Emperor's Domination - Volume 4 - Chapter 329
small accomplishment Immortal Physique, this is shocking all people, Immortal Physique, this is fearful incomparable Physique, once small accomplishment, the might is peerless, even if Royal Noble, once had small accomplishment Immortal Physique, slaughter True Person, cuts Ancient Saint, that with killing the chicken is the same! Even is kills Saint Venerable also not necessarily is a difficult matter! Why since this has been Eternal why that many people pursues to practice Immortal Physique! Even regarding Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, Emperor Tech­nique is easy, Immortal Physique is difficult to ask! The technique of Immortal Physique, may compare favorably in Heaven's Will Secret Technique. Even has Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect to have Heaven's Will Secret Technique, but, does not have the technique of Immortal Physique! Really is small accomplishment Hell Suppressing Divine Physique !” By Qingxuan Heavenly Child looks at Li Qiye that whole body Azure Qi wraps, his eyes become fearful incomparable, without a doubt, small accomplishment Immortal Physique Li Qiye will be their this talent emperor's children future biggest threat of! This is Hell Suppressing Divine Physique , small accomplishment Hell Suppressing Divine Physique !” The Ancient Saint color deterioration of Great Saint level, has pulled out an cold air/Qi, muttered said. At this time, King Chi Hou opens the mouth in a big way, small accomplishment Immortal Physique! Such matter he wants unable to think that his father drill investigates Immortal Physique for a lifetime, practices Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique for a lifetime, was unable small accomplishment, however, Li Qiye is so young, actually small accomplishment, small accomplishment Immortal Physique, King Chi Hou knows that this means anything! This, this, this was too odd, I listened to the grandfather saying that thought Immortal Physique small accomplishment, the person of even if Saint Physique, that feared that has practiced complete Immortal Physique Technique, at least also 100 years, only if were the monstruous talent incomparable talent, even if so, only feared that was also 350 years! He, he mostly? This was too rather fearful.” Chi Xiaodao was frightened ignorant! This is not he most fearful place.” Sikong Toutian said slowly: Place that he most fears plans! Just wait, one day you will see he plans the world the time, when the time comes, you understand, he most fears is not the military force, but plans! By person who he plans, at the appointed time own what kind of cause of death does not know.” At this time, Ba Xia and Hu Yue complexion was difficult to see the extreme, this time they came prepared, must compel the marriage incessantly, took Lion Roar Sect, must cut to kill Li Qiye, however, Li Qiye small accomplishment Immortal Physique, made their complexion difficult immediately to see the extreme, their Wishful abacuses only feared that must fail. Raging Immortal Holy Country that tattered also dares saying that is the world Supreme Immortal Physique technique!” Li Qiye said unflustered: Today makes you experience anything is true Immortal Physique, so as to avoid has practiced Immortal Physique Technique, really thinks that own can push all horizontally!” Killing Ba Xia and Hu Yue furiously roared, both sides are outspoken, Longevity Blood fell on crazily above Life Wheel, promoting the own life to be most formidable most boundless blood energy, evolved own strongest Style Technique. The Ba Xia only hand horizontally pushes, but, violent stars, strikes sun and moon, his so overbearing stance, Ancient Saint also discusses the color deterioration. Hu Yue the own Bloodline prestige of Tiger God erupted formidable, Four Beasts Divine Pagoda White Tiger has been pinching prestige of Ta Kong/treads the sky inexhaustible god tiger, but to! This I!” Facing two big certain kill, Li Qiye is still unflustered, Royal Noble aura overwhelming, blood energy spout. In this moment, the Li Qiye Thousand Hands Ten Thousand Arms shed opens, the pair of arm pulls the bow instantaneously! In this moment, nine True language Bow in hand.

