Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4183

I thought that Hong Cheng zhu the proposition is good, this Cheng Family I have also heard, particularly their head of household Cheng Yu, it is said strength unusual terrifying. Reason that Cheng Family these years can develop are so rapid and smooth, that is completely this Cheng Yu's merit. Moreover, I do not know that you have heard. For sometime once spread a view in Cultivation World, Profound Heaven Sect presented eight peerless experts. Because had these eight peerless experts, therefore their Profound Heaven Sect dares to raise so the reign of terror in Cultivation World. At that time many sect gate influence almost defeated in the hands of these eight big peerless experts. ” The Hancheng main opens the mouth said. Cultivation World had such big matter, how won't we possibly know?” Several other owners said. Yes, this matter in was so initially big, even our cities that Cultivation World did were closed, does not hope that these influences ran up to our cities, in order to avoid being brought disaster to by them!” Gansu Tang said.Our cloud city initially was also, because happen to had several influences near our cloud city. If not close the city, definitely will be involved by them! Moreover I heard that had many cities therefore to suffer very big loss. ” cloud Chengzhu also says. I heard that Profound Heaven Sect that eight peerless expert is not their people, person but who came from the dynasty!” Has the city lords to say. Dynasty? Isn't that our city main mansion back influence?” Some person of startled say/way.Right, very much so! What is most essential, this Cheng Family head of household relies on a person of strength unexpectedly, Profound Heaven Sect these eight peerless experts defeating. Thinks to look, if this matter is real, that this Cheng Family head of household's strength is terrifying? ” The Hancheng lords said.

This matter I thought that is not quite credible, should be only their Cheng Family person passes on, to publicize their head of household strengths fiercely. If this Cheng Yu is so fierce, why he doesn't destroy completely Profound Heaven Sect? Now Profound Heaven Sect is not fortunately good? ” Gansu Tang said. Although Profound Heaven Sect stirred the mess entire Cultivation World initially, moreover final Profound Heaven Sect as if also defeated, but Profound Heaven Sect had not been destroyed completely, now fortunately good existence. Therefore, he thought that this matter talked nonsense. Their back influences terrifying, even their these take the city main person, does not clarify completely. In brief, their these city main back influences are the dynasties, obviously the influence of this dynasty is widespread, was terrifying. If that eight big peerless expert is really came from the dynasty, the strengths of that these experts are not absolutely simple, depends on a Cheng Yu person, how possibly enemy opposite party eight big experts? Therefore, these definitely exaggerated the fact, even if Cheng Family really beat these eight big experts initially, that is still Cheng Family these experts acts absolutely together.But I actually also heard something, present Profound Heaven Sect remains, that is because they submitted to Cheng Family, surrender. Moreover, it is said the Profound Heaven Sect eight big experts led Profound Heaven Sect half of armies to go to Nine Great Aristocratic Families Chen Family. Finally in Chen Family, these eight big experts was cut to kill by a Cheng Yu person at the scene! ” Another city lord said. „Is this possible? If that eight big expert were really cut to kill by Cheng Yu, that dynasty does meet does not manage?” Saying that Gansu Tang disdains. This view is simply more laughable, was odder.

Must really be so, that this Cheng Yu's strength also? Fears is under this day who does not pay attention.Yes, I thought that this is unreasonable. If these eight big experts really from our back influences, that these eight people massacred by Cheng Yu or Cheng Family, they will be aloof? This matter has passed 2-3 years, is since so long, you may have to notice that our back influences have moved Cheng Yu or Cheng Family? Now big of such Cheng Family development, the fame is so also big. Our back influences must look for the trouble of Cheng Family, we who can not know? ” Hong azure also thought that this matter has almost no authenticity. Cheng Family is only an emerging influence, if Cheng Family really moved behind them the benefit of influence, they possibly do look but not see? This is unreasonable! But in the middle of my city there are many people saying that some people heard from Profound Heaven Sect these disciple mouths, but these disciples, followed Profound Heaven Sect to go to Nine Great Aristocratic Families Chen Family's initially!” That city main affirmative saying.If really looks like, the Profound Heaven Sect eight big experts who said in Nine Great Aristocratic Families Chen Family by Cheng Yu are really massacred, then only has a possibility, these eight big experts are not the expert of dynasty. All are others compile secretly, may be joke that Profound Heaven Sect make. But their goals are very then simple, hopes that comes in our back influence also volumes. If these people are really the dynasty experts, that Cheng Yu can also live the present? Cheng Family can also develop is so smooth? Obviously, all are false, what dynasty eight big experts, are Profound Heaven Sect are mysterious in the back! ” Hong azure said.Hong Cheng lord right that said that I looked that everyone do not guess absurdly, this matter is absolutely false. Our back influences how, everyone is not does not know.

Although we did not understand, but, this influence is very what is clear is that terrorist is very fearful. If Cheng Yu or Cheng Family really frank and upright killed their experts, Cheng Family is impossible to be all right. For these years but good of such Cheng Family development, obviously did not seem like offended the appearances of our back influence. ” Han also supports to say richly. But, this matter is even false, but said no matter how, the Cheng Yu's strength definitely is very strong!” That person sees everyone not to believe him, some are not convinced at heart. However, he has not planned to continue to argue. This point I did not deny actually, moreover I heard that this Cheng Yu merely is only Great Ascension Stage. But he has actually cut to kill many Crossing Tribulation Stage experts!” Han rich these nods time, actually compared with supporting him. These we also heard, I have been very curious, what this does Cheng Yu with nine big cultivate true virtue Chen Family of aristocratic family is relates? Why did Chen Family encounter attacking of Profound Heaven Sect initially, Cheng Yu will also appear in Chen Family? Moreover helped Chen Family be defeated Profound Heaven Sect these people?” City main doubts said. You said, this Cheng Yu can is nine big cultivates true virtue the aristocratic family Chen Family's person?” Some people awake to grasp principles suddenly.I thought that this has the possibility . Moreover, also there is a possibility because of this relations. Therefore even if Profound Heaven Sect that eight big expert is really the person of dynasty, they have not felt embarrassed the Cheng Family reason. After all Nine Great Aristocratic Families is also very ancient influence, perhaps their strengths are not necessarily able to fear our back dynasties! ” Some people guessed! txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: