Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4185

Said, everyone did agree to my proposition?” Hong Cheng zhu noticed that these people are so excited excited, at heart one happy, knew own plan success. Actually, he has come Secular World so many times, what situation hasn't looked? If he can come hardly with Cheng Family, he has acted. But he understands, this Cheng Family is not the ordinary person, Profound Heaven Sect was so initially fierce, annexes all influence in Cultivation World everywhere, their these cities were frightened. Because they understand, their city strengths are not actually strong, because behind has a big influence, others do not dare offending easily. Really large amount like Profound Heaven Sect wanted to annex Cultivation World, they could not block. Especially saw that so many influences were taken by Profound Heaven Sect, extinguished extinguishing, escaping of escaping, heard finally even Limitless Palace does not have the means that can only abandon, went to Secular World. This saw sufficiently then Profound Heaven Sect had how fearfully, the strength had terrifying how. Therefore, they radically are the Profound Heaven Sect opponents. But even so, Profound Heaven Sect finally by Cheng Family being defeated. Now after these years development, Cheng Yu influence unceasing strength, has half completely to turn over to Cheng Family including ten Great Sects, becomes their attached school. A contrast, the Cheng Family terrifying is they are not so able to compare. It is for this reason that he will arrive at the Secular World observation frequently, knows here situation. He tried to find many solutions, but was denied by he himself finally. Finally, he thinks was acted by the back influence.

Moreover, in fact he has passed on the book to the back influence more than once, but the opposite party has not given him any response. Behind them the influence was extremely mystical, they do not know that this influence the station where, he can only this influence the secret hand-off point that arranges in the city relate. Therefore, these biography books that he delivers therefore let it go. He thinks it over, perhaps felt a strength of own city was extremely weak. If can make more cities also join his idea, passes on the book to that back influence together, he thinks that these people will certainly not look but not see again! However, he cannot state clearly. Because everyone has not cooperated the heart, some cities are damaged seriously, some are damaged is light, everyone radically insufficiently of one mind. Therefore, he writes specially, inviting everyone first to arrive at Secular World to take a look at the situation. Now everyone sees such situation, own city was damaged not the serious city main also somewhat to worry obviously. Without the means that this Yunnan and Guizhou small town was too lively is too prosperous. Especially this duty pattern so fiery, looks the person who these junction duties compared with exchanging the person of resources also wants many many, everyone envies. So many resources hand over in the hand of Cheng Family, but Cheng Family so long as actually gives some contributions. In their opinion, these contributions radically are only one string of numbers. Value several money that are Cheng Family decides completely. They said that 10,000 contributions can trade what that to trade anything, the person but who these make the duty wants 10,000 contributions, but in fact is the resources that Cheng Family earns is actually not 10,000 contributions can compare by far. The business of such prize investment, was actually given to forestall by Cheng Family, moreover does is so prosperous, who looked at the non- eye scarlet?

If their planned successfully, making their back influences dispatch troops to attack Cheng Family, when the time comes Cheng Family one chaotic, who also dares to come Cheng Family to have the assignment? Moreover, even if you completed the Cheng Family task, Cheng Family is still not necessarily able to give everyone to cash in again, after all they lost seriously. Such a, such good smiles the business unable to discard like this! At this time they braved, these drawbacks that unceasing issue massive duties , they had in this case, can avoid.We agreed certainly, so long as our plan successes, after that we when the issue duty, so will not be passive. Also does not need to be worried that our resources did not have Cheng Family is so rich, after all can Cheng Family cash to them again does not say. But they, although resources not so many, but at least can guarantee that they can trade the resources. Moreover, as our duties are getting more and more, from arriving the resources are also getting more and more, we can also gather some Alchemist refiner masters. Naturally, we can also invite some Alchemist refiner masters to help us manufacture more better resources, we gave their certain rewards on the line. In this case, our resources not also slowly became must be rich? ” Some person excited saying. Right, this is we most wants, manages, everyone hurries!” Could not wait is so long, everyone left the Yunnan and Guizhou small town on the preparation without delay, the whereabouts back influence submits a written statement. They just walked few steps on the avenue, discovered that many people are hurried, very excited rushes toward a place. This fellow daoist, what happened, why so many people runs toward that side?” And in a city main heart curious, hurried to hold on one to prepare to rush to the past person to ask from his side. „The Cheng Family treasure auction must start, everyone is participating anxiously, therefore worries!” That cultivator said.

Treasure auction? Where holds? Can everyone participate?” That city lord continues to ask. In that side treasure building, hurries, if, did not have the position late!” That cultivator obviously somewhat worries, does not want to respond these people, pulls the body to proceed to run. However actually by that city main tight is drawing, does not ask him to leave! This cultivator saw the strengths of these people were not simple really got angry, was only somewhat helpless saying: Several seniors, you , to participate, goes with me together. Otherwise, really did not have the position!” „Do we want to follow to look?” That city lord looks that others asked. Treasure auction? This name sounds also is really a little meaning, is difficult to be inadequate really in the auction treasure? Or we also follow to have a look, that matter is not a short time can handle in any case!” Saying that Gansu Tang somewhat anticipate. Hong Cheng does zhu, you feel?” Han asked richly. Since everyone has this interest, that has a look. The Cheng Family family property is big, looked that resources exchange knew only. If this auction is they conducts, perhaps also really has what treasure is not uncertain.” Hong azure thinks to say. The genuine good thing unable easily to appear in the auction room, but appeared, that will certainly cause the bang to snatch. Looks that these people are so earnest, obviously this auction also is really not the ordinary auction. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: