Emperor's Domination - Volume 4 - Chapter 350
Grand World School had three disciples to dig out an incomplete immortal place in the entrance ruins, the immortal place was dug, unexpectedly resounds the sound of preaching, three disciples listened to Immortal scripture, comprehend and understand profound truth......” .................. Within the short one or two day, enters many young generation of cultivator of this stretch of world to have the harvest, some are the talents, some are aptitude average student, hears such news, making many not obtain opportunity young generation of cultivator to rouse, each one diligently diligent Isolated Exploration Ground this stretch of world, all person hope next big opportunities belong to own. But Li Qiye they keep above a short and small mountain peak, including Bing Yuxia and Ye Chuyun in this place, enough caused passed by here many young generation of cultivator surprised. To today, Li Qiye can be said as the man of the hour, it can be said that is known to everybody in Eastern Hundred Cities, nobody does not know. Now Li Qiye they keep above this mountain peak, does not unearth, does not treasure hunt, this makes many process here person curious. Everybody felt strange why Li Qiye they will keep such above a common short and small mountain peak, could it be that said that what shocking treasure this short and small mountain peak does have to be inadequate? If in certainly some people will usually ridicule that Li Qiye they will select this short and small mountain peak unexpectedly, but, nobody dares to ridicule now that instead makes many people pay attention in secret, many people thought that Li Qiye they are impossible to have no reason the stay here. Why although many people in paying attention Li Qiye they must keep such on a common short and small mountain peak, but, nobody dares to go forward to inquire rashly. Slaughter Ba Xia and Hu Yue, cut Zu Huangwu and Qingxuan Heavenly Child, collaborated to bury alive with Heavenly Dao Institution has conspired the alliance innumerable powerhouses, including 11 old fossil, now in countless person eyes, Li Qiye is 100% Ominous Person, that absolutely was the killing without batting an eye role, such role, no matter what no one is willing to annoy him. When Li Qiye they keep on this short and small mountain peak , when not the person who waits to probably wait, actually waited for another group of people. A female strolls in the moonlight, but, does not eat the smoke and fire, faintly recognizable Wushuang/matchless, just like is Fairy enters mortal world , whoever seeing palpitates with excitement! Fairy Mei, Mei Suyao came, Eternal River Sect Successor, the person of Eternal River Sect present age comes outside, name that moves the world, lets the world young generation of sincere chase.

Mei Suyao came, but then had to be many her follower also to come, the Mei Suyao follower were too many, had the family background in the big sects and countries, there is a family background in small sect small school even is common people stock family background loose cultivator. Mei Suyao can result in so many people of following, this is not she is the beautiful appearance is only moving, that is not only because Mei Suyao is beautiful lets the young generation of sincere admire. Meanwhile, some young one generations are fall for Mei Suyao great wisdom intelligence, is Mei Suyao volunteers to follow greatly. Mei Suyao incessantly is devastatingly beautiful Peerless, simultaneously her comes outside practice, preached for many people teaching, especially in Eastern Hundred Cities, does not know that many people listened to her preaching to dispel doubt, the talent, was the aptitude average disciple, after having listened to her preaching, greatly had the harvest. Slowly, Mei Suyao gathered noticeable strength, this strength comprised of her follower, her follower came from the world all parties, has family background the big sects and countries, has family background small sect small school, in these followers has to the person who Mei Suyao adores the admire, there are the Mei Suyao great aspirations cause comes, there are resigned to remain under the Mei Suyao place, listening to her to preach, solves Grand Dao to confuse! Even some people call Dao Lineage the Mei Suyao follower, some people want to gather an organization such strength. These time entered Eternal Gateway, Mei Suyao walked this side world , she searched the earth, asked the vault of heaven, once discovered that many Secret Boundary treasure lands, but Mei Suyao also took one or two, other treasure Immortal Treasure were followed the person who came obtained to go by behind. Because of so, Mei Suyao behind is gathering more and more followers, although said that this is not Mei Suyao has a mind to organize these people, but, these no matter holds any thoughts to come, in brief, where Mei Suyao arrives, can see the shadow of this group of followers, this group of followers, is firmest by the class of Holy Child Qian Yue. It can be said that looks like the class of Holy Child Qian Yue is to follow the Mei Suyao footsteps longest person, such as Holy Child Qian Yue, once wish to stay under the Mei Suyao place to give loyalty, but, was actually rejected by Mei Suyao. Mei Suyao stays on the short and small mountain peak that in Li Qiye kept, she observes this peak, by the Grand Dao deduction, said to Li Qiye finally: Daoist Brother Li, Suyao is comes for the big opportunity, if Daoist Brother Li and various Fellow Daoist are willing to step, Suyao wants this peak.” Mei Suyao such words, lets pay attention Li Qiye in their other will of the people one to shake immediately much, but follows young one generation that Mei Suyao comes also to rouse. Mei Suyao searches the earth each time, rope heaven, can make Secret Boundary treasure lands, Mei Suyao has not included into the pouch all divine object Immortal Treasure, only takes one or two, all remained , because of so, making many people be glad to follow in Mei Suyao behind, whether or not the Mei Suyao reverent follower, in brief, regarding some people, will not have the mistake with Mei Suyao, so long as with Mei Suyao, must have the big harvest!

