Emperor's Domination - Volume 9 - Chapter 897
At once, the entire Bi’an City atmosphere is dignified, the entire aspect was so so nervous, has emitted suddenly these many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, Crystal Sea Sect, Jian Family, Heavenhoof Ravine and Imperial Beast City, such colossus, that presses person unable to breathe simply. At this time , many Sect knew the limitation withdrew Bi’an City, but , many Sect inheritance did not lose heart remains in Bi’an City. In Bi’an City, the tense atmosphere arrives at the extreme, it can be said that at daggers drawn, Crystal Sea Sect and Heavenhoof Ravine are clarify to look for Jian Wushuang to do accounts, Jian Family hid certainly shortcomings, as for Imperial Beast City, this is also clarifies to support Jian Family, suddenly, both sides are evenly matched. Stands Ye Qingcheng above Bi'an(Prison Beast) City Lord palace sees various Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect is at daggers drawn, shows the natural smiling face, said: Imperial Beast City is present age Wushuang/matchless inheritance, said that for a younger generation potency, this only feared that is being hard makes the person believe. Imperial Beast City this, who knows that today is Bi’an Beastworld? The Beast Territory hundred ten thousand sects factions, always need the person to be the acknowledged leader.” Ye Qingcheng this saying meaning is obvious, this was suggesting Imperial Beast City so-called is the Li Qiye potency, that is just pretence that's all, Imperial Beast City comes for Bi’an Beastworld. As we all know, in Beast Territory, Imperial Beast City and Heavenhoof Ravine is most formidable existence, although Imperial Beast City fled the world, but, Heavenhoof Ravine also equally is regarded as number one powerful enemy Imperial Beast City. Regarding Heavenhoof Ravine, so long as Imperial Beast City still, their Heavenhoof Ravine wants to rule the Beast Territory roost, that only fears compared with the Ascend to Heaven also wanting difficult matter. Now Ye Qingcheng so suggested that again further selects to pull out Imperial Beast City and Heavenhoof Ravine, today Heavenhoof Ravine comes this to revenge, this already such as the meaning of Ye Qingcheng. However, this regarding Ye Qingcheng, this also by far insufficient, if Imperial Beast City and Heavenhoof Ravine kill the rivers of blood, that is the effect that he needs. Regarding Ye Qingcheng such Ba Tiao with adding inflammatory details, does not lose one's temper as Imperial Beast City main Monarch King Long Hu, his looks at Ye Qingcheng, said with a smile: So-called number one person, is so, the having unearned reputation ear, you are just the shortsighted person, the vision are also a little, Eternal Grand Dao, you looked too short.” Monarch King Long Hu these words, that is being known as Ye Qingcheng of first talent comments is not worth a red cent. Regarding the Monarch King Long Hu words, Ye Qingcheng is the complexion sinks, but, then is still natural comfortable, the complexion is still having the self-confident smiling face. Monarch King Long Hu appraises him like this, in the Ye Qingcheng heart definitely was very disgruntled, he was known as that the first talent, who didn't acclaim him? „No matter how the king appraises, this king did not mind. Just, in my language, therefore Monarch Old Wang shames the anger, spoke the attack.” Ye Qingcheng escapes deeply and clearly said with a smile that does not care about the appearance of Monarch King Long Hu appraisal completely. Hey Golden Crow King Tai Yang is also sneers one, regarding their Heavenhoof Ravine, far more than revenges for Golden Crow Prince that simply, this time they dispatch troops on a large scale, the famous saying avenges a grievance, has the ambition to take Bi’an Beastworld at one fell swoop.

Monarch King Long Hu looked at Ye Qingcheng one pitifully, shook the head with a smile, said: Ignorant young child that's all, sits the well view day, called world number one person!” Monarch King Long Hu does not certainly come for Bi’an Beastworld, now, regarding their Imperial Beast City, Bi’an Beastworld is unimportant, more importantly Li Qiye! Monarch King Long Hu such words that absolutely has become in a Ye Qingcheng heart thorn, his complexion changes, but, still the smiling face is then bright, is the manner is still comfortable. Ye Qingcheng said with a smile: „The appraisal of king, this king declined with thanks. However, the people here, this is also all obvious to all, Bi’an Beastworld many era have not been born, as we all know, Divine Beast Heaven Domain can control Bi’an Beastworld in the past, that was grasped Bi’an Immortal Rod......” „...... The kings were known as that for the Li Qiye potency, but the Li Qiye palm holds Bi’an Immortal Rod, this only feared that is not the secret matter. The palm held Bi’an Immortal Rod, has controlled Bi’an Beastworld, once had Bi’an Beastworld, in the future, absolutely can dominates era. To that time, Imperial Beast City has also been able to rule the Beast Territory roost, and even verbal command Stone Medicine World!” Speaking of finally, Ye Qingcheng also unintentionally selected to pull out the Heavenhoof Ravine sensitive nerve. Ye Qingcheng such saying, many cultivator powerhouse looks at Monarch King Long Hu in Bi’an City they. Hey, hey, hey, cannot think that solemn one sect having two emperors Imperial Beast City is such mean and shameless, hey, said that anything is Li Qiye gives loyalty, but also places the own daughter side him, originally for Bi’an Immortal Rod.” Golden Crow King Tai Yang smiles dark, said: So-called one sect having two emperors , is just so, will only cause to play to cheat cloudy!” Golden Crow King Tai Yang was seizes certainly the opportunity to damage Imperial Beast City maliciously one, regarding their Heavenhoof Ravine, mountain intolerable two tigers, let alone, their these time dispatched troops on a large scale, besides must kill Li Qiye them, same wants to obtain Bi’an Immortal Rod. Such that just like Ye Qingcheng said that their Heavenhoof Ravine also once wants to become Divine Beast Heaven Domain, has Bi’an Immortal Rod, can control Bi’an Beastworld! Bah, any world number one person, villain that's all.” At this time Long Jingxian disdain said: Besides sewing discord and telling tales, what skill do you have?” Said right, including person who a frontage war avoided, coward that's all, discussed that what qualifications competed for Heaven's Will.” At this time, a domineering sound resounds, one group of people drive straight ahead to enter. Mei Aonan!” Saw that this crowd drives straight ahead the powerhouse who enters, some people said. At this time, Mei Aonan leads Imperial Edge numerous powerhouses to enter all along, in also ice-cold and delicate and pretty youth who side Mei Aonan accompanies, this is Mei Aonan big brother Mei Aoxue.

