Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4184

„ Is this unlikely? I also know that Nine Great Aristocratic Families is very ancient influence, but they already hidden world, therefore few people will know their existences now. However, our back influences are also very covert. Even if we are the city lords, actually fully did not know about this dynasty, even besides the name of this influence, other all does not know. A little we can determine, if each city main back influence is the dynasty, you do imagine a next dynasty huge the influence? What does Nine Great Aristocratic Families have? We had not as if heard what influence Nine Great Aristocratic Families does have? ” Gansu Tang said.Gansu city main words are not groundless, but, the influence of this world seems not simplicity that we imagine. You think to look, we are because are the city lord, therefore knows that back has an influence called the dynasty. But where others know existence of dynasty, the dynasty powerful? On the contrary, although Nine Great Aristocratic Families hidden world, but how we can determine, they like the dynasty, have not actually had many influences. For example the back of some cities are not necessarily able are the dynasties, perhaps is Nine Great Aristocratic Families? Don't we have the relations? ” That city lord said.This has the possibility actually, this Cheng Family, can't the back influence be this Nine Great Aristocratic Families Chen Family for example? Moreover, this is also only one of them, moreover eight aristocratic families, won't they have what achievement? Perhaps because dynasty clearer this point, therefore Profound Heaven Sect that eight big expert, even if is really the dynasty, the dynasty does not dare acts rashly to Cheng Yu and Chen Family. ” Heard a several such saying, everyone seemed to think that such explanation was fair. The dynasty is also because dreads the Nine Great Aristocratic Families strength, therefore does not dare to begin to Cheng Family. If so, were our cities incurable?” Han knits the brows to say richly. Why?”

„Isn't this clear? If not dare to go to Cheng Family the dynasty, we have the necessity to tell these people here situation, lets them for us over?” Han said richly. Right, said that we really took this Cheng Family not means!” The people stare, felt that this Cheng Family is so nasty?Everyone present draws a conclusion, I thought that was too early. No matter the dynasty were also dreading Cheng Family or is Nine Great Aristocratic Families, but we cannot be only helplessly now absolutely looks. Otherwise, when Cheng Family is getting bigger and bigger in the Secular World scale, the person who when the time comes attracts are getting more and more, do we have nothing to eat? ” Hong azure sees everyone's attitude so negatively, somewhat was immediately discontented. He every arrives at Secular World one time, the seen scene is these cultivates true virtue the small town to be getting more and more prosperous, is getting more and more active. But their cities are actually more and more lonely, declines more and more, will he be resigned so? What great idea that Hong Cheng does zhu have?” People helpless saying. Everyone analyzed a current situation, they felt that oneself city was really as if incurable. To capture the Cheng Family business with the similar method, but they also do not have the Cheng Family so many such rich resources to be the backing. To crush the opposite party with the strength, as if others back influences are also big, this is really a non-solution difficult.I, although no great idea, however the Cheng Family strength is not we can shake. Even if our Zhucheng joins up together, when the time comes feared loses everything. Therefore, this matter we in any event, must make the back influence know. At least needs to make them know our difficulties. If they do not help us solve this problem, when delivers the tribute time, will not be definitely sufficient! ” Hong azure serious saying. They must put out the tribute of request to give the back influence every five years.

To delivers the tribute previous time, over the past three years, in other words, two years later, they must deliver the tribute. Actually, Cheng Family implemented the duty pattern is not these years time. Cheng Family at the beginning of being established, presented the duty pattern, but then Cheng Family has not presented beyond the clan the duty. Receives the duty is the Cheng Family disciples, therefore at that time they, although also slightly has hearing, has not actually received anything to affect. Moreover, even if Cheng Family implemented beyond the clan afterward the duty pattern, permits the person outside Cheng Family can still receive the duty time, they have not actually received anything to affect. Beyond the matter of duty about the Cheng Family issue clan can hear in the city frequently. Until these years, the Cultivation World big change, many influences ran up to Secular World to go, finally Cheng Family the duty pattern was also more and more popular, was getting more and more prosperous. Especially after Cheng Family constructs 52 cultivated true virtue the small town, the scale of this pattern is also the explosion -type growth. Because here presented the city, therefore, many cultivator chose cultivated true virtue the small town to live in these for a long time, even moved from their cities. Such matter gets stronger and stronger in these 2-3 years, this had the enormous impact on their these cities. In these 2-3 years, the profit that received from the city is fewer and fewer. If this had continued, does not want to select the means to change all these words, they estimated that really must have nothing to eat. But when the time comes, affected far more than is they, their back influences same will be affected. If they do not help, when the time comes they do not have on enough tribute the tribute, that no wonder they.Hong Cheng zhu is wise, this is a great idea. No matter our back influences really dread Nine Great Aristocratic Families, but this matter must give them to do. After all this is not we can handle . Moreover, if when the time comes among them causes anything contradictory and rubs, that was better.

So long as Cheng Family is damaged, our cities could be saved. Even we can also follow to do this duty pattern using the opportunity, attracts again these people! ” The people think stake, they thought that this method is feasible. No matter the dynasty and Nine Great Aristocratic Families influence who is stronger, but their big influence mutual battle, will definitely be damaged. Naturally, biggest possibly is two influences is mutually wounded. As the matter stands, the golden opportunity that their each cities rise came. When the time comes they also do a duty weapon, that is really resources large bundle wells up toward their cities. They do not need to be worried about the resources to reduce again, does not need to be worried the tribute that delivers are insufficient. This simply is satisfying both sides means! Such being the case, we return to the city immediately, each of us submits a written statement to the dynasty, making them help us solve this difficult problem!” Several cities main somewhat were obviously impatient! txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: