword, the blade was Moon Blade, the sword is Yang Sword, was complicated in pairs, thin like silk, but, was containing endless Lunar Power and Solar Prestige ! Although two Treasure Item are very small, as if can destroy all! This is evolves by Chi Xiaodie Divine Eyes. At once, entire scene silent to the extreme, therefore person looks at present, Li Qiye struck to burn to death Gui Fushu, now Chi Xiaodie cuts to kill Huangfu Feng, such result no one could anticipate. Therefore has all thinks that this will fight Huangfu Feng to cut Chi Xiaodie, as for Li Qiye nameless Junior, will be impossible to fight with Gui Fushu like this. However, the result actually stems from the anticipation of all people!