Emperor's Domination - Volume 9 - Chapter 864
Was the unvisited Heaven Domain ruins at once becomes in former bustling, caught up with the Heaven Domain ruins cultivator crazily to seek for the Bi’an Beastworld entrance, their any corner did not let off. Bang on the same day, Divine Light threw, finally had the lucky fellow to find the Bi’an Beastworld entrance, when the entrance was raised, was Divine Light shoots up to the sky. Some people had found the Bi’an Beastworld entrance!” Sees so astonishing one, immediately many people flush away toward that place crazily, everybody wants before Bi’an Agreement restarts enters Bi’an Beastworld. Found the Bi’an Beastworld entrance first unexpectedly is Celestial Array Young King . Moreover, at this time, he entering peristome. Celestial Array Young King can first find entrance, overwhelms with numerical strength the dispersion entire Heaven Domain ruins to seek besides their Celestial Array School, a more important point, he obtained the direction of Ye Qingcheng, has brought a Ye Qingcheng thing, therefore, this made his ancestors one step find the Bi’an Beastworld entrance. After Celestial Array Young King found the entrance, immediately arrange Peerless great formation, has sealed the entrance all of a sudden. At once, sees only the entrance is palace are innumerable, ancient city fluctuates, ancient city appeared in this, made people unable to find the entrance position at once. Celestial Array School is builds up by, is known as Formation Law first. Celestial Array School Formation Law is from in Zhenji Immortal Emperor, they are known as Formation Law first, is not an empty talk. But Celestial Array Young King excels at the lineup inborn, he Formation Diagram of seal cutting in the Stone Medicine World marketable, many people are the high price requested. Celestial Array Young King obtains the Celestial Array School true line, a stone wood, he can the cloth leave great formation. He when ten years old, personally the lineup has been stranded Saint Sovereign, this could be imagined he have the how astonishing attainments on Formation Law. When many people catch up, late one step, Celestial Array Young King led Celestial Array School many expert powerhouses to guard this place. Takes a broad view to look, everywhere is the ancient temple tall buildings, has ancient city to fluctuate, under Celestial Array School [say / way] expert palm, the bystander could not find is hidden in the formation center entrance. Now, wants to find the Bi’an Beastworld entrance, must defeat Celestial Array School incessantly, moreover must explain to seal up entrance great formation, otherwise, no one is able to go. Bi’an Beastworld is the world person shares.” Saw Celestial Array School to guard the entrance, had Large Sect Old Ancestor to be discontented, the sinking sound said: Why your Celestial Array School has sole possession of Bi’an Beastworld!” …… In Celestial Array Young King mouth Second Brother is Ye Qingcheng, Ye Qingcheng, Ninehead Lion Emperor and Celestial Array Young King they sanctify an oath by smearing blood, sworn brothers. In the minutes three people, is biggest by Ninehead Lion Emperor, Celestial Array Young King is smallest.

In fact, when swearing brotherhood, Heavenhoof Ravine Golden Crow Prince was also once wants they to sanctify an oath by smearing blood with Ye Qingcheng, swears brotherhood for the brothers. What a pity, in behind managed the Heavenhoof Ravine general situation Miao Chan to oppose at that time vigorously Golden Crow Prince and Ye Qingcheng sanctify an oath by smearing blood, sworn brothers, finally, Golden Crow Prince cannot sanctify an oath by smearing blood with Ye Qingcheng, but he and Ye Qingcheng are still symmetric by the brothers! In fact, at this matter, Golden Crow Prince is is also very discontented with Miao Chan in the heart. However, Ye Qingcheng also has the so astonishing charm, even if Celestial Array Young King is coming from Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect Successor like this, is willing to be Ye Qingcheng runs, is willing to work for him. Snort, restarts Bi’an Agreement!” Has Sect Master to be discontented, coldly said: „Do could it be that such huge matter you decide?” On the scene has many the big sects and countries powerhouses, now everybody wants to go, Celestial Array School so at one fell swoop, naturally made many the big sects and countries discontented. If everybody and we collaborates to restart Bi’an Agreement, we welcome.” Celestial Array Young King the manner is also strong at this time, coldly said: If before Bi’an Agreement has not restarted, who wants hardly to rush, that no wonder we are impolite!” The Celestial Array Young King so strong manner, lets many people on the scene startled and anger, but, which the big sects and countries without is willing to come hardly. Celestial Array School can also can be called is Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, although Celestial Array School is not Immortal Emperor creates extremely personally, but, it is founds by Immortal Emperor direct disciple extremely personally . Moreover, Immortal Emperor also once lived in Celestial Array School extremely after a period of time. It can be said that Celestial Array School is having Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect background. Like Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, even if the big sects and countries, is not willing with them for the enemy. Extraordinary.” The characters of some Old Ancestor ranks are not willing to act directly, is only in behind the scenes cold view all these, said slowly: „The Ye Qingcheng big ambition, wants to manage Bi’an Agreement unexpectedly, he wants to become second Divine Beast Heaven Domain!” In the past Bi’an Agreement was jointly manages by Divine Beast Heaven Domain and Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family such Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, now, Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family hide away in the world, Ye Qingcheng actually want to manage Bi’an Agreement, this obviously his ambition was the what kind vigor! Nobody will suspect that Ye Qingcheng strength, in his place is the powerhouse such as the cloud and being abundance of capable people . Moreover, he is on good terms with some Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect. For example Celestial Array School and Heavenhoof Ravine. If Ye Qingcheng manages Bi’an Agreement, then such as Heavenhoof Ravine such Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect only feared that will stand this side him.