Li Qiye looked at one, shook the head with a smile, said: Was a pity that I am not willing to step, here is I discovered first, opens with does not open, I decide. If you want to search mystery, then on one side just wait.” Snort, this stretch of world is all people, could it be that you want sole possession of inadequately.” Hears Li Qiye such words, some people indignant disturbed, especially behind with some Mei Suyao followers, in their opinion, Mei Suyao was present age young generation of number one person, Li Qiye such procedure is really too excessive. How I want sole possession, refuses to accept to nip me!” Regarding this discontented person, Li Qiye even/including Duo looked that is disinclined to look, said languidly: Here is I discovered first, I like being how what kind, who wants unable to pass with me, I momentarily accompany!” This lazily words said domineering 100%, vicious is incomparable, an imposing manner of looking disdainfully world makes the person take in everything at a glance. Li Qiye is like this rampant the overbearing words, immediately makes many people suffocate, many person angry glares look at each other, but, really nobody dares on to come to challenge Li Qiye at once, now who does not know that Li Qiye is Ominous Person, kills including Shaking Light Ancient Kingdom and Qingxuan Ancient Kingdom Successor photo does not harm, dares to snatch including two big Ancient Kingdom immortal Emperor Treasure, what matter but also there is he unable to do? The hard neck, many heads, only feared that also insufficiently at present this Ominous Person chops! This saying was too rather overbearing.” When many people feel indignant but not daring to speak out, a person drops from the clouds, this person Venerable from the day, immediately a between Heaven and Earth only my sole ruler aura fills the air, this person of appearance, Myriad Law accompanies, a world, sun and moon changes colors, mountains and rivers is to move, his arrival, Grand Dao called with, descended to earth Deity that to be the same just like the heaven. Deity Jikong Wudi!” When saw when this youth drops from the clouds, follows the follower who Mei Suyao is coming in behind, has been paying attention here other people, sees the person, is moved. The Deity Jikong Wudi arrival, along with it, bang resonate sound, War chariot Divine Ship and fierce Auspicious Beast one after another floats spatially, but, many natural talent young generation of talents able to move unhindered also follows but. Fairy Mei Suyao, Deity Jikong Wudi, it can be said that present age existence of young generation of most peak, nobody dares with it side by side! Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi have many followers. Compares Jikong Wudi to come, the Mei Suyao follower is more complex, the Mei Suyao follower, is the family background is incessantly complex, has family background the big sects and countries, there is family background small sect small school, there is stock family background loose cultivator, it may be said that is the Three Sects nine classes! Moreover follows the Mei Suyao person goal to be also various, some are to the person who Mei Suyao adores the admire, some are willing to follow Mei Suyao , helping her world, dispels doubt for the world, some are both has at the same time...... Moreover, Mei Suyao itself, is not willing to gather noticeable strength to receive this under the place, her walk world, preached teaching, but, all was own cultivate the line, all was the own conscience, do not gather the talent of world.

But the Jikong Wudi follower completely is different, the Jikong Wudi follower can be said as most family backgrounds in the the big sects and countries talent, even there are much is the the big sects and countries older generation strong person, this group of followers follow Jikong Wudi, the reason is very simple, they favor Jikong Wudi, thinks that Jikong Wudi will become this era Immortal Emperor, will meet Carrying this era Heaven's Will! Regarding the Jikong Wudi follower, if in future Jikong Wudi Carrying Heaven's Will, achievement Immortal Emperor, then, they becomes merit illustrious Divine General! Moreover Jikong Wudi I directly or indirectly am also directing this team, has become his place next formidable strength, can say that the potential of this team is infinite! Sees the Deity Jikong Wudi arrival, many people are moved, has pulled out an cold air/Qi secretly, this has included many Mei Suyao followers. Deity Jikong Wudi, The Posture of Three Saint , came from Sky Treading Mountain, during the present age does not know that has many people to favor him! Many people think that he must be able to become Immortal Emperor in this era, is following his ancestor Immortal Emperor Ta Kong footsteps! Deity is present age only one after another can enter the Emperor World School person.” What kind of talent, sees Jikong Wudi, grumbles was inferior. These time does obeisance into Heavenly Dao Institution, Jikong Wudi indeed is not weak in his prestige, becomes only one after another Emperor World School student! legend, Emperor World School is different from other four yards, Emperor World School is hiding the huge secret, inside has the huge opportunity, legend this Jikong Wudi enters Emperor World School province body comprehend dao, obtained the enormous opportunity, even some people guessed that this has established Jikong Wudi in the road of future Immortal Emperor! Regarding the arrival of Deity Jikong Wudi, Fairy Mei Suyao still tranquil comfortable, is the present age most peak talent, Mei Suyao obviously is tranquilly lives simply, although is the person of comes outside, as if not struggles with the person!