Emperor's Domination - Volume 8 - Chapter 715
Although said that many people on the scene are not feeling well to Li Qiye, especially young generation of male cultivator wants to extinguish Li Qiye, who asked him to occupy Lady Zi Yan such beautiful woman, many people were admiring Lady Zi Yan! Regarding many cultivator, even if they are not feeling well Li Qiye, even regards as the enemy Li Qiye, but, they have to acknowledge that Li Qiye this Pill Technique is Peerless Wushuang/matchless. But now Huangfu Hao actually kills did not acknowledge that Li Qiye has won, a procedure of fight in which both sides perish, really lets the person some not shame. Before then , many people have the favorable impression to Huangfu Hao, even wants to become friends with Huangfu Hao. Huangfu Hao is Huangfu Aristocratic Family Successor, is the young generation of extraordinary talent, let alone, has the great relations with Alchemy Kingdom. Such person looks like in many people, this is one generation is outstanding, does not know that many people are willing to become friends with, but, now Huangfu Hao such achievement, making some want cannot help but gently to shake the head with the person who he becomes friends with. Li Qiye looked at his one eyes lightly, said: „It is not I am not willing to look at my Heavenly Cauldron to you, can only say that my Heavenly Cauldron temperament is not good, incautiously extinguished you, that is not good. I always treasure the life, always peace-loving, does not hope that some people die without the burial ground, does not hope some people of vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke.” Hears Young Master such words, stands wants to smile in Lady Zi Yan cannot. If her Young Master treasures the life, peace-loving, then the world people were kind and lenient person. However, Lady Zi Yan hears this saying, knows that some people must be finished. Heavenly Cauldron that's all, this king is Saint Sovereign, what great trivial does Heavenly Cauldron have? this king momentarily can suppress it!” Huangfu Hao sneers saying: Looked by me that is you do not dare to take to make me look, is feared that I see through your small trick.” At this time, Huangfu Hao attacks Li Qiye crazily, he will not miss any opportunity. At this time, he has grasped crazily and completely become a devil completely. In Stone Golem Workshop, he was pounded down the sky-high price to press his unable to breathe by Li Qiye completely, the face countenance loses \; In Giant Bamboo Country Medicine Garden, he was flown by the Li Qiye bang, his face countenance not saves \; Today, he thinks that will draw one game, shames Li Qiye well, has not thought of the own instead being self-supporting bitter fruit! Li Qiye dares so with him for enemy, he absolutely not to let off Li Qiye, even if changes to the evil spirit, he will not let off Li Qiye! Good, since you must look that I do not have the means.” Li Qiye smiled, said: But, has any accident, I am irresponsible.” Saying, languidly puts out Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, then has patted Myriad Heavenly Cauldron gently. Snort, trivial furnace Heavenly Cauldron that's all, not worth of mentioning?” Huangfu Hao cold and proud smiles, he is proud very much, received Myriad Heavenly Cauldron in Li Qiye hand. At this time, everybody cannot help but screen is breathing looks at this, although everybody does not believe the Huangfu Hao words, but, everybody also wants to have a look at Li Qiye this Heavenly Cauldron is any appearance. Opening at this time, Huangfu Hao pinches Hand Seal, offers a sacrifice to Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, but, a Myriad Heavenly Cauldron response does not have.

Such situation makes Huangfu Hao somewhat unable to hang face, his instantaneous blood energy soars to the heavens, fierce incomparable, has traded Hand Seal, shouted to clear the way severely: Opens Buzz, at this time, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron offered a sacrifice to finally, falls to the ground to change to ordinary Ancient Stove. Huangfu Hao sneers, walks up, puts out a hand to search Myriad Heavenly Cauldron Fire Source, puff a resonate sound, Huangfu Hao big hand just extended, was built up the flying ash all of a sudden. Ah! Huangfu Hao called out pitifully, he, wanted to draw back with amazement rapidly, but, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron Fire Source like the volcanic eruption, dreadful furnace fire flushed instantaneously instantaneously, submerged Huangfu Hao instantaneously. Ah! sad and shrill incomparable pitiful yell sound penetrating world, suddenly, even if Saint Sovereign realm Huangfu Hao all of a sudden is also fired the flying ash, when dreadful furnace fire returns to the furnace Fire Source, saw only airborne to scatter the flying ash, one generation of Saint Sovereign like this died from some unknown cause. Since achieves mastery through a comprehensive study after Immortals Lost Medicine Garden Medicine Field completely, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron no longer was that frog. Must know that since Myriad Heavenly Cauldron has been Eternal only Heavenly Cauldron, millions of years, it is seeking an opportunity of achieving mastery through a comprehensive study, comes a true transformation. After Immortals Lost Medicine Garden transforms, then, Myriad Heavenly Cauldron no longer is Heavenly Cauldron, even can be called is a god, genuine god! Myriad Heavenly Cauldron Fire Source is what kind Peerless Wushuang/matchless, must fire the flying ash Saint Sovereign, this only feared that is not the difficult matter. Strive to excel big Heavenly Cauldron, such Heavenly Cauldron also only then Legendary Alchemist or Alchemy Emperor can wield.” Sees Myriad Heavenly Cauldron that dreadful overbearing furnace fire, does not know that makes many Alchemist envy, this looks like ordinary ordinary Heavenly Cauldron absolutely is a good furnace! Oh, does not listen to the Old Man word, suffers a loss at present.” At this time Li Qiye languidly takes back Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, said: I said that this furnace temperament was not good, except for me, it does not make the person contact generally, now was good, incautiously has lost the poor life, this really behaves badly, the one breath fires the flying ash Saint Sovereign, do others become Saint Sovereign are easy?” To Li Qiye such words, those present are speechless immediately. But Lady Zi Yan cannot help but smiles. She understands that Young Master expected such result, Huangfu Hao brings about own destruction completely.