In fact, before, knows that the Mei Aoxue person radically is few, but, in a short time ago, Mei Aoxue by strength of the, performed slaughter 18 Celestial young masters, making the person remember this ice-cold and delicate and pretty youth firmly. Lets the person remembers this youth also the reason, Mei Aoxue is Jianlong Aristocratic Family Successor, one sect having three emperors Successor, will make the person remember! The arrival of Mei Aonan, making many people look at each other, in a short time ago, Mei Aonan and a Ye Qingcheng war, but, this war did not have result / to bear fruit, that was because they rushed to beyond the day by mistake the ancient battlefield, Ye Qingcheng Mei Aonan one step got out of trouble first. Sees Mei Aonan, Ye Qingcheng is not accidental, he escapes deeply and clearly smiles, said confidently: Fellow Daoist Mei astraying the matter of ancient battlefield blamed on me, this king was not offended!” Ran away unable to run away for a while first.” Mei Aonan is staring at Ye Qingcheng, said overbearingly: Heaven's Will Grand Dao, has me not to have you! Today Bi’an City is your burial ground!” Ye Qingcheng has a smile, shakes the head gently, said: Fellow Daoist Mei, this king also wants to measure strength with you, but, only feared that today is not good, some people must look for Fellow Daoist Mei to calculate the injust account!” Saying, him was patting has patted the palm. When the applause falls, outside Bi’an City has crashed in the mighty force, the imposing manner overwhelming, has the prestige of Virtuous Paragon to be billowing. ****** Teaches to see to the mighty force, had a scare all people, the mighty force that this clashes could be said as almost surrounds entire Bi’an City. The present mighty force, this is 18 few comes ****** teaches, these 18 the big sects and countries are formidable, even also has Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect, even if inferior to Imperial Beast City such inheritance, makes the person dread. Today ****** teaches to brave suddenly, this makes many people have a scare. Has Seven Great Sage.” Some people see ****** mighty force that teaches, has counted secretly, even if Saint Sovereign, is unable one after another to completely understand that this ****** teaches Seven Great Sage cultivation, guessed, muttered said: In Seven Great Sage, only feared that three are the Immortal existence ranks, two are Legendary Powerful Being this rank, two are the Large Sect Old Ancestor ranks.” ****** Taught this is what, was this leans to suppress?” Has Large Sect Old Ancestor complexion big change, knows that is not wonderful, hinted direct disciple to remove Bi’an City, waited and saw outside. ****** Teaches to emit the mighty force all of a sudden, this was too unexpected, this turns out in full strength simply.

Jianlong Aristocratic Family Successor slaughters our over ten thousand juniors, Jianlong Aristocratic Family should give us explain/justify !” ****** In mighty force that teaches, Immortal existence stands the sinking sound to say. This Immortal existence is staring at Mei Aoxue, but Mei Aoxue ice-cold, still cold and proud did not speak. „Does Jianlong Aristocratic Family give you explain/justify ?” Mei Aonan cold to look at this Virtuous Paragon, domineering said: Any 18 Celestial young masters, right, person is we kills, but, with the Jianlong Aristocratic Family anything junction department, this grievances has not gotten up is also my Imperial Edge, stops is also my Imperial Edge, has any matter to come to my Imperial Edge, you ****** teaches to think revenge, good, bring it on!” even if faces ****** mighty force that teaches, Mei Aonan same is domineering does not change. Good, good, good, respects the young, since has nothing to do with Jianlong Aristocratic Family, good, today I ****** teaches to tie grievances with your Imperial Edge!” Mei Aonan such side, this Virtuous Paragon long smiles one. This time ****** teaches to turn out in full strength, must die over a thousand disciples to want justice for them incessantly, in the meantime, Ye Qingcheng had promised to them, after he has controlled Bi’an Beastworld, whatever the advantage they select. ****** The manual does not trust, but, after seeing Ye Qingcheng can open Bi’an City all house buildings portal, seeing Ye Qingcheng can enable entire Bi’an City for it Grand Dao called, ****** taught entirely to believe that Ye Qingcheng had this ability to control Bi’an Beastworld, now only misses Bi’an Immortal Rod that's all only. At this time, many people were you looked that my I thought your, has emitted these many Sect inheritance all of a sudden, has emitted these many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect all of a sudden, even can say that has emitted these many Virtuous Paragon all of a sudden. This absolutely is not a coincidence, Heavenhoof Ravine and Crystal Sea Sect, and even is ****** teaches, this came is really is too the time. But some Large Sect Old Ancestor were eyelid jumped, looks at Ye Qingcheng, because the entire item matter has the Ye Qingcheng shadow!