Godly Hunter - Volume 1 - Chapter 74
Blood Refining Technique! The vision has swept from Blood Refining Technique Skill showing, Chen Mo knows immediately that his 100 gold coins, spent the value! Even if in Ordinary Game, obtains the Monster ability Potion, is quite formidable Potion, in Genesis, Monster is so formidable, many Monster abilities are strange, if can obtain these Monster abilities, most times, can play the unexpected role absolutely! The only issue, is this Blood Refining Technique, Potion that refines, duration and ability effect how. Chen Mo has thought quickly of an issue, this Blood Refining Technique, from Skill Description, not any not good place. Decompose Skill that Pohl teaches, because of Decompose Equipment, will reduce the Human Race strength, but this Blood Refining Technique, clearly can make the Human Race strength increase, will be resisted why in Human Race? Master Selina, why can't Blood Refining Technique Human Race to know?” Chen Mo asked curiously. This you do not need to know that I do not think you to know, you only need to remember too many to know you to be able Blood Refining Technique on the line.” But Selina actually beckons with the hand, sending Chen Mo to leave, although Chen Mo wants to ascertain, but looks at Selina's appearance, knows that has been hopeless, has not continued to ask. This Blood Refining Technique, must have any issue , after he uses the Monster blood to refine one bottle of Potion to come out, can know probably. What's the matter?” Does not have attack to arrive at NPC obviously, Selina actually helps the homicide person!” Chen Mo and Selina's dialog, how long has not continued, player that surroundings these watch the fun, this thinks that Chen Mo will be killed by tall and strong Warrior one group, has not thought that Selina is actually suddenly make a move, makes astonishing damage, the second falls the tall and strong Warrior five people at one fell swoop, cannot help but is dumbfounded. Now they saw Chen Mo to turn around to leave, finally responded. Tall and strong Warrior five dead, has exploded some Potion, as if also has Equipment, several people, after responding, flushed fiercely, has sorted. Also several people, run up to side Chen Mo, grovels to ask Chen Mo: Big brother, what's the matter, did you locate to receive Quest from Selina a moment ago?” So long as the eye is not blind, could see that Selina treats this person with treating their manner is completely different, some people want pk, the Selina also make a move help, cannot compare simply! Chen Mo is actually disinclined to pay attention to these people. Cracks a joke, let alone he does not trigger this Quest specific condition clearly, knows, will not speak irresponsibly everywhere, this is Blood Refining Technique that he takes with great difficulty, naturally is the person of meeting the fewer the better. Thinks before him, three people obtain Selina's favorable impression, does not know whether that three people same have learned Blood Refining Technique with him.

figure moves, Chen Mo with speed ultra-fast, got rid of surrounding several player, pursues to the direction that former that small Cleric ran away. Although does not need, but that small Cleric, is in surrounding player, only make a move helps his person, he cannot like this look that she was killed . Moreover, that Archer player, may also want to kill his, cannot like this let off. But pursues to the tree root that near small Cleric vanishes, Chen Mo could not see that two people person's shadow. The surrounding player attention in him with another five people of fights, small Cleric completely nobody pays attention, Chen Mo wants to find a person to ask that could not find. Does not have the means that Chen Mo completely human affairs, looks for a direction to pursue depending on the feeling, but pursued a meeting, Chen Mo knows that he should be pursues mistakenly. Shakes the head, Chen Mo has not continued to waste time to seek. The woods are too big, aimless finds a person, with looking for a needle in a haystack almost. Cleric is frail, for a long time passes, she either was killed, either successfully runs away. Turns around to walk toward Shadow City, Chen Mo must relate Red Jade Practice, asked that she does have the Monster blood, he must try Blood Refining Technique immediately is what kind of Skill. ...... With Chen Mo tracing direction opposite woods another side. Chen Mo this time guessed mistakenly, that Archer player pursued some little time, has not actually been able to overtake kills that small Cleric. Although the midway he used the tracing arrow to shoot small Cleric several arrows, but small Cleric Equipment was very good, after hitting a target, added Healing Skill for oneself, drank one bottle of medicines again, was bursting with energy, Archer was equal to that has not hit a target. Now player Level is low, the Class difference is not significant, if Level were high, Archer Movement Speed, definitely quick Cleric, but now under two people same Status, the speed is similar, small Cleric Equipment is better, Movement Speed is not lower than Archer, Archer with great difficulty, depends long-distance attack, can make small Cleric not run away. At this time, by front tree root the ray dodges, Monster has renovated. Small Cleric had a scare, the Monster speed, is absolutely faster than player, was entangled by Monster, that may die. Anchors the footsteps hurriedly, small Cleric turns around to run away in other direction. However, the time that this loses, enough Archer player pursued. Dead girl, this time looked where you also run away!” Archer player laughs wildly fiercely.

He has chosen strong bow the archer of talent, the strong bow talent and Hand of Ice the archer of different, strong bow talent, was called the violence class archer by player. Like the Warrior weapon, has the big sword, heavy sword, short-sword the division and so on, the bow and arrow of archer, there is the giant bow and a light bow and so on distinction. The system had not stipulated that which school wants Equipment which bow, but in the archer three big schools, chooses eagle-eyed very -long-range Critical Strike class and choice of talent Hand of Ice control flow, if the Equipment giant bow, the fire speed will be very slow, the superiority of school is very difficult to display, only then chose strong bow the violence class archer of talent to use the giant bow freely. But choice strong bow talent, another advantage. When facing the enemy within 30 meters, the arrow that Archer projects, the arrows speed will obtain enormous increase, the possibility of almost not having avoided, moreover damage also has 10% additions! Small Cleric was delayed this by Monster, Archer player pursued in 30 meters. Archer Attack Power under strong bow talent on formidable, Archer player believes does not use several arrows, can kill this him to pursue for a long time small Cleric. The Archer aiming, an arrow projects, small Cleric hurries to hide, but simply comes to fall short. 190! An arrow, projects reaches as high as 200 damage! In less than several arrows, small Cleric must be killed! Although small Cleric is female player, but the skill is not bad, otherwise impossible to run away under chasing down of Archer such a long time, but was facing the formidable talent, she was also helpless. An arrow shoots again, small Cleric HP has been short of 50% many, comes two arrows again, she must hang! Although she is still going all out to run away, but the speed cannot raise, Archer player is sneering, preparation once more attack. Which bastard, has eaten the leopard balls, dares to bully Xiǎo cǎo of our family!” But at this time, one crowd of tall and strong forms, passed through several giant tree roots suddenly, flushed. Archer player hear Yanwang passes, immediately was startled. The previous ten people clash in a threatening manner, each is height one meter eight tall and strong guy. Daniu(Big Cow) Guild! Archer player remembered in Shadow City to pass on very much hot Guild immediately for these days!

Daniu(Big Cow) Guild, incomparably vulgar name, but this Daniu(Big Cow) Guild, is actually in Game is less than one in ten second-level Guild, wants to work as famous one, because the person in this Guild, is tall and powerfully built giant fellow! At present this small is Cleric, unexpectedly the Daniu(Big Cow) Guild person? In Archer player heart one cold, cannot attend to small Cleric that must die, turns around to walk. In the morning killed Xiǎo cǎo one time of our family to explode Equipment, wants in also to kill! Your this boy also wants to walk, when really my Ouyang Daniu is good to bully not!” For those looking at the Archer back in most front Ouyang Daniu, sneers to say. In several giant guys, middle a guy smiles fiercely, the giant body, a fuzziness, at an exceptional pace pursues suddenly to Archer player. Brother.” Xiǎo cǎo happy throwing Ouyang Daniu bosom. Hey, Xiǎo cǎo you looked that brother helps you revenge!” Ouyang Daniu hey said with a smile, traces the Xiǎo cǎo mild-mannered black hair. Kills, absolutely do not make him run away!” Ouyang Daniu shouts wildly. Absurd! The younger sister who he treats as the treasure, some people dares to bully unexpectedly, really does not know the immensity of heaven and earth! Relax, Ox Boss, dares to bully Sister Xiǎo cǎo, the boy died!” A giant guy said with a smile, but in the distant place, the guy pursued, blade light glittering , several huge damage hiked up from Archer player, Archer player almost did not have the strength to hit back, fell down! ...... Monster blood?” In Shadow City, Red Jade Practice receives the Chen Mo news, is a little cannot help but strange. Second, sought the recommendation! \;