Sees such one, the entire scene becomes silent, stood without any person is Huangfu Hao speaks a few words, looked like in many people, Huangfu Hao this was brings upon oneself. Similarly with Li Qiye for the Teng Dan King complexion blanch of enemy, his cannot help but cold sweat braved at this time, the palm cold sweat streamings, the back cannot help but whiz whiz feels cold. Teng Dan King cannot help but secretly rejoiced at heart. Luckily not with Huangfu Hao same fight in which both sides perish, otherwise, his fate will be perhaps same as Huangfu Hao, was burnt vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke, dies without the burial ground. At this time, Teng Dan King has cannot help but had a shiver, two words do not dare to say much, does not dare to stop over here, turns around to walk, at the maximum speed leaves the comprehend dao peak. At this time Li Qiye received the gambling stake. 1 million years of Stone Flower, 3 million years of Medicine King, is Crystal Sea Alchemy Saint 4 million years of big Medicine King. Oh, as, is not a cabbage radish, cannot lose speaks frankly, what has at the worst, for spirit medicine of cabbage radish loses the own life, is worth?” Li Qiye looked at the war booty, has not cared. To others, Medicine King or is the priceless treasure, but Li Qiye has been sick completely, did not say Eternal, is he Medicine King that brings from Immortals Lost Medicine Garden can scare to death many people. Li Qiye such wind discouraging talk makes those present speechless, everybody asked for advice Li Qiye's to be rampant and haughty, but, did not have the means that others had this strength. However, at this time Li Qiye made to let a person crazier matter. He looks at Medicine King that these three in hand had just won, like throwing the radish cabbage throws to Yellow Bull Dragon, said with a smile: Carried on the back me to be also laborious, rewarded with food and drink you.” This crazy matter lets all person dumbfounded all of a sudden. From the beginning, everybody thinks that Li Qiye orally said that's all, everybody thinks that Li Qiye exaggerates, talked into the radish cabbage Medicine King intentionally. However, now others in fact really treat as the radish cabbage Medicine King, throws several million years of Medicine King to a water buffalo unexpectedly eats. „, And......” At this time, Yellow Bull Dragon eats the peony like the cow, 35 eat up the belly three Medicine King all of a sudden completely. „” Does not see such careless and wasteful use of nature's products, old Alchemist cannot bear screams one sad and shrill, he cannot help but hits to tremble, both eyes open the eyes in a big way, results said anxiously: this, this, this is Medicine King

At once, all people silly lived, 1 million years of Stone Flower, 3 million years of Medicine King and 4 million years of Medicine King, are such three Medicine King, does not know that many important people, do not know many Alchemist cannot obtain such thing for a lifetime, even if the big sects and countries, will regard Medicine King such thing for the priceless treasure. However, in all person minds is the thing of priceless treasure, Li Qiye actually brings to feed a water buffalo, this was too odd, some did in society also people compare the Li Qiye ruined family? Any second ancestor, any second generation of rich, any immortal two generations, compared with Li Qiye such black sheep of the family, are not including the fart. Which second ancestor ruined family to can feed the cow with Medicine King? This radically is the impossible matter. Even if the second ancestor, will work as the treasure Medicine King! But Li Qiye actually treats as the radish cabbage Medicine King! At this time, presented all talented people to realize that before this Li Qiye said Medicine King was the radish cabbage did not say intentionally like this, he treated as the radish cabbage Medicine King radically! looks at this big water buffalo treats as the radish cabbage to eat three Medicine King at present unexpectedly, 2-3 swallow the belly, like Ox Jiao the peony, this lets many person cannot help but heart pain on the scene, this does not have the natural justice simply, this is Medicine King! At once, does not know that many people are whinning at heart, their this helplessly looks at three Medicine King were swallowed the belly by the water buffalo. My mother, making me jump from an upper story to consider as finished, anyone of you do not block me.” Even some people see such grieved one, cannot help but has called out one, does not endure to look again. However, after Yellow Bull Dragon 2-3 swallow chews these three Medicine King, the appearance that still has not given full expression, is looking at Li Qiye eagerly. Yellow Bull Dragon is the Dragon Cow family background, Dragon Cow most likes eating spirit medicine pill herb, existence like Yellow Bull Dragon, Medicine King to it is the delicacy incomparable thing. Li Qiye looked at own that 3 million years of Medicine King and that 5 million years of Emperor Medicine, said: „, It is long by the escape route, needs you diligently, ate to the full must go all out.” Saying, throws these two 3 million years of Medicine King and Emperor Medicine to Yellow Bull Dragon. „, And......” Yellow Bull Dragon tongue one volume, these two spirit medicine volume entrances, has chewed. At once, many people have knelt directly, kneels there. Many person complexion blanch, a meat pain to being hard endures, regarding such black sheep of the family, they have been speechless. Today three, are individual eruption, the monthly ticket will count tomorrow again, asks the monthly ticket