Passed through these years sacrifices to build up, Heaven and Earth Primordial Metal from becoming nine True language Bow! Buzz, the bow does not have the arrow, when draws the string, the galaxy is radiant, the group star gathers together, Mantra reappears, a Mantra show opens, then changes to Immortal scripture, Immortal scripture opens, is together the immortal law arrow, fell above True Bow. Near string full moon, arrow like the mountain, arrow of the Mantra projects instantaneously, an arrow shoots the day, palatially like mountain, arrow broken Wan Qiong, an arrow accumulated Tianli! A palatial giant arrow strength is infinite, can shoot through world all. Nine True language Bow, nine characters become a word! Near soldier fighting and all array vanguard! This is world first Mantra. Near a character arrow, like the mountain, the arrow vigor is palatially infinite, may break all. „” Rushes ahead first, but to Azure Dragon called out pitifully, that feared that it was Heaven Accumulation, but, under an arrow, was still shot to put on, the entire body was penetrated by a being near character arrow, a pitiful yell, Heaven Accumulation Azure Dragon was killed at the scene. Puff, however, this is only opening that's all, pulls the string again, near the character Mantra same place, three arrows leaves, three arrows leave a string, is still "Near" character Arrow ! Three arrows are palatial, the arrow vigor is infinite. Meanwhile, Li Qiye another two arms turn, the arm brandishes, such as two day stick same straight-arm to pushes Ba Xia that comes. Bang, Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique is also useless, Ba Xia Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique cannot small accomplishment, be divided by Li Qiye eventually, his Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique cannot support, the whole person spurts the blood crazily, the body layer on layer hits on the earth, concussions burst the earth. He stands up from failure to rush ahead, but on time, but Li Qiye is big hand duplicate , a hand, is heavier than the earth, sinks compared with Nine Heavens, under the Hell Suppressing Divine Physique invincible prestige, the big hand suppression , the Ba Xia blood spurts crazily, the dyed red blue sky, was suppressed at the scene. „” Pitiful yell resonate sound, "Near" character Arrow , arrow Vermilion Bird perishes, arrow Black Tortoise falls, called out pitifully in pairs, that feared that was Heaven Accumulation, was still killed by a being near character arrow! Was sewn above earth. In White Tiger an arrow, called out pitifully, its this arrow kept off by the Four Divisions god tower, because in Four Divisions is headed by White Tiger, the Four Divisions god tower is its origin, in the crucial moment, the Four Divisions god tower kept off for it, the Four Divisions god tower is put on to shoot by an arrow, in the body Heaven Accumulation White Tiger of arrow, turned around to run away. Buzz, Heaven Accumulation White Tiger wants to run away, but, the Li Qiye next arrow has shot, near a character arrow, palatially like the mountain, the arrow vigor is still infinite. „” White Tiger called out pitifully, was nailed tight by an arrow above the earth, that feared that was Heaven Accumulation, tiger Gods Bloodline raised, still could not block near a character arrow.