could it be that your can Celestial Array School take strength and world various sect the as the enemy?” Facing the strength of Celestial Array Young King, has King coldly of great nation to say. „Can you representative world?” At this time, a domineering sound resounds, golden light like sea, together domineering incomparable shadow but across the sky , a person appeared in the people vision. Steps into this place youth military might domineering, the whole person is the golden light turnover, just likes has Sun to raise to be the same, seems Sun God is ordinary, the imposing manner of his military might, making the person yield and withdraw. Golden Crow Prince sees the person, many people's in heart one for it cold, even some people dread continually draw back several steps. After Golden Crow Prince arrival, he sharp incomparable vision sweeps, finally, his coldly said: Brother Ye wants to restart Bi’an Agreement, this is the magnanimous act! I must help one another! If who has the clothing/taking, although can stand!” Golden Crow Prince this words are loud and clear, clang clang is powerful! Has filled deterrent strength. He stood to speak such words, not only because of him, behind him also had Heavenhoof Ravine. …… At this time, even if has in the will of the people not to be convinced, some even if people are not willingly, but, at once, has no alternative. Heavenhoof Ravine, Stony Edge Kingdom and Celestial Array School, these three big Sect are Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, let alone Heavenhoof Ravine is one sect having two emperors. If these three big Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect collaborate, but Alchemy Kingdom, Jianlong Aristocratic Family and Imperial Beast City are not born, which Sect absolutely does not have to shake them! At this time, so long as was not stupid thing has wanted to result in understood, Celestial Array Young King was also good, Ye Qingcheng, in their mouth so-called restarted Bi’an Agreement nothing but is a excuse, in the final analysis, has sole possession of Bi’an Beastworld! Once Ye Qingcheng they join up, was known as that restarts Bi’an Agreement, besides their own Sect, other Sect wants to participate, that is the even harder than reaching the sky matter! When arrives at this, who can also shake their such Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect alliances, when the time comes, isn't Bi’an Beastworld also their it'ses in the bag? Ye Qingcheng big ambition.” Has behind the scenes Old Ancestor to say slowly: If this Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family are not born, Ye Qingcheng he has held onto this era leader seat, calls from a high place, world response.” Ye Qingcheng this act, it may be said that is the soldier risks danger incurs! He does this must establish the own status incessantly, incessantly only to have sole possession of Bi’an Beastworld, this act is also feeling out Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family.

If Bi’an Beastworld is born such huge matter, but Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family such Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect is not born, that means in this era, Alchemy Kingdom and Jianlong Aristocratic Family they will not be born in this era absolutely. Then, he path to Immortal Emperor was smoother in the future. Regarding Ye Qingcheng, did not have Alchemy Kingdom, did not have Jianlong Aristocratic Family, did not have Imperial Beast City. But also then, who can block him the step to Immortal Emperor, who can block the plan of his verbal command Stone Medicine World? When he can verbal command Stone Medicine World, when Stone Medicine World many Sect are willing to work for him, he to Nine Worlds, challenges all lands, he is going to become Immortal Emperor that dominates Nine Worlds! Some Old Ancestor have thought of this war, one in heart cold, although restarts Bi’an Agreement regarding Ye Qingcheng, that is just an attempt, feeling out, but, this enough has made the person see clearly his ambition! At this time, an entire scene silence, nobody is willing to stand again provocative extremely Young Sovereign or Golden Crow Prince, even if in their hearts is anger, but, is still not willing with Golden Crow Prince or Heavenhoof Ravine such existence for the enemy. The Golden Crow Prince vision sweeps, the imposing manner is threatening, finally, falls on a female, he said slowly: Your excellency certainly is Giant Bamboo Country King Zi Yan/purple mist Your Majesty.” Hears the Golden Crow Prince words, many people look to the female who stands on one side by far, sees only this female graceful noble air, Purple Qi is steaming, the Saint Sovereign Qi breath takes in everything at a glance. even if this female alone stands there, the Saint Sovereign Qi breath that but, her body sends out, making the person not dare to despise. Female Lady Zi Yan that stands on one side by far, after Lady Zi Yan resigned from the throne, after having arranged all, she then left Giant Bamboo Country, arrived at Beast Territory, wants to meet with Li Qiye. When Celestial Array School found the Bi’an Beastworld entrance, sees Divine Light to shoot up to the sky, Lady Zi Yan also thinks that was own Young Master had found the entrance, caught up hurriedly, has not thought that unexpectedly was Celestial Array Young King they.