„” Hu Yue furiously roared, his own blood does not spurt crazily, from airborne crashes, his Life Source True Item was shot through, four Dao Heaven Accumulation were killed, even if this arrow does not shoot on his body, his True Fate was also attacked, at the scene severe wound! Is impossible this, all of a sudden has stood including King Cult Master, prestige of the arrow, can shoot through True Item, strikes to kill Heaven Accumulation, this was too simply overbearing. Mantra Treasure Item!” Sees the Li Qiye bow in the hand, Immortal scripture opens, does not know how much powerhouse penetrating are all over the body cold, at this time, everybody does not know that Li Qiye this bow is several character Mantra, but, some people guessed that this at least is six character Mantra Treasure Item, otherwise, impossible to become Jing! Mantra Treasure Item this does not know that makes many people envy and envy, that feared that is nine runes precious ore builds up Treasure Item is also inferior to Mantra Treasure Item, especially six character above Mantra Treasure Item! Bang loud sound, at this time, Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds erupts the true might, just like True God take action, has picked up Ten Thousand Worlds, when Thousand Hands Ten Thousand Arms draws, how regardless of severely wounded Ba Xia and Hu Yue develop completely Myriad Law, how to rumble to kill the world, is unable to get rid of the Li Qiye suppression, but below superhuman hand. Finally, under the Li Qiye's Hell Suppressing Divine Physique suppression, everybody heard the sound of bone scraps, Ba Xia and Hu Yue are tenacious enough, is still the blood crazily spurts, finally was suppressed to suffocate, had been raised by Li Qiye Thousand Hands Ten Thousand Arms. This, is shocking all people, all person dull looks at this, the monstruous talent talent, is the powerhouse fierce person of older generation, at this time the brains are dumbstruck. Ba Xia and Hu Yue, absolutely are one of the present age Eastern Hundred Cities strongest talents, but, overwhelmingly was actually suppressed by a Li Qiye person at this time! Such matter, no one is able to believe. Also ridiculed the Li Qiye's person a moment ago, this time is the penetrating is all over the body cold, was frightened sits on the ground, scared shitless, now Ba Xia and Hu Yue such talent was proposed by Li Qiye in the hand suffocates, if Li Qiye must ask him to do accounts, that blind alley one! Raging Immortal Holy Country, Tiger's Roar Sect, this is any thing, has the father I to cover Lion Roar Sect, you dare to visit to compel unexpectedly to kiss!” Li Qiye Thousand Hands Ten Thousand Arms, is raising Ba Xia and Hu Yue, calm comfortable, said: Thinks really the father is kind and lenient person!” At this time, all people have pulled out an cold air/Qi, at this point, nobody dares to make noise to ridicule Li Qiye, no matter this matter why, Ba Xia and Hu Yue losing battle oneself decides. Junior, puts down Young Master!” When all people recover, shouted angrily resonate sound, immediately over a thousand powerhouses dropped from the clouds, Raging Immortal Holy Country and Tiger's Roar Sect Hero Royal Noble and True Person Ancient Saint one after another flushed, Li Qiye surrounded, wanted to rescue Ba Xia and Hu Yue all of a sudden all round.

At this time, even if Hero Royal Noble also can only in the surrounding, probably be True Person Ancient Saint takes the lead, Hero Royal Noble insufficiently looked, even can only wave the flag and shout. Raging Immortal Holy Country and Tiger's Roar Sect also worthily are colossi, especially Raging Immortal Holy Country such powerful nation, is not Grand Middle Territory Sacred Heaven Church can compare, its background is extremely deep, casual one is over a thousand Hero Royal Noble, several hundred True Person Ancient Saint, this is present age to revere important people. What's wrong, to bully few.” Li Qiye is narrowing the eye, smiles to look at own all round surrounded over a thousand Hero Royal Noble and True Person Ancient Saint. „It is not good, we help the Brother Li helping hand.” Sees Li Qiye by surrounded, Chi Xiaodao complexion big change, King Chi Hou also immediately the complexion is sunk all round, Li Qiye is formidable, but, cannot block besieging of these many people. No, is this I goes on stage.” Sikong Toutian blocked wanted take action Chi Xiaodao, said grinningly: Is this I render meritorious service, do not snatch with me.” At this time, several thousand powerhouse surrounded Li Qiye, True Person and Ancient Saint have accounted for one-third, only True Person Ancient Saint on the scene such, this enough explained that Raging Immortal Holy Country and Tiger's Roar Sect are the what kind great strength. Junior, you, if has put our Young Master, today this matter, then writes off!” At this time, a Raging Immortal Holy Country Great Saint complete Ancient Saint sinking sound said. Today is 11, this month renewal stops. As the first month of top carriage, Xiao Sheng renews about six hundred thousand characters, can say that such digit are not many in the beginning. At, tomorrow will be on November 1, asking everybody to throw all monthly tickets to Xiao Sheng, making us come together diligently!!!! 11, strove for supporting, asks to hit to enjoy, ha